Christopher Columbus Essay

Since Elementary School, the epic adventure of Columbus's harrowing quest that in the end lead to the discovery of America continues to be recited to us over and over again. However , as more information have been unearthed about Columbus, his status because an American main character has been put in question. Not really unlike many European people, Columbus came across many Tribes of native americans on his travels. Since Columbus was under pressure to find new lands and amass huge amounts of rare metal, he and the lads of explorers viewed the indigenous people as just a means to an end. Columbus required much of the local population to convert to Christianity, as well as employing extremely tough and often intense methods to maintain your Native American people in line. Since Columbus's voyage likewise took place during a time exactly where slavery and human trafficking was used, Columbus fantastic men captive many native inhabitants from the West Indies and subjected them to arduous work for the sake of profit. On his first day time in the New World, Columbus got six natives enslaved because he thought they will be adequate staff. Appallingly, Columbus oversaw the selling of native young ladies into sex slavery. Young girls aged 9-10 were in the highest require Columbus even references this in his personal journals declaring, "A 100 Castellanos happen to be as quickly obtained for the woman for a farm building, and it is extremely general and plenty of retailers who go about looking for young ladies; those via nine to ten are now in demand. " (Columbus). The Spaniards exposed the natives to operate the gold mines right up until they died of fatigue. If a Indigenous American staff member did not deliver their finish quota of gold particles by Columbus' deadline, soldiers would shut down the mans hands and tie these people around...

... nocide well-known in history.

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