Christian Worldview Perspective On The Problem Of Evil School of thought Essay

How to respond to the condition of evil from the Christian worldview? My view of the condition of evil is basic over a biblical perspective; however, the situation of evil is the challenge of the clear incompatibility between your existence of God and the lifetime of evil. The lifetime of evil does not constitute a certain disproof of God's life, because there is no idea that is actually true that produces a contradiction between the lifetime of God and life of evil. Relating to LW, even Religious discovers it troubling that evil exists on the planet. The logical problem of evil argues that the lifetime of any evil is inconsistent with the lifetime of God, while the evidential issue of evil argues that God's lifetime is inconsistent with pointless or gratuitous evil. LW (Pg. 461)

The problem of evil is the problem of the apparent incompatibility between your existence of God and the existence of evil. In looking at this problem, Christianity is uniquely equipped to cope with the condition of evil, as we notice that God Himself, in the person of Jesus Christ, suffered horrendously, and that very evil-by very good the most severe in history-was the critical means by which the Lord helped bring salvation to humanity. If ever there were an example of evil being used to bring about greater good, this is it. If God can redeem the worst of evil, then why not all minimal evils? LW (Pg. 314-315)

The pain and hurting produce by evil nowadays is difficult to understand. For some people it isn't possible to completely explain how anything good will come out of evil. Only after this life we will understand God's plan and purposes. For the present time we have to trust and believe that He is aware better.

There are two aspects of the condition of evil: the philosophical, and the spiritual aspect. Once the skeptic challenges belief in God based on the logical issue of evil, they're suggesting that it is irrational or logically impossible to believe in the lifetime of both a good and omnipotent God and in the truth of evil and fighting.

The solution of the issue is to acknowledge that when we say God is omnipotent, we aren't implying that He's capable of doing anything imaginable. True, Bible says that "with God all things are possible" (Matthew 19:26). But we find also that there are some things God is unable to do. For example, God cannot rest (Titus 1:2). He cannot sin, nor can He tempt others to sin (James 1:13). God struggles to do anything that is "against His figure" because He's a righteous God.

God give us the freedom to choose how to do something and the ability of earning moral decisions. This is what set us apart from the snooze of creation, but this is also the key reason why there is a lot pain and suffering on earth. Sometimes people make selfish and egocentric decisions, "I'll do whatever I wish to do; God has nil to say about any of it" regrettably sin always injured ourselves and others.

God created men in his own image, who are capable of having a personal romantic relationship with Him; they need to manage to freely loving Him and obeying his will without coercion. Love or obedience on other basis wouldn't normally be love or obedience whatsoever, but natural compliance. But in order to be free to love God we should also be free to hate or reject Him. When people take action in ways outside the will of God, evil and anguish is the end result. Many people concur that idea in a good and powerful God is logically possible; others contend that the existence of such a God is improbable due to the nature of the evil which we see on the planet around us. They conclude that if such a God existed it is improbable that He would allow the evil we see in the world.

It is difficult to understand why God allows some things to happen. But just because we find it hard to imagine the reasons God could have for permitting them, does not imply that no such reasons can be found. It's possible that such reasons are beyond our present knowledge and also beyond our capability to comprehend. It's unrealistic to anticipate to understand all of God's reasons for allowing all those things He does.

Some possible known reasons for God allowing evils are: for folks to learn to obey. "It was best for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees. " (Psalm 119:71). Regarding Job, faithfulness in trial implies that we provide God not only for the huge benefits He offers, but also for the love of God Himself (Job 1-2). From your revelation of Scripture, they are all possible reasons for God allowing evil.

When we could comforted by God in the mist of affliction, we have been better able to comfort others. Pain and hurting plays a role in developing godly figure, and in keeping us from sin. The Apostle Paul said that his "thorn in the flesh" offered to keep him from boasting, and promoted true humility and dependence on God. David recognized that his afflictions possessed increased his conviction to check out God's will. The best example is Jesus who "learned obedience from the items He endured" (Hebrews 5:8). Jesus recognized that His experience will leave a very important lesson of submitting to the will of God, even though it was the best decision He had to do. Christian hurting can help us develop the character of Christ and experience complete dependence on God if we allow it.

In the end, evil and fighting can makes us more aware of the redemption that awaits for all of us in heaven, and for that point when God's plan for these activities will be satisfied, your day when pain and sorrow will be no more (Revelations 21:4).


In summation, the presence of evil will not constitute a certain disproof of God's lifetime, because there is no idea that is necessarily true that produces a contradiction between the lifetime of God and lifestyle of evil. In addition, God and evil are shown to be completely consistent, because it is at least possible that God has a good reason for permitting evil. In romantic relationship to the full scope of the data, God's existence has not been been shown to be improbable. God did something about evil by showing in our fighting in the person of Jesus Christ, thus exhibiting us we can trust that He has a purpose for everything. He has provided forgiveness, peacefulness, joy and last victory over fatality and evil. Christian worldview is the greatest hope and solution for the situation of evil on the globe.

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