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Chinese and Western Culture


I am heading to start some discussions on social differences between Chinese language and European culture. Please keep in mind i am not stating that "all Chinese are like this" or "all Westerners are like this"; I am discussing only in generalities, discussing broad patterns. Obviously, there are many dissimilarities in specific individuals; and especially as the immediate tempo of development and change persists in China, younger generation will tend to have significant changes. Nor am I declaring that one of many ways is good, and the other is bad; Personally, i believe that both edges have their strengths and weaknesses. But I think that these are interesting topics for debate, and can improve understanding and communication on both attributes.

Different countries have different cultures through the long developing record. Various social factors resulted in various language forms. Matching to observation, evaluation, and research, the discrepancies between your Chinese and Traditional western culture include culture of allusions, of volumes, of colors, etc. . It is an important issue to understand and handle the relationship between culture and dialect while translating British idioms. Meanwhile, terminology isn't just the culture's important content but also the carrier of culture, so culture and terminology are a complete. Since different culture offers rise to choice language constructions, while translating, you must know its fundamental cultural obstacles, and then you can do translation more properly and suitably.

I. What is ethnic difference?

There are numerous meanings of the term "culture". Sometimes, we say that folks who find out about music, fine art, and books are cultured. However, for anthropologist, the term "culture" has some other meaning. With an anthropologist the word "culture" means all the ways that a group of men and women think, feel, art work, and dress. The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English gives this justification of culture: the traditions, beliefs, art work, music, and all the other products of human thought created by a particular group of folks at a specific time.

Different nations maintain different cultures. For example, "full moon" symbolizes jubilation and reunion in China, and "a smart moon in the sky" makes people feel calm and at leisure. Ideas of beauty differ from one culture to some other. For example, the Flathead Indian of THE UNITED STATES used to bind the mind of babies between panel so they would have long sloping foreheads. Within the Flathead culture, long sloping foreheads were beautiful. Other cultures might feel that they may be strange-looking and unattractive. For another example, when people die, different cultures deals with their bodies in various ways. Sometimes bodies are buried. Sometimes bodies are buried under the ground. In many cultures before, individuals were buried with food, weapons, and other things that might be useful within the next life. For instance, the early Egyptians buried people with little human results that have been from clay. This clay amount were designed to work the death person in the other world.

From these good examples, we can see that cultures are very different from one country to another. It is quick that different people do the same things or consider the same things in different ways.

Every country own itself cultural, social is country's heart and soul and its host to origin. To be able to establish a good international marriage with others countries, so our company is need to understand their cultural and discover their differences with this country. Because

With China entry the WTO and can hold the Olympic Games in 2008, the relationship between China and Western in politics, market, culture will become more and more close. It really is certainly that the etiquette will play an important role in this process. To the definition of etiquette, China and American have an alternative understanding. As Chinese language thinks that the etiquette is the common behavior standards that the members must obey, and its own purpose is to keep the normal living order of the modern culture. In historical China, a famous philosopher believes that etiquette is a primary to cope with the partnership between man and supernatural beings, man and ghosts, man and men. There's also many words about etiquette in British, therefore we need to understand the Chinese language and western ethnical differences.

Culture is an involved development course, whose spirit is the ethnic idea or idea. The writer tries to study the social difference between Western and Chinese culture from the perspective of inexpensive ethics and attract the conclusion that Chinese should critically assimilate Western culture and inherit traditional Chinese language culture to create a new culture which suits the needs of the new age.

The variations between Chinese and Western social initiatives

First, by the family of the impact of ethical conduct, the Chinese language people always put yourself in an organization (ethics groups) to check out themselves to be able to find out their own initiatives, "bad series style. "Only targeted by Professor Fei Xiaotong said, in such a poor sequence style, the individual's action so self-centered, but it only shows the starting point of specific initiatives. Indeed the foundation for such a move from the starting place is on the basis of ethical conduct. Therefore, in China, the average person is basically digestion one of the group. Group is the goal of individual existence, but not the means. Groups of ethical conduct purchased, probably that group of patriarchal order this is the absolute ethical order. With the abstraction of rational do and the producing impact of personality and independence in the Western, people always put themselves as a separate entity, the average person for their own success and growth needs to unite to produce groups and become a member of groupsactivity. Individual and group are mutually exclusive, is a Zuoquan linked. Although unity of the individual in the group, but individuals are free to the balance of repayments pursuant to Zuoquan communities. Although in order to achieve the advantages of the average person, the individual in the excitement of community empowerment must be associated with the group seriously, the implementation of the objective of the average person pairs of categories. Subsequently, the family as a starting place of the structure of the difference series initiative, blood related initiatives is becoming an important body of reference point, by the Chinese people's social initiatives have been given a dark disposition of color

In the cultural connections or correspondence of the folks to begin with think about is the mental intimacy of sexual, to consider the emotions of others over a thoughtful, considerate, and admire, that is, focus on human. Emotion and the Chinese language people are Nanshe hard to leave, became the first dependence on life. China does not comply with the most is the indifference to real human connection. Among where people not only value the sentiment, but also sub-fur sentiment a letter, so long as with the thoughts related to the occurrence will be hard to get much better to handle more. Insinuation units of thoughts the Chinese people have become in the same way normal dealings consistent with the requirements. The mental life, so the formation of Chinese culture, a humane world, but it has to culture in the general public and a moderate yield growth has taken endless variables. Inside the eye of the Chinese people, whether private or general public incidents, can all be factoring in the mental front or modification. Law enforcement, the rules of individuals development, though should be considered a human face. In the West, as the ancient Greek philosophers, the human being abstract, or because people exceed the Religious right, people in the community initiatives the rational as a guideline, or succumb to the call of God. Where the family connected, blood related, emotional connection is not the primary people's interpersonal initiatives, the only all thinking. This is important for their emotional and non emotional drew a clear-cut between your boundaries, and boundaries of the two sides don't need to replace characteristics. Sentiment in the Western world essentially has been compressed into a very cramped area where, it is important the family is currently residing in the desk.

  1. Cross-cultural communication, social differences, ethnic conflict

With China's continuous opening-up level of depth, Western modern culture increasing numbers of people and things into our field of eyesight, in this case, the cross-domain, cross-ethnic, cross-cultural economic and social associates will be increasing This gives us with many opportunities for contact and exchanges between the Western world, which for deepening our understanding of Western society is an excellent thing, but this is not a simple subject, because we could facing from the unfamiliar cultures and countries, ways of thinking, behaviors and behavior patterns with our completely different people, in the process of relationship with the inevitable phenomenon of ethnical conflict occurs.

  1. Western cross-cultural communication in the cultural conflicts that often look inCross-cultural Communication in Chinese and Western ethnic turmoil occurs there are many, here we've it is impossible to spell it out, only the more common are listed in several.

1. 1 The privacy of the conflict

The Chinese concept of privacy is relatively weakened, that the individual should be vested in a collective, along pay attention to unity and companionship, mutual interest and therefore I understand the Chinese language people are often very eager to other's fluctuations, the other party is inclined to honestly say so. The Westerners are a very good personal privacy, focus on personal space, way too many people are unwilling to mention their own affairs, but also unwilling to permit others to interfere. Therefore, privacy issues on both sides are recurrent conflicts, such as: Chinese people tend to ask first met each other's time, marital position, children, occupation, or income, in the eyes of the Chinese language people it is an function of courtesy, however in the Western world the eye of the view that these questions violated their privacy.

1. 2 idea of amount of time in the conflict

Western concept of time and money concept is linked, time is money, the idea of deep-rooted, so they are very much value his time and of time in their lives often have done a careful preparations and strategies, and create a good time for you to meet this female habits. In the West, to visit someone, you must give progress notice or contract, and explain the goal of visit, time and place, it was decided upon to move forward. The Chinese language people belonged to additional time to get used to the country, the utilization of your energy has great randomness, as Westerners aren't as stringent as those according to plan, Westerners have often uncomfortable.

1. 3 polite words in the conflict

The Chinese focus on humility, in communication with others, the habit of "humble have admiration, " which as a virtue, this can be a rich Chinese ethnical characteristics courtesy of the phenomenon. Others praised us, we tend to be self-deprecating about any of it, in order to form modest and polite. Western countries have no such cultural techniques, when they were praised, there will always am happy to say "Thank you" accepted. As the distinctions between Chinese language and European cultures, we believe Westerners are too self-confident, without modesty; and when Westerners learn that the Chinese people who do deny others their own praise, or to listen to their own deny their own achievements, even though their own derogatory worthy of a cent, would be very shocked that the Chinese people dishonest.

1. 4 dining traditions in the conflict

Is known hospitality of the Chinese language nation's fine traditions. Inside the communication events and feast on the warm toast the Chinese language people offering one another cigarettes tend to be each other. The Chinese language banquet, even in case a table filled with delicious food, the owner, he always used to say a few words, "excuse me" and other polite words. Sometimes the owner use chopsticks to friends bowl Jia Cai, by using a variety of ways to persuade customers more Chi cai more drink. In American countries, people focus on respect for specific rights and personal privacy, so they'll not do an imposing job. Dinner time, you won't be hard to dish Jia Cai, Eat what you possess, they might not use a number of ways to persuade guests to drink, do not insisted until you have drunk.

2. Factors behind cultural conflict caused by the phenomenon of inquiry Of issue triggered by the phenomenon of Chinese language and Traditional western cultures a variety of reasons, review its fundamental, for the reason that the two sides have different Chinese language and European cultures, different historical backgrounds, will undoubtedly create people's thinking, behavior, and a great many other differences, or even discord, here we come specifically look at What are the main reason.
2. 1 The dissimilarities in pondering patterns

Culture will affect people's views and knowledge of the outside world of things, different countries have different cultures, so there has to be differences in pondering patterns, which is in the Eastern and American culture has been especially evident among. American cultures give attention to logic and analytical thinking, as the Oriental culture of thinking is showing integrity intuition, which is also the characteristics of traditional Chinese culture and thinking. Because of this the impact of traditional culture, Chinese people are often special focus on intuition and pay attention to recognize the process of experience and sense, often in exchanges of experience and sense to the "to own relieve people. " Compared with the Western mode of thinking, the Chinese folks of this method of thinking has obvious broad and obscure mother nature of the duration of time, will develop a mindset that can be interpreted as acceptance and to simplify the classification of things outside the process of notion. In essence, mentality, often ignore the individual dissimilarities of things, exaggerate a particular social group from the other cognitive attitudes, often with mental and along with a fixed creed. In all the set, some fixed probable is correct, while some are incorrect, will directly affect the cross-cultural communication, leading to communication failures.

The specific meaning of the code of conduct identifies socially accepted by the moral standards and rules of carry out, simply, is to share with people how to proceed and not do as a norm. People of different cultural background in communication, we often occurs a phenomenon is to use its code of do for the population to look for the reasonableness of every other's behavior, scheduled to distinctions in norms of both sides, often misleading, offensive or even worse results. For example, tapping the Chinese language people, said the top of a kid in an agreeable, while in American countries, this is a great lack of respect for the practice of children, parents would have very angry. So, in a cross-cultural communication can correctly identify and apply a code of do is to guarantee the smooth improvement of cross-cultural communication a significant factor. To guard the smooth progress of cross-cultural communication, we must understand each other's rules of conduct, in particular, what carry out is prohibited, the simplest way is to check out the theory of Romans do.

2. 3 The prices of different

People's communicative competence is the procedure of socialization produced undoubtedly and values jointly. Every culture has its own unique value system, this system can help people separate between beauty and ugliness, good and evil, this is actually the people's viewpoint of life, moral specifications and code of do. But it can not be divorced from the precise culture of the life of requirements for judging every culture differs, this culture that it's good, another culture may feel that bad, however they are in their own culture, and their presence within the machine is reasonable, must not be understood as a typical of value is advanced, while another standard of value behind. In Chinese and American cultures, for example, in Chinese language culture, people reputed modest chirye, the pursuit of adaptable, nor like assertive or aggressive, and social trends are often blocked too visible individuals, are the so-called "line above the people, people will be non of. " In Chinese culture, the collective orientation of the dominating, the quest for personal development sometimes appears as a significant individualism, is bound to be condemned. The Traditional western culture is very much advocating individualism, "adaptable" sometimes appears as a lack of entrepreneurial performance, are lazy, incompetent synonymous for contemporary society and individuals are not used. Human-based thinking is rooted in their hearts, people advocating self-employed thinking, indie judgments, counting on their ability to accomplish their personal interests, and that the supremacy of individual interests.

2. Comparison analysis from the perspective of Advertisement

Language and culture are inseparable. Each national's special culture setting comes out of the speech and habit of that race by all means. They use their own terms to record the things happened by them. The advertisement is some sort of manifestation of culture, it's under the affect and restrict of local culture. Country wide culture influences and restricts the development and appearance of advertising language which is the central content of advertisement. advertising dialect is made up of and reflects the sociable culture. Language exists in the community and with the development of society and development, and culture among the definite role to learn. A school of thought idea, thinking mode of race, the cultural state of mind, moral concept, life-style, customs and patterns, social system, faith and faith. . . etc, will create a function to the advertisement terminology you should. No matter the way the advertising artwork develop, so long as it is a favorite approach to communication involved, it'll never take part from language, words will be the main and effective communication tool. Advertisement through the performance function of dialect to spell it out the image of product, express the flavour sensibility and make an release of related products knowledge energetic and specifically. However, the existing language is not merely the carrier of products; it adjusts custom and modern culture factors to make them carry more articles richer than it. In fact, the advertisement vocabulary of the cultural culture reflection is easily comprehended and accepted by people, this may promote the result of advertisement. Take cognizance of this, make great work to discuss the within relation of countrywide culture and advertisement vocabulary, it includes important function to make and design the advertisement terminology which matches the essential principle of advertisement appearance and suites particular nationwide cultural feature. Each advertisement terminology has its track of social nationwide culture, matching to every nation's thinking mode, mental attribute, living custom, value wisdom, even the politics belief, interpersonal system to consider an advertisement creation, to keep with "native child" taste, match "native kid" mindset has already been earnestly employed by numerous advertisement plan workers. The influence of Chinese and American culture on advertising terminology is various, The Chinese language and Traditional western advertising vocabulary also mirror the Chinese language and European culture in many ways. The business of American P&G known as its shampoo "pert-plus" in america, being named "perjoice" in the Asia, and its own Chinese name is "float smooth" to appeal to Chinese market, and it can clarify a problem very much. Owing to the distinctions of Chinese and Traditional western culture, the representation form of Chinese and Western advertisement is diverse, advertising terminology also manifests different culture value and considering setting. As the culture background, customs, behavior theory, life-style of Chinese and American have great differentiation. Therefore, every country's advertisement businessman will think over the culture track record of consumers. The purpose of the newspaper is to lay out the influences to by comparing Chinese and European advertising languages.

II. The partnership between culture and language

2. 1 The idea of the language and culture

Culture is the all and the one which consist by communal behavior, art, beliefs, customs transmitting through society carry out and all other products of human being work and thinking. Language is accompanied by the creation of the real human society, it's the direct manifestation of thinking. Terminology reflects the characteristics of an country, which not only includes the country's historical and ethnic backgrounds, but holds on the country's view of life, just how of life and thinking. Culture is diverse, terminology is also assorted (Chen, 2000:20). When the country as a words, living areas, financial life and psychological stability community looks in the annals of mankind, dialect is deeply stamped with the brand of a nation; it is the most typical characterization of the country and countrywide culture.

2. 2 The relationships of language and culture

Language cannot split from related culture to be indie. Some sociologists assume that the terms is the cornerstone of culture-no language, no culture. From another aspect, vocabulary is influenced by language and shown the culture. Terms is based on the historical and ethnical aspects. The nation's thought process, values, concepts, habits and action will impact aesthetic language development. The formation of a nationwide culture, development and absorption must pass the language to achieve. Terminology and culture influence each other; we must try to understand language and culture and also to learn them. Words is similar to a reflection which reflects the entire culture, and every country has its own culture. Vocabulary as the carrier and idea of culture, its representation form is inspired and limited by culture. Understand their particular cultural background to comprehend the dialect features. Only more exposure to foreign cultures, acquainted with different language national history amorous thoughts, life-style, value and national psychology, start their vision, find out more on the cultural and terminology differences. Culture promotes the development of advertising language, the terms of advertising propagandize its culture. Chinese and Traditional western advertising vocabulary has its own unique form of dialect which contain the stunning scenery of dialect and culture. The allure of the terminology of instruction is fully displayed in the advertisement. In the meantime, the Chinese language and Western sociable and ethnical knowledge which contained in language make us go through the infinitude delight. Chinese language and American advertising languages let us deepen our understanding of overseas countries, and bring to the world of cross-cultural exchanges

2. 3 Culture of amounts and translation

Numbers are used here and there so that culture of numbers has enter into being.

Cultures are transported by words, and there are distinctions between the English and Chinese languages. The dissimilarities her I'll talk about is not the one of the figure's computation or design, but the different phenomenon of idioms made up of numbers exhibited in the two different cultures.

As significantly as Chinese culture can be involved, there are numerous Chinese language idioms and idiomatic usages with "numbers", we are aware of them: ????;????;????, ????;????;????;???????, ???????(?????»), etc. If you want to translate these Chinese idioms into English practically, the version will never be accepted by european culture. For instance, translate " ????" into "one eyeball sees it all evidently"; "????" into "seven mouths and eight tongues"; "????" into "three longs and two shorts"; nobody will know very well what does it certainly mean.

And in English culture, there exists culture of numbers everywhere, which handles many fields, demonstrating that culture of figures should be taken notice of, too. "seven " is holy and inexplicable number which is regarded as a lucky statistics, if "seven" or "nine" times the odd numbers, and your age is one of them: 21, 27, 35, 45, 49, 63, 81, you will be considered as the main one who has an unhealthy time. The seventh kid of one's seventh son is usually accepted as a superb. And furthermore, there are numerous idiomatic usages with "seven" in English culture. For example, how do you translate this phrase into Chinese: Seventy times seven did I take counsel with my soul. Somebody will translate it like this: ???????????????, but the right one should such as this: ???????????????Here "seventy times seven" can be translated into "?????" which originates from the Bible: Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, until seven times: but, until seventy times seven.

From the above examples we can easily see that, either Chinese or English idioms with quantities, we should translate them widely for cultural variations exist everywhere you go. ?. The features of Chinese and American advertisement

Advertising, some sort of war as a modern business strategy and weapons, their goal is commercial in characteristics, but its manifestations is a ethnical and imaginative. Emergence and development of advertising is the inevitable product of public development, once, is also a product of culture. Advertisement is the special performance of modern culture soul. As a means of reflecting the reality, advertising language also is the component of culture. Advertisements change people's activity or bring the contemporary society result into play. Advertisement is a multi-language arts conveying information to the people and using language for the carrier. Therefore, the advertising terms should be simple and easily grasped, fluency and clear, we have to also pay attention to the rhetoric manner at the same time. Chinese and Traditional western advertisement cited a number of rhetoric to achieve the effect of products promotion, and consumers are not consciously deepened the impression of the product after attaining the heart edifying and enjoying visual feeling, arousing people's desire to buy it, such as antithesis, Hyperbole, Parody, metaphor, rhyme and regularly. Etc

Owing to the dissimilarities of Chinese and Western culture, the representation form is diverse. Advertising vocabulary also manifests different culture principles and thinking mode. Chinese and Western culture has large different culture qualifications, customs, behavior carry out and way of life. Thus, advertisers will without doubt consider the needs of consumer through their cultural track record. There I list some examples of ad to compare and analyze the way the Chinese and Traditional western countrywide culture influence their advertising terminology:

3. 1 Different School of thought concept

The Chinese region has insists that the heaven and individuals products as the harmonious one. For instance: something unexpected may happen any time, I've life insurance coverage (The People's INSURANCE PROVIDER of China). This advertisement indicates that people aren't afraid of mishap because the people have insurance. The mishap and insurance is a product and are dispensable. That the business loves customs is demonstrated in this advertising and it'll come for an contract between them. Finally the purpose of the ad comes into truth. .

But in american culture they demand the standpoint of pluralistic. They pay attention to diversity and changes of materials, emphasis specially on the change and difference of the nature, stressed that personal freedom, self-development and personal enterprise. The largest different between harmonious and pluralists if that the pluralists is not limited. Look at this English ad:Olympus, No limits. There exists little you can't be with the Olympus Zoom Lens Reflex series. The all-in-X cameras that will not limit your creative ability. (Olympus camera). The camera have yet another features make images produce different then to mirror individual creative imagination is in the continuing development and is not limited in this ad. The advertisements show the ultimate task and seek freedom can greatly promote consumer desire so enthusiastic use.

3. 2 Different cultural values-oriented

Chinese cultural has a long history and the alcohol cultural is significant. To illustrate the quality of goods, they try to explain the length of time water life by quotating the annals. For example: (1) Legend quality, Century ZHANG YU. ( ZHANG YU Tokay) (2) Tang palace drink, JIAN NAN CHUN (JIAN NAN CHUN Drink) Those two alcohol's long record were given appearance to only sentences, showing the deep sense toward consumers, narrowing the difference between the products and consumers.

The American countries insisted the short term oriented culture; the main reason is the annals is shorter than China. They don't do the business enterprise like Chinese who often use the factors of record and custom, but use the strong and direct marketing strategy (hard sales), something of the "immediate results" as a selling point. For example: "go and obtain it at once", "buy it", "fit it well", "do something right now", "call now" etc. is the normal use in international ads.

Value is different views and attitudes of people regarding the matter. China is a normal agricultural economy modern culture, it is said that Chinese social system emphasized the collectivism and authoritative persona, using the natural value orientation. This ad is a manifestation of the feature of Chinese culture: HUA LI eradicating mosquito tool-"silence without mosquito" dedication. This advertising was excellent for using the partial tone of "mosquito" and "listen". It builds the image of anonymous to public commitment of products and corporation. To praises of the heroes of our own community who quietly worked hard, this personal information arouses the resonance in the intellects of huge consumers.

But in the European capital world, individualism?equality and the dominant natural were the orientation, they stress personality variances. This can be seen from many American advertising products, there are extensive differences endeavoring to explain from, even in the absence of any differences as well. In the United States ads, there is a popular phrase, it would be: to make different. For instance: One airline coated the vibrant colors on the airframe in order to catch people's eye. Actually, the plane and service of other airplane company are not much different.

3. 3 Different ethnic psychology

Advertiser often reflecting will take me the psychology and tries to seem the customers. Advertisings reflected the cultural psychology of dialect is quite common. Such as:1?congratulate to make a pile to welcome new season, have long luck Goldlion (Goldlion wearing advertisements); 2?WEI LI washing machine, dedicated to a mother. (WEI LI washing machine); the advertising terminology cater to the cultural mindset of Chinese, has persuaded function. Fortune?salary?durability ?happy and wealth were the icon of Chinese traditional culture. Chinese possess the psychology of hearing nice words, so many products related to the normal use show menu of the family love. For example: "A lot of good luck, a great deal of satisfaction" (FU MAN DUO instant noodles) and "A bowl nice glue ball circular and circular, a good reunion after eating (a advertisement of Chinese glutinous rice flour) are two types good examples which emphasis Chinese value. In contrast, the Traditional western culture calls for more emphasis on independence and personality; their ads pay more focus on character screen, ideas and laughter. "Kodak film as well as your family delight" Is a favorite advertising campaign in China's market, but its advertisings in U. S is an image of one son holding ponchos in one hands, and the other standing on a sword with the assertions. "He just wiped out his last dragon". Kodak helps to keep happiness for Chinese, keep the feat for American.

The whole world has one common human emotion, such as kinship, companionship and love, however the expression differs. Westerners are definitely more candid and Asians tend to be more subtle. "Making use of your telephone to transmit love". Bell Mobile phone Company deliver the message by illustrating picture of this: the daughter of an seniors parent a long way away give a phone call to them and say "I love you", and excite the more mature parents by contract. " Find one day for us to look over the romantic" (ads of one Hotel in Taipei) this conveys the love between husband and wife. The romance is subtle

In accordance with Chinese regulations the content in advertisings about ethnic racial difference and gender discrimination is unlawful, ads words must be truthful and standardized. It will comply with the structure of socialist spiritual civilization. The following example shows the difference. One American company vegetation to recruit a female secretary, who appears like puberty gal, thinks as an adult man, walks like adult woman, works just like a donkey! In American culture, this parlance has funny effect. Nonetheless it makes Chinese viewers angry: since it gets the discrimination interpretation toward to the female and the donkey means stupid in Chinese culture.

Below there are two advertisings of advocating non-smoking: The first one was a foreign plane that can make open public service announcements, its centre is an image of your rifle, a bullet and a cigarette. The subject is: rapid fatality, slow-moving suicide. This ad directly place the death associated with smoking the words is explicit and straightforward, and has a solid visible impact. It works with undisguised and logical approach to smoking hazards, to alert people never to smoke. Nevertheless the other is a domestic tv set commercial. It shows us that there is a glass of water up for grabs, and then a drop of ink is shedding in it, from then on clean water turning out to be muddy, and the previous is bigger, with three drops. . . before whole clean drinking water mixed to grubby completely. Accompanied outside audio: "If smokes, the lung of us will be like this glass of normal water. . . " This advertising like the first one, want to remind people of the dangers on body health, but it keeps from the fatality and through the delicate terminology like the clean normal water become muddy, tips the relationships between smoking and loss of life. The ads above show the different ethnical atmosphere of different land and countries. From this, we can easily see that the overseas ads make an effort to forbid smoking highly and straightforwardly, but local advertising is meant to remind the go up of smoking people stop smoking subtly and unobjectionable. The traditional western advertisings make people think critically after stunned, the domestic advertising is allowed people know the risks while tasting. That is not just the feeling difference of performance, but more important is that it's through vocabulary and images to indicate the cultural variations.

3. 4 Different social atmosphere

Chinese people are not accustomed to exhibit their ideas immediately, but to use the euphemism, tortuous way to express. Han nationality damaged by Confucian ideas is moderate, introverted and conservative. This is unlike Western and American national export and exciting personality. In France, for example, a perfume ad: "The one drop is to the wonder, two drop is made for the enthusiast, three drop will do to lead to 1 love affair. ". French people think that this manifestation is very loving and attractive, but Chinese consumers think it hard to simply accept this extreme manifestation. Three drops can bring a love is fast wide open. Chinese people are conservative and careful. They imagine down-to-earth do not believe requesting the moon. So the instant love more difficult to simply accept.

Chinese culture may family calmness and harmonious, this is regular with the physical environment, and this is related carefully to the past several thousand many years of self-sufficiency family's current economic climate systems. For example, the "Confucian Temple home wine" advertising "home state". Its ads creativity is from other wine name "home wine Confucian Temples" in "home". The saying "Confucian Temple home wine, make people homesick. " is able to touch the hearts of so many people, because it reflects the homesick feelings of the folks. Associated the liquor with a long background of traditional Chinese culture, it shows a profound ethnic implication. The ad has strong cultural features, the ideals embodied in advertisements does not seem minimal competitive, utilitarian, but with a real human feeling and a great reunion of the family. 3. 5 Different concept of authority and self-worth

Honor and certificates are often used as an instrument to attract Chinese language customers, because Chinese language people always have confidence in authority. Actually, the honorary certificates don't relate to the products home characteristic. For instance: Shanghai shoes factory recommends selection for the national well-known trademarks, famous trademarks in Shanghai, Ministry of light industry. Shanghai high-quality products. (Shanghai shoes factory), which is actually used for listing a large range of certificates and accolades in large space, this is persuasive to Chinese language visitors. These certificates and id data means the trustworthiness of high quality and reliable assurance. Several thousand many years of feudal system produced the solid public position worship; the idea has been affecting the country. The government awarded a certificate of honor and technology to company, than the certificates have invaluable efficiency.

In sharp contrast with China's ads, English advertisings is not seen such manifestation in the ads. Even some international brands and advertising won't honor any id certificates to confirm. In the British-based culture, people pursue the self-worth, not deliberately seeking to cross location. Through specific efforts to aim for success in profession means the dramatic increase of public status and materials wealth. The functional spirit has been fully reflected in ads. This can be seen in the next example: Selected by James Relationship the sign of Brilliance (OMEGA) Switzerland famous swatch, superb work and expensive, is the best option of successful people. Ads have chosen James Connection, the successful spy, to symbolize the swatch, he has a tremendous appeal for ads, has galactic impel electric power.

3. 6 Different gender image

Chinese and Traditional western culture have different gender image position, this is found in advertisements language. Two thousands traditional Confucian ideology influences Chinese idea, the idea of Chinese language women has been described within the framework of soothing graciousness. Thus, in the ads, female models are simply the front womanly beauty. If ads creativity wants showing the performance of lofty aspiration, it will do through man expressing generally. To list the exemplory case of alcoholic beverages ads, in the long span of several thousand many years of China history, it appears that alcohol is merely the matter for man to express his feeling. In Chinese alcoholic beverages ads, a whole lot of that background is ancient warrior uniform and they carouse do as their pleases, exhibited the heroic mettle. And in the 1920s of 20th century, feminist motion began in the United States and then pass on to the entire Girl narrowing the gender difference significantly. There's a liquor advertising for a blow mobile coach and matcher, women's pride soaring. China also possessed feminine heroes, but if a female used to the ads, I ask yourself if people can allow psychologically.

3. 7 Different customs

As the differences of environment, economic levels and countrywide development record, each land has its unique and familiar lifestyle. For example: Chinese language and Japanese use chopsticks to dine, Westerners use forks. Chinese people like to invite guests and present products, and the Westerners rarely entertain guests at home; Chinese people prefer to wear red setting, glue "XI" word and send items when they get wedded, the colour red is regarded as blessed. In the western world, the red color is not ghillie. For instance, one import and export company of China uses the red material packed the Red fireworks to sell to former Federal government Republic of Germany and Sweden, because of this, no one cared about them, only after using grey package, the sales began. But many successful examples of "in to the taboo, do as the Romans do were numerous. For instance, the Swiss Nestle company place the ads into Chinese language market in 1984, use the emotional of "hospitality" of Chinese as breakthrough to occupy the consumer market, the warm hospitality and decency as a customer-led is dominant. Quotation one Chinese public phrase "extreme shock" to suit the favour of Chinese language people. This resulted in a strong psychological response, eliminate the psychological distance between Chinese and Westerners, develop and occupy China's espresso market effectively.

The national getaway is an important element of national customs and practices. Each country has its traditional method of celebrating festival. For example: China has many important traditional festivals, Spring Event, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Dragon Vessel Festival etc. Different happening has different traditions. Chinese festival is like the family reunion in Spring Festival, children using new clothes, fire the firecrackers, gift the red envelopes to one another, and say a few lucky phrases to find the bundle of money. In Dragon Fishing boat Festival, everybody eats Chibaozi and dumplings, Mid-Autumn Festivity is one of the festivals that Han ethnic miss his faraway relatives; they'll eat moon cakes and salty egg, etc. The background music to these advertising gives a sense that arouses people's ethnic identity and makes people feel friendliness.

3. 8 Different aesthetics

Beautiful music, the moving pictures, wonderful words and beautiful image, all above will give pleasure and deep impression to the people. Many ads executives understand this very point; they do everything possible to the buyer to create aesthetic and auditory sense of beauty, to improve the consumer's impression. People in different countries, nationalities, estate and age have different tastes standard, this can be mirrored in the structures and design of clothes. In China's feudal population, women with small feet is appears to be beautiful. But the taste standard of modern people is well proportioned. To the various tastes standard, the connection arousing in people's brain differs. For instance, the "cock" and "white elephant" are considered as the gook fortune and lovely sign in China. However, in European eye, "white elephant" is definitely the "harm than advantage, useless and cumbersome things", and "cock" is the slang interpretation of "discharge of abusive words". Another example is the "lotus" which is the sign of clearness thing in China, however in Japan is not auspicious.

IV. Significance

Advertising Language contains an abundance of ethnic connotations. Words itself is a carrier of culture; it divorced from the national culture factors, and divorce from the terms exercise of countrywide culture factors. Advertising language has profound society property and nationwide culture connotation. We are able to dredge up special social connotation from different nationwide culture's advertising vocabulary. The Chinese and Western advertising language features have something in common and also have differences, it will learn from the other person and complement each other. English advert has some practices; it is worth studying by Chinese language advertising workers. Chinese language advertising employees must work hard, innovate and make foreign things provide for China. Then, Chinese advertisement will make improvement and exceed the level of the world's advertising artwork. Therefore, to be able to improve the elegance of advertising and campaign the ethnic development. First of all, the european culture substance should be consumed. Second, traditional culture and modern pop culture should be morally and civilly overlooked together. Third, it should make the original culture adapted to the development of the present day advertising, so to market international communication. Thus it'll make Chinese language culture internationalize.

Nowadays, ad not only represents the pure business, but also it is one new routine language kinds which already is accepted by the general public. Culture has a significant effect on the development of advertising execution. All successful adverts were created regarding local countrywide culture and advertising culture. Chinese language and Western cultures have significant diversity, if the advertising developer didn't focus on distinguishing different culture features while producing the advertising campaign, he will be hampered. Therefore, the thesis seeks to combine Chinese culture and Traditional western culture. In fact, only in this manner, can people from different ethnicities communicate well in order to make China profitable.

Culture Variations of Chinese and European Traditional Celebrations Every region has its culture. On the ground of culture, there increases its traditional event. Traditional festivity is an essential part of culture. It isn't only a means of showing the communal life of its people, but also a great way of transferring on the culture. Different culture has different traditional happening. With all the development of culture discussion, we have got to know a lot of western festivals. We even commemorate some of them. While our company is celebrating Chinese language and western celebrations, we can find out some dissimilarities between them.

The first difference between Chinese language and european traditional festivals are the way of naming the festivals. By watching the brands of the festivals, we may easily find out the difference. Chinese festivals were mostly named after the season, while traditional western festivals were more often named after the religious characters or occurrences. As we know, china is a traditional agricultural country. Since weather and season play an important role in agriculture, the traditional festivals, which were originally designed for agricultural party, were in connection with season. It had been easy and helpful for the peasants to remember the festivals named after seasons. Judging from the names, they knew how to approach their crops at that time. For example, the spring festivity is the time to sow the seed products. There are also Mid Fall months Day, Warmer summer months solstice and Winter Solstice etc. Though there are a few western festivals called after seasons like Midsummer Day of Finland ever sold, after the pass on of faith, especially Christianity, celebrations are mostly called after religion. Unlike china, religion plays a dominating role in lady. Westerners cannot live without religions. God and Jesus Christ are profound ingrained in their head. It isn't startle for us to learn that almost all of the celebrations were named after religions. So, there is Nativity of St. Mary, Xmas, All Saints' Day and Holy Saturday.

When we speak about festival, celebration is an indispensable part. Because of culture distinctions, the party activities of Chinese language and traditional western traditional festivals are quite different. As recognized to all, Chinese Diet has a long background. So, it undoubtedly became one of the main factors of festivity special event. One interesting amount is the fact that different festivals have different food and different food bring different wants of Chinese people. Over the spring festival, people have New Year's Wedding cake hoping that family members will get promotion in the coming year, have New Year's Eve Food wishing the whole family could unite every year. Almost every custom celebration has one special such as glutinous rice dumpling on lantern Event, Moon wedding cake on Mid Fall months Day. However, traditional western festivals haven't any set menu. They pay more focus on festival gifts, cards and entertainments. According to star, Santa Clause sends Christmas gift ideas to children on Holiday Eve. To a certain degree, gifts have grown to be the most crucial part of Christmas party nowadays. Besides, people also give presents to others on other celebrations. For instance, on Saint ROMANTIC DAYS CELEBRATION, people send roses or chocolates with their beloved individuals. Entertainment is another essential parts. On festivals, there are a lot of parties and carnivals kept by different community. They may venture out to the street and dance crazily with strangers. This also reflects that westerners tend to be open up- minded.

Another difference is that folks of different countries can admit western festivals more easily than Chinese language traditional festivals. One important reason is the fact that western festivals derive from solar calendar, which is world-wide-used, while Chinese traditional festivals are based on lunar calendar, which is employed only in China. Because of this, it is hard for individuals from other countries to follow us. Besides, american culture shows great esteem to human rights and pays special attention to individual development. This sense are available in western festivals. Take Saint ROMANTIC DAYS CELEBRATION as an example again. It has turned into a worldwide festival. It is a festival for enthusiasts only. On that day, people can show their love to their beloved individuals without hesitation. It really is human nature. No real matter what nationality he or she is, she or he needs love. So, it can be accepted by the whole term. And it was developed for the reason that certain culture. However, under the atmosphere of feudalism, it was impossible for Chinese language to develop such kind of event at that time as men and women were permitted to touch the other person unless these were couples. Since almost all of the Chinese traditional festivals were developed under the advice of feudalism, it was difficult for foreign to absorb the ideas.

Though there are a great number of differences between Chinese and european traditional festivals, with the speedy development of communication technology, the overlap of both cultures is now larger and greater. More and more Chinese celebrate european festivals especially Christmas. And westerners are displaying interest in Chinese language traditional festivals. Incidentally of culture discussion, Chinese language and westerners will know the other person more and more better.

Culture between China and the Western show different create ability and create nature between east and western races, also show the different history character types and special varieties of culture between east and western. We can take good thing about comparing the difference culture between the two. The Chinese language concept of camaraderie differs significantly and subtly from that of the Western world. Due to the predominance of both kinship and kingship, camaraderie is the last and minimal important of the "Five Moral Modes" in the traditional Chinese culture. On the contrary, friendship is the most crucial value in Western culture. The American concept of camaraderie covers nearly all sorts of individual love. The difference between the Chinese and the Western concepts of friendship has a long background and profo. . and he Taoist ethics is an unique and important area of the traditional Chinese ethicalsystem. The Taoists emphasized as a idea the restriction of human being reason and humanability, and attempted to place forward a technique to solve this problem. ?Tao goes tothe opposite route?is the central theory where the Taoists solve the problems ofuniverse and life. Proceeded from the Taoist value judgement of highly estimating life, the Taoists expound the moral ideas of achieving the ideal status of Tao and becominuring the process of building socialist agreement culture that is suited to socialistmarket market, the Chinese language traditional culture is both an subject to be surmounted anda treasure-house to be produced use of. Its structural routine of?three keylines guidesand five standards? which was found in building its own system can be used for research inbuilding the system of our own socialist contract culture. That is one of the areas where Chinese and foreigners often face significant discord; Chinese have a tendency to view foreigners as not respecting past tradition, and loving "change with regard to change", even if it might not exactly be necessary. Foreigners have a tendency to view Chinese as lacking creativity and proactivity, struggling to come up with new ideas, caught by tradition. Is there a difference? Most surely! And Let me illustrate this with a very simple, basic examination of Oriental. Let's go through the Chinese words for History and Future. Past is "yi qian"; Future is "yi hou" (my apologies, my computer doesn't write Chinese language characters, so I will use Pinyin). Now, the type for "qian" in "yi qian" is the same as the type for "in front of" -- "qian mian". And the character for "hou" in "yi hou" is equivalent to the type for "behind" in "hou mian". What does this mean? This means that in traditional Chinese language culture, the PAST is "in front of them", and the near future is "behind them". To the Western brain, this is nearly incomprehensible; even many Chinese language have never really considered it. Allow me to illustrate the difference using an illustration. Picture a river moving via a field. The "past" is symbolized by where the river is via; the "future" is represented by where the river is streaming towards. In the middle of this field be seated two men, resting back-to-back. An example may be looking towards where in fact the river originates from; the other looks towards where in fact the river is going.

The first man -- representing Chinese language culture -- can easily see where in fact the river is via; he talks about days gone by. He can see all the things that have took place, and makes his decisions predicated on past occasions. To him, past occurrences are an indication of exactly what will happen now; making decisions without having to be aware of what has happened before is foolish. However the future is behind him; he cannot see it, he cannot predict it. For him, he must simply wait around and see what happens, and then behave appropriately, predicated on his understanding of past situations.

The second man -- representing European culture -- can see where in fact the river is going. He will try to anticipate what is coming in the near future, and also to take appropriate activities now. He believes that he can control his future by causing the right decisions now. For him, the past is behind him; he is aware it is there, but it isn't important, because he cannot change it out or control it. . . it has recently took place. For him, the near future is more fascinating and interesting. Now, I know that not all Chinese (or all Westerners) are such as this; especially younger Chinese. Please don't write merely to say, "I'm nothing like that". However in a professional environment, when foreigners and Chinese language are working along, these perspectives often cause problems. The way to handle this? Well, first of course, is to comprehend different perspectives, and exactly how they have an impact on the people involved. Second, stay away from negative stereotypes; somewhat, recognize the strengths that every side shows. In the end, I personally feel that a COMBINATION of both perspectives is most beneficial. There are plenty of valuable lessons that can be learned from the past, that will help us now; and there is excellent value in looking to predict and control one's future.

The moral sense of specialist in Chinese language traditional culture has always inspired people's thought and life. Although the slogan of democracy and equality has been submit for a long time, in today's true to life, the conflicts between your traditional sense of authority and the sense of identical rights in american countries make young technology fall into the awkward position. The phenomenon of superior and inferior still prevails in the partnership between man and female, parents and children, teachers and students. However young technology is being affected by the sense of similar protection under the law of the western, it offers some expanding clues because of their future. The dissimilarities of the sense between China and the western world left them enough space to believe.

There are extensive cultural variations between China and the western. Among the differences is the condition of morality. The doctrine of Confucius and Mencius symbolizes the traditional morals of China. Male superiority, Three Main Key points and the dignity of the teaching profession are the ideologies of the doctrine. However, the sense of similar rights, democracy, liberty is actually advocated by western countries. These new senses have steadily got into into China as the development of contemporary society. Thus it is unavoidable that two different sorts of senses discord with one another. And these issues of morals between China and the western make young generation get caught in some difficult positions. This article will elaborate the question from two major aspects. The first aspect is the sense of power in Chinese traditional culture; the second aspect is the sense of similar rights in western culture, which article will be carried on from three angles separately: the erotic relations, the relationships between parents and children as well as the relations between teachers and students. At the moment there is not too much research on this issue of superiors and inferiors and similar protection under the law at home and overseas, and the research which could be used is quite scattered, which means methods of contrasting and offering examples will be implemented to simplify the facts process, and permit everybody to truly have a clear teach of thought. Although China and the west respectively have its fit and unfit quality in both areas of high and low and identical, the article puts its emphasis on the different performances of Chinese high and low idea in the cultural life and carries on the explanation of the very thought of similar in the western as one aspect. Through two different ideas and their shows, people will know that there are some problems in Chinese language traditional morals and the reason why for the moral variances. This paper will help Chinese language people understand the difficult positions of morals and make them obtain some enlightenment.

The Chinese traditional morals stated in the pre-Qin period, in the long process of history of several thousand years, it has effects on people's thought and life throughout. The authority makes the theory also seep along with it to society's aspects. Confucianism as the agent Confucian thought is exactly the root where this notion can can be found and develop. The treating women as inferiors, the precedence preserved between elderly people and juniors and the professor said the dignity are the main performances of this idea. Regardless of any kind of authorities, its characteristics could be summarized as observing custom purely, obey the expert without criticize, trust destiny and so on. Due to the restraint of specialist, many inferior phenomena came out in the relations between individuals and human

The culture is created by human, a particular existing way of human, is a human common wealth. However the human's existents and development differ from parts and races. Region and race, consequently the culture reveals various styles again and each a culture consists of special features. The culture between China and the Western are manufactured of China and the West race under different humanities and the ecosystem environment term, having different special features each. Chinese traditional culture, be extensive and profound with long status history, a sociable ethics culture for centre require the humanities nature, have restrained system as well as small words but wealthy interpretation, limpid style and easily known though sometimes it just can be understood than to be discussed. American culture are diversity and separable?radical ness and beginning?constantly changing;Spiritual belief and research reasonableness for middle include numerous of humanities heart; a quirky twist however the thread can be look for, having the nobility gentlemanly deportment with growth and aggression.

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