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Child Trafficking In Nigeria Friendly Work Essay

Human trafficking in Nigeria has been one of the biggest problem in Nigerian background. Individual trafficking can be followed to the time colonialism when human beings are been exchanged for mere commodities to the Europeans, to help them in their plantations in their own country. Because of the abolishment of slave trade in Nigeria by 1885-1950, the action of real human trafficking was reduced plus some few years later they started out child trafficking since the children are more prone. Child trafficking is a kind of human trafficking that involves the vehicles, harbouring, acquiring, recruitment of children in the purpose of exploitation.

The issue of child domestic labour is very complex and problematic. Home child labourers are among the most unseen child labourers. The number of children exploited in private homeowners is unknown as a result of hidden character of the work. Several children are women and in many countries local service sometimes appears as the only real employment option a girl might have. Children exploited in domestic service are paid little or nothing, are malnourished, are very susceptible to further misuse and exploitation, and don't go to college. However, because child home workers are employed within an informal family environment, they cannot be included as a professional group within standard working systems because such integration would presuppose an popularity of the thought of child local labour. At the same time, without legal initiatives, it is difficult to fight child local labour. Furthermore, the conditions, norms and standards to modify the employment of children are lacking because children work in a generally invisible domains outside regulation and the public sphere and their local labour cannot be included under normal labour laws and regulations. Although the final goal of most laws ought to be the prevention and reduction of child home labour, it is acknowledged right first that this is a permanent goal. In the interim, there is a need to accept that children do, and will continue, to work until effective alternatives make it unneeded to allow them to work. For the time being, the "best interest" of the kid principle alongside the notion of the child as a "rights holder" should guide any lawmaking on child domestic work. Laws and coverage reform can play a robust constitutive and transformative role in increasing and changing the lives of both girl child and male child domestic worker; however, in envisioning place of work and domestic agreements it's important to see that sex stereotypes are not reinforced. Just as much as law gets the profound power to prevent and regulate home labour, it has the power to strengthen it by creating loopholes by which employers can continue to hire child domestic workers. Laws could spark social change only if they may be translated into action. In drafting new laws or revising existing laws and regulations, child home labour should be seen in the framework of historic intimacy discrimination. There is an apparent stress when laws and insurance policies are blind to the differences between the woman child domestic employee and the male child domestic worker including the girl child's poor bargaining position and low position, which improves her vulnerability to coercion by her family and employer.

Child trafficking in Nigeria is something the government hasn't really put enough effort to ensure that child trafficking is reduced or eradicated this is due to the lapse (corruption) of the whole government system because most of the kid traffickers are top federal government officials which makes it very hard to investigate any problem that has to do with child trafficking. Relating to a research completed by "United country children fund (unicef)" say the average age group of children been trafficked in Nigeria is just about 15years but the age varies, especially with ladies and and yes it says 60-80% of girls in the gender trade outside the country are in Italy (over 700 in Italy while Belgium and Holland is experiencing an upsurge in the number of Nigerian young girls. On the average About 10 children go away Nigerian borders daily from fostering and long family system. Children that are been trafficked has so many reasons which include home help, prostitution these are especially for young girls while boys are being used as scavengers, car cleansing, bus conducting, drug peddling and farming.

Child trafficking has so many effects on both child and the country. Trafficking of migrant children has unquestionably affected specific children and their neighborhoods in various immediate and long term ways. It sometimes endangers the children's lives. The apparent impacts of child trafficking often talked about is on deteriorating their education, physical and mental development. Additionally, the trafficked migrant children are disempowered in lots of ways. They are in the overseas country with foreign customs and foreign language. They are carried and sold or deceived as bonded labour, treated like property, and work under slavery-like conditions. Every time they feel frustrated, or fighting, or face troubles, or are tortured, commonly they may have no person they can change to as they have a tendency to stay in isolated areas. Even if they have a chance to seek help, they often have no idea where to go or what to do or whom to ask because they are unlawful migrants and are afraid of police. In a few circumstances, they may encounter racism from the police, authorities, and general people among whom may be their own employers. A significant result of child trafficking can be loss of lives, increasing prevalence of STD's (sexually transmitted diseases) including HIV/Helps, increase in violence and crime rate, increased school drop-out, impaired child development, poor national image and significant deportation of Nigerians especially females. And also, You can find diverse explanations why many Nigerian children are susceptible to trafficking, including widespread poverty, large family size, immediate urbanization with deteriorating general population services, low literacy levels and high school-drop out rates

The demand for cheap commercial gender personnel in countries of destination strongly plays a part in the growth of the happening and the success of the unlawful network.

Parents with a big family, often overburdened with the treatment of too many children, are inclined to the traffickers deceit in offering some of their children to city residents or even strangers encouraging a much better life for the kids.

Traffickers exploit the trust of people rooted in a common, culturally accepted common practice in Western world Africa of position and fostering as part of the extended family

safety net. Occasionally, frantically poor and uninformed parents willingly co-operate with the traffickers, offering their children in exchange for a small price. In the

hands of unscrupulous guardians, these children are progressively trafficked and exploited for money.

But All hope is not lost as every problem has a remedy. The government can still suppress this bad practice to conserve children and the nice name of the country. Firstly, federal should provide free education atlanta divorce attorneys government owned institution in the united states from the nursery to the extra level so that parents will have no excuse of offering their children to strangers in the pretext of taking these to learn new sill in new environment.

Secondly, administration should pay employees salaries at the end of every month because they have got personal bills to feet; children to appeal to and they rely solely on their salaries.

Thirdly, the parliamentary arm of the government should make and amend law that all Nigerian families shouldn't have more than 3 children and any found to not in favor of the law would be punished because one of the sources of child trafficking in Nigeria is the shortcoming of parents to cater for so many children.

Also, federal should make laws for children against child misuse and intimidation which should be strictly adhered to.

Last but not the least, authorities should come to a agreement with market leaders of other countries that any Nigerian child suspected to be abused or trafficked should be rescued and the trafficker, punished.

In an work aimed at fighting child trafficking within Nigeria and the sub-region, Nigeria and the government of Benin Republic have agreed upon a memorandum of understanding to co-operate in the area of reduction of child trafficking as well as the repatriation of offenders to countries of source for prosecution.

Executive Secretary of Country wide Organization for the Prohibition of Traffic in Folks along with other Related Matters(NAPTIP), Mrs. Carol Ndaguba disclosed this at a one-day workshop on Anti Child Trafficking Network Task in Nigeria presented at the UN House Abuja.

According to her, Nigeria and the federal government of Italy, UK and Spain likewise have understandings on joint effort on modalities for elimination of child trafficking and slavery, adding that the Italian administration as well as UNICEF have been providing huge financial and capacity building support to the company in carrying out its job.

On the problem of house-help or domestic servants in the united states, NAPTIP Executive Secretary regretted that the trend have been exploited by traffickers to batter, sexually or emotionally traumatize victims, adding that "the so called symptoms must now come to an end. "

She discovered the challenges faced by the network project to include development of the network from 22 areas to 36, sustaining recognition campaign at the state and community levels, and capacity building of their state working organizations.

In her remark, Deputy Country Agent of UNICEF, Barbara Reynold said that but the anti-trafficking agency was already doing a lot to put an end to the menace of real human trafficking, more needs to be done in the area of conscientisation and increased consciousness by a broader section of society.

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