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Characteristics Of The JUNK FOOD Sector Business Essay

There is lots of junk food brands in Srilanka and junk food outlets in Colombo can achieve success over other junk food outlets in other areas of srilanka because Colombo is the commercial city and capital of Srilanka with a sizable number of occupied population. The majority of rich people stay in Colombo as there is straightforward access to everything.

Colombo is divided into more than 10 parts for easy identification that are colombo1, Colombo 2â colombo7â Colombo 12. Colombo 1, 2, 3and 7 will be the popular places for high income seeker junk food outlets as there exists a large number of men and women 'who don't worry price'.

In Colombo, most junk food outlets target higher class &upper middle class people only and sell junk food and beverages which contain chemicals that injurious to health. Although, plus some target everybody and sell balanced diet and beverages. So, there is a deficit of the high quality junk food outlets which target everybody and sell affordable and healthy products. There is a market that may be appealed.

Research objective

This research can look into the inner and external barriers and discover ways and means of overcoming those determined and potential obstacles for being successful. Major objectives of the research the following and segmented under 3 areas for better understanding and description.

Major difficulties when starting up a new junk food outlet and to survive

Current trends

Unique hot offering food and beverages

Other international and local fast food brands in Colombo

People behaviour towards fast food

Poor Staff retention and satisfaction

Unnecessary costs

Benefits of selling healthy food and beverages

Benefits to society

Benefits to the shop itself

Finding opportunity of providing quality and healthy junk food and beverages at low prices

Identifying current healthy junk food and beverages

Identifying market places that sell quality elements for healthy food and beverage

Research background

Most of the hotel restaurants are located in Colombo 1, 2, 3, 4and 7 including 5 superstar hotels. There is a number of fast food brands that are Belly Buster, Belliniss, Bros T, Mr. Chicos Tx, Nandos, Deli market restaurant, Dine Mor, Domino's Pizza, Hotel De Hijra, Mc Donald's, Hotel De Pillawoos, Pizza Hut, KFC, Crescat Boulevard, Majestic city food judge, Excel world Food Judge, etc.

Most of the hotel restaurents are diversified plus they sell fast food.

So, there's a huge competition to entice customers which has lead to selling anything to make earnings.

Research problem

Most of the fast food outlets are wedding caterers upper course and upper middle class (advertising non affordable junk food) and advertising non-healthy food &beverages.

No junk food wall socket in Colombo appears to get off the current pattern. Which means this situation will be good enough to enter into this business utilizing a research with a fresh theme like "quality &healthy food and beverages to everybody". If there is a probability of setting up a new fast food outlet to outlet affordable quality and healthy fast food and drinks, how good it is.

People in Colombo or customers buy those highly listed and non-healthy food and beverages. Maybe, they already are enlightened of the bad effects of eating non-healthy junk food and the reason is they have no other option like, high quality fast food shops which sell affordable healthy products.

So, if I could develop formulas for making balanced diet and drinks at low prices and buy more fresh vegetables and fruits at low prices it will be quite possible to sell affordable healthy food choices and drinks using strategies. To be able to achieve this goal those issues have to be addressed.

Research methodology

This research will choose qualitative research with the use of questionnaires, observations and interviews also to refer and research profitable and successful junk food outlets, success reports, etc.

The questionnaire is suitable for measuring the clients 'attitudes, understanding and behavior whenever choosing the fast food outlets

One or two successful junk food outlets' managers and its employees (especially waitresses and waiters) and a couple of fast food retailers' managers and its employees in fast food outlets which be competitive to get an satisfactory amount of consumers would be interviewed

A few fast food outlets in particular areas which appeal to more people than others and what people most take in at each junk food outlet and the actual busiest day of each week is for each fast food wall plug will be observed.

Research tools

Data collection methods and equipment- questionnaires

Interviews (only preferred personnel)


Characteristics of the junk food sector

The fast food sector is one of the industries of the food service industry.

Quick service- food and drinks need to be served very quickly. There shouldn't be too much longing to serve products.

Ease of gain access to- junk food shops should be easy to get at.

Flexibility- junk food outlets should prepare yourself to accept returns or any customer get to change what they have already bought.

Limitation of the study

As stated below, there were limitations and challenges such as;

Very limited local resources were available for reference

Some waiters and waitresses were hesitant to be interviewed.

There are a number of junk food brands in Colombo and for that reason, some of them cannot be studied

Chapter 1 summary

This is in the beginning more centered on the release and background of the research by giving a short introduction to the study. At the middle and latter elements of the chapter, it'll elaborate the study targets while taking about the type of the junk food sector and research limitations. It has also discussed the importance and the gravity of the research and the research problem.

Chapter 2

Literature review

The term "junk food" pertains to food that can be prepared quickly. Most of this popular type of food availed in packaged form called takeaways. The junk food industry has its roots in the for sale stands, which were part and parcel of early and East Asian societies. (Gaynor Borade, 2012)

The concept of fast food is generally associated with metropolitan development. Junk food retailers today are sophisticated quick service retailers. The franchise procedures have generated restaurant chains offering standardized meals across the globe. On account of a minimal capital requirement and recognition of junk food, fast food restaurants and drive through outlet stores are common across the world. Also called sit-ins. These restaurants cater to the dried food requirements of younger generation, extremely restricted adult working arrangements. (Gaynor Borade, 2012)

Today, some junk food retailers sell dangerous food which includes chemicals that are injurious to health. Favorite chemicals used within the food making process are -titanium dioxide(within dressings), azodicarbonamide (within some subway breads), sodium phosphate(found in coffee in junk food joints)â(Uttara Manohar, 2012).

Health problems that are brought on because of regular processed foods eating-asthma, strokes, type 2 diabetes, tumors, liver organ disease, and cardiovascular diseases. (Uttara Manohar, 2012)

I found that some girls and gentlemen have taken step of progress written articles about the bad ramifications of fast food to convince individuals who are at night. They propose healthy food and beverages.

Does some of this audio appetizing? I think not. To enjoy once in a while is all right; after all you are human being enough to get cravings. What you shouldn't do is engage to a spot where it qualifies as gluttony. Treat you to ultimately healthy homemade foods using fresh produce instead, coupling low-sodium materials and all-natural add-ons. Eat your selected junk food food twice per month, rather than more. Spread the good expression. (Uttara Manohar, 2012)

Eating Junk food now lead to weight problems among most of youngsters and parents. (Uttara Manohar, 2012) So, needs quality and healthy food choices &beverages

As due to a recently available health revolution, junk food chains and restaurants have started the integration of all possible food diet in their menu. Hamburgers and French fries are probably the most famous junk food, are nowadays made by using healthy low cholesterol extra fat, lesser engine oil, and whole wheat breads. Many hamburgers nowadays, have a high content of salads and fruit and vegetables in them and are made with sauces and prickles that are rich in supplements. The fries are nowadays not deep-fried and have a low content of olive oil in themâ (Scholasticus K, 2010).

Not only balanced diet, Cleanliness &hygiene issues are relevant to the premises, equipment and personnel. Tidy premises, smart uniforms and the use of defensive gloves, for example, can all have a positive effect on the belief of the meals service operation to be clean and hygienic. (Cousins et al. 2002)

A fast food outlet which markets healthy products is discovered cultural responsibility and it can make revenue as there are well informed and smart people who support by writing and becoming customers of the junk food outlet which offers quality and healthy food choices and beverages.


Normally, if any business needs to survive, it must develop strategies as the surroundings is obviously changing. There are marketing strategies, charges strategies, etc.

There are various costs methods such as; cost-plus, perfect costing methods, backward costing, rate of come back pricing, income per customer prices, elasticity prices and conclusion pricing(Cousins et al. 2002). Marketing strategies, such as; market segmentation, porter general strategies. You'll find so many Pricing strategies such as; Loss leader, demand-based rates, etc.

One of the major marketing strategies is market segmentation. General market trends will help in the id of consumer's needs, wishes, requirements, goals and ideals as they relate to food and drink products (Cousins et al. 2002). there are various ways to segment market such as; geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral segmentations.

After well identifying all the market segments that we can tackle with good products, we can be sure that our business will achieve success even as can satisfy the customers' needs with the right product and also we can then get customer devotion which ensures continuation of the business enterprise.

Price is the component of the meal experience that also relates to value (Cousins et al. 2002). So, we have to ensure that there is strategic pricing where a high-priced product is probably not perceived as a minimal quality product and also, a minimal priced product is probably not perceived as a minimal quality product. Prices strategies are so important to get customer commitment.

Social responsibility

Recognizing cultural responsibility and being accountable for the welfare of the society can be in the end a good strategy as you will see support from the society to keep carefully the organization which has establish a code of business and social ethics.

Social responsibility objectives stress the ethical aspects of a food service organization's objectives. These include 1. Protection of products 2. working conditions 3. honesty for example, not offering or acknowledging bribes or other inducements, 4. equal opportunities and 5. Pollution and other environmental concerns (Cousins et al. 2002).

So, when we are running the business enterprise ethically and abiding by law, the ethical culture will give their vote for continuation of the business enterprise.

To indulge occasionally is fine; in the end you are individuals enough to possess cravings. What you shouldn't do is indulge to a point where it qualifies as gluttony. Treat yourself to healthy homemade foods using fresh produce instead, coupling low-sodium materials and all-natural add-ons. Eat your preferred junk food food twice per month, rather than more. Spread the nice expression. (Uttara Manohar, 2012)

Employee motivation and retention

To succeed in any business we need a good staff or individual capital that can be effective and productive. Therefore, an easy food outlet will need to have appropriate recruitment and selection strategies, the right HR insurance policy, and should keep carefully the existing staff encouraged to get the maximum productivity of these and stop labor turnover.

When it comes to determination of employees, we need to well understand and practice the existing contemporary views and theories on inspiration such as Elton Mayo's the individual connection movement, Rensis Likert's the four systems of management, Douglas McGregor's theory X and Y, Fredrick Hertzberg's cleanliness theory, Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of human needs, Edgar Schein's the mental health contract and career anchor, Amitai Etzioni's the manager's vitality and personnel' electricity, Carrot and stay method, etc (CTH, 2011). out of these, Maslow's hierarchy of individuals needs and Hertzberg's two factor ideas are well well known.

Maslow proposed a hierarchy of widespread human needs representing the order where these needs become motivators of real human behavior. Individuals beings' needs and desires are inexhaustible. When one need is satisfied another appears to take its place. This is one of the most influential theories on drive as it explains human desires and needs divided into collections or levels. The models are physiological needs, basic safety needs, interpersonal needs, ego needs and do it yourself actualization.

Hertzberg found that factors from the job environment such as; payment, guidance, working conditions, company insurance plan, etc, create dissatisfaction and unhappiness on the job when they are inadequate; they become dissatisfied. But taking away the causes of dissatisfaction doesn't create satisfaction and it therefore doesn't inspire performance. Hertzberg called these factors 'hygiene factors' (maintenance factors).

Hertzberg discovered that the factors that motivate includes opportunities in the job itself for achievement and development such factors as recognition, achievement, improvement, responsibility, the task itself. He called these factors 'motivators'.

To start up a new junk food outlet other than structures and equipment we need to understand corporate public responsibility that is making certain the fast food shop sell quality and healthy products, the environment is not being polluted, etc, will need to have good strategies to win your competition and make more profits, and a great staff who is able to be profitable.

Chapter 2 summary

This chapter is approximately literature reviews, various strategies, arguments and thoughts.

At the start, it discusses origins of junk food outlet and at the center; it talks about healthy and non healthy fast food beverages and its own effects with reviews. At the end, the existing marketing strategies which are essential to make it through are mentioned and one of the key parts that need to be resolved to succeed a small business is employee satisfaction and retention is mentioned.

Chapter 3

Research methodology

This section will discuss and point out on the methodology of this study. Initially, development and conceptual framework is illustrated and thereafter, it'll discuss selection methods of data, reviving, identifying of factors.

Afterward, analysis development is shown. Following this, the realization and practice of the analysis comes under the sections of sample selection, data collection method, and data examination and summarizing.

Micro culture(internal)

Internal culture for starting up a new fast food shop and survive


Employment and staff retention

Location, etc.

Macro culture(immediate)

Influence of politics, offers, etc.

Increase of fast food outlets

People's attitudes toward junk food, etc.

External macro ethnic issues

Other competitive industries

International junk food brands, etc.

Factors influencing setting up a new fast food wall socket and surviving

The above segmented factors (micro culture, macro culture and external macro ethnical issues) are being analyzed and assessed under organizational and national levels.

Hypothesis development

Three hypothesis have been developed to study the impact of the variables

Hypothesis 1: Micro culture-high first cost, difficulty of finding employees and keeping them, poor location and lack of customer attractions, competitors' hot offering food and beverages would be the barriers to get started on up a new fast food outlet.

Hypothesis 2: Macro culture- increase of low quality fast food shops in Colombo and they are making a bad picture amongst the existing fast food customers towards junk food outlets will result in difficulty of appealing to customers and keeping goodwill.

Hypothesis 3: External macro ethnical issues- international junk food brand outlets can do more promotional activities to draw in more and more customers. Because of this, the new junk food outlet will not be able to entice a a lot of customers.

Operationalisation of variables




Source form

How to find answers

factors influencing setting up a new junk food outlet and surviving

Internal culture for setting up a new fast food outlet and survive


Interviews with the junk food managers

Employment and worker retention

Interviews with the junk food managers


Interviews with the junk food managers

Hot selling fast food and beverages

Interviews with the junk food professionals and questionnaires

Macro culture(immediate)

Increase of fast food outlets

General thoughts and opinions of the public


Political influence

Competitors' offers and promotions

Observations and Interviews with the fast food managers

Market place

Interviews with the vendors

External macro cultural issues

International fast food brands in srilanka

Interviews with the international fast food brand outlet managers.

Other competitive industries


Sampling and selection

10 customers of every of the junk food outlets ( Dine Mor, Pizza Hut, Mc Donald's, KFC, Mr. Burger Ruler ( located in the Malay street of Colombo 2) are taken as samples to get answers for a few pre-determined questions which are included in the questionnaire.

Data collection methods and instruments

A questionnaire is used to find hot selling fast food and drinks among different age ranges and General thoughts and opinions of the general public towards the fast food outlets

Two or three successful fast food outlets' professionals including international fast food brand outlet stores' and its own employees (especially waitresses and waiters) and two or three fast food outlet stores' managers and its employees in junk food outlets which contend to get an enough amount of consumers would be interviewed to find answers because of their cost of operating the business enterprise, their classes of fixtures and furniture, how they retain their employees, their hot advertising products and how they interact with the public.

Interviews are with sellers who sell quality elements for making healthy food choices and drinks.

A few fast food outlets specifically areas which attract more folks than others and what folks most take in at each fast food outlet and what the busiest day of every week is for each and every fast food shop will be observed.

Data analysis

As this is a qualitative research, this research would use deductive reasoning method.

Chapter 3 summary

This chapter discusses methodology of the study study. The framework, factors or the framework is known as. Thereafter, methodology, sample and data collection methods are announced.

Chapter 4

Data presentation, Analysis and discussion

This chapter is approximately data presentation, research and discussion. Most of the weighting is directed at most important data since there was not a lots of extra data. It focuses on findings, debate and evaluation which cover hypothesis tests.


Data gathered from the questionnaire

40 individuals were given the questionnaire. The results are as follows;

All the 50 people suggested Dine mor, Pizza Hut, Mc Donald's and KFC and only 19 recommended Mr. Burger king.

22 people' favorite fast food brand is Pizza Hut, 13 folks' favorite brand is Mc Donald's and the rest 15 individuals' brand is KFC

Their favorite fast food/s

Fast food Quantity of the people

Pizza 50

Hamburger 36

Chicken submarine 41

Veggie burger 37

Fried rooster 29

Other 23

'Other' covered fried potatoes, fried meat, etc.

Their favorite drink/s

Beverage Quantity of the people

Soft drinks like, Coca Cola 50

Fruit juices (orange drink, avocado drink, etc) 50

Ice cream 45

Level of quality of the fast foods sold by the junk food retailers in Colombo

Number of the people

High (KFC, Pizza Hut, Mc Donald's, Dine Mor) 50

Satisfactory (Mr. Burger ruler) 27

Not acceptable -

Time they take in fast food

Number of the people

At morning hours 7

At noon -

At nighttime 43

Number of the individuals who like healthy fast food and beverages is 40

** Dine mor, Mc Donald's and KFC appear to be popular fast food brands in Colombo. A common junk food include pizza, burger and fried hen. The people believe level of quality of the fast food stores (KFC, Mc Donald's, Pizza Hut, and Dine Mor) is high in Colombo. Most them consume fast foods at evenings. Every one of the people like healthy junk food and drinks.

Information compiled from the interviews


-Average cost of the interviewed fast food outlets monthly is more than Rs. 300, 000 this physique includes creation cost and general supervision cost.

-Initial cost to get started on an easy food outlet differs regarding to factors like, level of service, ambience, food and drinks, number of employees, etc.


-Food and beverages need to be processed in an excellent setting otherwise they might be polluted.

-Food and drink development should be limited before the past experience of advertising.

-employees would leave the organization if they are not well cured, etc.

Employee retention

-to maintain employees there should be the right HR plan, effective work of recruitment and selection strategies, reward systems, etc.

Hot retailing food and beverages

-Pizza, burger, fried rooster, fried potatoes are amidst the hot selling fast foods and soft drinks like Coca Cola, fruit drinks, ice creams are the hot selling beverages.

Competitors' offers and promotions

-The competition commonly use price decrease, 'buy one and get one for free' advertising, free home delivery, etc.

Raw materials market place

-prices of fruit and vegetables have been increased lately and every market place have a tendency to sell their products at higher prices. However, immediately buying from the farmers is the least expensive way but this involves additional costs such as travelling, labor costs, etc.

Information obtained from the observations

-The busiest times for Mc Donald's were during 3. 00- 6. 00 pm

-The busiest times for KFC were during 4. 00- 7. 00 pm

-The busiest times for Mr. Burger King were during 4. 00-7. 00 pm

-The above junk food shops have been serving for a plenty of customers at the above mentioned time runs.

-Most of the clients tended to take fried hen, fried potatoes, pizza and burgers. So, these were the hot selling fast foods at that time.

-the hot advertising beverages were fruit juices and cool coffee

Analysis and discussion

Analysis 1

Hypothesis 1: Micro culture-high initial cost, difficulty of finding employees and retaining them, poor location and insufficient customer attractions, competitors' hot offering food and beverages will be the barriers to start out up a fresh fast food electric outlet.

-High first cost, difficulty of finding employees and retaining them, poor location and lack of customer attractions are the barriers to get started on up new fast food outlets.

-Starting up of a new fast food in Colombo will not involve high primary cost, difficulty of finding of competent employees and difficulty of keeping them, difficulty of finding a place filled with customer attractions and difficulty of earning competitive fast food and beverages.

-Therefore, it is possible to start up this junk food wall socket in Colombo.

Discussion 1

High initial cost can be dismissed due compared to that my budget is above the found average cost to run an easy food outlet in Colombo per month.

Finding of competent persons can be done using local sources such as recruitment firms, newspaper adverts, own website advertising, etc.

Retaining of these can be carried out as this research discovered strategies such as desire strategies, prices strategies, etc.

There were a number of places in Colombo which can be packed with customer attractions and a building can be studied on lease in such place in Colombo.

Healthy fast food and beverages are going to be made with the people's votes therefore, these definitely have market.

Analysis 2

Hypothesis 2: Macro culture- increase of poor fast food retailers in Colombo and they're developing a bad picture amongst the existing junk food customers towards junk food outlets will cause difficulty of appealing to customers and keeping goodwill.

- increase of low quality fast food outlets and they are developing a bad picture among the existing junk food customers towards fast food outlets cause difficulty of bringing in customers and keeping goodwill

- starting up of a new fast food shop is not affected from increasing low quality fast food retailers in Colombo.

-therefore, it's possible to begin up this junk food outlet.

Discussion 2

Most of the interviewed and the questionnaire's people's frame of mind towards junk food is positive as they say that they don't consume fast food on behalf of every food. They voted for healthy junk food and beverages this implies a fast food electric outlet that sell healthy fast food and drinks can be started out. This fast food has no bad result from individuals as they like junk food outlet stores which sell quality and balanced diet and beverages.

Analysis 3

Hypothesis 3: External macro cultural issues- international junk food brand outlets will do more promotional activities to attract more and more customers. Because of this, the new junk food outlet will never be able to entice a plenty of customers.

-International fast food brand stores do more and more promotional activities.

-for starting a fresh fast food wall socket, appropriate and competitive promotional activities were discovered.

-therefore, it is possible to attract a plenty of customers

Chapter 4 summary

Presentation, analysis and discussion of research findings were elaborated and at the same time, it compares developed hypotheses in relationship with conclusions.

Chapter 5

Conclusions and recommendations

This research's aim is to find opportunity of setting up a new fast food shop in Colombo. Therefore, this research investigated the inner and external barriers and discovered methods of overcoming those identified and potential barriers for being successful.

When listed below are satisfied it's possible to begin up a fresh fast food outlet in Colombo.

Starting up of a fresh fast food wall socket in Colombo does not involve high original cost, difficulty of finding of skillful employees and difficulty of retaining them, difficulty of finding a location full of customer visitors attractions and difficulty of making competitive fast food and beverages

Starting up of a new fast food outlet is not damaged from increasing low quality fast food outlets in Colombo

For starting a new fast food store, appropriate and competitive promotional activities were identified

According to the research, therefore, it's possible to start out up a new fast wall socket in manta place, Colombo 2 which offers quality and healthy fast food and beverages.


-This fast food outlet should be open from 4. 00-700 pm.

-This fast food store should get superstar rating as soon as possible to prove its quality.

-This fast food outlet should not sell carbonated drinks.

-It should create a menu of healthy junk food and beverages apart from the existing ones.

-It should use more advertising to attain more customers.

-It should sell fast food fried rooster, pizza, burger, etc without other materials which make people fatty.

-It should have a good throw away removal system that ensures protection of the environment.

-It should build attractive exterior to get customers

-It should maintain goodwill with customers

Word matter=4468

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