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Changing Trends In Advertisements Strategies Of Virgin Atlantic Marketing Essay

The primary goal of the study is to explore the changing trends in advert strategies and evaluate the impact on customers in competitive market.

Research Objective:

To explore the changing movements in advertisements strategies of Virgin Atlantic

To identify the key features in Virgin advertising that appeals to customers

To clarify the impact of transformed advert strategies on customers preference

Definition of Advert strategy:

An advertising strategy is a plan developed to speak ideas about products and services to potential consumers in the expectations of convincing them to buy those products and services.

Research Questions

What are the current advertisement styles in airline industry?

How will the advertising campaign strategy of Virgin Atlantic affect customer's choice?


Background of research

In this research, researcher is going to explore the changing trends in advertising campaign strategies of Virgin Atlantic Airways. Researcher wishes to identify those key elements that effect customer's appeal towards Virgin Atlantic Airways. Researcher will take up different tools and techniques to gather primary information.

Conceptual Framework:

Definition:" A theoretical structure of assumptions, ideas, and rules that holds together the ideas composed of a broad strategy. "

In this particular research; researcher explore the changing trends in advertising campaign of Virgin Atlantic and explain the effect on customer preference. The conceptual platform of the research is dependant on five different steps.

In the first rung on the ladder researcher explains the aim and objective of the study. The first introduction step also contains the brief introduction of company.

In second period researcher critically evaluates the literature review related to his research. in this phase researcher analyzed different articles, publications to receive the knowledge of different thoughts and assumptions related to his research problem and then wrap up with the conclusion.

Third phase of this research paper is most crucial because it clarifies the various methodologies and tools employed by researcher to get his objective. In this task researcher illustrate his research strategy, strategy, philosophy, way and data collection method for most important information.

The forth phase of this research is data analysis. Within this section researcher put together the relevant information obtained from different respondents through questionnaire and then offered by means of graphs

And by the end researcher give final result and recommendation to support his research and then further points out the results. .

Background of Virgin Atlantic:

In early on 80's Randolph Areas provided idea to Richard Branson of starting Virgin Atlantic Airways. Virgin Atlantic Airways Original known as British Atlantic Airways, The first journey of Virgin Atlantic's was from Gatwick to Newark on their only 747 on 22nd June 1984.

Two years after their first airline flight to Newark, Virgin present a well planned service to Miami in 1986, and down the road with Orlando in 1988. By the finish of the 1980's, Virgin introduced new long term flights to Tokyo, JFK and Los Angeles in-may 1989 and August 1989 respectively.

Virgin Atlantic's is recognized by their innovative strategy, and the severe competition with BA on the transatlantic routes has pushed frontward services unlike another carriers on the planet. Virgin was the first international passenger carrier to present personal in-flight entertainment systems in lower course, and they have specify business category getting close to it way beyond the targets. Virgin Atlantic's is often remain in multimedia due to their innovative and interesting advertisements.

Chapter 2: Literature Review

Literature review is in fact secondary research, which can be thought as that is already put together and ready for you. (Andrew C & Richard M, 1987).

In the beginning Advertisements are very similar and acknowledged by the readers and consumer. The most commonly advertising mediums are electric media, Newspapers and magazines and everything small or large business relying on these modes and strongly believe they will promote their business. Due to quick development in technology and innovation in current environment everything has rehearsing disastrous changes and improvements.

However due to changing developments in advertisement; consumer sacrificing their hobbies in magazine and newspapers. In the same way credited to un-attracted advertisement people doesn't watch Television set programs.

Advertisement strategy influence customer's desire:

According to Sahal Ali Al-Marwai (2010) explore innovative advertising strategy as a extremely adequate and valuable way to effect customer to them. Corresponding to his research there are large numbers of consumers who buy products or service that had been advertised in ground breaking way. Sahal Ali Al-Marwai observes that consumers get tired of traditional advertising mediums and found these ways undesired. The potential buyers simply avoid traditional ways and in consequence goals of the business aren't satisfied. By observing at new ground breaking ways only mental and creative advertising should be kept in mind. Marwai research proved that customers prefer creative advertising modes and these settings means that they found consumer and make them to give consideration. These innovative advert strategies have inclination to make the customer purchasing the products being advertised. Furthermore these progressive strategies are also regarded as a competitive edge for the business.

According to Bernstein(1989) and fariborz(1991) thinks that specially and highly innovative advertisement is the only catchy way to effect the client towards product

In addition Michell(1988) and Cook(1997) analyse that progressive advertising campaign should be memorable, simple and engaging. The creative advertisements pursuits and changes frame of mind. Retailers sell any product by adopting development strategy.

According to Kover (1997) discover that the advertising should carrying strong strategy with vast implementation but before all that there should be a perfect plan. It engage our thoughts and it creates customer dedicated with the brand. The end of story is the fact advertisements should produce final result for the valuable customers and find out a strong result on the investment. Creative advertising campaign does work like icy water in a hot sunny day. Innovative advertising can be memorable and simple to remind for any customer when really wants to become a part of brand.

Similar idea was presented with by Percy et al(2001) that the ground breaking advertising techniques is impressive, would involve freshness, target, appeal, culture relivance, immediate response desire and measureable results and he also expose ideas of innovative techniques like advertising in the public seats, elevator advertising, escalator advertising, dried out cleaner plastic hand bags and bus advertising

Virgin Atlantic's Advertisement:

Virgin Atlantic is acknowledged by his outstanding customer service, low fares and creative advertising strategies and has a reputation for excellent customer support, great prices, an progressive promotional initiatives and also identifiable for his or her stunning red colors. Virgin Atlantic celebrated his magic jubilee in '09 2009 and continues to be a head.

Virgin Atlantic Airways is to almost double its advertising budget this season on universal campaign due to begin just after the airline announced the most terrible losses because the airline founded.

Virgin Atlantic has launched its first ever universal TV plan. The fascinating air travel will be injecting $9M in Television set campaign for the very first time in different places of America including Boston, Washington, NY, LA and in UK. The theme of this advertisements is 'Your airline's either first got it or it hasn't' this ad will take the watcher on the metaphorical flight with instructing them

Featuring the tag-line 'Your airline's either got it or it hasn't, ' the advertising takes the viewers on the metaphorical airfare with Virgin Atlantic, guiding them through an excellent and fascinating world of the airline's iconography and dramatizing to make sure they are how it feels to visit with Virgin Atlantic to London. This ad also points out the innovative design of services providing by cabin crew.

The budget of this ad is much larger then the flight allocated to his "Red Hot"

Virgin Atlantic's forthcoming promotion will give attention to 13 of the environment passenger carriers, like the America, UAE, Australia and Carribbean.

Mark Roalfe, Chairman & Executive Creative Director of RKCR/Y&R said:

"This film dramatizes all the elements of the Virgin Atlantic brand, but does so in a method that only an air travel like Virgin Atlantic would ever do ? encapsulating the fact and 'it' factor of the brand which models it apart from its opponents. "


Advertising is utilized to promote travelers to try the airline and innovative advertisement lift up knowledge of new product innovations and new routes. Furthermore customer wants to see unique advertising each of them get weary of traditional adverts. According to above researches of different creators conclude that creative advert change the buying behaviour of customers and make sure they are to try product or service which has been advertised. These literature review is focused on making the willpower of the significance of impressive advertising medium. These studies identify some very tips of innovative advertising to guarantee that the utmost impact is induced to the buyer. These types of advertisements people remember. Many airlines spend a whole lot on advertisement but they failed to express the actual concept. However Virgin Atlantic implemented creative ad strategy which differentiates them in competitive market.

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An advertising recover has seen unusual brightness turn out among lots of marketing companies lately.

Virgin Atlantic First Ever Tv set Campaign

By Cyril Foiret 04 Oct 2010 @ 10:58 am | Categorized ADVERTISING, VIDEO |

Research Methodology

3. 1. Introduction

Research Methodology is detail by detail process. Which entail different ways to create a framework of research.

In this chapter researcher will explain the design of research, types of research, the type of research method is used by researcher to assemble data and then researcher is concluding this section with ethical concern.

3. 2. Research Design

Research design is described as a model or an idea explaining the complete structure of research frame work. Research design reveals the methods and tools which are used to obtained data and then compiling that data to achieve required aim of research.

3. 3. Research Philosophy

Research philosophy can be an idea about the procedure in which information about certain circumstances should be gathered, put together and then implemented.

There are two most significant research philosophies, which were acknowledged by the Western traditions of science that is Positivism and Inter positivism. (Galliers, 1991).

3. 3. 1. Positivism

Positivist methods to the communal sciences suppose things can be examined as hard facts and the relationship between these facts can be established as scientific laws and regulations. For positivists, such regulations have the status of real truth and social items can be researched in quite similar way as natural objects'.

3. 3. 2. Interpretive

"Interpretivists contend that only through the subjective understanding of and intervention in reality can that certainty be fully known. They declare that there could be many interpretations of simple fact, but maintain these interpretations are in themselves an integral part of the medical knowledge these are chasing. Interpretive has a traditions that is believe it or not glorious than that of positivism, neither is it shorter. "

Researcher selected Interpretivist as a study philosophy because researcher is going to explore in depth from a qualitative perspective.

3. 4. Research Strategy

3. 4. 1. Qualitative key research

Quantitative research can be conducted by means of interviews, questionnaires or by immediate observation. Interviews and questionnaires are directly relating to the two functions' i. e interviewer and customer while observation is merely watching customers from a distance (and usually without informing them). Interviews and questionnaires both are conducted with the consent of the client and he's given full right to refuse. Before starting the interview or giving a questionnaire to complete customer is made sure that all the information will be held confidential so that he can answer the questions readily. On the contrary direct observation does not involve any authorization or consent.

3. 4. 2. Quantitative most important research

Quantitative research can be involved with numerical information which is then analyzed for research purposes. Quantitative research contains numbers for rating of service which may be fixed by the interviewer far ahead of doing the real interview. Before going for real answers of the questions researcher usually points out the marking requirements to customer in order to avoid any distress.

3. 5. Research Approach

Research strategy is consisting of two different approaches known as Inductive and Deductive approach

3. 5. 1. Deductive Approach

Deductive way is usually known as top to down approach. It usually works from more standard to more specific furthermore deductive approach is also called waterfall.





3. 5. 2. Inductive approach

Inductive approach is reverse to deductive way. In this approach moving from specific observations to wider range of theories. its also called bottom up procedure.


Tentative Hypothesis



the brief summary of a fascinating point. You are able to position the written text box anywhere in the document. Use the Text Container Tools tab to improve the formatting of the take quote text box. ]

3. 6. Research Method

There are two different types of research methods. And both of these methods are known as Principal Research and Secondary research.

3. 6. 1. Secondary Research:

"Secondary research can be defined as research that has already been compiled and ready for you. (Andrew C & Richard M, 1987)"

Secondary research is also described as a information already available for access which is done by some other researcher. Extra research is in a variety of forms like newspaper publishers, catalogs, articles and internet can also used as a second research. Furthermore extra research is less time consuming then primary research since it is common. The main downside of supplementary research is sometime the readily available information is not real.

3. 6. 2. Primary Research:

"Original research conducted to acquire new data to answer a study problem or solve a marketing information need. (Daley, 2001)"

Primary Research can be explained as the "general market trends that straight engages with the target customer sections or cohorts to be able to collect needed data for evaluation.

Source: www. onlinematters. com/glossary. htm

In other words most important research is performed by researcher himself. There will vary ways to gathered primary information; it can be by means of Interview by person, questionnaire, observations, target groups and month different ways. In most important research researcher has direct interaction with the mark customers to know their exact notion about product or service.

Researcher is using both methods secondary and key to compiled information to attain his objective. Researcher is relying on journals, websites and catalogs for extra research and whereas for primary research researcher is executing interviews predicated on questionnaire to get the exact potential of Virgin Atlantic's customer.

3. 7. Data Collection Method

Data can be compiled from various resources. However in this research researcher is using questionnaire to obtained primary data while websites, journals, articles and literature is also extra source of data collection method for researcher.

3. 8. Ethical Consideration

Ethics takes on the vital role in research. It is very important to get the permission first from interviewer rather then start interviewing and whatever data researcher are certain to get needs to keep confidential. When the interviewer do not need to get revealed his/her name so need to stored secret and ensuring him that information will not lead to misuse no matter what. And promised him that information will be only used for productive changes. Furthermore researcher has to consider in bill that proper referencing


In this section of Research Methodology researcher has discussed the reasons for choose the chosen technique and then how these research techniques implemented. Researcher picked qualitative technique to figure out the changing styles because by interviewing Virgin Atlantic's traveler is consider as a useful way to get the info. Researcher has picked interpretivst school of thought and deductive method of get the aims of research. Researcher is collecting data by both Key and Extra research methods. Questionnaire is designed to get primary data whereas for secondary information researcher is relying on internet, articles, publications and books. The next section will designed from the conclusions of questionnaire and observation of the researcher.

Chapter 4 : Data Analysis


This chapter is dependant on the graphical representation of research conducted. The info collection method is by means of questionnaire. The design of questionnaire is made up in such a way so that researcher can get information only relevant to objective. Researcher decides terminal 3 of Heathrow Airport terminal from where Virgin Atlantic runs flights. The objective of researcher to been terminal 3 is to interview those travellers who are exploring with Virgin Atlantic, out of this researcher can obtain the better possible or view about Virgin Atlantic.

15 questionnaires were supposed to be filled up from 15 respondents. Questionnaire is consisting of 10 different questions and the majority of the questions were shut end. The aim of the questionnaire is to explore that how effective changing fads in advertisement of Virgin Atlantic are. In addition; to determine the key top features of Virgin Atlantic those influence customers towards it.

In this research both Genders guy and girl of different generation participated. Discussed below are the graphical representations of the information obtained by researcher.

Demographical Representation

Question No 1:-

How often does one travel on Virgin Atlantic Air travel?




From question 1 researcher found only 6 respondents who travel frequently on Virgin Atlantic rest 9 respondents travel very rarely and researcher did not found any who vacations mostly.

Why do you prefer Virgin Atlantic for traveling?

Cheap Fare



Others. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In question 2 number of respondent reply with option c that is advertising campaign, 5 solved services and rest picked cheap fare

Have you ever before come across Virgin Atlantic's advertisements?



In question 3 researcher only include those questionnaire which reply with answer yes because this questionnaire is based on advertisement so the one's who replied without doesn't include in the study.

How do you rate virgin Atlantic's advertisements



V. Good


In reply to question 4, 10 respondent reply with option c & d respectively. However 2 says average and snooze 3 comes up with option b.

5) How creative have you discover Virgin Atlantic's Advertisements?

Very Creative

Somewhat Creative


Not very Creative

Graphical representation of question 5 explains that most the respondent reply with option b that is some what creative, then 4 respondent select option a 'very creative' and rest 5 respondent replies with option c & b respectively.

6) How can you compare Virgin Atlantic's advertising campaign with the other airlines?

Much Better

Somewhat better

About the same

Somewhat worse

Much worse

Don't know

In reply to Question 6 most the respondent select option b, 4 respondent choose 'a' then 2 choose option 'c' and 1 choose 'f'.

8) Which of the next would you utilize to describe the key features of virgin Atlantic's adverts that attract you? (Please check all of that apply)









Not credible


Graphical representation of question 8 symbolizes that majority selects 'convincing' soon after 3 chooses 'interesting' then 3 respondent selects 'memorable' and 3 selects attractive while rest select 'honest' and believable respectively

9) Predicated on this advertisement, how likely might you be to buy this product in the future?

a) Very likely

b) Somewhat likely

c) undecided

d)Not very likely

Not by any means likely

This figure points out that most the respondent preferred 'relatively likely' in reply of question 9. Whereas 3 said 'very likely' and 3 didn't determine and in last 2 replied with not so likely

10) If deciding between this product and a competing product, how much would this advertising influence that you buy this product?

Very much



Very little

Not at all

in reply of question 10, maximum respondent determined 'some what' whereas 3 respondents replied with 'very much', 2 respondent chooses 'very little' and 1 respondent reply with 'un chose'.


Researcher design questionnaire as an initial source of data to explore the changing developments in ad of Virgin Atlantic. The objective of the researcher is to recognize the key factors those influence the clients and moreover to seek out the buying action of consumer scheduled to innovative advertising campaign strategy. After doing interviews; researcher compile the info and within the form of graphs for understanding collection method. This research of researcher validated that customer attracts to Virgin Atlantic because of their innovative strategy and likewise a research recognizes the key factors as well that affect the customer to buy the product. According to the research consumer found Virgin Atlantic advertisement's convincing, interesting, memorable, believable and attractive.

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