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Changes in the Worldview


In basic conditions world view is an idea where a person/individual or a group or a culture reacts or interacts with the earth using different ideas and frameworks. Worldviews forms social beliefs and these values create interpersonal or individual action. These habits further create different civilizations. So, in essence worldview of a particular culture may vary from another culture. Worldview has transformed in the past frequently. During the premodern time the worldview acquired a metaphysical concept meaning the age was centered on spiritual beliefs as the era transformed, then came the present day era. As the beliefs transformed in modern era so performed the worldview. Through the modern era population started out changing their believes and fell the thought of spiritual beliefs to humanity, here and today and physical fact. Then came the era which we call postmodern time which is the machine of thoughts and values being accepted and embraced following the modern age and it focused on humanism, science education etc.

There were a whole lot of changes in the european worldview over time as there are a great number of factors that help the worldview to change, for example:

  1. Social systems
  2. Political and monetary system
  3. Culture

The change in the western worldview could be categorized in 3 eras, the pre-modern time, the modern period and the post-modern time. There were a timely change in the worldview of the way the society believes and what does it admit which resulted in the change in worldviews.

According to 1 author Christianity modified the pagan phrase because Christians were faithful and were even eager to die for their beliefs and morality. And thus, even Constantine legalized Christianity in Advertisement 313. Once it was legalized chritians started following their beliefs, one which was human being were create by the image of god.

After the middle time, it was the beginning of the era what we call "renaissance". It in essence started when European scholar discovered classic documents and new idea to look at the planet. Few events like the Black loss of life also helped bring changes to the worldview, people start believing that the reason was a result of the positioning of planets and some feels that it was a abuse of god and those who survived experienced an opportunity to leave their farmland and proceed to cities which in the current period we call urbanization. Following the renaissance or modern time came up the modernism and it rejected the post-modernism as it failed to answer humanities most bothersome problems.

The objective of ethics according the Religious ethic is the fact that few requirements are visible throughout human frame of mind towards morality. Even though secular philosophers treat all moral ethics as relative, even they have some ethical values such as love, justice and courage.

The basic importance of ethics to worldview is the fact that ethics always includes philosophies and philosophies are shaped by the worldview. So, to set-up ethics we use philosophies also to shape philosophies we have to understand the worldview.

The solution for human's ethical dilemmas can affect one's worldview. The human being nowadays are left with two options between two evils:

  1. Believe at least a lot of people will believes the principles at judgments to be objective
  2. Or no person believe that it.

Selecting the second option means debunking all the moral and ethical values which is a new viewpoint and lead to a fresh worldview.

The common aspect between your publication and the articles is that the writer are conveying a note about worldview, morals and ethics and the change of one worldview to some other over an interval. The ways of conveying the message are different but few things are similar between the book and this article that happen to be morality, ethics etc.

C. S Lewis in his publication 'The Abolition of Man' has a bit different method of explain this idea. He uses individuals and character to describe the worldview and ethics. He also explains the idea of 'Tao', a Chinese phrase for the realm of objective value as the basis for traditional morality. (Lewis, 1943)

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