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Challenges Of Strategic Individuals Resource Management Business Essay

Strategic Human Source Management (SHRM) can be explained as a link between human resources and the proper goals and goals of the business. Most importantly, the purpose of that is to boost business performance and also to develop an organisational culture that will foster creativity, versatility and competitive advantage. In other words, the HR function is seen as a proper partner helping the company to put into action and formulate strategies as well as reach its goals and flourish. The main activities of HR division include selecting and recruiting the right people for the work functions, training and rewarding them (Armstrong, M. 2008:33-35).

Very often SHRM is being mixed up with HRM. SHRM has more of an long-term orientation towards objectives. It doesn't focus on internal human reference issues; the attention is targeted more on addressing and solving problems which may have an effect on management programs in a long run. Quite simply, SHRM focuses on occurring obstacles outside of recruiting and wheels to increase worker productivity. Therefore the key activities of SHRM administrator are to identify main HR areas where strategies could be applied over time in order to boost overall employee desire and efficiency (Wright, P. M. and McMahan, G. C. , 1992).

SHRM is implemented with an aid of strategies. As all the organisations are different so can be the strategies nevertheless they lay out the same idea - the actual company intends to do about its human being resource management regulations and practices and exactly how they must be integrated with the business strategy as well as each other. The strategies could be identified to be of two types: 1) high-performance working (overall strategies); and 2) strategies relating to the different areas of HRM such as learning and development (specific strategies). An excellent HR strategy is the one which achieves what it models to achieve and is also satisfying business needs as well as employees (Armstrong, M. 2008:54-61).

Developing of HR strategies one of the key regions of SHRM. It's rather a trial as there is absolutely no 'right way' of expanding them. The procedure can even be just as important as the items of the strategies. Furthermore, utilizing HR strategies with the business enterprise strategies is also a very complicated process. The integration can be achieved in two ways:

Vertical fit integration - integrating business and HR strategies. Vertical fit is about matching the HR options with the strategy pursued by the business. In order to enhance a standard performance, the company must create or acquire the optimal package deal of human resources. Generally speaking, vertical fit is considered to be a critical step towards achieving the organisational goals with an help of human reference activities.

Horizontal fit integration - bundling. Horizontal fit identifies the congruence among the various HRM routines among themselves. You can find three factors that impact horizontal fit: HR policy, options of HR plan, and the budget of HRM. In other words, horizontal fit can be involved about the structure and set up of the HRM system, and the organisational policies toward HRM issues in order to accomplish a high degree of fit among self-employed HR routines.

(Wei, Li-Qun, 2006)

Table 1: Determinants of Both Types of Fit

Source: www. rphrm. curtin. edu. au

In simple, both types of fit make quite a significant contribution to the competitiveness of an business which is important to arrange a variety of HR tactics in a organized way. If properly executed, the group of these practices can employ a positive effect on company's performance (Wei, Li-Qun, 2006).

Implementation of HR strategies is not easy. To begin with, they have to be 'translated' from abstractions into programs that would obviously state targets and deliverables. Even then the implementation is not easy, as there are other obstacles obstructing it. Naming only a few, the obstacles could be:

Employees inclination to only allow initiatives relevant to their own areas;

Long-serving employees tendency to cling to the status quo;

Not all the employees understand complex or ambiguous initiatives or understand them in a different way, especially in large, diverse organisations;

The initiatives are occasionally seen as a threat;

The degree to which mature management is respected, etc.

(Armstrong, M. 2008:70-71)

These kind of obstacles may occur you should definitely enough attention has been paid to sensible implementation problems. Here the role of an line manager is vital as well as the need to have established helping functions for the effort.

In order to get over these barriers it is essential to formulate the strategy well, make sure there is a support for the strategy, assess barriers, prepare action designs, etc. (Armstrong, M. 2008:70-71).

The main idea behind all that, however, is that there surely is a distance between what the strategy says and what actually happens to it in practice.

SHRM in Practice

There are a lot of examples of SHRM available world. One of the better examples of a successful HR strategy is the main one adopted by Google.

In 2008, Yahoo was voted for as the best company in the UK to improve. It was revealed after a study was carried out among 1. 5 million employees across 4, 000 organisations. Mrs Hornsey, the HR director for EMEA Yahoo, discovered what made the business so successful in retaining high personnel morale and high retention rates:

"The cornerstone of what we are doing at Google that is completely different is we put a huge emphasis on recruiting people. We try very difficult to find the right people, people who'll participate in the Google culture, because we believe when you can seek the services of the right people, then the rest just flows from that. " (Business Source Leading, 2008).

Mrs Hornsey added that the business is even happy to wait for several years, interviewing hundreds of applicants, to find the one who matches its culture best. Job interviews are conducted by direct line managers and frequently also a candidate's potential peers and subordinates.

Google as an workplace is also known for offering theirs personnel financial bonuses and perquisites. For example, this past year UK workers were given a bicycle. They also receive free gourmet meals and move.

In addition compared to that, the business has unlimited unwell leave in support of desires the employees to work 70% of that time period.

The organisation is made entirely on trust. Dealing with such conditions and with strong HR strategic policies set up employees flourish on hard work.

A not so impressive exemplory case of HR strategy could be shown with an aid of a research study of English Airways. The company went through lots of changes at the managerial level throughout the years. The biggest changes started taking place in 1982 when Colin Marshall became a Chief Executive of the business. In those days it had an undesirable reputation and there was an urge to change the way of business was working.

Marshall has learned any particular one of the main problems available was that the employees didn't have a good harmonious working relation. He then released an employee Development Effort which aimed at deep-seated and enduring cultural change. It had been also aiming to have significantly more effective employees which would provide quality and excellent service among its customers.

Additionally, the Awards for Superiority have been created. Desire to was to motivate the personnel to always do their finest in providing services (www. typepad. com).

However, memories didn't last long. Most recent economic downturn has affected thousands of businesses surrounding the world and United kingdom Airways were among them.

The only method for the company to stay competitive in the market was to cut down the financial costs one of them being employees' wages. It has created a huge chaos within the company and resulted in people going on hits; hence the service of BA was disturbed and triggered a great deal of complaints from the clients. Once again the company lost the trust of its clients as well as the employees (www. mynewsdesk. com).

Looking at the above mentioned described two circumstance studies, two completely different pictures of companies' appear. Also, the value of HR team in those companies. English Airways didn't pay the right focus on the importance of building the associations among its employees at the start and later found out it was a blunder. The research study just shows how there is currently trust no commitment within the business, the thing that motivates people working for British Airways is their salary at the end of the month.

With Yahoo, however, it is a totally different story. It is also very likely that having such a strong dedication to the work environment, even if financial issues were that occurs, the employees would stay professional and would continue their work as they are powered not only by financial incentives. People admire the trust the business is showing to them as well as the chance of self-development, own time management and good business culture.

Another good exemplory case of useful HR strategy would be Motorola and their idea to determine an establishment that probably no such company has established before - a Motorola University. Your choice has been made after the research proved that huge amount of company's employees had very poor knowledge of basic things that are learned at school. Not only individuals were bad at mathematics, some of them could not properly read or/and write.

Motorola has made a tactical decision to establish a College or university as they thought that a simple expression as 'training' wouldn't impress people plus they wouldn't be drawn to an idea of participating to it.

The Universitys' entrances are open not limited to employees of Motorola also for employees of the suppliers, principal customers, and even educational companions. The business was also planning to admit the students from outside their immediate community of companies and companies, people who not necessarily work for Motorola or any of their suppliers or customers.

The company has chosen to make such move in order to encourage people who be employed by the business or would be working in the future (Business Source Top).

The Results of SHRM

It is important to recognize what consequences SHRM is wearing the performance of business. In other words, as HRM is concerned with individuals implications of the company, how do it change the eye-sight of the organisations future and how do it help fulfil the quest.

The key role of tactical HR management is already known and there are a few issues that HR strategy may addresses:

Structure. It could be described by citing the handling director of ABC Circulation: "I do not see any difference between the HR strategy and the business strategy because we evolve our company to reflect where in fact the business is certainly going", he said. The success of the business depends a whole lot on whether there's a proper management composition in place.

Teamworking. By withdrawing old traditional hierarchies a qualifications of creating a team building is created. Inside a lot of cases, the less tiers there are between the employees and director there are, the more harmonised is the working environment. Also the communication between staff is simpler and more effective. In addition to that, it might have far-reaching effects on versatility and performance and achieving an improved coordination of business.

Performance. This plan is dependant on an research of the critical success factors and the performance levels reached in relation to them. The performance can be increased by firmly taking the steps to boost training, development, reorganisation, the introduction of performance management procedures, business process re-engineering, etc. A lot of companies have already used performance management operations where the emphasis is on performance improvement and development rather than reward. This plan brings new priorities of participation, teamwork and self-development.

Quality and customer care. The aim of most companies is to achieve the competitive benefits. The competitive advantages is often assessed by customer satisfaction and hence commitment and retention. Invention and cost lowering is still important but the key concentrate of attention should be the customers because if they reject the merchandise credited to it not achieving their goals then everything else looses the sense. Which means strategy for quality should be built into the business enterprise strategy.

(Armstrong, M. 2008:98-101)

Achieving a complete integration of HR and business strategies is quite complicated. Partly the reason for that is the fact before HR administrator in the business was not considered to be a part of an over-all management team. Furthermore, the workers advice had not been a part of strategic course. However, in the current modern business HR is essential.


The current economic climate has just began to recover. The recession is finally over. Despite bettering figures, some researchers predict it is going to be considered a long process before things should come back to their past places.

Economic crisis have also made business market leaders to check out and re-assess their approach to people management. Today's professionals have even greater responsibility to bring about the changes in the manner people work. The corporate approach is slowly and gradually being pushed out by a more inclusive style of management as employers agree to the advantages of building an involved workforce and working across many companions.

The idea that human being capital is the most effective asset of each business is accepted unconditionally and the need for investment in its development is not seen as a luxury these days, conversely it sometimes appears as a 'must'.

The role of proper HR will become more and more important in the a long time. This conclusion can be produced by looking at the companies which have already successfully implemented the strategic individual source of information management models and with their aid have anchored the secure position in today's competitive market. Other companies will have to follow this pattern in order to gain some competitive advantage.

Failing to increase the HR strategies may cause company's loosing money by failing woefully to preserve their existent staff or not providing personnel with the right training to allow them to be more successful in their job roles. Also businesses that have not yet done so must recognise the value of implementation of some kind of reward systems to encourage their workers and to provide them with an incentive. Today's modern business environment needs more from their employees, they have to have as much relevant skills and experience as is possible in order to obtain a job. Alternatively, these employees are or will be more demanding to the businesses in terms of prize system, good working conditions, environment and inspiration.

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