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Challenges Of People Tool Information System IT Essay

In this technological world, a lot of things are run by the innovative technology. Therefore, those managers are employing the most advanced technology to operate the whole system in the company. By using these most advanced technology can help the company work more effective and can help to keep their company information more safe and secure. It is identical to for the Man Learning resource Information System (HRIS). Human being Resource Information System (HRIS) could be count up as the latest technology that will help analyze the info necessary for human resource team to do its jobs properly. So, William (2006) say the Human Learning resource Information System (HRIS) is generally a part of the company's much larger Management Information System (MIS) that to help the company to making recruiting, promoting, payroll, staff selection and positioning, intake and training projections, career-pathing and efficiency evaluation. These information systems help the administrative more effective and produce studies capable of increasing decision making. But there are some challenges to get this to useful Human Learning resource Information System cannot work well at all and will make Human Learning resource Information System work fail. The following are the troubles of Human Learning resource Information System:

Training the users to work with HRIS.

Cost to purchase and implementation of HRIS.

Time to adjust the HRIS.

Lack functional experience in creating.

Improper seller provide illegal backup of HRIS.

4. 1 Training the users to make use of HRIS (by Choo Jun Cheng)

The first challenge of company to implementation the Individual Resource Information System (HRIS) is making certain a HRIS for a company involve one key concern that is contain the users that may use this HRIS as well as he/she can said by William (2006). The HRIS could be count up as the latest technology to operate to human learning resource department, but there is not every administrator and employees know to utilize this system well and some of them even do not know what this technique is and what this system is for. Because of this case can make the company face the challenge to utilize this HRIS to help their human resource section to do its careers perfectly. This will also cause the business cannot work efficiently, fast access to information and the information will be have risk to stole by other company easily. So, individual resource team need to provide training to worker of a company in certain areas and the real human resource department must ensure that the employees in the business are properly trained to use the HRIS well. However, teaching the employees how to use system is not really the only component needed which is also critical to teach the employees know to work with the HRIS to find the answers to resolve the human resource questions. This requires the employees who under this training program need to adopt the new attitude of self-service alternatively than turning the recruiting questions to the answers by using the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) and make employees be a part of HRIS.

4. 2 Cost to purchase and implementation of HRIS (by Choo Jun Cheng)

Next, the main one of the most significant obstacle facing by the business to run the Human Tool Information System (HRIS) is the price to get and implementation of an Human Tool Information System (HRIS) said by William (2006). If the business is looking the price to justify a HRIS new system or up grade one, they will much need new HRIS software. But for the company already have a policy to cost justifying any new technology for their produce and investment which cause the company facing the shortage capital problem to acquire and implementation of HRIS. Besides that, HRIS system represents a large investment decision for company of most sizes to buy and implementation this HRIS and this will become the task this is the lack capital problem facing by the company. Therefore, some company will not want to up grade their HRIS system to a fresh one, even some of the business still using the traditional way to use their human reference department. This example will lead the business cannot get the huge benefits from HRIS that is improved upon correctness of information, the provision of timely and quick access to information and the keeping the expenses of human tool. So, having an HRIS system in the business are incredibly important and it can also bring a lot of benefits to the business and help reengineer the entire Human Learning resource (HR) function to work more effective and help the human resource department may use full of HRIS advantages and the company can operate properly too.

4. 3 Period to adjust the HRIS (by Choo Jun Cheng)

Besides that, the task facing by the business is the time that employees and professionals need to try adapt the Human being Source Information System (HRIS) said by K. Michele (2006). Although for the business have previously send the employees and professionals who using area of individual resource section to training to utilize the HRIS, but the employees and the managers need to take times to conform the new system. Even if the employees and professionals learn how to use the machine, it will not serve the company if they cannot understand any benefits from its use said by K. Michele (2006). Besides that, some employees aren't good in using computer, they will take long time to change this new system even they are simply trained employees. Not only that, by using the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) will reengineer the whole Human Resource (HR) function which also need take time for employees and managers to adapt this system. A few of their company's HRIS system are lack overall flexibility will cause the employees and professionals use additional time to adapt the machine. Even this HRIS need some time for employees and managers to adapt for this but HRIS still can bring a great deal of convenient to individuals resource team and it can benefit the business can operate properly.

4. 4 Lack of functional knowledge in building (by Choo Jun Cheng)

The task facing by the company is insufficient functional expertise in building of Human Reference Information System (HRIS) said by K. Michele (2006). The HRIS could be count as the latest technology to operate to human source department to do the job properly, but there aren't yet turn into a overall flexibility system for operate the office and company need to hire the expert in this HRIS system keep keep up with the system in perfect condition. Having less versatility of HRIS could have a risk hacking by robbery of information, the company's information would easily know by other folks. Besides that, the HRIS cannot solve the issue situation and sometime the system will solve incorrect problem as a result of lack of efficient expertise in making of HRIS. But if the company can keep upgrade the efficient expertise in building of HRIS and it can conquer this issue and it can benefit company operate the individuals resource section work efficiency. So, the company need to keep keep up with the HRIS system and constantly be sure the system are in the perfect situation.

4. 5 Improper vendor provide illegal duplicate of HRIS (by Choo Jun Cheng)

The last task that face by the company is the inappropriate vendor offering the illegal backup of HRIS said by Pamela (2006). For the reason that the HRIS is the most advanced technology for the company to use the human source of information department and implementation HRIS are expensive, so many of company prepared to implementation the unlawful duplicate of HRIS because the inappropriate vendor cost the company cheaper than others. The illegitimate backup of HRIS possible have the computer virus that always make the system clash down then your company need to ask the incorrect vendor repair it and improper merchant can keep charge the business repair fees. Besides that, the illegitimate backup of HRIS possible have spyware that allow improper vendor have backdoor that permit the improper seller can stole the info from the business. So, for every company need to avoid choose the illegal backup from improper merchant.

4. 6 Realization (by Choo Jun Cheng)

In the final outcome, Human Resource Information System (HRIS) performs an important role to operate the company, even the Human Source Information System (HRIS) are facing many of challenges to utilize this system in the company. But if we can defeat those challenges and situation to help make the HRIS can run perfect inside the company, we can gain a great deal of advantages and employing this system can make sure our human resource department could work more effectively and better. This HRIS system can also lessen mistakes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs for the business which system are extremely useful and helpful to the business.

4. 7 Reference

William P. Anthony, K. Michele Kacmar, Pamela L. Perreve (2006) Human being Tool Management (Fifth Edition) Thomson, the Superstar emblem, and Custom Publishing, Chapter 4.

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