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Challenges faced by HR in Indian Hospitality Industry

This project talks about the challenges faced in Human Resource Management in the Indian Hospitality Industry. It talks about how to recognize and rectify the problems which are faced by the People Resource Division.

It also discusses the different problems that are encountered in HRM.

Chapter 1


"I never train my pupils; I only try to supply the conditions in which they can learn. "

Albert Einstein

Introduction to Individuals Resource Management:

Human Tool Management can be an organizational function which assists with providing proper path to the people working in an organization. It also assists with managing and recruiting man power.

It is a function which deals with issues related to training, administrating, staff desire, benefits communication, health and fitness protection organizations development, performance management, hiring and compensation. Man Source Management is a function that involves a whole lot of activities. But the main challenge develops during staffing.

You have to choose as in to use independent companies or employees to complete the organizational needs. Recruiting and training the right employees, making certain they may be high performers, coping with the performance factors, and guaranteeing your staff and management tactics conform to various polices. (Nikolis, 2009)

Importance of HRM in Organizations:

Each and every worker has to add separately and also cooperatively to the success of the business. At the reduced level they need to contribute towards an objective. To make them add the human reference management team must make sure they are work harder. It really is found that the contribution of an employee is low when they don't know what these are doing.

Lack of information on a particular process or technology; leads to low efficiency in the organization. The human reference department should place out such employees and coach them in the necessary skills. They also needs to learn how to deal with individuals and categories psychologically in the organization.

The HR management team should yank in the right talent to their company, give apt reimbursement, keep them and also coach these to meet current and future organizational goals. The HR management team is specialized in this work round the clock. Without them it is not possible to really have the right team to implement the projects. They need to keep record of the skill required by the employees during their term in the business and deploy them for the right jobs.

The employees need to be properly trained and determined by the human source management team. The ethical policies should be communicated to them at the right time and the problems in an business should be uncovered to them to obtain a solution apt for it to be solved. Thus they make the employees work more efficiently to meet the organization's goal. (Importance of human source of information management in virtually any organization, 2011)

Chapter 2

Challenges faced by HR in the Hospitality Industry:

The main problems experienced by the Man Learning resource in the Hospitality Industry are:

Managing Knowledge Workers

Managing Technological Challenges

Competence of HR Managers

Managing Change

Developing Leadership

Managing Knowledge Staff:

The globalization of work and continuing innovations in technology are changing the type of the labor force. Information specialists called knowledge employees are equipped to keep and extend the technological authority role within the next century are changing the manual labour also known as the blue-collar staff. Knowledge workers are recognized for their special characteristics. They are people who are able to analyse, synthesize and assess information to solve various issues. Knowledge workers basically use their intellect to convert ideas, products services and techniques. Their main value to an organization is their capacity to assemble and analyse information and make decisions that will advantage the company. Controlling these set of employees plays a very important role in the growth of the business. For their own hands experience they fail to follow the management guidelines. A knowledge worker's personality is normally an achievement focused one. These people focus on obtaining their individual goals rather than in the expansion of the organization. For example when a new employee joins to an organization and he has less experience he doesn't follow the management principles. These types of employees are called knowledge workers.

(Jyothi, 2010), (Bohlander G. a. , 2009)

Managing Technological Changes:

Technology has already established a positive influence on internal operations for a business but also offers changed just how human resource professionals' work. Some managers in the hospitality industry view the use of technology to functional issues as an issue. It is true because the technological systems found in the bar, front side office, restaurants etc. are far more advanced and complicated today than those available only a short time ago, and these systems continue steadily to advance swiftly. They have a lot of your time to adapt to these new systems. Preparing labor force to approve new systems is very difficult. Getting the endorsement than it and other systems by all levels in a corporation is an enormous problem face by hospitality organizations. For instance when the systems are kept up to date and new technology has been unveiled the worker finds it difficult to adjust to it. He will not show a good attitude towards it.

(Bohlander G. a. , 2009), (Hayes, 2009)

Competence of HR Managers:

The human capital within an organization plays a very important role in the successes of the business. Human capital is an asset to the business in recruiting the best people, managing them efficiently, inspiring them and keeping them. People who have strong data about the business and who is aware of the human resource management concepts should be developed which is essential for the business. One of the main tasks is competence of individuals resource managers. Choosing the right people for the right job is the foremost concern for a human resource manager. For example when recruiting new employees it is important that the right person is implemented. (Bohlander G. a. , 2009), (Nikolis, 2009)

Managing Change:

The business environment is highly unstable and advantages of change is vital for any business in order to make progress. Globalization and Technology are the two major factors which may have powered change in organizations today. Globalization has opened new entrances for work at home opportunities. However it in addition has lead to many interventions such as reformation, turnaround, merges, downsizing, etc. In order to become successful, the organizations have to manage these changes which may have occurred combined with the staff issues that arise. Thus managing change is vital in order for the organization to operate smoothly.

For example whenever a new software is installed which is used to do company matters are installed the data workers refuse to work on it. (Bohlander G. a. , 2009)

Developing Management:

Business environment is changing quicker than previously. In such a environment, organizations have to be self powered by effective market leaders. They need to be dedicated, committed, self driven motivate an image among the list of followers, be able to inspire and inspire junior colleagues to get the task done. They need to be able to set strategic direction and keep carefully the company moving towards superiority. Organizations need market leaders to understand the business enterprise scenario, plan actions and put into practice then to derive business goals. Everyone has some command potential that can be released for the benefit for modern culture or business in an organization. For example when there is absolutely no unity amongst personnel a leader must guide them. (Haldar, 2009)

Challenges encountered by HR in the Indian hotel industry:

The main challenges faced by the hotel industry in India are:

Challenges in recruitment:

The major obstacles which are faced by the HR section in recruitment are:

Adaptability to globalization - The HR pros are anticipated and required to keep accustomed with the changing times, i. e. the changing occurring throughout the world. HR should maintain the appropriateness of the process. For example when a different kind of format is implemented around the world the organization also needs to adapt to the same. Many organizations in India neglect to do that.

Lack of determination - Recruitment is known as to be an unacknowledged job. Although the organization is reaching results, the HR team aren't thanked for recruiting the right employees and performers.

When an interview or a recruitment process is successfully completed by the HR team there is nobody to congratulate them or inspire them. Proper desire is required to ensure proper work in future.

Process Analysis - The closeness and the swiftness of the recruitment are the primary concerns for the HR office in recruitment. The process should be adaptable, adaptive and attentive to the instant requirements. The recruiting also needs to be cost effective.

If recruitment is usually to be taken place then a proper process should be arranged by the organization and what must be used, such as written exams, personal interviews and group conversations.

Strategic Prioritization - The up - approaching new systems are both an opportunity as well as a concern for the HR pros. Therefore, critiquing staffing needs and prioritizing the responsibilities to meet up with the changes in the market has become a challenge for the recruitment specialists.

(Anonymous, 2011)

Workplace diversity

The future accomplishments of any organizations rely on the ability to deal with a diverse body of ability that may bring original ideas, perspectives and views to their work. The challenge and problems experienced of workplace variety can be turned into a tactical organizational property if a business can take advantage of on this melting pot of varied talents. With all the mixture of skills of different ethnic backgrounds, genders, age groups and lifestyles, a business can react to business opportunities more quickly and resourcefully, especially in the global arena which must be one of the fundamental organizational goals to be attained. More importantly, if the organizational situation will not support diversity broadly, one dangers losing talent with their competitors.

One of the key reasons for inadequate workplace variety management is the predisposition to course employees, placing them in a different silo predicated on their diversity account. In real life, diversity can't be simply categorized and those organizations that respond to human complication by leveraging the talents of a broad workforce would be the most successful in growing their businesses and their consumer bottom part.

(Anonymous, People Resources/problems of cultural diversity in HRM, 2011)

Shortage of Skilled Employees:

One of the very most essential requirements of the hotel industry is to possess skilled labour make which can assist in achieving the many goals and goals set by the organization. For the functioning of any hotel, quality labor force having various skills is required. Scarcity of skilled labor force influences the industry, and it is not surprising that one of the biggest challenges encountered by the HR in the hospitality industry is the unavailability of skilled workforce in the various skill levels. Also keeping this workforce is necessary.

When a hotel starts off nearby offering higher salary the product quality workforce shifts towards that hotel. The HR has to preserve these employees. (Karan, Challenges encountered by HR in the hotel industry, 2009)

Lack of Quality Service:

Due to the scarcity of employees in the industry and the overflowing of customers the grade of the service I affected. When the task load increases the performance of the employees goes down. Because of too much work pressure, the job performance of the staff falls and in turn it affects the quality of service. Thus the HR office must take the blame for the damage brought on to the hotel brand name. When a hotel is overbooked and there is whole lot of guests in the hotel the grade of service reduces which affects the hotel's brand name. (Karan, Challenges experienced by HR in the hotel industry, 2009)

Retention of Employees:

Many a times, employees work in hotels on short-term basis as it isn't their stopping professional goal to work in the hospitality sector. Hence following a certain time, these employees leave their careers. On the other hand, certain employees need to be let go because of the low-grade job performance or other job related issues. Thus retention of employees is a major problem encountered by HR in hotels.

When an employee gets into a hotel to work because he dint get any other job his main goals derive from his private life and will not like to stay in the hotel industry for a long period. (Karan, Challenges faced by HR in the hotel industry, 2009)

Chapter 3

3. 1 Critiques on Obstacles:

It is utmost important to triumph over the various troubles that are faced by the organization to achieve success. Company's now a days are expanding the function of real human resource because the value of HRM have been noticed in the strong market competition that is out there today. In the current time competition has increased on the local as well as global size. In order to attain success companies have become stronger, more elastic and customer focused. To be able Hr also has to adjust relating to these moving trends in the market. Thus the HR must have the ability to comprehend the overall picture of the business of the company and put all the procedures and decisions into practice.

Preserving strategic workers and promoting employee talent will be the fundamentals setbacks that HR must face today. To be able to rise above these hurdles, the HR personnel are required to plan progressions of the business enterprise and provide guidance to the workers to be able to energize them to perform better and earn their commitment for the business. Their help is also required in order to uphold and apply values and beliefs within the diverse work place that exists in every organization.

Strategies to overcome challenges encountered by HR in Hospitality:

Managing Knowledge Staff member:

Workers who are delicate to change in an company are called knowledge workers. They keep changing in line with the changes taking place in the environment and organization and responds to them by collecting information and they arranging their work based on the information collected. All knowledge personnel have very important functions in the organization. If they don't react to the exciting environment the organization might face issues. Many a time's professionals do not take care of these types of individuals because they feel if they have a whole lot knowledge they need to know how to do their job.

Knowledge employees can be been able in the following ways-

Job Design-

The careers should be designed in a manner that is depicts the behavioral element of the personnel instead of the business. The careers should be based on factors such as responses, job significance, discovering duties and skills. These elements should be taken into thought while preparing the job design in order to create vibrant and satisfying careers for the employees.

Increased freedom and authority-

While carrying out a work knowledge staff have liberty and common sense to choose the method of carrying out the job. The workers are provided with the desired outcomes beforehand and the decisions which have to be completed in order to attain email address details are left after the workers. Thus giving them more liberty to work after the 'how to achieve' the outcomes. Whenever a certain level of autonomy is provided it gives them liberty to work. But if total autonomy is provided it results to a great deal of liberty and leads to chaos.

Loyalty towards organization-

The role of the good human resource manager is to build up a sense of faithfulness towards the business among the staff. When the faithfulness of the staff as well as sense of belongingness towards the organization increases, their commitment towards the work also increases. So the performance standards of the employee increase. The best way to develop faithfulness among personnel is by trusting those to the maximum which helps to boost their self confidence and helps them perform better.

Extensive training and development

Training and development is one of things that can differentiate a smoothly performing company and an unorganized one. The efficiency of knowledge employees is definitely low. The only way where efficiency can be increased is by taking advantage of their advantages and knowledge rather than forcing these to do some work. An excellent training session or a workshop for knowledge staff should contain of school room learning and workstation classes.


Knowledge workers can only just perform well if they're motivated. When challenging jobs are allocated to these employees they get encouraged. These employees should be occupied in decision making and planning which creates a feeling of belongingness. Motivation is the key way to fulfillment.

Communication channels-

Communication is very much indeed connected with teamwork in case of knowledge work. There should be no communication obstacles within co-workers. Knowledge work requires communication as relationship with the co-workers. The duties are multifaceted and require knowledge for conclusion which often makes it unfeasible for a single person to understand or have the ability to achieve everything sole handed. These responsibilities can only be completed through teamwork. Thus the organizations should be able to develop methodical processes to make and control this knowledge. When the organizations have the ability to split the knowledge organised by the employees, then they can gain intellectual resources as well as contend effectively in the marketplace.

Monitoring and evaluation-

The work completed by knowledge workers is mostly resourceful. They don't follow a particular technique or does not function relating to a fixed standard. Because of these reasons, knowledge employees can't stand being continuously witnessed. Because of the lack of a typical it becomes hard for calculating job performance through monitoring. The task performed by these kind of workers is not end result oriented. Hence it is vital to utilize special systems in order to confirm that the staffs are positively contributing to the organization.

Work life balance-

The work being performed the knowledge employee is very challenging in character and it requires a lot of time for completion of the responsibilities. The knowledge personnel always tend to quit their relatives and buddies for conclusion of their work. This causes a great deal of interruption in his work life balance. So a knowledge work should maintain a proper balance between his work life and family life to be able to cope with time proficiently.

(Husain, 2010)

Managing Change:

The employees working in an organization has learned that the work done today is completely not the same as work done 5 years ago. Duties and job tasks all makes changing. But employees avoid accepting this transformation because it changes their functioning habits and change their kind of working. There are 2 types of changes, reactive change which results from the outcome of peripheral makes on the organizations performance; proactive change which is initiated by the director in order to adopt gain of the targeted opportunities.

Managing change in an organization is merely possible by the HR by following these steps

1) Creating urgency for the situation.

2) Creating a strong collation in order to steer the work.

3) Communicating on the staff regarding leader's goals.

4) Hyperlink change to business strategy.

5) Desire of employees.

6) Creating and planning for short term earnings as well as quantifiable benefits.

7) Invest to apply and maintain change.

(Bohlander G. a. , Handling Human Resources, 2009)

Managing Technology:

In many organizations employing process use a software package to sustain human learning resource. Sales, training and performance analysis of HR activities can be monitored by machine. Many companies, information about healthcare benefits, human resources development and stipulation of proposed changes also have an online site easy to commence to talk easily with employees. All these changes have been made out of the introduction of technology is beneficial to the business.

However, in a particular way of aged employees in the organization, has been used to generate new technology to work to effect a result of a complete change in their flapping their work. Therefore, they are simply unwilling to agree to this change. So in order, you'll need to provide training programs to become familiar with changes in technology that have brought within the organization. Also, due to computerization and use of machines in a labor extensive country like India, many people are remaining unemployed. Hence it is necessary to plan before setting up any machinery.

(Bohlander G. a. , Handling Human Resources, 2009)

Developing Command:

The main purpose of management development is to transfer of potential leaders of the business. A good leader has the winning attitude towards his work and his men.

The gap between your workers and company to enhance the work of subordinate corporation and channel the attempts of his subordinates to boost efficiency by using fewer resources from the gateway, which is effective to the organization. Correctly identified that individuals who've such qualities, the others must be motivated to take tasks in the organization.

(Bohlander G. a. , Handling Human Resources, 2009)

Competence of HR Managers:

Human Resources Director, the role of sponsor organizations, as well as changes in the competitive market must progress to meet up with the changing needs of the organization. HR experts not only concentrate on staff retention and human being resource development, and led by a lawyer, connect to stimulate employees in your organization for continuity organizers is to be able to train. Administrators plan to organize and carry out effective monitoring of human resources can have sufficient knowledge on new tendencies in employee training and development.

(Bohlander G. a. , Controlling RECRUITING, 2009)

Strategies to conquer challenges faced by HR in hotels:


Prioritizing and identifying jobs

Necessity for job arises by any means levels in the business regularly. It isn't possible to meet these requirements right away. Therefore an alternative has to be determined to go with the requirement

Recruiting candidates based on the target

The recruitment process can only be doing well if only the business understands its requirements. The individuals should be picked based on the requirements of the business. Different strategies are required for focusing on hiring high performers and average performers. The strategy should be clear about the quantity of experience they require. It can range between an experienced senior professional to a fresh fresher. It will also describe as in that industry they require the employee. That's from the same industry, different industry, applied or unemployed pros.

Sources of recruitment

The strategies should also include the way to obtain recruitment. That is external or internal. A person from the organization can be advertised or used in meet the required who in internal or a person from outside the house can be chosen which is inside.

Trained recruiters

The recruiters who carry out and set up the recruitment process should be well experienced and experienced. The recruiters should be well trained and should be aware about the many parameters.

How to evaluate the candidates-

The recruitment process should be prepared in advance. The various parameters where the candidate needs to be judged should be pre prepared.

(Anonymous, Recruitment Strategies)

Workplace Diversity:

Individual strategies-

Organization consists of various things an individual can do. Therefore understanding the individuals is the starting place which is very important. Though it is necessary to take care of each staff member equally, it is important that the director understands that every person differs from the other. Hence it is necessary to bear in mind all the essential human differences in order to treat everyone evenly. Each staff member should make an effort to understand the thinking about others. It really is basic human character to disagree to another person's tendencies even if they make an effort to understand the individual. Hence tolerance and communication are necessary. For example whenever a young person in the business makes fun of any elder person in the business without meaning any damage the elder person might contemplate it offensive which may lead to a discord in the organization. (Bohlander, 2009)

Organizational strategies-

It means that company policy has been followed with a direct or indirect effect on staff. Furthermore, these policies offer with the hotel, how to accommodate a number of problems arising from variations among people influencing the variety of the business. For example, look at a manager's intimate harassment grievance. The hotel's policy is, if the responsibility proven too much harassment and individually, the administrator reported that only a specific signal about the importance of such concerns raises a sanction. However, the hotel is not only diversity, balanced group of policies to deal with issues such as erotic harassment is sending a note to employees the importance of individual privileges and privileges. The hotel will need to have an frame of mind of versatility in the nature of different procedures and ongoing process. (Bohlander G. a. , Managing Human Resources, 2009)

Shortage of skilled workers:

The only way to get over this obstacle is to inspire and motivate the skilled employees to keep hold of them. At times, the skilled employees think it is hard to modify to the prevailing staff. As a result conflicts occur and these workers need to be let go. This issue has to be dealt with extreme treatment. Only these employees should be recruited who are ideal for the job and who can easily adapt to the prevailing work environment. (Karan, Challenges encountered by HR in the hotel industry, 2009)

Lack of quality service:

The main aim of the hotel industry is to provide guests with quality service. For instance a guest would be happy to go to a hotel which includes good interiors as well nearly as good level of service. On the other hand the guest would be dissatisfied only if the hotel interiors were good and the personnel would be deficient in stretching good quality of service. Thus quality is of extreme in the hotel industry. In order that the guests are served well, the HR has to ensure that the staff serving the friends is not discontented. Thus the HR has to follow both, the guest as well as worker in order to keep healthy environment for management. (Karan, Difficulties encountered by HR in the hotel industry, 2009)


The human source managers has to think of new ways to appeal to the staff members to keep their careers and keep them fascinated in their careers in order to keep them for longer period of time. Managers provides staff members with training programs and also by providing the employees with a specific sequence plan in order to produce attentiveness amongst them because of their advancement to raised levels of service which may lead them to hang in there for longer time frame. (Karan, Challenges experienced by HR in the hotel industry, 2009)

Recommendations and Recommendations:

The main job of human learning resource management is to cope with bloodthirsty market environment and real human resource management and it will play a tactical role in the success of the organization. Business which fails in attracting new talent into the organization may lead to dire implications because their competitors may outplay them in the tactical occupation of human source. The main concentrate on present day human being resource managers is strategic employees retention and talents development.

If an organization needs to be managed properly by way of a HR director he must do away with the thinking that his way is the best way and instead include a variety of ways. The famous quotation "Think globally, take action locally" should be used. Especially in a country like India where there are a great number of cultural diversities the administrator should take action very properly. Mangers should figure out how to respect their ethnicities.

Chapter 4


This essay identifies about a variety of information regarding importance of recruiting management. The challenges that are confronted and strategies adopted to get over these strategies have been analysed and explained in the job with appropriate examples. All these troubles need to be beat by some strategies which can only help in strengthening the HR division and the business. HR professionals along with all the HR pros have to manage these challenges successfully.

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