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Cell phones in school essay writing tips

Argumentative essays are the essays that are used to assess the analytic, critical and logical skills of college students, and it is always good when these essays are talking about highly controversial issues that have direct bearing in the life of the students. We would have told you that the number one step in writing an argumentative essay in school is to choose the best topic. But with cell phones in school essay, the topic has almost been given to you, so it does not obtain here. However, there are things you should observe in the above topic, so as to tell you how you should choose your own topic when you are allowed to do this by yourself. Now, whether your argumentative essay is a critical or a analytical essay, the topic must be something that is close to you. It must be from your immediate environment and it must be something you are experiencing directly. This is what you will learn from the cell phones in school essay because it is talking about something you are involved in. When you are writing this essay; you have to move straight to making a list of the points that are contained in each side of the argument or each position. Of course, for every argumentative essay, there must be two angles. When you list the points through brainstorming, you now look at the position or side with the highest number of points. When you do, you have to stick with this position. The fact remains that writing a good essays even if it is a cover letter simply depends on how good the points and arguments you are presenting is. So your essay must have a strong what is thesis for it to stand the taste of time. If this is not the case, you shouldn’t go ahead with the essay. You should not attempt argumentative essay cell phones in school with a weak thesis. Remember that it is expected that your audience or teacher should be convinced after reading your essay.

When you must have pitched your tent with the position that has the highest number of points, your next port of call should be to look at the way to organize the evidence so that it will be logical and systematic enough. Providing enough evidence for your essay on cell phones in school without much drama is one of the best attributes of a good essay, and you should consider this. After gathering your evidence for the essay, the next thing is to start the writing process. The essay in question should have the three essential parts and they are the introduction, body and the conclusion. At the introduction, you have to present the two sides of the argument in the cell phones in school essay. However, this is after you have asserted your side in the introduction. The sequence of the introduction should follow suite. Your topic should be outlined with small explanation. This should be followed by small background information, followed by the thesis statement which should contain the points you want to back your position with and how you intend to outline it in the essay. It is after these that you can now give the two sides.

It is at this juncture that you should give more details about the two arguments and their relationships. At this juncture, you have to give the biggest points with which your opponents are arguing. The core point of the counter argument is to be presented in a way that your refutation comes immediately afterwards. You don’t just refute, you also rebut the position of the counter argument. However, you have to give this your position with enough evidence, to show that it is the best argument, and that it is different from the counter argument, and far more correct. Now, when you are presenting the points with which you are arguing in support of your position, you should organize with the strongest points first and the less strong ones later. Now for your persuasive essay cell phones in school evidence to be credible enough, you have to support this with examples, and your evidence must include statistics, graphs, charts, and other documents.

Things to avoid in your cell phones in school essay

When you are writing this essay, you must insure that each paragraph discusses a particular point and all must start with thesis topics. You must fill your essay with arguments that border on emotions and feelings. It is a persuasive work, and you are free to enjoy the three basic persuasive styles of logos, pathos and ethos. However, you have to run away from all forms of irrelevant examples. Just as they do to other essays, they reduce the quality of your cell phones in school essay. You should also realize that your essay must come in without errors. We offer perfect essay proofreading for all types of essays. When you write this task by yourself, allow us to give it the Midas touch when you are through.

  • Run away from the errors of oversimplification, so that your essay will portray the maturity of a college essay.
  • Avoid the issue of hasty generalizations. You should draw up a conclusion from your work and suggest that this be applied to a more general setting. But this is done in a systematic way so don’t over generalize. You can only recommend.
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