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Causes Of Traffic Congestion In Cairo Egypt Tourism Essay

Even though, Cairo is considered as a greatest city in Africa, it also expected that the traffic will be major concern to cope with. There are in least 18 million people live in Cairo in addition of 3500 newborns put into this number every day. Logically it isn't all 18 million folks have car however the nature of roadways are clogged as a result of traffic (stop- go). It's difficult to discern any particular guidelines of the street because there are many roadways are one of many ways not necessarily this guideline is working. It's known that red light indicate "stop" or "slowdown" and inexperienced light "walk" light imply it's safe to mix the road, but it isn't necessarily to trust for the reason that, the motorists are increasing the swiftness to get through red traffic light with horns blaring to stop anyone who might consider getting in their way. Sometimes to operate a vehicle within the pavements; the thing that causes the driver to avoid is no possible way to squash around.

Even though Egypt have a despite schemes of modernization in many elements of Cairo, donkey-carts are still a visible feature in many roadways and they manage their way through traffic with the own system but what an unbelievable thing is many automobiles do the same, additionally they use the lane of oncoming traffic when their own lane are full.

"Traffic in Cairo is completely chaotic. If you're ever tempted to operate a vehicle in Egypt, take a rest until you overcome it, " said Mohamed Abdel-Hamid, manager of an international bank or investment company in Egypt, who suffers the daily commute from Heliopolis to 6th of Oct City and also have a real eyesight about the traffic jam and the crash that happen every 5 minutes, which make us think that even the chaos has its rules.

As Abdel-Hamid said: "street markers on the highway are merely suggestions, and traffic impulses are only an impression, " we can observe that the driver is generating like madmen, he is free to lower the center between two lanes of traffic, honking his horn wanting from the automobiles parallel to his on each aspect to produce a room if possible. "This is not considered rude or at all from the place, " Abdel-Hamid says with irony. "Traffic had not been that bad couple of years ago. No person respects traffic laws now; everybody simply moves his own way. It takes hours and hours to go anywhere. Streets are obstructed on a regular basis, night and day, especially on 6th of October Bridge -it is crazy to operate a vehicle on the bridge nowadays, " added Abdel-Hamid.

More than 7000 people per season have been wiped out and wound nearly 35, 000 causes of street fatalities as experts pointed out, so will we reach to limit the number of vehicles. It's definitely given that Cairo is crumbling under the twin pressure of traffic and inhabitants.

According to Mohamed Mursi Mansour, director of Consumer Traffic Expert of Giza Governorate, new initiatives to handle the traffic congestion in Egypt and the issues surrounding road safety are now effective in General Specialist for Streets and Bridges. "Vast sums of us dollars will be spent on upgrading the safe practices and efficiency of the prevailing infrastructure for a while, while middle- and long-term goals concentrate on increasing the width of highways, " said Mansour.

With make reference to World Loan company estimation of your urbanization degree of 70% by year 2020. One of the most conditions that are facing Egypt in metropolitan transfer are congestion, high reliance on road transfer and traffic safe practices. Cairo experience show that the common speeds of traffic is significantly less than 10 Km/hr. which retain in slipping down with the increasing in the amount of cars. As mentioned in World Standard bank report, dependence on public travel is less than 65%.

Abdel-Rahman sherif, head of South-Central Cairo Supervision for General Move, thinks that the right solution is to build up an efficient open public transportation system, like the underground metro, also encourage visitors to use it, to reduce the number of private vehicles. "A committee of traffic specialist and technicians should be created to study the condition and draft a comprehensive master plan. I assume that Cairo is in dire need of better planning if traffic is to be streamlined, " states sherif.

Let's have a Dukki region as just to illustrate, which was actually prepared as a area of villas and boulevards. Owners of most villas in the region randomly widened into more profitable high-rise apartment blocks. The avenues and sewage system, however, could not handle the resultant increase in the amount of inhabitants, especially since handful of these apartment buildings included garages. Organizers, Sherif adds, was required to expand the avenues at the trouble of pedestrian pavements - a "big miscalculation", in his point of view. "Expanding roadways and adding more fly-overs and tunnels is not always the perfect solution is to traffic congestion, " Sherif argues. Rather, these actions encourage the influx of more vehicles into already congested areas.

Nowadays, traffic in Cairo should be seen to be believed. It's more than like elemental force than a movements of autos. Absolutely there exists many several pushes contributed to traffic jam, these factor should be studied significantly and diagnosed before solution will be out of control. With make reference to Atef Abdel-Ghani Fayad, whose working as basic director of highways, he mentioned to the factors which might be considered as causes of traffic congestion: the population explosion, high rate of recurrence of daily vacations by motorists, and urban and monetary development. He also explained the need of efficient general public transportation system and much more competent network of street and rails ways. That's because the motorists make three trips daily in Greater Cairo as an average, with addition of population progress rate, its high at 2. 4%: "this means that we have an increase of practically one million people each year. "

It's ineffective to lunch time a project without studying the results adequately, like building bridges at Lebanon square in AL-Mohandissin, also Fayad was discussing this problem and he said: "This area was formerly planned for domestic purposes, but now it is main reason behind traffic congestion. " The alternatives we requested shouldn't be traditional, relating to Fayad; we have to study every small particular thing and take it seriously before we do it, also we have to get a drawing plan to review the network road, also we need to study the number and directions of daily journeys created by motorists and commuters, after that we can inform and build the amount of car parks needed. "By increasing people awareness of traffic legislation and urging those to use public vehicles are essential, through efficient general population transportation, and road maintenance. "

As pointed out by Director-General of Transport at Ministry of Interior, Essameddin Asfour, there is a comprehensive anticipate the table as to how to streamline traffic. "people must show patience; when the conclusion of engineering work of the bridge situated in Lebanon Square as well as Al-Remayah Square comes to an end, this will relieve a lot of pressure, " as Asfour said.

Asfour added: "the ministry has also developed a committee of older policemen whose task is to keep carefully the congestion traffic areas clean, " this issue is not only hard sometimes to resolve by ministry but it addittionally hard sometimes to be fixed by experts and specialists in addition this case of problem is not the responsibility of Ministry of Interior by themselves, because the alternatives may also be found by using information and communication solutions (ICTs). "For the unexpected of many that technological solutions and applications can definitely put a finish because of this problem by using a good use of data source and instant information. Specialists and the ones are responsible about this problem should interact to find an outline for the road down which ICTs and transport can productively merge, " brings asfour.

Mohamed Abdel-Atti, an eminent transfer expert, clarifies how ICTs will give a big assist in traffic monitoring, especially monitoring traffic jams, like building up a powerful repository capable of predicting bottlenecks and crash before they happen. Abdel atti clarifies that brining international systems into Egypt market is not always good, so we should make our best out of these and adapting them to local needs and conditions.

On the other side we ought to find a dire answer to secure the passage of pedestrians. The city streets are not sorted out; it's difficult to mix the street. Its normal to mix one street when that's all you can cross, then stand in the center of torrent of whizzing automobiles waiting for the next beginning. "Death is inescapable, " says Fayad sarcastically. The designers and the employee on the website are always concentrate on traffic problems without consuming calculation that individuals and not automobiles are making metropolis as it is, also pedestrians go practically always unconsidered. Fayad offers: "vehicles are moving over pavements, that are no longer safe, and pedestrians have been required into the centre of the road, since becoming the main victims of traffic problems. "

To insure the safeness to pedestrians passage, it was declared lately that there is intend to build pedestrian tunnel all over Cairo, outfitted with escalators. The first action is expected to start out building the pedestrian tunnel before Cairo College or university in Giza. An comparative tunnel already is accessible below Salah Salem Street in front of the Cairo Trade Fair grounds. "Two other tunnels will be built-in the areas of Abbasiya and Fustat, " says Fayad. Representatives desires that after producing an efficient people travelling system, "traffic will be streamlined and pedestrians can walk and cross streets carefully, " Fayad added.

Prime minister, Dr. Ahmed Nazif, has examined how is certainly going the first project of public travel in Greater Cairo which is designed to add 200 buses as a first step. This task aims release a around 1100 buses through the three approaching years, beginning with this season also there will be 300 buses added to the 200 prior to the end of the year.

The plan of this job is to provide 300 buses on a yearly basis over the arriving 2 yrs.

The project also contains plans to build up the recruiting for the employees and employees in Cairo Travel Expert (CTA), as well as preparing training curriculum for administrative employees and motorists.

Prime minister, Dr. Ahmed Nazif after he examined the first action of the job confirmed that Cairo is one of the primary and most significant city on the planet with high population that normally cause a traffic congestion; however the government still fighting with each other up against the twin pressure which coming from traffic jam and high inhabitants. The government has made a decision to solve and work on this problem on two stages. Reduce the society through build new metropolitan areas and bettering squatters. "There's a project exists and its aim is to remove kiosks to be applied by the squatter's development finance, " Dr. Ahmed Nazif stated. The second phase with help of Cairo Travelling Specialist (CTA) development and improvement is aiming to solve citizen daily searching in Cairo traffic congestion, also encourage the people to use a general population transportation rather than their own private autos.

Dr. Ahmed Nazif keep the doors wide open for the private companies to participate in the mentioned project by including 1500 new air-conditioned buses by coming period, something which might encourage private vehicles owners to use special buses rather than their owns.

Cairo is designed to home around 4 million individuals, but regarding to recent figures validated that Cairo home 17 million at least, which clearly this big difference will cause what called "congestion" and "high populace". According to the most Egyptians are waking-up on the sound of not duke but noise of horns, also they may have the same regimen at every morning at 8 am, the hurrying torrent of buses, and once again at 5pm, people are getting in and out of the NON-STOP community transports although it keep in motion.

In Sept 2008, the federal government calls for an action from the new arrivals of new 120, 000 vehicles to the Greater Cairo Streets, that was as stated by Abdel Azim Wazir, Cairo Governor: the federal government has locate a space area beyond your heart of the capital of Egypt, and the Government offices and ministries will be removed and repair it there, also it will stop build any longer schools, colleges or even administration offices inside Cairo.

After taking many ideas and commentary also a advice from many responsible men and government bodies, the majority of them are getting head-ace and puzzling from this problem. But as view as traffic experts, they have got another point view which is approximately the driving patterns specially from what it calling "microbus", almost all of Egyptians are using these types of transportation with overlooking how bad the drivers while he is driving retaining horn all around the rout causing sound pollution and it's not only this, but also he doesn't respect the rules of the traffic even the value of dampness. Microbus drivers aren't wages by time, but they pay by the number of daily outings the can do. So, these are tossing themselves in troubles with policemen also with most dangerous automobile accident, that causes a high traffic congestions, also it need more than three hours to be solved. "Because the government are not mentioned to the new traffic regulations, that's why the individuals are keep overlooking the traffic signs, " as Rehab Mahmoud said, a freelance business trainer.

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