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The most debated and underlying causes of the civil war essay

Civil War has been one of the most debated topics of the past century, especially in the American history since the intertwining of the underlying causes led to one of the most shattering wars in the history of United States of America. But is it true that one of the primary causes of the Civil War outbreak was the state's’ rights? Certainly there are people who disagree as the aggressive expansion of sectionalism and slavery is deemed by most as the root cause of the most devastating war in American history. Some of the best college essays have backed this reason with a plethora of justifications as to how the circumstances leading to the war unfolded. Civil war has been one of the most discussed case study topics since there are umpteen interpretations on the basis of the perception that different scholars have.

We will not sideline the fact that ineffective leadership, states’ rights and slavery had a limited role to play, but there is one less conversant reason which many have simply overlooked. The amount of damage that sectionalism did when it created a crater between the North region and South region over slavery that was starting to brew up in the West. Gradually, sectional and industrial differences started surfacing in America and hence, these causes should be emphasized upon in any causes of the American civil war essay. The states’ rights issue cannot be considered as imperative as the reason pertaining to sectionalism and slavery owing to the fact that the former only caused a ruckus over the rights that territorial governments were entitled to, and certain tariffs in the West.

Why the existence of slavery should be the root cause of the civil war essay ?

Hundreds and thousands of books have been drafted on the American civil war and going through each one of the book reviews will expose us to the wide range of conspiracies which unfolded during that era. Slavery might have been one of the most imperative causes of Civil war, but some scholars have written it off as merely a long-term cause. The point regarding ineffective leadership comes up in context with the respective statesmen and political parties which had a direct impact on the belligerence that the nation witnessed during the Civil war.

Hence, the question arises as to how to start a thesis on Civil war and what all reasons must be given and justified in order to ensure that the thesis conclusion highlights each and every consequence that led to one of the deadliest wars in the American history. The perceptions that each region had regarding the intentions of other regions led to conflicts and the aggression raised manifold as a result of the actions of the radicals who chose to advocate rivalry.

Eventually, all the consequences, whether social or political, led to the Civil war. There are many scholars who tend to contemplate how north managed to win the war against the southern economy, which was agrarian in nature. There were barely any factories and this led to the increase of the commodity prices which eventually went up higher than the price of crops before the war begun. In this way, North was relatively wealthier and the rising economy ensured that they were prepared with ammunition and warfare utilities. Compared to them, the south was poor and hence, less equipped for a war. Initially, cotton used to be the primary source of income for the south but post-war, the prices dipped and so did the demand. But even then, it was noted that the war lasted way much longer than the initial prediction. In any case, if South had won the war, then there would have been two separate countries instead of United States of America.

Like every other war, the Civil war ended with catastrophic damages on both sides. If we combine all the wars in the history of America, the amount of casualties of Civil war was much more than all the other wars combined. Not only were lives lost, but there was a great loss of money, property and livestock. It was high time that the country had to come together and rebuild itself and especially for people who were emotionally scarred for decades post the war. It took approximately 12 years for the reconstruction process to reach a stage where America could be considered as a rebuilt nation again. During that course of time, there were protests by and against the black Americans which eventually turned into a political issue. But one of the most positive outcomes of this war was the abolishment of slavery. Although, the black Americans still had to fight for their rights following the abolishment of slavery, but America has come a long way post war in order to be deemed as a superpower again. Hence, abolishment of slavery should definitely be written about in causes of the civil war essay.

There are surfeits of points which come up in causes of the English civil war essay and there will always be opinions about how the war unfolded. But the amount of development that the United States of America has seen after Civil war speaks volumes for the nation’s ability to rebuild itself.

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