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Causes and Symptoms of Asthma


Asthma is the most common chronic disease in Ireland. Ireland has the fourth highest commonness of asthma on earth.

Asthma is a serious condition. One in five children in Ireland is having Asthma.

About 30 % of age under-fives has already established at least one attack of wheezing. This implies plenty of parents have been advised that their child has asthma.

Most often asthma is mild and easily manipulated by medicines but sometimes children may have episodes that can be frightening and very worrying. Usually small children with wheezing shows outgrow Asthma by institution time. For parents it is always nerve-racking to see their child suffers, no matter how slight the asthma may be.

Symptoms of Asthma

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a common chronic disease which inflames the airways. The airways are the small tubes that bring air in and out of the lungs. Asthma influences the airways to be over-sensitive and react to colds and flus or particles mites - even family family pets, these are called triggers. The lining of the airways also swells and sticky mucus is produced and this bring inhale and exhale to be difficult.

Lots of children with asthma breathe normally for weeks or a few months between asthma come back. When flares do seem, they usually browse take place without indication.

Asthma symptoms for newborns can be different for each and every child. In baby's asthma, babies may have all of asthma symptoms such as men and women, or only 1 of those symptoms. As well, poor diet, sweating, or not showing comfortable can be symptoms of newborn asthma.

Some of symptoms can be:

  • Wheezing does sound from breathing
  • Cough
  • Changes in breathing length
  • Tension in the chest


Spotting asthma

Diagnose an asthma can be problematic and time- spending because every child with asthma can have very unique types of symptoms.

General symptoms of asthma- chronic dry out cough and throughout that child do not have a high temperatures.

Second common sign isasthma attacks when subjected to certain substances, for which the child is allergic or because of respiratory system infections.

Depending on the consistency and severity of asthma disorders in children is moderate, average and severe.

The attack commences with a cough, shortness of breathing then evolves (a feeling of lack of air).

Baby's breath noisy and wheezing. Often before the attack runny nose area, itchy rash on the skin. Teenagers at such times may complain of a feeling of pressure in your chest, and having less air.

Different types of asthma:

Doctors often use what 'minor', 'average' and 'severe' to spell it out asthma.

Here is some explaining what they suggest.

  • Mild: Coughs and wheezes but takes on happily and feeds well
  • Moderate: Waking at night, can't run around or play without cough or wheeze.
  • Severe: Too restless to rest, unwilling to experiment with by any means, too breathless to talk or feed, lips going blue.

Prevention of Asthma

For the treating asthma is often enough to remove the kid from the allergen. If this does not help, the doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory treatment.

Asthma occasionally can expand out after colds.

Triggers of asthma

Knowing your child's triggers and exactly how to flee them is very important.

Here is a set of triggers and motions you may take to reduce their influence on your child's asthma.

Avoid Colds and Viral Infections

Colds and infections are the trigger for children, especially during the winter months so when they go back to school.

  • Keep your child's asthma in order by giving them their medication as approved.
  • Keep a written asthma management plan to monitor their symptoms and also to make sure, you know very well what to do when their asthma symptoms worsen.
  • Stop the pass on of colds and microbe infections by is sure your son or daughter washes their hands.

House Dust

House particles is smallest organisms that survive in warm, dirty places such as rugs, tender toys and home chairs and coaches.

  • Use anti-dust mite includes for children's bed, duvet and pillows.
  • You rinse these covers based on the manufacturer's instructions;
  • Wash all bed linen at least once weekly.
  • Remove carpets where it could be possible.
  • Vacuum rooms regularly.
  • Clean all floors 2-3 times per week;
  • Have soft toys to a smallest amount and hot clean them every two weeks.

Household Pets

A quantity of children's asthma is induced by an allergy to dogs and cats, frequently cats or canines.

Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette smoke cigars makes asthma more worse, can cause pneumonia, bronchitis

And infections of ears, and stop asthma medication working effectively.

Keep your child from cigarettes smoke.


Mould spores can increase chances for trigger asthma. Mould are available anywhere, for example in bathroom, kitchen, even outside in the fall leaves.

Make sure that your home has good ventilation.

Eliminate all indoor vegetation as they might be way to obtain mould expansion;

Avoid drying clothes indoors or on radiators.

Changes in Weather

Some children's asthma can be induced by frosty season or temperature changes,

Bring your son or daughter for an asthma review with your doctor or nurse before the weather change


Use chemicals carefully, especially in home products such as cleaning products, cosmetic makeup products, paints etc.

Do not using chemical substance products where it is possible.

Don't allow your child maintain areas where chemical products are widely-used.

Asthma treatment

Treatment of this illness is divided into two categories:

One stop (cropped) strike, the other to prevent its development.

In light form of asthma are usually used drugs from the band of stabilizers of membranes of immune skin cells. This drug does not work during attack. Under the electricity of drugs immune cells do not release things that cause bloating and shrink the bronchi.

In severe forms to prevent episodes medical professional prescribes hormones, corticosteroids (eg budesonide, fluticasone). Do not be afraid of these drugs, because they take action only on the bronchial mucosa. In severe asthma the chance of side effects is much below the risk of the sickness

Checklist for planing a trip to people who have asthma and advice:

People who have asthma are must be prepared for a vacation at least a couple weeks before travel.

This includes:

  • Asthma health check
  • Asthma triggers
  • Air travel
  • Travel immunisation
  • Travel insurance

Before you travel, review your personal asthma plan. Find how you can get help - medical help at those areas where are you likely to go.


It is important that the baby's parents having asthma are not measured him significantly ill, possibly given too much to move. When the kid matures, the attacks become rare, will follow easier, and in many they stop completely.

Do not refuse any treatment, including, if necessary hormones. Each assault - it is an enormous stress for the child to be taken out you should.


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