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Causes And Results Of Increasing Food Prices

The prices of staple foods such as corn, rice, wheat and oilseed vegetation have rasien constantly right from the start of 21st century and made a drastically increase from 2007 to 2008 as amount 1 shows. The sources of this price spike are intricate and anticipated to structural and conjunctural reasons, like the rising people, drought and the diet change in growing country. The food prices has been elevated and have triggered a serious concern about deficiency of food supply which might bring about turbulence of international market and hunger in producing countries. Thus it is actually immediate control buttons on item price are required for food security.

Figure 1: The craze of food prices from 2000- 2008


The factor s which have an effect on the prices

The reasons of such food price goes up are both long-term and short-term. Firstly, the populace of world increase steadily which is led to two problems. For one thing, the steady produce of food production must face more and more people's need. For another, More folks means more use goods are demanded. All of these requires more petrol per person. Coupled with this increasing demand of energy and higher price of olive oil extracting, the essential oil price therefore rose up to 147 dollars a barrel. Connected with increase of engine oil price, the cost of food production elevated because the price of artificial fertiliser, machinery operations and travel of food increase synchronously. This in so doing significantly effects the supply part of food.

Moreover, because energy is the most essential in a country's financial life especially in those industrial countries. It is inappropriate to depend on other countries who dominate the petrol source and price. As the result of concerns about energy security, multiple varieties of biofuels are developed which was too expensive to make use of once upon a period. However with high olive oil price, biofuels was able to compete with traditional fossil fuels; thus, wheat and oilseed are turned to produce biodiel and sugar plants are created into ethanol. 'More than 50 % of the upsurge in use of both coarse grains and veg oil was anticipated to higher used in the biofuels industry. '[1] Because of the supportive and protecting policy to renewable energy section proven by authorities, the feedstock demand of coarse grains and oilseed will keep growing in future. This is one of root cause that travelling up the meals prices to advanced.

In the short-term, the ongoing drought and flood took place in food creation region could deliver more harmful results. Notably, drought that has taken place in Australia damaged down the whole wheat creation in 2007 made the planet cereal companies lower. As can be seen in shape 2, after experienced a just a bit growing from 2004 to 2006, world cereal shares fallen in 2007. Besides, speculation in item market by buyer who are looking for a better price to market resulted in fluctuation of food price as well. These factors raised the food prices sharply but briefly.

Figure 2: Declining Global Stocks

The previous cause may be long-term or short-term. Some expanding countries flourished swiftly in previous few ages such as BRIC countries( Brazil, Russia, India and China). Folks from these countries favor high-protein food like beef and other domestic animal than fruit and vegetables and staple food after they become wealthy. Pets fed by coarse grains produce less energy than they soaked up. One calorie intake of people made from livestock consumes seven energy of plant originally. But it is probably not a permanent phenomenon because more folks have the knowing of benefit from balance daily food diet and nutrition. They'll think it is not healthy and bored to death to consume too much meat. The intake of meat will reduce ultimately. Nonetheless it still cause the food prices to rise currently.

The consequences

The implications of the purchase price rises for folks are dissimilar. Although the price of food production have raised credited to high essential oil price, big farm owners, particularly who are able to access the earth market would be benefited definitely. Small farmers who resided in developing countries will profit from high prices if indeed they do not have obstacles to sell products to world market. The results for low income consumers specifically in producing countries are negative. It would take large fractions of income to nourish themselves which lead to reduced amount of food usage or moving over to cheaper or less diet food.

On world trade market, Many countries have been facing higher exchange cost of food transfer which made them possessed a financial burden, especially the united states is not energy resources exporter. On the other hand, These countries have to stimulate their own agriculture in order to be self-sufficiency. Such a labour-intensive industry can absorb many the indegent which could mitigate the hazardous effect of food prices on poor.

Moreover, the consequences of higher food charges for a country's balance of trade differs(shown in physique 3). The trade balance of food exporters like Kazakhstan will be upgraded by more the 1 percent while other exporters bettering from 0 to 1 1 percent. Food importers such as most African countries' trade balance will worsen by more than 1 percent. The trade balance of energy exporters who benefit from rising oil price won't worsen a great deal.

Figure 3: Impact of Food Price Increases on Trade Balances


Food prices have been rising since early on 21 century and reach the peak value in 2008 because of higher energy cost, demand of biofuels, growing demand of people's food as populations increase, as well as for livestock foods and natural calamities.

The consequences of the happening are poor homeowners need face craving for food and poverty, food-importing countries experience high import bills and worse trade balance.

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