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Getting started with cause and effect essay outline

A cause and effect essay is a kind of writing assignment that requires you to do research on a particular situation, examine it and evaluate its causes and effects and provide the relationship between them. In other words, you need to examine that or another situation very carefully and provide such an evidence that could prove your point of view and demonstrate that you have done significant research. You need to show your analyzing skills, ability to use additional and secondary sources and, of course, the ability to write a paper in accordance with proper structure and requirements. In this article, you will get familiar with common cause and effect essay writing requirements and find a number of tips that will help you deal with your paper and get it written at a high level. Also, you will learn how to cope with cause and effect essay outline, which is an integral part of working on this writing assignment.

Writing of an outline is one of the methods to organize your ideas, knowledge and thoughts and research that you have done within accomplishing your assignment. In order to make an outline, you should choose the topic to cover in your cause and effect essay. On the one hand, you may choose a broad topic dealing with a wide range of issues. But keep in mind that if you choose a broad topic, you will need to work on your paper much harder, spend more time on it and you will not probably be able to provide a grounded argumentation, since your paper will take only a couple of pages. On the other hand, however, you may pick a narrow topic and this will be much easier. There is also another option, which would be the most appropriate. You may pick a broad topic and narrow it down by means of focusing on the most significant issues and ignoring unnecessary aspects. For example, you may choose a topic covering a particular historical period, like the World War I. Then, you may pick a certain aspect in the light of the events of that period, like a story of a soldier, or the participation of a particular country and its role, etc. and make it the topic of your cause and effect paper.

Another important step that you need to undertake when dealing with cause and effect paper is identifying your main objective. There has to be something, what you are actually writing your paper for. You may want to persuade your target audience in regard to that or another point or you may want to show another side of commonly known event that nobody knows. The objective of your paper sets its tone, style and guides you within the whole process of writing.

Finally, you need to collect additional and supporting materials. When you have all of them gathered, it will help you imagine more precisely what your paper is going to look like. Also, supporting literature will help you come up with additional topics (subtopics) to enlighten in your paper. Remember that every subtopic has to be a full-fledged part of your essay. It will be provided in a separate paragraph and have an opening sentence, the body of the paragraph and the conclusion sentence just like the essay itself.

Writing the outline for cause and effect essay

There are two types of writing and structuring the outline and you need to choose one of them. The first type has to be written with short and narrow sentences including only a couple of words for each of them. The second type has to be written with long and complete sentences providing many different details and can take more than one page. If dealing with writing assignments is not really your strengths, we recommend choosing the first type because it's easier to complete. After that, you may proceed to writing the outline to your cause and effect paper. Scroll down to learn how to cope with it step-by-step.

  • Organize all your subtopics and supporting ideas in the right order. If your topic covers a historical event, it would be better to organize them in a chronological order. In other cases, figure out what the logical order would be and apply it to your subtopics and supporting ideas.
  • Every subtopic needs to have at least two additional points in order to fill up all the gaps. Remember, however, that every point that you provide needs to match your main idea, the purpose of your paper and to be logically connected with the topic.
  • Consider using additional layers. If your research has many aspects and details and you cannot enlighten all of them without separating them into sections, it is appropriate to create additional layers and format them in accordance with the format of your essay.
  • Think of the last part of your paper, the conclusion. Even though you don't need to write it right now, you need to make sure that the outline of your essay will match the objective. There has to be a certain number of examples and evidence to support your main idea and all that has to lead to a logical conclusion.

Remember that the outline is a map to your cause and effect essay, it will keep you aware of all the information that you want include into your paper and help you not to get lost within lots of viewpoints and arguments. It serves to guide you through your writing until it is finished. If you manage to cope with it correctly, you will be in half of your road to get your paper perfectly written and make success of it. If you find it difficult to come up with good ideas for cause and effect essay, you can also find them here. Please take a look at other writing services that you can get here:

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