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Cause And Effect Essay English Literature Essay

In the film "Chocolat" two of the heroes are motivated by guilt. The two individuals are Serge Muscat, and the Mayor Comte de Reynaud. These two personas are both determined by guilt, nonetheless they are actually in various ways. The effects of the guilt may never have been as they organized. The confession of their wrong doings could have been better remaining unsaid. Really the only reason behind their confession could be because of humiliation.

In the film "Chocolat" Serge Muscat is encouraged to get his partner Josephine Muscat again. Serge is continually beating his better half, until one night he's drunk. Josephine beats her spouse with a cooking skillet. Afterwards she would go to Vianne's house, also called the protagonist in this film. Josephine goes to stay with Vianne for some time and starts off to understand how to make chocolates. Later in the film Serge goes to Vianne's house looking for Josephine. He brings her plants and apologizes, but Josephine won't go back. The one reason Serge has issues with the altercation is basically because he is being embarrassed. Serge is getting laughed at because his wife remaining him, and he seems that it should be the other way around. He eventually would go to talk to the mayor about the situation. Serge says the mayor that Josephine kept him, but will not notify why. He informs the mayor that Josephine is sticking to Vianne. The mayor runs immediately to her house being unsure of that the cause if Josephine leaving Serge is basically because she's been beaten. When he will come he soon finds out that was the reason why she still left. The Mayor reviews back to Serge immediately, and tells him to apologize. This is one way Serge is motivated by guilt throughout the film "chocolat".

The Mayor is also motivated by guilt in "Chocolat". The Mayor constantly gossips about Vianne throughout the movie. He feels of his wife's loss of life and gets frustrated. The mayor goes around telling everyone how that they should be fasting, rather than eating what they need. Comete de Reynaud eventually ceases taking his own advice. In the end on the movie "Chocolat", the mayor is seen eating the chocolate that Vianne has well prepared for a meeting. Despite the fact that Mayor Reynaud was very distressing to Vianne in the film she still helps the mayor in this time of need. Comte de Reynaud often gets upset, then talks about a picture of his wife. He attempts to do everything on her behalf as if she actually is still there.

Another identity that is also encouraged guilt is Vianne. Despite the fact that she doesn't appear to be a terrible person she has possessed problems in her former. Vianne often goes around looking for a destination to stay. Whenever the wind flow blows she feels that it is time on her behalf to find another home. When she sees her new home she opens up a chocolates shop. She feeds the folks in her town chocolate. Vianne convinces them that she understands what a common kind of delicious chocolate is. In "Chocolat" Vianne is determined to find anywhere she is welcome. She makes friends numerous people, but has a challenge attaching with the mayor. The wind symbolizes that something bad is going to occur.

Just like in "The Scarlet Letter" Hester is determined by guilt. To a certain degree Hester and Vianne are similar. Hester is very unbiased. Even though she possessed the "A" top quality on her bosom she still strolls around with her head up. Just like Hester Vianne constantly switches homes. Eventually Vianne sees a location where she can be comfortable and doesn't have to be concerned about other people. Hester and Vianne are also equally for their child. Both Pearl, and Vianne's little girl are both rebellious. Within the film "Chocolat" Vianne's princess is rebellious when she realizes that they were turning homes again. She goes back and forth with her mom until she breaks the urn that her Grandmother was at. Pearl is also rebellious in "The Scarlet Notice". She often questions Hester about her daddy. Pearl has ambiance swings going from happy to sad. This is one of many ways that the "The Scarlet Letter", and "Chocolat" relate.

In "Chocolat" Serge, and The Mayors outcome of the confession differs. Serge wrap up without Josephine, and the Mayor eventually ends up getting help from Vianne, and the others that helped her put together the chocolates. Serge can relate to Dimmesdale in " The Scarlet Letter". Serge makes a confession but doesn't inform the whole truth. Like Serge, Dimmesdale goes to make a confession, but nobody is there to hear, or watch. Dimmesdale results of his confession isn't really different from how his life was initially.

Hester's confession is different from Dimmesdale. Hester was humiliated when she admitted to committing adultery. She walked in shame as people discussed her, judged her, and called her cruel names. In "Chocolat" Vianne doesn't really invest in anything, but as you can see in the very beginning of the film they were talking about her, and starring as if she experienced done something amiss.

These are the many heroes in the film "Chocolat", and the book "The Scarlet Notice". These character types show their guilt, and how their guilt affects those to do better. Even though each and every one of their final results might have not been good, they still attempted to improve the in the best way possible. A couple of characters had more pity and cruelty after them than other, however they still managed to be strong and continue living their life strong.

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