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Catcher In The Rye Psychiatric Examination English Literature Essay

At the time of informing his history, Holden is an individual in a mental clinic. He is revealing his story to the unnamed listener. Pretend that you are a highly reputed psychiatrist who is listening to Holden's account. It is your responsibility to write a written report on the mental stability of patient to determine whether or not he is fit for release. Below this is actually the standard psychiatric survey sheet that you must fill out to examine Holden's state of mind. Your information must be well recorded and complete. Refer to specific incidences. You will need to research emotional despair, its causes, results and treatments. (You may try looking 'manic behavior". ) Account for the possible causes of Holden's malfunction and suggest possible treatments. Bear in mind, a person's liberty will depend on your professional judgment.

Holden's dad is a attorney who. He appears to be rather strict and very interested in performances he shows this by ensuring Holden continues in exclusive prep universities, whether he must to be or not. He never got to know Holden because of this. His mother is mentioned to be "nervous as hell", having recurrent headaches and sitting up smoking most nights. Everything is blamed on her behalf never recovering from Allie's loss of life. Holden never surely got to know his parents because he was generally delivered to boarding colleges. He never had a chance at developing a healthy relationship with his parents. Holden's family is actually very important to him. At the beginning of his account he starts with discussing his parents and his brother. Holden adversely criticizes those to conceal the fact that he truly enjoys them. Holden is continually being sent from one boarding school to a fresh. The mental distance between him and his parents strengthens his general alienation from everyone.


2. Sibling Connections / Rivalries

He has a good romantic relationship along with his sister, Phoebe. He is in love with his sister and admires her. He wishes to safeguard Phoebe from the cruel world. Phoebe comprehends what Holden is discussing and what he's going right through. Holden feels the regular need to safeguard her from the "cruel world' around her. Phoebe is concerned about Holden's future and what will happen to him when their father finds out Holden acquired kicked out of boarding university (pg 164 Salinger). When Holden is going to run away to the western, she tells him that if he moves, she'll too (pg 207 Salinger). After this Holden appears to be able to grasp the reality that she'll be destroying her life if she operates with him, and makes a decision that he'll go home with her. This is the only time that Holden put someone else ahead of himself and recognize that he has the capacity to change the lives of others. This view of his shows that there may be wish that Holden gets the capability to repair into a fully functioning adult eventually to his re-entry in to the world after exiting the mental hospital.

Holden's making of his bill also tells a lot around the way he considers Allie: he idealizes him. Regarding to Holden, he's the most sensible, nicest, sweetest, most endearing child with the best love of life you'll ever meet (pg 38 Salinger). In Holden's love for his sibling and in his pain over Allie's loss of life, Holden has glorified Allie into something of any saint. This makes sense whenever we think about Holden's mindset. Allie died when he was eleven yrs. old - while he was still a child, and still "innocent. " Having never been corrupted by the world of gender and adults, Allie is possibly the only person Holden could get in a field of rye, really the only one who never has to "review the advantage" of the fantastic cliff. This is why, when Phoebe asked Holden to name a very important factor he prefers, he responds with "Allie. "(pg 171 Salinger)

D. B. is Holden's more mature sibling is a screenwriter in Hollywood. He used to create great experiences - so excellent, in fact, that Holden credits him (double) with being his favorite copy writer. D. B. is also the level of phoniness in Holden's mind because he's sacrificed his art work (writing reports) for the money (writing screenplays for Hollywood). Holden recounts a display back again of When D. B. came back from the army D. B. says that the army is packed with traitors. Holden then gives his own judgment about the military which is very similar to D. B. This is one of the very few occasions they ever bonded.

3. Romantic relationship with peers

Holden doesn't have a good association along with his friends He frequently feels perplexed and lonely because he has no friends. He moves view on his roommates, Ackley and Stradlater when he was at Pencey. He hates Stradlater and seems jealous of him. He feels sorry for Ackley, even though they are both similar. Holden considers that all everyone around him are phony. He feels strong resentment against everyone and he does not know how to create a healthy relationship with other folks. He feels alienated or excluded from culture because he never really had an opportunity to develop his sociable skills because he always was being sent to different boarding institutions. Not have the opportunity to make new friends

4. Sexuality / Physical maturity

Holden is not ready for intimacy. He is interested about gender, but he is not psychologically ready for intimacy. When Sunny the prostitute came up by (pg 93 Salinger), he didn't desire to have sex. He felt stress when he noticed that Stradlater might have intimacy with Jane. He does not feel that there


should be informal sex between two different people. He feels that sex should happen when two different people are in love. even though Holden is struggling to hold on to his innocence, he's preoccupied by the very thought of sex.

He believes you ought not be romantic with a woman unless you know her very well and like her a lot. He sees this notion as a weakness. When Stradlater takes out Jane, his childhood good friend, Holden becomes more than just jealous he becomes enraged at the idea that Stradlater may "give her the time" even though this is their first date. He is also disturbed by the fact that he is aroused by women he will not care for, like the blonde holiday he dances with in the Lavender Room or Sally Hayes, who he needs to run away and get hitched to. However, she actually is not into the idea and probably terrified off by his developments. Nothing about Holden's thought process is logical at this time in his recount.

5. Attitude too authority

Holden applies the word "phony" never to individuals who are insincere but to those who are too conventional or too typical, for example, people who dress and react like the other people of their interpersonal class. While Holden exploits the label "phony" to imply that such people are superficial, his use of the word in fact suggests that his own perceptions of other people are superficial. In nearly every case, he rejects more technical conclusions and only simple categorical ones.

6. Philosophy of life

He is a mixed up teenager, overly hypersensitive to the standard compromises of the adult world (which he insists on phoning phony) and unable to reconcile himself to the fact that life is neither dark-colored nor white, but mainly a basic gray. I don't think Holden can determine what he believes and so calling himself a "sort of atheist, " emphasizing not really much opinion or disbelief, but rather his inability to tell apart between your two. Holden's lifestyle shows Holden's current problem in that Holden is currently unidentified of population and fights corrupt "phonies. ", the sum of such a distressing history ends up with negative effect on Holden's mental health as he becomes misplaced and roams about the pavements.


Having dark thoughts as he queries without end and pointlessly for stability in life and ultimate confirms himself on the brink of emotional breakdown.

7. Use of language / attention span / uniformity of thought

Holden's terms typically stays away unpleasant and obscene. On every occasion he says words like "ass, " it is only teenage dialect for an integral part of the human anatomy. He does not say it to be unpleasant. "Ass" is merely another word Holden uses to raised convey ideas. His vocabulary has many words that are spiritual but aren't used because of this. He uses words that pertain to the divine such as "God's sake, " "God" and "goddam, " however, he never means it in a profane manner. They can be just elements of his

speech. He uses those words casually when referring to his "goddam hunting cap" or saying someone is a "goddam moron. " Even though Holden is not too spiritual, he never uses "Chrissake" unless he's depressed or enraged.

Holden has an extremely short attention course and cannot or does not want to give attention to details. He changes subjects quickly and has difficulty focusing on one thing sometimes. Holden clearly says that he confirms it hard concentrating during his conversation with Phoebe in what he wants in life, "I couldn't focus too hot. Sometimes it's hard thinking. " (pg 169 Salinger)

Holden is wanting to bolster his values. Holden repeatedly remarks on his hatred toward phonies. That is one thing that Holden hates more than just about anything. That could be the reason why he frequently confirms a affirmation with "I must say i do, " "It certainly will, " or "if you'd like to know the reality. " He also confirms responses by repeating them twice like "She loves me a great deal. I mean she's quite fond of Me. " He uses different phrases and styles to provide a far more truthful backing to his responses, therefore protecting against himself from seeming just like a phony.


8. Realization (reason, rationale, and suggestions)

In my best judgment as a psychiatrist I think that Holden is not ready for release due to his unpredictable psychological status. After analyzing his account I believe Holden is experiencing Posttraumatic stress disorder from the traumatizing occurrences during his child hood such as his Classmate jumping out a screen and his brother Allie, dying from leukemia. I also believe he is experiencing Gerontophobia which is the fear of growing up which he constantly shows as he will try to safeguard his childhood innocence from modern culture. He shows signals of ADH as he changes issues quite frequently during his consideration and says that he confirms concentrating difficult. He is a Pathological liar because he constructs a perfect world around him where he never loses his innocence and tries to protect children from the dangers of the adult world. He constantly defends his simple fact when it is challenged, such as when Phoebe challenges him and his perfect world he does not listen to her reasoning and will not pay attention to her. He's also showing indications of Major depressive disorder he shows this through his irritability, and his moods change rapidly. He also hates to give attention to details, and spent time pondering over them. Most of all at one point in his recount he had thoughts of suicide. The final psychological problem he has is Bipolar disorder because he does rarely sleep; he was highly irritable and had suicidal ideation.

In order to take care of Holden's mental health problems I recommend specific and family counselling along with his parents to be able to get rid of his alienation from modern culture.

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