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Case Study And Examination Of Ryanair Management Essay

1. 0 Introduction

This case study and research is to recognize the current strategy of Ryan Air using various models and ways of develop a better future for Ryan Air. As this statement addresses different aspects of Ryan Air with the aid of Porter's 3 Universal Strategies and the justifications using the value string model has helped in the examination of the real concentrate of RyanAir. This statement also addresses the various control systems with the implementation of the technique for Ryan Air alongside the leadership varieties of Michael O'Leary. As he takes on a large role in the company in expense management and many other strategies of running a low budget flight.

The Strategy execution has been completed using the Mckinsey's 7 S model. It has helped identify the many aspects of improvement for Ryan Air. As Ryan Air is the first budget airliner, it has been able to become the largest carrier in the united kingdom. To address the brief comings and the strategy defects, the next report addresses various models to analyse and apply a strategy to enhance the airline since its cost management systems remain of top notch.

Through this survey the recognition of the strategy and a new implementation of it could boost through the 7'S model has been able to handle all aspects. This report contains essential information of Ryan Air's position and its own strategies and suggestions to ensure the company is undertaking at high levels in every sectors.

2. 0 Porter's General Strategy of Ryan Air

Ryan Air is a minimal budget air travel. Its main concentrate is pretty much cost lowering. Its strategy remains the world's low budget airline. Therefore we are able to make and analysis of Ryan Air using the Porter's Universal Strategies to assess the current position of Ryan Air. Through examination we're able to put together the three general strategies such as,

Cost Leadership



Cost Leadership

Cost Authority strategy is based upon a business organizing and controlling its value-adding activities to be able to be the cheapest cost maker of a product within and industry (Campbell, 2002)

The strategy here is based on the goal of the airline. A low budget flight that is value adding and competes against its competitors with the cheapest costs. Ryan Air has been able to become popular air travel among European people and have captivated many Western business travelers who only require getting from point A to point B.

With the recent downturn and various other factors of customers looking for cheaper option which provided quality service, Ryan Air have had the opportunity to make a demand because of its tickets. Initially they were an ordinary airline with normal service of high quality which also recommended that they are a high costed airline. Which means company was obligated to go in to cost reduction method because of the external makes of tough economy.

Therefore along with the expansion to Europe the air series was encountered in hardships of making it through as a higher costs airline. Therefore the company was compelled to become a more effective cost head in its sector. Through this they are able to become the best low fares flight in the European sector.


Differentiation has many advantages for the firm making use of the strategy. Some problematic areas include the difficulty on part of the firm to calculate if the excess costs entailed in differentiation can in fact be retrieved from the client through premium prices. In addition, successful differentiation strategy of a company may attract competition to enter the business's market section and duplicate the differentiated product. (Lynch, 2003).

As RyanAir confronted various hardships before receiving losses of up to IR20 Mil, the struggle to endure along with Michael O'Leary decided to change company strategy that was predicated on the model developed by American Southwest Airlines.

Ryan air's generic strategy remained unclear, alas they remained somewhere between a focuser and a cost leader. But their earlier strategies were heavier on the focuser facet of the porter's common makes. When their rivals were blooming they were on the verge of changing their strategy to becoming a low budget flight. Therefore differentiation together with cost leadership was made a mixture in being popular amonst the segment for a distinctive service agency in the airline industry.

As it rivals like EasyJet were utilizing primary airports which charges an increased rates, Ryan Air was able to use Secondary airports being open to most destinations recommending it was the most real low cost air travel.

As Aer Lingus and Lufthansa continued to be as competitors they may have focused on differentiation over low cost. They are focusing on both differentiation and low priced. Therefore Ryan Air is able to maintain steadily its lower costs centering mainly on low costs.

As Ryan Air continue to be cost head Aer Lingus and EasyJet targeted generally on differentiation. Therefore these airlines on this aspect were differentiated where as Ryan Air targeted entirely on a pure low priced airline.


Porter initially shown focus as one of the three general strategies, but later discovered concentration as a moderator of the two strategies. Companies make use of this plan by concentrating on the areas in a market where there is the least amount of competition (Pearson, 1999).

The target of Ryan air is to draw in customers to low cost airlines getting from indicate point. Therefore its concentrates are to support passengers and customers to select a purely low budget airline over its competitors as stated above. Therefore the case also represents that Ryan Air does not have any frills and advises extremely low cost with high quality service catering to customers who have to get to locations with secondary airports. This helps them concentrate on business clients over the holiday customers who demand comfort more than a to B vehicles. Therefore through these strategies Ryan Air can use the purely low cost strategy to gain sales of air tickets that were often demanded by entrepreneurs.

As per cost authority Ryan air has targeted directly into becoming the lowest cost air travel catering to many customers who appear to easily choose Ryan Air over other airlines that provided an increased quality and quantitative service for a premium price. Which means focus of the flight such as Ryan Air was to focus less on differentiation and maintain focus on low cost airlines.

Through these aspects utilizing the porter's generic forces, Ryan Air remains as solely a low cost airline that concentrates less on being unique against its competitors missing differentiation. Their strategies are entirely predicated on being the Cost Innovator in its portion.

3. 0 Value Chain Analysis

"By identifying the key resources and capacities which are unique to the business enterprise and that happen to be valuable and hard to imitate will determine the ecological competitive advantages. " (Hubbard, 2008, p23).

Through the assistance of the worthiness chain analysis the business could be able to identify how RyanAir could build-up its capacities to compete keenly against other similar budget airlines. This illustration does indeed show how the firm could add value to their services. It will also help understand the strengths and weaknesses.

Source-http://www. slideshare. net/puya455/newanalysis-of-ryanairs-competitive-advantages

In the above mentioned diagram the value chain analysed through the study of Ryan Air has been able to outline quite areas in Porter Value String Examination. Throughout this research it is clear that the infrastructure designed for Ryan Air has been quite competitive and have worked with their advantage.

When analysing the Inbound Logistics which provides quality training by making use of low priced suppliers and airport contracts have helped through Creating a low priced training facilitation of team and pilots together with internet sales and ticketing which has made things much reliable and effective. The Boeing discount rates received on procurement of new airplanes have empowered them to make a qualitative inbound logistics at Ryan Air.

Operations at Ryan air on the other hands have remained focused on low cost, which suggests a no frills flight that suits customers of the European sector. A limited crew in lower cost on HRM and technical development that helps usage of information much easier that help alliances in working along to be more productive. These have attracted low costs that get more customers in to choosing Ryan Air.

The outbound Logistics continue to be as Management control which contains an integrated system that is outsourced to a corporation that could help deal with outbound logistics. This helps in the efficiency of the air travel. Quick turnaround and Reliable service both helps Ryan Air to improve their efficiencies in their value systems to keep outbound logistics at a effective pace.

Marketing and sales have been conducted in house with existing employees of Ryan Air and have been deals with internally. Low technological Marketing and internet sales have required the very least number of staff which helped in cutting down on costs to stay truly a low cost airliner. Therefore Low priced promotions to draw in customers, as well as free promotion have helped create consciousness among the general public to improve sales. Controversial comparisons to its competitors making Ryan air the chosen air travel among many businessmen. Internet Sales have boosted the speed of acquiring customers and efficiency and keeping of amount of time in obtaining the maximum number of individuals in each flight. Yield management has helped enhance the Marketing and Sales to make certain performance reaches its peak where in fact the sales are frequent and reliable. Influencing consumers to choose Ryan Air has enabled Yield Management to reach your goals in Ryan Air's Marketing and sales section.

Under the service facet of Ryan Air performance contracts of employees have ensured that perform at high levels and high output. This suggests that making maximum use of limited resources and a simple low cost would enhance the service through performance agreements. These aspects on the service sector of Ryan Air have managed to get in a position to reach high goals being a low priced airliner. They have got been able to acquire many sales which is on the verge to be the best budget airliner in the Western european sector.

Therefore through this evaluation it has been identified that a successful budget airliner and remains a low cost flight.

4. 0 Michael O'Leary's Leadership

Ryan Air's control strategies derive from Michael O'Leary's ways of managing the business enterprise. As CEO of the business he's very outspoken and is ready accept any task he faces. The success of Ryan Air is extremely hard without a strong commitment by one of professionals of the business. Therefore Michael O'Leary was the main one to stand up and begin to perform this company to get it back to a route of success.

Mr O'Leary was the saviour of Ryan Air transforming it to a profitable flight in European countries. His leadership styles were the key backing to help all areas work together directly into achieving this focus on. With its low priced strategy and be the world's best airline, his leadership style symbolizes a quite job oriented leadership style. This style often was based on position and expert and seniority.

His designs on acquiring Aer Lingus are still on the verge where he'd not give up in acquiring it. Therefore this illustrates that his command style exhibits a targeted and determined management style.

He is not frightened to take on his staff if they stand in the way of cost reduction. This also suggested that his team that proved helpful under him were required to load baggage and was abusive and abrupt with the personnel. This also illustrates intense progress and an aggressive stance. He is now a marketing genius being voted the Western european Businessmen of the year.

(http://www. guardian. co. uk/business/2004/nov/07/theairlineindustry. observerbusiness)

4. 1 Michael O'Leary's Command levels

In order to analyse Michael O'Leary we're able to use the particular level Five Leadership prepared by Jim Collins. Relating to Jim Collins "Only 11 companies ever sold have successfully made the transition to greatness. " What they seem to be to have in common is that all leaders acquired all five levels of leadership.

Through the next individual levels of leadership we're able to assess the grade of authority Mr. Michael O'Leary possesses.

Level One: A capable person that makes productive contributions through ability, knowledge, skills and good work patterns.

According to the relevant information on the case and the understandings of the authority areas of Michael O'Leary it is recognized that he does posses productive contributions through expertise that has definitely helped Ryan Air in achieving its targets of becoming the Largest Carrier in UK. Also becoming the first budget Airliner in the UK has made them set up themselves as a classic cost leader. These areas of Ryan Air have only had the opportunity to be reached because of its well talented Head, Mr O'Leary. His productivity among anything he does and also his skills of controlling a financial plan and handling the overall financial aspects of a corporation, he has truly mastered and redesigned the art of cost reducing. Therefore his skills and knowledge have helped him develop good work habits to ensure every aspect of Ryan Air is done efficiently.

Level Two: A Team member, he contributes his individual capabilities to the accomplishment of the group aims and works effectively with others in group settings.

When responding to level two regarding to Jim Collins, Michael O'Leary displays a moderate level of the ability to work with teams. He is able to guide and ensure that his subordinates are achieving their focuses on. This illustrates that his specific functions have been passed down individually making certain all targets are attained.

Level Three: A RELIABLE Manager. He recognizes how to organize people and resources for the effective and efficient pursuit of predetermined goals.

As a reliable Supervisor Michael O'Leary's art work of executing duties were of top notch. Reviving Ryan Air in becoming the best Carrier in britain has made certain his performance and Efficiency to maintain par with the companies' objectives of becoming truly a low priced budget airline without frills by any means.

Level four: Goes one step further and become an effective leader, his catalyses to and a energetic pursuit of a specific and compelling eyesight, stimulating higher performance benchmarks.

As for Mr. O'Leary being a highly effective leader is of without doubt. Along with that he is reliable in it as well due to the fact that low budget funding and strategically execution of controlling a huge entity as an airline industry with reduced cost is of a state of the art work financial arrange for Ryan Air. Which suggest that the strategies Mr. O'Leary has carried out has truly brightened his leadership functions. By creating a strategy to achieve a compelling eyesight such being the most reasonably priced airliner or cost innovator, O'Leary is rolling out a complex financial plan and cost management system for a yet simple eye-sight with most effective performance and criteria.

Level Five: The person who knows how to build enduring greatness through paradoxical mixture of humility and professional will.

Mr O'Leary in his management has been able to endure several steep steps directly into making Ryan Air the No. 1 Airliner in UK. His driving a vehicle causes often were much better than his restraining forces. Building greatness in anything he does indeed was based on his personality together with his ability. His eyesight of not stepping down from the agreement of Aer Lingus signing up for hands with Ryan Air has been because of the fact that his professional will and his mixture of humility has worked to his benefit.

(http://us. hsmglobal. com/notas/54539-jim-collins-on-level-five-leadership)

Through these aspects we're able to understand that Mr. Michael O'Leary is not really a level 5 leader scheduled to his limitations of working jointly as a team. But he's quite near learning to be a true and effective leader of an even 5 innovator. Therefore his advancements of being able to are a team would boost him from being truly a level 4 innovator, advancing to a level 5 leader.

5. 0 Organizational Composition and Systems of Ryan Air

The organizational composition of Ryan Air in line with the details of the situation remains to be high. Therefore Ryan Air framework has been illustrated in appendix 1 to point the functional structure of the organization.

This functional strucuture represents a traditional functional framework with functional mind reporting directly to the CEO, Michael O'Leary. The Chief financial Officer and the principle Operating Officer records directly to the CEO alongside the the HR director, Legal Scretary and surface operations official. This illustrates an excellent short heirachy as the company is able to talk within its segments to ensure uniformity is permenant.

Since Michael O'Leary is the mastermind behind cost management he has been able to work clsoesly with the financial mind of the business Howard Millar as illustrated in the appendix. This also shows the various methods of communication that Michael O'Leary used to escort and supervise his path as a innovator. Therefore all sectors report right to the CEO, Michael O'Leary.

Through the functional structure of Ryan Air it's been identified of advantages and Drawbacks of an operating structure to match Ryan Air's needs.



Efficient use of resources, economies of scale

Poor Communication across practical departments

In depth skill expertise and development

Slow reaction to exterior change and lagging innovation

Career improvement within practical departments

Decisions concentrated at the top of the hierarchy, creating delay

Top manager way and control

Responsibility for problems difficulty to pin point

Excellent coordination within functions

Limited general management training for employees

High Quality specialized problem solving

(Source: http://www. docshare. com/doc/149890/Ryanair-case)

These benefits and drawbacks have helped Ryan Air identify its organizational framework to ascertain if it were healthy to the procedures of Ryan Air. Since the organizational structure is the way activities are set up, structure will not directly impact performance of the company. RyanAir is able to make changes to its composition predicated on new strategies and maintain a pure framework. A formal Composition is much well suited for Ryan Air but along with Michael O'Leary a good composition should be helpful in helping the organization if it was a formal or informal composition. Since O'Leary was indeed approachable the structure of the organization remains brief and works more effectively in getting the duty done.

6. 0 Advice and Strategy Implementation using Mckinsey's 7's model

The strategy implantation for an improved future for Ryan Air recommends various aspects that need to be enhanced in order maintain steadiness and improve efficiency. According to the 7'S model developed by Mckinsey this analysis is able make the recommendation about how to overcome the current situation and the fine art of increasing the strategy of Ryan Air under the commandment of Mr. O'Leary. Therefore the 7 S model has had the opportunity to develop a through advice all round to improve efficiency and effectiveness the business.

The following criterion addresses each aspect of the company how to improve its performance. (Refer Appendix 2 for diagram)

Strategy: Concentrating on learning to be a truly low cost airline recommending that Ryan Air is actually a minimal budget airline would maintain competitive edge on the other airliners.

Structure: The composition at Ryan Air is in a way that all brain of sectors survey right to the CEO of the business, Michael O'Leary. Therefore Ryan Air consists of a short organizational structure. Maintaining this structure would ensure transparency is anchored together with efficient tasks.

Systems: Better frontline employees to increase the operational efficiency to be able to take care of any situation. By not taking benefit of the price sensitive consumer and instead, embracing them would help Ryan Air reach its goals in sales.

Shared Prices: The key Values of the company would be used in line with the culture of the business. Since the organization is a low budget service provider, catering and sticking with basic needs should be the main focus and should be seen as a value of the business.

Style: The style of leadership employed by Michael O'Leary is quite near to learning to be a level 5 head, but needs to be increased in being more team focused. The design of leadership used at Ryan Air has up to now prevailed reviving them as the largest carrier in britain.

Staff: Better training and career development programs would help contribute to employee morale and inspiration. More training programs would improve their efficiencies in maximizing operational efficiency in order to provide the best service possible even in failing situations.

Skills: The skills and Competencies seem to are based on Mr. O'Leary himself. Strong financial programs have ensured again that Ryan Air is definitely the cost innovator who focuses much less on differentiation. By not taking advantage of price very sensitive consumers and instead embracing they would help Ryan Air reach its goals as the No. 1 Budget Carrier in Europe.

(Source: http://www. mindtools. com/pages/article/newSTR_91. htm)

Additional Recommendations

The growth of routes available

Offer more Superior services

Increase sales of air tickets

Turn Focus to leisure and private travel market

These recommendations contain business extension which would require capital investment. Therefore they remain as additional suggestions that would improve Ryan Air as the lowest cost budget airliner the entire world.

7. 0 Conclusion

In conclusion the examination of Ryan Air is to assess its viability and capacity to overcome obstructions and restraining pushes to become the largest carrier in the United Kingdom. Examination of Ryan Air was conducted with the Value Chain and Porters Universal 5 Causes. These helped in the understanding of the focus in Ryan Air as an expense Leader and their cost methods which have complimented their business with a demand because of their service. As cost innovator over differentiation is their major concern, Ryan Air can turn into a true budget airline that offers basic service and high quality and quick plane tickets without delays and gas surcharges. Quick turnarounds and productive flights ensure Ryan Air to be the picked airline in UK among businessman. Broadening the horizons to catering to leisure areas also may be of value to Ryan Air if growth is conducted.

Therefore this survey consists of essential information that pertains to Ryan Air's existing strategy and the strategy that should be implemented as explained in the suggestion section along with Mckinsey's 7 S model. Further all developments of this analysis have been conducted with the best knowledge of understanding through the inner research and strategical knowledge of the business.

Ryan Air is on the verge of succession if their strategies are in par with the goals and goals. Therefore what is important is the fact Ryan Air remains as the cost head in its section to thrive in the united kingdom market of Airlines.

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