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Case Study Of Entrepreneurship In Etisalat Business Essay

Etisalat is the UAE's major telecommunication company. It has around 74 million customers worldwide. It has more than 120 roaming companions in all over the world. It provides selection of telephony services and internet services. In the individuals, common customers to many big corporate residences depend after the infrastructure (telecommunication) support provided by Etisalat. Etisalat operates in whole Midsection East and Africa and its headquarters is within UAE. It also has procedures in Asia which is planning to extend at several places in coming times through mergers and acquisitions. It is provider of tone communication over mobile or set series, and data communication, to individuals, businesses and international telecommunication companies, mobile providers, ISPs, content professional. It is innovator in Midsection East and Africa region.

Etisalat can be an organization that feels in continuous invention in products and its services. It offers high technology facilities to its customers. It is very keen towards the quality of services that has been delivered to them. Etisalat has won several accolades for customer satisfaction and that's the key reason why it's the leading company of the region. The business management is great at operating business and widening in new locations to increase the customer base and also to get the scientific support using their partners. It includes majority possession in a leading supplier of satellite telephony, Thuraya.

Etisalat has good Research & Development office. It keeps changing the technology occurrence of the company. Etisalat has deployed 3. 75 G network in Egypt at that time when several companies are still applying the 3G network infrastructure. This is the clear evidence of the commitment of the business towards the quality and the technology progression. The business also shows corporate and business public responsibility and intends to provide sustainable value string with minimum impact on the surroundings.

Entrepreneurial Activity and Innovation

It is among the most need of the hour that every company must improve on the assistance that it provides. It is more very important to a sector like telecommunications where in fact the competition is so strong that one can't survive on a weaker offering or service delivery. Under the conditions, Etisalat uncovered a very important problem that many of its users were facing. Owing to the shortage of time, a lot of the conversations on the mobile were generally designed to be really small. Regardless of talking for under one-third of one minute, the customers were required to pay the same as one would pay possessed he talked for the whole minute. Now, with large numbers of calls, there was a full wastage of money in this respect. So, Etisalat made a noticable difference in its services. It unveiled the system of pay-by-the-second. Now, the customer wouldn't normally have to unnecessarily pay when they do not should have to. This seduced a number of customers towards using the services of the business. So far as classification of this innovation is concerned, it would are categorized as the category of growing new and much better services and ways to deliver them. It acquired better still for the business, as this form of service was made available in even the smallest denomination card value. So, client satisfaction which is one of the major issues in any company's success became effectiveness with this action.

Level of Intrapreneurship

As this invention was made within the organization itself, it certainly was intrapreneurship. It did not lead to the start-up of the business, however the idea was generated from within the machine. So far as the effects of the service on the business is concerned, there is great gratitude for the same on the market. Hence, the level of intrapreneurship was really high. If one notices this from innovation, it discovers the fact that an company would not just find success by mere competing. It would only become justified, if inner innovations are appropriate enough to take the business enterprise towards rivalling in the newer market as well. So, this form of intrapreneurship not only provided product modification but also provided a opportunity for market development. So far as the results of the same are worried, the company did see a substantial level of market development after bringing out this feature. So, it was an effective attempt.

Motivational Factors and Rewards

Motivation can be labeled in two varieties. The first one is intrinsic determination and the second is extrinsic motivation. Considering the proper execution of technology that the company has undergone, it would certainly fall under the intrinsic motivational form. The marketing office of Etisalat was in charge of finding out the need for pay-by-the-second efficiency. From then on, it was the inner system which presumed that adding this feature would be of use for the company. So far as the factors that resulted in this intrinsic desire are concerned, they could be mentioned the following:

A belief to increase the market share.

A self-assurance in the internal system of the business.

A degree of courage to handle the deficits of inability (if any).

Consistent change popular of the clients.

Talking about the rewards that were associated with this innovation, the business celebrated the introduction of this center in the market. It felicitated the hands in charge of making it a chance. Also, Etisalat tactics a designated performance appraisal system. The business by virtue of its activities has proved that it's essential to web page link performance with rewards. The explanation for the same is the fact whenever the business recognizes that its employees are out-performing, it creates all the agreements such that those included are rewarded. This raises the possibilities for intrinsic determination within the company's staff. This is why that much of the employees of the company look to keep themselves for longer intervals at the same time, they keep innovating and taking the company forward from its then position. So, we see from this circumstance of Etisalat that it is actually needed for a company to link performance to rewards.

Leadership and Alternative Factors

Etisalat is one corporation which is convinced in the fact without effective command; there is no way the business will get success. A leader's works in this framework are the following:

Interpersonal and Informational Assignments:

It carries the duty to provide information throughout the business working as a figurehead, innovator and liaison. The company feels that when the information is in fact disseminated by the leaders, it is only then that the employees get determined enough to carry out the company's work. Similar has been the circumstance with Etisalat as well. The leaders had taken the responsibility to explain the value of pay-by-the-second to the employees. The marketing department got its motivation from there and hence the features was well publicized. This form of communication also makes the first choice well known in the worker body. With this, there is a unity to carry out all further tasks of the business.

Decisional Roles:

From the decisional perspective, the leaders of the company are thought to be entrepreneurs (which in cases like this refer to intrapreneurs), disturbance handlers, tool allocators and negotiators. One can evidently see from the purpose of the business behind presenting the feature that it could have to take care of disturbances regarding non-acceptance of the idea on the market. Also, we have seen the entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship) which resulted in the introduction of this feature. So, you can note that the decisional tasks of a leader are justified by introducing this feature.

External Factors:

Now, an interior likeliness of inspiration can only come about when there is an external need of a certain service or product on the market. Here, the external factor was that of the head-to-head competition that the business has with its nearest competitor DU. Also, the latent needs of the clients in conjunction with this form of competition made it look even more very important to Etisalat to take over the pay-by-the-second plan.

Personality Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are the people who take determined risk and have confidence in their activities. They look towards creating new specifications at their work. They provide complete commitment towards their management and try to achieve their concentrate on at the earliest opportunity while maintaining the communication along with his fellow employees. However the success rate of entrepreneurship is not very good but this is not because of their mis management, it is really because of some exterior factors or the loosening after seeing the initial success. In Etisalat people behind the technology of the assistance are the person who is very good at convincing employees and management. They look in the market for the need of the time and they innovate their services to fulfill them in best possible way. Etisalat also used to organize regular conferences to talk about the knowledge of the entrepreneurs (intrapreneur) with the employees which result in the inspirational influence on them. It offers an opportunity for each employee to add towards the invention at services and products. Company entertains the ideas originated from employees and after analyzing their feasibility implementation may be achieved. Business owners at Etisalat are self handled people and they know the level to which company may permit them to perform. This implies they may have good knowledge of their interior locus of control and make an effort to operate in line with the feasibility. They can be esteemed people and always keep considering progressing to new technology that is noticeable from the company's constant improvement in performance. They make an effort to over perform others and Etisalat is departing their competitors way behind in the amount of services they offer. Other companies used the structure of pay per second contacting system after viewing its acceptance. Etisalat likewise have strategy of growing in a number of new locations and their business people are surveying these regions where they can exploit the customer basic even by merger and acquisition with other businesses. It clearly demonstrates internet marketers have affiliation of electricity.

Entrepreneurship at Etisalat is a very common paradigm; the company is a whole lot enthusiastic about the ground breaking activities that it always prefers to look at the market in ways to achieve greatest performance. The business has history of enhancements. In telecommunication sector of UAE, Etisalat is a company that leads the way in terms of technology. Other companies in the region always used to follow it. The company is head of market due to this reason only. It is expanding its operation in newer market segments to become international leader. This is rather clear that company needs a lot of intrapreneurship activities so that it can perform their eyesight and mission of providing best possible services. Intrapreneurs at Etisalat are very energetic people and always keep watching the market for the possible technology. They will be the people who properly talk to leaders and perform their finest. The ideas of inventions and renovation at company keep coming from them plus they have urgent desire to have the success. The company support entrepreneurship from the most notable level of its management and management always help in their functioning. The leadership qualities of internet marketers are noticeable at Etisalat and they play a significant role in the business development of the business. The expansion ideas and the product development works under their supervision and the marketing team work with them so that they can do exact advertising of the new services. The relationship between your departments is good in Etisalat which is ideal for the Intrapreneurs.

Political and Power-Related Circumstances

The control at Etisalat is very supportive of the entrepreneurial activities. The business is very willing towards progressing fast and adopting newer services with the passage of time. They provide much importance to the invention aspect in company. That's the reason the entrepreneurship at business very successful in achieving their goal successfully. The company's management is very good at communicating with their workers and have shown good quality work environment. Employee satisfaction level is good. Also UAE authorities has several agreements with the company so Etisalat doesn't get much hindrance following that in implementation of the impressive services or in introducing services. And scheduled to need of improvement in its service the organizational management adopted an extremely translucent system and helped business owners in doing their work by facilitating with financial help and manual resources required. Business people were able to analyze the precise performance of company and all the reports that may help in making improvements in services were shared properly with them. This led to comfort capacity of the entrepreneurship with the organizational environment.

Success of the Innovation

The pay per second plan by Etisalat is an enormous success. The business is reaping advantages of its quality improvement and the customer satisfaction. The business is distributing huge dividends and also following several new jobs of enhancing and assisting the advancement and entrepreneurship. The purchases created by Etisalat in international market are also offering big profits. The company is seeing bigger customer bottom at UAE with its other operating locations. Individuals are going for Etisalat for using the good quality services. The pay per second plan made the company popular in common people too. The competition also implemented the same path to attract the clients but first comer's benefits has been Etisalat. Company is also starting the 3. 75 G network and has implemented it at several places. They are really providing broadband data plans and efficient business solutions too like ISP, VPN etc.

This success has created path for much more innovations. The company has its eyesight of providing the best services with regular technology improvement so that the customers to find the feel of latest enhancements on the market. The entrepreneurs involved in the innovation receive proper rewards that are a good measure to motivate others in being truly a part in the inventions.

Ethical Implication of the Intrapreneurial Activity

Every innovation can't be implemented for the sake of getting profit running a business. The entrepreneurial ideas are welcomed but they need to be analyzed for the ethical and corporate social responsibility aspect. Even as we can easily see that Etisalat is growing rapidly nevertheless they are simultaneously keeping their image in the market and world. They kick off new services while considering the actual fact that it will fulfill the requirements of customers. They don't just exploit the demand searching for their benefit; in addition they see what type of demand is the fact. The demand may be for the improvement of service or for the services. The business should be dedicated for providing the best services while preserving their profitability. But it also implies that organizations have work toward the culture too that they make available the merchandise and services matching to customer needs.

If a firm views the demand in market and then innovate the technology or services that is simple to produce but does not completely fulfill the customer's expectation then this type of innovation cannot be viewed as ethically correct. There must be ethical account with the every entrepreneurial activity normally it could be profitable in shorter duration but down the road it will impact the company's business and its own image in market. Any development at the organization can said good only once it increases the employees and customers satisfaction. The entrepreneurship is not simply to assist in the economic benefits, it will consider the every aspect of the activity and locus of impact it creates on implementation.

Innovation Procedure in own Business Unit

At any business device the creativity or entrepreneurial activities should be cared for as assignments. These assignments should be first examined for their feasibility. Also the necessity of innovation and its own urgency should be specified. The company management should then examine each task on different guidelines like cost involved, preference, relationship with the existing business, technology included, resources required, times needed, hazards associated etc. These parameters decide the inclination order for the innovation projects whatever of the projects to be started out first and exactly how much percentage of resources to be assigned to which job.

If any business unit treats innovation in this manner then it is possible that it will get far better result than any other company. But normally what goes on that company management doesn't show very much involvement in the innovation jobs because no-one wants to take risks. The entrepreneurship is approximately taking risk however in calculated manner. So now this will depend upon the ability of entrepreneurs in making the market leaders of the business enterprise unit to comprehend the benefits from the project. Also the chance associated should be mapped with the alternatives and all the alternatives should be virtually tested before making any proposals to leader.

In businesses it ought to be done like arranging regular conferences so that individuals can present their new ideas in front of market leaders and management of the company. This wide open house discussion is helpful in making them understand the necessity of the business and the direction where the company may exploit in better way with good success. Entrepreneurs of the business here get possibility to motivate more Intrapreneurs at the company.

The financial planning of the business is also accountable for the approach company adopts into the innovation assignments. When company recognizes the need of entrepreneurship, it allocates a part of fund towards the study and development in its every financial 12 months. These funds are utilized by business owners in producing and promoting new products. The expansion ideas of the firm are also very important for the business development but it's very common for the leaders of the organization to disregard these ideas. It happens because the uncertainty of the marketplace response towards this idea.

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