Case Study: Snapple Brand Audit

The reason for this article is to execute a brandname audit for the brand Snapple by analyzing the brand's portfolio and also by exploring consumer perceptions and the companies that have managed Snapple.

Snapple Brand

Snapple is a brandname that was founded by three acquaintances who realized there were more opportunities with fruits then just consuming it. Their capability to see more prospects in fruit launched the start of non-carbonated beverages within the United States. Today Snapple is aside of Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. Snapple is a drink that's available in a multitude of juices, teas and flavored waters and has been on shelves for over thirty years. Snapple beverages are well-known for their quirky image, use of wine glass bottles and "real facts". Snapple is known for his or her slogan "Created from the Best Stuff on the planet", which identifies their use of all natural ingredients. ()??


Brief History and Background

Unadulterated Food Corporation, now know to the entire world as Snapple was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1972. Hyman Golden, Arnold Greenburg and Leonard Marsh are known as the makers of this non-carbonated berry and tea beverage. These three inventers began by retailing Snapple beverages in a variety of health food stores within the New York area (About Snapple, n. d. ).

Unadulterated Food Firm eventually changed labels to Snapple Beverage Firm. The Snapple Beverage Corporation conducted business well, grew fast and the brand Snapple became well known to many drink drinkers by the early 1990's. Most of Snapple's sales were made in a network of smaller self-employed vendors. The Snapple Beverage Corporation choose to allow sales in mere a small portion of supermarket stations and remained out of outlets that primarily sold top selling brand names such as, Coke and Pepsi. The marketplace soon became aware of the Snapple brand and in 1992 a private based investment firm from Boston purchased Snapple. A yr later the Snapple brand became public and went countrywide (Jackson, 2008).

Two years later Snapple Beverage Corporation was purchased from the Boston founded investment center by Quaker Oats. Quaker Oats management and strategy of the Snapple brand differed greatly and many changes were made including the circulation of the brand, which possessed which can work so well for the brand in the first place. This change of ownership and strategy brought on significant amounts of damage to the Snapple brand. The brand's image and reputation were harmed and sales encountered a large decrease (Jackson, 2008).

Snapple was sold once again in 1997 to Triarc Companies. Triarc Companies contained back Snapple's original commercial strategy & most importantly returned to using similar distributors. Triarc effectively recreated a good brand image and increased Snapple's sales just in time to market it to Cadbury Schweepes in 2000. Today the Snapple brand is aside of the Dr Pepper Snapple Group which was created in 2008 after Cadbury Schweepes segregated of their Americas Beverages business (Our Brands Snapple, n. d. ).



Snapple's products offers consumers over fifty different types of Snapple beverages to choose from. Snapple's beverages consist of five different types of drinks that include; Tea, Water, Juice, 100% Drink, and Diet. Snapple drinks come in a variety of flavors including Original, Berry, Citrus, Berry and Mixed Berries. Each flavour category offers a full range of flavors. All products are said to be "Made from the Best Products on Earth". In addition Snapple products are created by using all 100 % natural ingredients and marketed as being "100% Natural" (Products, n. d. ).


In 1982 Unadulterated Food Corporation was selling their products at a fairly high price of an $1 per bottle (Snapple Drink, n. d. ). Today Dr Pepper Snapple still employs a premium charges technique for the Snapple brand in comparison with similar refreshments on the marketplace. The average selling price for a bottle of Snapple tends to range from a $2. 00 to $3. 00. Snapple's price per container varies on location of purchase and size of container. Snapple's use of a premium pricing strategy can be an indicator of the product quality that may be found within each with their drinks. Snapple is also able to employ this type of a costs strategy because of the claim and leadership of being the leader in great-tasting prime drinks (Dr. Pepper Snapple, n. d. ).


From the start but still today Snapple differentiates itself as being an alternative solution choice to carbonated beverages. The brand helps bring about their premium beverages to be"100% natural", fun, real and personal. Snapple has used several successful advertising strategies throughout the years which have contains a spokes model, celebrity endorsements, media advertisements, contests and other conventional ways of advertising ()??.

The earlier years of Snapple's history included Wendy Kaufman, known as "the Snapple Lady". Wendy Kaufman became Snapple's spokes model, Wendy heavily advertised the Snapple brand in many various ways for several years. Snapple also integrated star endorsements such as Howard Stern and Dash Limbaugh to promote the Snapple brand. In later years Snapple launched new advertising advertisements that presented Snapple bottles known as "Little Fruits" who performed individuals that helped recreate Snapple's quirky image. Snapple's also created a competition titled "What's Your Account". The competition allowed consumers to talk about their own experience with the Snapple brand. Snapple then given the champion with a fresh Snapple commercial that was based on that individual's Snapple experience. Snapple in addition has uses many kinds of traditional advertising such as their website, radio, and outdoor deals at bus shelters or with billboards (Manning-Schaffel, 2003).


From the start Snapple was sold in just a network of smaller impartial marketers, such as mom-and-pop outlets with limited sales in supermarkets. This allowed the brand to generate great relationships with the distributors. Distributors were changed throughout the years because of the various ownerships of the brand. Today Dr Pepper Snapple distributes it products through their own company's bottling and circulation network, through third-party marketers and through foodservices. Snapple is obtainable worldwide and can be purchase just about anywhere; convenience stores, supermarkets, malls, online and through vending machines.

Increasing accessibility of Dr Pepper Snapple products has been the business's goal and main target throughout the previous five years. In order to achieve increased option of their products Dr Pepper Snapple, Inc. added 175, 000 coolers and vending machines throughout the previous five fiscal durations, added more vending machines within food outlets and had made their products more available within junk food restaurants (Theodore, 2009).



Snapple's website can be located at http://www. snapple. com/. Snapple surfers can find out everything they ever wished to know about their favorite Snapple beverage on Snapple's website. The website details information about all sorts of drink and flavor in the marketplace, nutritional information and upcoming new tastes. The website also provides Snapple supporters with an automated item locator for those who need assistance to find their favorite Snapple products. This interacted tool allows Snapple addicts to locate a common product any day and hour of the week (Snapple, n. d. ). ()???

For followers of Snapple's "Real Facts" the web site provides surfers with an achieved list of the now retired 675 "Real Facts". One can also register on their website to have the latest Snapple information, events and offers sent directly to their email or cell phone. For individuals who don't desire to register the site does provide information on current special offers and promotions. Furthermore Snapple's website carries a faqs section, current pr announcements and a link on how to contact the business (Snapple, n. d. ).

Other Forms of Communication

Snapple's other forms of communication include public networking, sales marketing promotions, advertising, happenings, and public relations. Social networking is becoming very popular and is now used by many companies as a kind of communication. Social media is a free form of advertising that can reach millions of men and women around the world. Snapple currently can be found on Facebook and Twitter. The company encourages Snapple followers to become their friend on Facebook or to tweet on Twitter.

Snapple's sale deals include consumer campaigns that provide free samples or coupons to consumers. The company also utilizes trade offers, competition for consumers and sales repetitions. In addition the company will offer product offers at supermarkets, academic institutions and athletic night clubs (Chan, 2007).

Advertising of the Snapple brand can be found around. Snapple is well known because of their use of network marketing, print multimedia and radio advertisements. The company also uses various types of display marketing such as promotional shows on the products, billboards, posters at shopping center kiosks, bus shelters and even air banners as a kind of advertising their brand. Snapple also facilitates and sponsors many public occasions and community service programs, especially within NEW YORK where New Yorkers love the Snapple brand (Chan, 2007).

In addition to the aforementioned varieties of communication Snapple also utilizes pr as a form of communication. For example one of Snapple's previous pr includes the benefits of Snapple's White Tea. To be able to create brand awareness of their new product Snapple employed Ruder Finn to bring in the new product in several metropolitan areas. Coverage of the function was within major newspapers and various television stations across the USA. Free samples were passed out and over 32, 000 consumers' attended the tour (Snapple White Tea, n. d. ).


Brand Attributes

Brand attributes will be the basic conditions that set up a brand's id. They display associations that consumers assigned to a brand. These organizations can be either positive or negative and also can have different meanings and levels of importance to different customers sections, cultures and marketplaces (Brand glossary, n. d. ). Among the main brand attributes a consumer needs when investing in a Snapple beverage is for it to flavour great. Other common brand attributes that consumers have designated to the Snapple brand are excellent taste, 100% natural, "Created from the Best Stuff on Earth", authentic, high quality beverage, quirky, personal and fun. These brand capabilities are a few of the common features that are distributed by Snapple's consumers plus they have characterized and defined Snapple's individuality.

Brand Portfolio

Dr Pepper Snapple group's profile consists of over fifty different brands and hundreds of different flavours. Their stock portfolio includes many different types and flavours of carbonated and non soda pops, teas, waters, mixers, juices and other prime beverages. A few of Dr Pepper Snapple's key brands include:


Dates back to 1885 which is the oldest soda in the United States.

Rated #1 in its taste category.

Rated #2 in overall flavored in america.

Dr. Pepper drinks are available in regular, diet and Cherry.

Dr Pepper Snapple Group's Central Four Brands:

Rated #1orange flavored CDS in the United States

Sunkist drinks come in diets, oranges & other super fruit flavors.

Licensed as a CSD by Sunkist Growers Association for over 95 years.

Founded in 1992.

7up comes in diet, regular & cherry.

Rated #2 lemon-lime CDS in america.

Rated #1 main beer in america.

Flavors are available in cream soda pop, diet & regular.

Known as all American Drink.

Rated #1 ginger ale in the United States and Canada.

Is available in club soda, green tea ginger ale, tonic & other mixers.

Born in Canada in 1904 & introduced in the United States in 1919.

Other CDS Brands:

Rated #2 orange CSD in the United States

Available in orange, diet and other fruit flavors.

Invented in 1906.

Rated #2 ginger ale in the United States & Canada.

Available in tonic, golf club soda & other mixers

Created in 1783 the first carbonated beverage on the globe.

Ranked #1 carbonated mineral normal water in Mexico.

Available in several flavors, twist and natural.

Was created in 1938.

Ranked #1 grapefruit CDS in america.

Non-Carbonated Beverages (NCB):

Wide selection of tea products that includes; premium, super top quality & value teas.

Snapple offers a wide variety of premium juices and juice drinks.

A leading tea drink in the United States.

Ranked #1 fruits punch in the United States

Available in reduced calorie and will be offering a variety of super fruit flavors.

Ranked #1 mixer brand in the United States

Ranked #1 Bloody Mary brand in the United States

Considered to be always a leading mixer brand.

(Dr Pepper Snapple 10-K, 2010)

Brand Lines Extensions - Inventory

The below physique displays the flavors and types of beverages included within the Snapple brand:

Figure 1: Snapple Flavors, Beverages and Purpose

Flavor Drink Ingestion Purpose

Acai Mixed Berrry Red Tea Immunity

Apple Plum White) Tea

Asian Pear Green Tea Metabolism

Compassionberry Tea

Diet Green Tea

Diet Lemon Tea

Diet Lemonade Iced Tea

Diet Lime Green Tea

Diet Mango Green Tea Metabolism

Diet Peach Green Tea

Diet Peach Tea

Diet Plum-a-Granate Tea

Diet Raspberry Tea

Diet Trop-A-Pocka Tea

Earl Grey African american Tea

English Breakfast Dark colored Tea

Green Tea Metabolism

Lemon Dark Tea

Lemon Tea

Lemonade Iced Tea

Mango GREEN TEA EXTRACT Metabolism

Mint Tea

Nectarine White Tea Refresh

Peach Green Tea

Peach Pomegranate Red Tea Immunity

Peach Tea

Pineapple Peach Mango Oolong Tea

Pomegranate Raspberry Red Tea

Raspberry Tea

Raspberry White Tea Refresh

Acai Blackberry Juice Drink

Cranberry Raspberry Juice Drink

Diet Cranberry Rashberry Juice Drink

Fruit Punch Juice Drink

Go Bananas Juice Drink

Grapeade Juice Drink

Kiwi Pear Juice Drink Metabolism

Kiwi-Strawberry Juice Drink

Lemonade Juice Drink

Mango Madness Juice Drink

Noni Berry Juice Drink Metabolism

Orangeade Juice Drink

Peach Mangosteen Juice Drink Immunity

Pink Lemonade Juice Drink

Pomegranate Raspberry Juice Drink

Raspberry Peach Juice Drink

Snapple Apple Juice Drink

Summer Peach Juice Drink

Fruit Punch 100% Juiced

Grape 100% Juiced

Green Apple 100% Juiced

Melon Berry 100% Juiced

Orange Mango 100% Juiced

Strawberry Lime 100% Juiced

Agave Melon Antioxidant Water Restore

Dragonfruit Antioxidant Normal water Awaken

Grape Pomegranate Antioxidant Water Defy

Orange Antioxidant Normal water Protect

Snapple LYTeWater Hydrate

Strawberry Acai Antioxidant Normal water Awaken

(Snapple Products, n. d. )


Customer Knowledge

Snapple is company that achieved brand acceptance fairly quickly and it didn't take miss customers to keep knowledge of the brand. In order to increase customer knowledge the business hired Wendy Kaufman when they discovered she have been answering fan mail on her behalf own. Wendy Kaufman then required it upon herself to spread the term about the Snapple brand. She made appearance at retail and supermarket stores. Wendy also started accepting Snapple drinker's invites through fan mail. She went to sleepovers, club mitzvahs and even proms (Deighton, 2002).

Customer knowledge also requires companies having knowledge and an understanding what their customers want. In order to gain that knowledge Dr Pepper Snapple Group has a research and development middle that is responsible for gathering consumer insights. For instance, most recently after executing consumer research the company decided to make a change to Snapple's glass bottles. This change was because of the fact that consumers indicated comments about how Snapple's glass bottle didn't easily fit into their glass holders. This was due to the fact that the bottle had been untouched since 1984 at a time when vehicles didn't have glass holders. Customer knowledge isn't only something Dr Pepper Snapple says they maintain, but it is something they work on and this contributes significantly to the brand's collateral (Theodore, 2009).

Mental Map Graph

Figure 2: Snapple's Mental Map

Quirky Flavors

Fun Little Fruits

The Snapple Lady Real Facts

Premium Variety

100% Natural Howard Stern

Sources of Brand Equity

Snapple's has many sources of brand collateral. Snapple was the first company to kick off the start of non-carbonated beverages and introduce a fresh preference experience to consumers. Snapple actually build their brand collateral through the distributors with their products and then later through their creative marketing. Throughout Snapple's record the brand has been able to differentiation themselves from other beverages by building a humorous eyesight towards their own products. Snapple's resources of brand equity also come from their use of 100 % natural ingredients and using their company slogan "Made from the Best Products on the planet". In addition Snapple's use of star endorsement and different marketing activities have built great resources of brand equity for the brand.

Marketing Activities

Snapple's marketing activities have included the use of celebrity endorsements such as Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh. Wendy Kaufman at first hired to respond to Snapple fan email became very active in promoting the Snapple brand through a variety of different marketing activities such as making general public appearances at retail stores (Deighton, 2002). Snapple also involved in a marketing program that invited consumers around America to try a complimentary Snapple drink. This marketing activity included going to high traffic areas and different marketplaces while distributing a free test of Snapple and was intended to make Snapple a nationwide brand (Snapple Launches, n. d. ).

In order to market new products the company has also conducted city tours which were used to bring brand awareness to their new items. In addition in 2003 Snapple paired up with NEW YORK. Snapple and NEW YORK became marketing associates which provided Snapple the chance to sells their beverage through vending machines and concessions on NEW YORK property in exchange for a way to help the location bring in earnings (Chan, 2006).

Points of Parity and Factors of Difference

The following stand illustrates capabilities that are distributed by drinks and also displays what makes the Snapple brand unique.

Points of Parity (POP)

Points of Difference (POD)

-Use of similar circulation channels

-Available beverage sizes



-Use of Wine glass bottles

-100% Natural


-Premium Beverages

-Brand's quirky image

-"Real Facts"


Customer Brand Resonance

Resonance identifies the relationship that is shaped between the customer and the brand (Keller, 2001). Snapple customers have showed high examples of loyalty through other ways of interacting with the brand. For instance Wendy Kaufman the Snapple Sweetheart use to received more than 100, 000 characters per year (Gattuso, 1995). When Snapple launched their tour for the introduction of Snapple's White Tea a large number of consumers' attended the travel. This exhibits customer's devotion to purchasing and eating Snapple's brands on a regular basis.

Customer Judgments

This represents the views and evaluations customers develop with regards to the brand itself. Snapple's preference, product, design and quality are examples of judgments and feelings that can favorable or unfavorably impact consumer opinions. Customers who communicate high judgments into the Snapple brand are likely to make additional buys.

Customer Feelings

Customer emotions characterize customers' reactions and emotional responses to a brand. These feelings can stand for fun, excitement, comfort, social authorization or security (Keller, 2001). Snapple's "Real Facts" provide customers with thoughts of fun and thrills. Snapple can also provide a sense of refreshment when eating their beverages. Furthermore certain Snapple beverages are design to provide feelings of immunity, energy, and hydration.

Brand Performance

Brand performance pertains to customers assessments of the grade of the brand. The Snapple brand focuses on using no preservatives and all natural ingredients unlike a lot of its opponents. Snapple has always offered a regular variety of popular flavors and original quality recipes. These represents ways that Snapple attempts to keep up positive assessment with their brand's performance.

Brand Imagery

Brand imagery pertains to how customers take into account the Snapple brand theoretically. In addition, it symbolizes the visuals images that customers affiliate with the brand. The Snapple brand reflects a fun and quirky image that stands out in mind of these consumers. Snapple will always be appreciated by "The Snapple Sweetheart", Wendy Kaufman and known as "THE VERY BEST Stuff on the planet".


Brand salience refers to customers' knowing of the Snapple brand. Brand salience includes customers' ability to web page link the brand name and logo collectively. The Snapple brand can be easily acknowledged and recalled in the thoughts of consumers. Snapple continuously works on maintaining a high degree of brand recognition through their promotional activities.


Core Competencies and Sustainable Competitive Advantages

Snapple achieved an enormous competitive advantage from the start when they unveiled the first Snapple drink in 1972. Their launched of Snapple products was the launch of non-carbonated drinks within america. Today this competitive edge still remains strong for the Snapple brand. Carbonated soft drinks are declining because consumers are becoming more health conscious and have improved their purchasing manners. Snapple's use of all natural ingredients reveals consumers with a wholesome option which in exchange supplies the Snapple brand with another competitive edge in comparison to their competitors. In addition one of Snapple's central competencies has been their ability to connect with the consumers in significant and enduring ways ()??.

SWOT Analysis

Figure 4: Snapple SWOT Analysis


First to market non-carbonated drinks Authentic

Strong heritage Reputation of quality

Celebrity endorsements

All Natural

Large variety of products

Brand associations

Weakness -

Various ownerships

Snapple full selection of flavors aren't sold everywhere

Lack of advertising all their flavors

Pricing strategy

Opportunities -

Expansion into more markets

Easy to visit single drink blend packets

Variety of more antioxidant water flavors

Threats -

Large quantity of competitors

High costs of marketing

Price of ingredients

Possibility of dropping distributors agreements

Long Term Brand Value - Brand Mantra

Snapple spent some time working hard to achieve its long term brand value and it brand mantra of being all natural. Due to the various ownerships of the brand Snapple has battled with maintaining a strong brand image. To be able to maintain long-term brand value Dr Pepper Snapple, Inc. is focused on staying centered on brand development and new improvements. Not only are they focused on new developments, however the company in addition has increased advertising spending during a essential time when most companies are pulling back again on marketing scheduled to cost-effective reasons. The excess resources being devote to marketing and brand development will help ensure a positive future and long term brand value for Dr Pepper Snapple, Inc brands.


The drink industry is highly competitive and goes on to develop and make changes to be able to respond to consumer choices. Snapple's competition is based on many factors such as brand reputation, taste, quality, availableness, price, and convenience (Dr. Pepper Snapple 10-K, 2010). The non-carbonated beverage business continues to grow and Snapple now has to promote shelf space with many other brands. A few of Snapple's key competition include, Napa Naturals, Lipton, Natural Quenchers, Nestea, SoHo, Fruitopia, Az, Sobe and Ocean Spray.


Snapple needs to remain centered on the features of why its brand is respected. To continue to grow and elaborate development will be required. The enhanced drinking water category continues to remain popular and keeps growing quickly. It is recommended that Snapple needs advance of this market growth by creating more flavors within their antioxidant water beverages. Despite the types of new advancements engaged Dr Pepper Snapple, Inc. must stay focused on the key brand value. This allows consumers to easily identity any new products. Additionally it is suggested that Snapple make investments more on advertising their current products as much customers don't realize the actual fact that Snapple has over 50 varieties of different drinks to choose from. Last but not least, Wendy Kaufman highly contributed to Snapple's brand understanding and many Snapple drinkers love hearing her answering admirer mail. Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. may choose to consider taking Wendy Kaufman back order to built again Snapple's brand understanding.

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