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Cartoon Saloon Organisational Structure

1. a. History

Cartoon Saloon can be an animation studio, located in Kilkenny city, Ireland, made in 1999 by three college friends Paul Young, Tomm Moore and Nora Twomey. They produce shorts, feature videos and TV series that are very popular in Ireland and worldwide.

Cartoon Saloon became internationally famous after their two Academy Accolades, BAFTA and Oscar nominations because of their feature movies "The Secret of Kells" and "Tune of the Sea". Their award winning show "Puffin Rock and roll" happens to be being broadcast surrounding the world: UK (NickJr), Ireland (RTE), Australia, Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Denmark, and has exclusively premiered on Netflix internationally like the U. S. and Canada.

Cartoon Saloon spouse with a whole lot of international music artists and companies to inform new unique testimonies on the screen. Recently they have joined causes with the Canadian company Mercury Filmworks to create a new full service animation studio that'll be based in Kilkenny, Ireland and can create 140 new jobs in your community.

Company type Animation studio

Industry Media & Entertainment

Products Animated feature films

TV series


Short films



Size around 70 everlasting employees

AddressThe Maltings, Tilbury Place, Adam' Avenue, Kilkenny, Ireland.

Webwww. cartoonsaloon. ie

Cartoon Saloon is an exclusive Sector Organisation. They have three officially listed companies under its name: The Animation Saloon LTD (set up in 2000, 4 shareholders), Animation Saloon Production LTD (setup in 2013) and Cartoon Saloon Brand Development LTD (set up in 2015). Each is Private Limited Companies By Stocks.

1. b. Description of 4 departments in Toon Saloon

Company's department framework can be split into two main industries: Creation and MANAGEMENT. Management sector include all departments that support the work of the Creation Department.

Production Department

Production section in the animation studio has the prevalent numbers of employees and manages the whole process of creating aesthetic products (films, series, advertisements, illustrations etc. ) and include: Pre-production, Development and Post-production techniques.

Pre-production is a stage when the team comes up with a concept and genre, produces a story, creates a storyboard and sketches designs, chooses camera sides and prepares all bits to start out the Production process.

Production itself include such activities as sketching, creating illustrations, texturing, colouring, shading, lighting, speech and music taking, sound effects etc. predicated on the guidelines established in the Pre-production level.

And the ultimate Post-production step of film creation is when everything is being brought mutually: music and tone combined with graphics, scenes being minimize and the complete film being edited.

Main functions of Development Department:

  • Creating an idea for another product
  • Writing a script
  • Drawing a storyboard
  • Developing Layouts
  • Voice and music recording
  • Drawing/illustrating/colouring/shading/lighting
  • Direction and coordination of all processes described above

Administration Department

Administration team links all sectors in the organization together, maintain the smooth stream of information from one part to another and facilitates activity and steps happening at work so the work to be fast, successful and professional.

Main functions of Supervision Department:

  • Reception duties
  • Purchasing office resources and machines, preserving it in working order
  • Storage control
  • Dealing with incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • Meetings organisation
  • Record keeping, processing, processing data
  • Business trips organisation

Marketing department

Marketing team in the company holds out essential market analysis and promotional support for the merchandise. To get and stick to the top in that adjustable sphere where it's hard sometimes to forecast people personal preferences and market flows, to come up with new and unique ideas that will meet and elicit the right open public response, marketing team should be extremely very sensitive to media developments and constantly research social media stations.

Main functions of Marketing Department:

  • Market research
  • Media and PR
  • Product licensing
  • Promotion and Sales coordination
  • Search for investors

IT Department

IT team is in charge of the tech support team of any office. They are a whole lot of special software, cameras and workstation computers being used in the Production team of the computer animation studio that need specific knowledge from the IT team.

Main functions from it Department:

  • Technical support and problem solutions
  • Software research and development
  • Network security
  • Data safe-keeping management

1. c. Organisational graph and typical responsibilities for 2 selected jobs

Cartoons Saloons' company framework involves 5 main levels: Shareholders, Plank of Directors, Taking care of Director, Departments and their Employees.

*See the next webpage for Organisational Chart Picture.

Among the large number of associates, there are pursuing workers:

CARTOONIST (Development DEPARTMENT) - a visual designer who specialises in attracting animation (cartoons). Knows how to operate special software applications, can work in many types and basic responsibilities include creation of:

  • Animation
  • Short films
  • Booklets
  • Graphic design
  • Illustrations
  • Posters
  • Advertisements
  • Motion pictures or computer cartoon films

PR & Advertising Supervisor (MARKETING AND PR Team) is responsible for external communication activity of the company and duties include:

  • Press communication activity
  • Social marketing activity
  • Building and retaining the good image of the company
  • Planning promotion campaigns
  • Writing presentations and press releases
  • Organising press conferences, exhibitions, open days and nights and visits
  • Speaking publicly at interviews, presentations and press conferences
  • Media coverage analysis
  • Relevant market research

2. Administration functions of an office and 3 pieces of equipment used to carry out these functions.

Office of the studio room is a large living organism that requires all techniques inside to be synchronised, associated and managed. To organise this and progress as a company administrative work is very important.

Administration functions of the office include:

  • Financial planning
  • Record keeping, filing and billing
  • Collection and storage of the data
  • Personnel supervision
  • Physical circulation and logistics
  • Holidays calendar planning
  • Storage control
  • Purchase
  • Supervision of support staff
  • Office equipment maintenance
  • Meeting the clients
  • Phone phone calls and direct mail handling
  • Dealing with issues and resolving problems

Equipment that helps to do these duties:

  • Computers - modern personal computers allow employees to do a lot more jobs than before: to place, edit and store the data, to plan and organise work using dairies and other helpful software, to faster talk via e-mail, corporate chats etc. , produce complicated documents, charts, presentations and so on.
  • Smart phones - gizmos that combine telephone and computer functions, so employee can do most of the office jobs being away: check the calendar or e-mail, take images at the stock and send these to the top office immediately, to take down notes and discover stock changes, simple videoconferencing etc.
  • Copiers - new machines allow you to copy, enlarge and check out the documents, along with the functions of any fax, network printer, can produce black or color copies.

3. Key aims and aims of 3 bits of office legislation.

EQUALITY Function 2004

This action regulates romantic relationship between people in conditions of prevention of discrimination by competition, age, faith, gender and sexual orientation, marital and family status, disability or being a person in Traveller community at the task place. Changed the version of year 1998. For instance, this work forbids publishing job offers that specify particular gender and get older. Aswell as person can't be refused on the job position only by reason being truly a person in the Traveller community or a certain church.

PROTECTION OF Career Work 2012 (Brief AGENCY WORK)

This action regulates identical treatment of non permanent agency staff and directly hired employees in organisations by working times and snooze periods, nights work, public holiday seasons, gross annual leaves and income. Though the right for equal salary came in action in the long run of the 2011. For example, being employed by Animation Salloon momentary from the agency for a specific project going can't oblige anyone to work weekends or public holidays, or limit you from having twelve-monthly leave.


Regulates National Minimum amount Income level. Since January 2017 the National Minimum Wage is 9. 25 per hour for an experienced adult employee. The rate is lower if staff is under 18 or in the first two years of work directly after turning 18 years, also bare minimum level is leaner for workers in a span of review or training. All employees, including part time, regular and short-term are included in this act with the exception of close relatives of the company and certain apprentices.

Not following these legal serves is a criminal offence. Cartoon Saloon Company employs staff from across the world and constantly hires people for different projects on the short-term basis. So knowing and pursuing these acts is particularly essential for the company.


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