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Caring for People with Intellectual Disabilities

2. 2 Exemplory case of causes of intellectual impairment that appear during or immediately following beginning and describe 2 main characteristics of the effects.

Example 1: Prematurity and low beginning weight predict serious problems more regularly than any conditions. Issues in the delivery process such as short-term oxygen deprivation cause intellectual impairment.

Source: The Arc for folks with intellectual and developmental disabilities. (n. d. ). Retrieved from www. thearc. org/page. aspx?pid=2453.

Main characteristics:

  1. The main feature of low birth baby is that they could have difficulty in breathing. If the infant is born to soon there is a great chance that the baby's lungs will be underdeveloped because of that they could have problems in obtaining oxygen.
  2. The baby could also have trouble in keeping a standard body temperature and they may become hypothermic( too wintry)

Example 2: Trauma: It occurs because of serious personal injury. We are able to say a serious shock to your body due to violence or car accident.

Source: AAIDD North american Connection on Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://aaidd. org/docs/default-source/occurrences/harvey-trauma-8-15. pdf.

Main characteristics:

  1. They may have difficulties in concentration scheduled to painful thoughts or thoughts.
  2. They may face difficulty in sleeping. Due to that they feel tired.

2. 3 Give two types of factors behind intellectual disability that occur during child years years and explain the effect on your day to day support needs of the person.

Example 2: Meningitis: meningitis is the swelling of the meninges, the covering of the mind and spinal cord. It is the majority of caused by infection but can also be produced by substance irritation, subarachnoid, cancers and other conditions. Bacterial meningitis may lead to brain damage, experiencing damage, learning disabilities, behaviour changes, high fever, sensitivity to light and dilemma.


WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://www. who. int/topics/meningitis/en/.

Task 3: Describe condition frequently from the intellectual disability.

Condition 1: Foetal Liquor Syndrome

Cause: Foetal Liquor Syndrome is progress, physical and mental problems. It mainly influences the baby when a mother consumes alcohol during her motherhood.


WORLD HEALTH Firm Bulletin of the World Health Business. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://www. who. int/bulletin/volumes/89/6/11-020611/en/.

Physical support: provide them loving, nurturing and secure home life. However children with foetal alcohol syndrome have damaging relationship, therefore early on diagnoses have significantly more positive final result. it also help the family to comprehend the response and behavior of the child. Assist them with everyday living pursuits like showering, toileting, dressing and feeding. Provide them physiotherapy so they can make their muscle strong. Regular medical check-up is also helpful to maintain their health.

Social support: As the children with foetal alcoholic beverages syndrome are very hyperactive. Behaviour management training is very useful for them. This can help them to learn about manners and exactly how they can release their stress. they may have difficulty to interact with differing people so provide them opportunities for camaraderie. Get them and entail them into sociable activities.

Cognitive support: Provide them education about good behavior. Provide them planned and reasonable solutions to education. in order to improve their ability to think more effectively. Provide them educational opportunity like they can join some educational program where they can learn new skills.

Condition 2: Autism

Causes: no analysis has found the exact cause of autism but the researchers has described few possible factors which includes genetic (heredity), metabolic or neurological factors, microbe infections and problems during delivery.

Source: World Health Company. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://www. who. int/features/qa/85/en/.

Physical support: The individual with autism could find difficulties in activities of daily living. They could find challenges in showering, toileting, dressing, undressing and nourishing. We can help them to do their personal attention and in feeding. We provides occupational therapy for these people. it will help them to control their stress and they can feel relax. We can also help them to set their schedule.

Social support: they may have a problem to interact with different people so provide them opportunities for friendship. Take them out and involve them in different activities like social team or offer specific advice about connection. Help them to learn public rules using reasoning like how they need to talk and respond with others, manners and body language.

Cognitive support: we can provide them speech and language remedy it will help them to learn speech and dialect skills. so that they can speak clearly. Mother or father and relative can learn how to experiment with and connect to their child in way that permote cognitive skill. We can provide them some brain games like bingo or quiz so that they can use their mind. it can help them to think logically.

Condition 3: Prader - Willi Syndrome

CAUSE: Prader - Willi Syndrome is the effect of a gene lacking on part of chromosome 15. In essence, parents to push out a copy of this chromosome. Generally patients with prader - willi symptoms have missing the genetic material on part of the father chromosome. Other patients with this issue have two pairs of the mother's chromosome 15.


Main characteristics:

  1. Children with Prader- willi syndrome may have poor muscle tone. They could feel floppy or rag dolls when they are kept. Elbows and legs loosely extended due to poor muscles tone instead of stable.
  2. People with Prader willi symptoms may have different cosmetic feature. They may have almond shaped sight, a narrowing of the top at the temple and turned down mouth etc. Motor development often delays with this symptoms. They could have wait in seated up and walking. there is also speech hold off problem.

Physical support: Children with prader willi symptoms are at higher risk of growing fatness or size credited to extreme eating. The proper weight management are a good idea to allow them to maintain their weight. If indeed they want to consume more and more distract their mind by giving them alternative activities like music, game titles. Set an exercise plan so that they can become strong.

Social support: we provides communal support to the children/person with prader willi symptoms. We can get them or take them in interesting places. Where they can build relationships other people and can hook up with them socially. We must give them some activities that are not related to food in order that they cannot concentrate only on food. Cause them to become join some support clubs. there are numerous golf clubs who support to the children with this symptoms. They help them to interact socially with people and help them to control their diet.

Cognitive support: provide them education. They could have conversation problem and learning problems. Provide them a speech therapist in order to learn some speech skills. Inform them about managing their own diet and exactly how they can make a usual about their regular diet.

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