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Career Goals And Learning Plan

My ultimate profession goal is to work as a college psychologist in either primary middle or senior high school, and achieve my aim I must first complete my master's level in mindset at University of Phoenix; as mentioned by the Bureau of Labor Reports (2009), institution psychologists in most states are required to have a specialist degree however, many states realize a master's degree; thus it is my purpose to complete my master's degree in 18 months and obtain are a school psychologist while continuing to undertake further study; perhaps I will study within an expert Ed. S level in school psychology, which requires a further two years study, and a twelve months internship, that i could accomplish at my place of then current occupation.

While learning COM505 Communication Skills for Graduates at University of Phoenix, I uncovered a new region of knowledge related to learning styles and exactly how personality factors impact career selections. In light of these findings, and because I have already decided on my career journey, I am going to not be using the knowledge regarding my personality and learning styles as a means of determining a job. My objective through this newspaper therefore, is to ascertain why I've chosen this career path I've; in other words, whether my personality and learning styles have led me down this specific route.

On conclusion of the Multiple Pathways to Learning Questionnaire (Carter, Kravits, Bishop & Block, 2007, p. 41), I established that my strongest intelligence in terms of current development is intrapersonal (capability to understand do it yourself and be personal aware) and my second is interpersonal (ability to connect, inspire and cooperate with others), when matched with advised majors and profession pathways I find a major in psychology can be an option for both intelligences which is also advised as a profession option with regards to intrapersonal intellect. Related profession options like a social worker, a counselor and a teacher pertain to social intelligences. Discoveries therefore, may actually validate to some extent why I am so passionate about a job involving psychology and the tendencies of children.

On conclusion of the Personality Spectrum (Carter et al. 2007, p. 46), results suggest i am a 'thinker' and a 'giver', which again seems to support the traits required for my chosen profession. It will be my responsibility as a institution psychologist, to cope with behavioral and learning issues that students may encounter and to assist instructors with the school room management strategies. I am going to also have to assist parents with the parenting strategies, so that it will be necessary to work together with professors, parents and other university staff to generate and support a secure, wholesome and stimulating learning environment for every student, including, accomplished, gifted, and the ones with both physical and learning disabilities (Bureau of Labor Information, 2009). The attributes of a thinker and giver work therefore for a career as a school psychologist.

Prior to getting into my profession in mindset however, I must first flourish in the master's of mindset, and best do that I have to consider the learning styles and strategies that are attributed to my personality. Study techniques suitable to people possessing strong intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligences add a silent environment wherein keeping a journal, representation of information, group research and discussion work, as too is tutoring someone else, re-writing records and outlining chapters (Carter et al, 2007). Analysis techniques suitable to thinker and giver personality types include reflection, independent learning, educating others and group analysis; they but likewise incorporate problem-solving and new approaches to issues (Carter et al, 2007). The specific strengths pertaining to my personality type and learning styles all point in the direction of the career I've already chosen.

Based on my discoveries mentioned above, together with adult learning theory I propose to further develop my learning strategies, time and stress management skills and techniques to ensure maximum learning of course information. As I know that morning hours and late afternoon are my best times to review, I will intend to use the first early morning to best accommodate my 'thinker' personality; the surroundings will be noiseless offering me the chance to revise and combine my readings and lecture notes and to put together tasks. Adult learning theory addresses the issue of self-directed learning and representation (Corley, 2008), both of which are my talents as students; and the optimal time to concentrate on both is between five and nine in the morning, as i find I can think more critically and best able to handle problems. In the past due afternoon I can then talk about the 'giver' element of my personality by taking the ability of dealing with peers, and executing any team commitments required by the program. Working individually and working as part of a team assist in self route of learning because somewhat than relying only on my own experiences I could use those of others to resolve problems and real-life situations (Corley, 2008). Also working with others provides possibility to question different ideas and consider multiple thoughts and beliefs, thus assisting in transformational learning (Mezirow, 2000).

Additional planning of my amount of time in terms of time wasted during the day is also a short-term goal; I'll try to use time I spend travelling or in train lines, for example, to see easily can better use that point to do some reading or revision (Wetzel, 2009). I know this will never be easy but I consider it important that I try, for self applied dedication, management and drive.

As students and later as a psychologist, I need to be emotionally secure, adult, and able to package with people in a hypersensitive, compassionate way. I have to be a powerful listener with good communication skills, and I have to lead and inspire others. All are particularly important features for effective guidance (Bureau of Labor Reports, 2009). Unbiased work and teamwork are crucial to my analysis and my chosen career as a institution psychologist, as too is tolerance and handle; thus it is essential that we learn and apply techniques or strategies to minimize stress in my life, both in review and work.

Using effective techniques to manage stress can help me handle any anxieties I might encounter in every facets of my life, and I believe the best method of doing this is not to permit one component of my life to have goal over another (Wetzel, 2009). Aside from time management skills already reviewed I will stay away from over-reacting to any situation and take things as they come in my stride and not take small issues too very seriously (Wetzel, 2009); overall flexibility, available mindedness and a feeling of humor can help lessen any negative or pessimistic thoughts or behaviour that may affect my thinking, therefore i will try to stay optimistic all the time (Wetzel, 2009). I am going to also try to keep an available mind to new ideas from professors, tutors and, peers. The very best ways of eliminate stress, however, are to have a positive attitude, prepare for assignments and lab tests and not procrastinate (Wetzel, 2009). Writing a set of tasks that require to be achieved, prioritizing them and then working through them will also help lessen stress and help in achieving my short and long term-goals (Wetzel, 2009).

Knowledge of different personality and learning styles, together with adult learning theories helps me to concentrate on specific strategies that best help me to learn; I am aware that surveys on learning styles and personality types aren't conclusive at all. They are simply just a tool to assist in knowing and understanding myself and exactly how I could best capitalize on my attributes and focus on, and additional develop my weaknesses. Specific strengths pertaining to my personality type and learning styles however, all point in direction of the career I have already chosen.

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