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Capitalism vs Communism Essay

Keywords: communism vs capitalism essay

Communism and capitalism, the totally opposite systems, always battle, even though capitalism is a little over the age of the communism. The main ones of these fights date back to the Cold Battle. This battle was between the countries of Warsaw Pact and the ones of NATO(North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Actually, the primary participants' military pushes never officially clashed directly, they expressed the conflict through armed service coalitions, strategic classic force deployments, a nuclear hands race, espionage, proxy wars, propaganda, and scientific competition, such as Space Race. All right, what are the variations between both of these systems?They could be contrasted out in conditions of the viewpoints about ecenomy and the communal life.

The viewpoints of these systems about the overall economy are completely different. The capitalist system uses the thoughts of liberal current economic climate policy. The main person about this insurance policy was Adam Smith. In his publication "The Prosperity of Nations", he indicated that the free market, while showing chaotic and unrestained, was actually guided to create the right amount and variety of goods by so-called "invisible hand". Smith made his laws and regulations about the economical system like the natural laws. Regarding to him, the individuals by chasing their own interest frequently promote the population more effectually than when they intend to promote it. This is the brief description of the "invisible side" term and just like food chains in an ecosystem. In free market system, individuals sign up for the ecenomy as consumers, laborers, and shareholders. For instance, as consumers, individuals effect production patterns through their purchase decisions, as companies they will change production to be able to produce what's most profitable. As laborers, individuals may make a decision which jobs to prepare for and in which markets to consider work. As investors, they decide how a lot of their income to save and how to invest their personal savings. These cost savings provide a lot of the amount of money that businesses need to expand. All of these forms "supply-demand" and "competition" elements of the capitalist eceonomy. Alternatively, the communism system was setup on the Marxism ideology. Marx provided the importance to the labor and labor vitality. He known as people who must sell their labor vitality as "proleterians" and ones who buy the labor power as "capitalists". He noticed that used every successful industry input unit-costs are lower than output unit-prices. Marx called the difference "surplus value" and argued that got its source in surplus labor, the difference between what it costs to keep employees alive and what they can produce. At the same time, this value was the capitalist's profit. In fact, this value was created by the proleterian's labor-power. Therefore it should participate in the laborer. Communism straighten out this issue and suggests that folks earn proportionally with their labor-power. It is totally resistant to the individuals' competition. On the other hand, it stimulates the collectivism of labor. For instance, a professor can work as a structure staff member for the building need of the country in order to reduce the building time. After Long Walk of Mao in 1949, China became an communist country. However China's communism was not the same as the others'. China wasn't a country of Chilly Battle and Maoism, Far East version of Marxism-Leninism, was found in this country. In addition to the laborer, agriculture and villagers are given great importance by Mao because the life in China was associated with the soil. As it is said in the journal "New China and the Old" : "What China can do on top of that, which other capitalist countries cannot, is use the energy of the State plan large jobs and funnel both private and general population companies to attain them. . . ", today China uses the power of seeming communism to be big capitalist. Their genuine political system is currently capitalism.

In addition to viewpoints about current economic climate, their perspectives about public life are completely different. The capitalism encourages the individualism. Competition is the key aspect of individualism. Every individual must be better than others to earn his life as if he were an pet animal trying to survive in the open dynamics. This leads bad thoughts to spread out in the society, such as mistrust, outrage, and discrimination. Another consequence of capitalism is consumerism. In capitalism, the public life is made with respect to the principles of "Consume-Obey-Die". People don't possess enough time to think, and analyze their lives. They are encouraged to consume without pondering exactly what will happen because of this of their actions. This cause people become alienated from development. In other words, this led visitors to become unaware the things that they produce, why they produce these and the results of their actions. On the other hand, as it is said in the journal "Cuba, change is in the air": "It's like young people here are in a cocoon, preparing and getting ready themselves until they can one day liberate and fly away. ", there is a closed social structure life in the communist countries. Actually, this is not the real property of communism. The reason behind this is actually the real communism will not can be found unless the edges of countries are removed. The system which now is accessible in the communist countries is not real communism, it is the dictatorship of proleteriat. Collectivism is also another content of communism. Communism stimulates collectivism resistant to the individualism. In communism, there is no family life since it is viewed as the rest of feudalism. People live in the units known as as commune. They consume food at the refectories and sleeping in the dormitories.

To sum up, communism and capitalism have some problems. The key points of capitalism is resistant to the humanity which is made by the items which recognize a individuals from an creature. Capitalism brings about an idea which is that the actions done to be able to get money can be suitable. Imperialism, the fundamental necessity to keep up capitalism, is the largest opponent of the humanity. World Conflict 1, the warfare in Iraq, and in Palestine and terrorism in Turkey are some examples of violonce created by imperialism. On the other hand, the point of view of communism about the family life is incorrect. This also causes big restriction in human life. In the near future, there will be a system which is amalgamated of capitalism and communism. In this system, the difference between the earnings of individuals will be very small, and there will be family life not communes but there will be collectivism of labor. Imperialism will be no longer valid. The most important thing is the fact that the children will not be killed to make profit.

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