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Suggested Canterbury Tales Essay Topics

If you need to write an academic paper about any specific book, there are certain tips and guidelines that will help you succeed. For example, you can strengthen your discussion if you include specific quotes or passages from the text as supporting evidence, but be sure to provide the targeted audience with your sufficient analysis of a specific book to end up with higher grades. It’s advisable to provide readers with a new understanding of the text or use other helpful strategies to write an excellent book report. If you’re asked by teachers to submit a quality Canterbury Tales essay, start with reading this literature work, which is comprised of many stories, epilogues, and prologues. It displays its extraordinary diversity in terms of themes, sources, and genres. To come up with a great literature analysis, you may need to get our professional help, and keep in mind that our team of expert authors can handle any task, including a cover letter, so don’t hesitate to use their academic services.

  • Compare and contrast a few tales that you like the most. What are their both different and similar characteristics? Take into consideration such important points as their plot intricacy, comic timing, and characters.
  • Do you agree that the Wife of Bath is designed to contradict specific woman-heating ideas or uphold them? Be sure to use direct quotes from the text to support your opinion if you choose this topic idea.
  • Choose a few tales according to your personal likes and compare their country love ideals. How are they similar and different in each take? Is there any difference in how their female characters act and behave? You should answer these interesting questions in your writing a critical essay.
  • How does the author conceive ancient belief system and history? Do you believe that this vision is anachronistic? How does the author try to make it less anachronistic? What do you think about the function of seasons and time in his tales?
  • Find out more about the society in which he lived. What were social, religious, and political beliefs at that time?
  • Pick one or few pilgrims and summarize their tales in a few brief sentences. What is the tone of these tales? What are their themes? How do they fit with the chosen pilgrims?
  • What do you think about the role played by the Narrator? Is he really reliable? Why? Is he effective? Be sure to use your creative writing skills when answering these questions in your essay.
  • Explain your readers more about the role played by the Host. Is his role effective in the story? Why? How does he join the pilgrimage group?
  • Define the mood of either the entire book or one tale. How is it expressed by the author? How does it contribute to the overall theme?
  • Do you agree that stereotypes are associated with negative connotations? How the author uses them to describe the society? Feel free to discuss if these stereotypical characteristics are acceptable or not.
  • Pay attention to the moral story (The Pardoner’s Tale) that tells readers more about the dangers of greed and money. Is it applicable to the modern society? What can all people learn from it?
  • Do you believe that irony plays an important role in this book? How does it affect characters and their trait characteristics?

Basic Canterbury Tales Essay Questions

  • What qualities cause the author to place the Pardoner at the bottom of the society? Why do modern readers consider him to be the most intriguing and controversial character?
  • What are the main reasons to use magical, miraculous, supernatural, and exotic factors in this book?
  • How can you illustrate Chaunticleer and how vanity almost leads to the death? Do you know any other characters to whom vanity can be applied? Describe them in your literature short essays to impress readers with unique ideas.
  • Read the stories of the Friar and the Summoner. What are their differences and similarities? This is when you should consider these stories as a whole work and trace the themes of love while giving enough examples from the text.
  • Pick one word or phrase and use it as your key to interpret any tale from this book. It’s advisable to follow the fortunes of your chosen word and build a strong argument around its repeated uses. You should start writing Canterbury Tales essays with highlighting the most important moments when this word or phrase appears in the text and discuss the meaning of its changes.
  • What do most women want in this book? Focus on the presentation and characteristics of their characters.
  • Do you agree that the Wife of Bath is the most completely drawn character of the author? To answer this question successfully, you need to compare this female character to others. Can you find any character who is better fleshed out?
  • Is it true that men in this book are mostly depicted as idiots who keep adhering to impractical and false codes of honor and chivalry? Why? As a student, you should consider the presentation of their characters and concentrate on the examples that can help you support your opinion, including quotes and arguments. Don’t forget that the author includes a number of these presentations. If you find it hard to describe and compare male characters, take into consideration our quality paper writing and essay proofreading
  • Do you believe that the author writes all tales in pairs? How can you prove that? It’s necessary to consider their structure and determine if each take has its pair. You should examine at least a few takes that don’t seem to fall naturally into pairs because they fall into threes.
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