Canada's Principles Essay

The country that we have come to call Canada has been produced through the unanimity of several

nations and different cultures. Canada values diversity and multiculturalism, unity, freedom and

self-reliance. Canada would not hold these values from the beginning but it gained all of these

values through period, by listening to advice from its past mistakes and also because of its wants of

turning out to be independent and several major incidents that took place in Canadian history.

Canada's values come from its have difficulty for self-reliance from Great britain, a path to nationhood

staying independent in the United States plus the co-operation between the English, French

and Native Canadians and immigrants. Canada, being a colony of Britain because the defeat in the

French empire in the Challenge of the Flatlands of Abraham, tried to gain more and more independence

from its mother country, Great Britain, and to gain its own metabolic rate and regulations and be able to

make a decision its own foreseeable future. Although Canada wanted self-reliance from Great britain, it also did not want

to be too dependent on the United States. As well the co-operation between the Canadian

people, both English or perhaps French or any type of other group, have defined the Canadian values that we

see today.

One of the primary values of Canada is definitely diversity. Canada has extremely diverse nationalities that have

lived together about its dirt for many years. Since the defeat from the French inside the battle of

the Plains of Abraham, the French Canadians felt conquered, and presumed that the British

Canadians might soon ingest their culture and for this, they always held on to their traditions

and rules and preserved their variety. In 1774, the Quebec, canada , Act was brought in and allowed

french Canadians to keep up th...

... aintains Canada's independence from these two

countries. And the reason why Quebec has a urge to spate is definitely not because it does not

love unity; however , one are unable to blame them for wanting to separate by Canada and

hold close relationships with Canada because they have been oppressed for years ahead of

and just 30 or 40 years of services cannot make up for the suffering they have been heading


We can see clearly that without the ideals of unity, diversity and multiculturalism and

freedom and independence, Canada is no longer Canada and is undefined. If Canada did not

carry these beliefs then it can be any other country. But these ideals are the attributes of

Canada and Canadian culture plus they are what Canada is known for across the globe.

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