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Can YOU RETAIN A Secret English Literature Essay

When many people notice the word 'key' they may have a grin or a uneasy expression on the face. A magic formula is the concealing of truths or false information. Sometimes in life, we face problems and accomplishments. Secrets are the mysteries of life they make or break us. There are many known reasons for this; no matter whether you are keeping or have informed it. INSIDE THE Kite Runner as well as the Memory Keeper's Daughter by Khaled Hosseni and Kim Edwards jointly share the belief of secrets and the redemptive ability of love. Making use of the element of figure both novels can expose the responsibility of keeping secrets. Secrets affect us by how exactly we share them and how we keep them from others, impacting on our character, integrity and interactions.

Firstly, trust and communication are crucial in many associations. Without both of these aspects, the relationship would not be one you want to continue. In Khaled Hosseni's The Kite Runner exhibited how these aspects were destroyed in a romance. Amir, the boy of the well-off and recognised man, developed a companionship with one of his servants; Hassan. As the years shifted, Amir is confronted with a life changing choice, he was able to save Hassan however the way he acted effected their lives which led them to pursue two split lives. "I exposed my mouth, almost said something. Almost. The others of my entire life might have proved differently if I had. But I did so not. I just viewed paralyzed" (Hosseni73) Amir now matured looking into his past, was saddened with the options that he made as a young boy that in the long run changed his a friendly relationship with Hassan. This is also a significant changing point in Kim Edwards, The Ram Keeper's Daughter. David Henry was faced with a life changing decision that could alter his romance with his partner forever. "He previously done the incorrect thing all those years ago; he had made a blunder when he handed this girl to Caroline Gill. "(Edwards198) His decision was founded absolutely out of guarding the heart and soul of the girl he treasured most in his life, however in doing so he was the truth is tarnishing it even more. By keeping this hidden knowledge stuck between them, their romantic relationship was slowly slipping apart. Therefore, both these works illustrated how trust and communication is essential in many connections.

Secondly, when people keep secrets they may be constantly making certain they don't get found in their rest, thus they need to make lies that can hide their lies. In The Kite Runner, Amir's magic formula is taking an impact on his figure. As a result, making Amir run away from his key. "America was different. America was a river, roaring along, unmindful of the past. I could wade into this river, let my sins drown to underneath, allow waters bring me someplace. " (Hosseni144) After the war began, Amir and Baba shifted to America. IN THE US, Amir stared a new life and commenced a family group stop considering his solution. This argument was also visible in The Storage area Keeper's Princess. David Henry was compelled to produce a decision that modified his life endlessly. David and his partner Norah celebrate their wedding anniversary, Norah giving David a camera called the 'Memory space Keeper'. "Photography is focused on secrets. . . The secrets most of us have and can never tell. " (Edwards201) David uses the camera to still time in hopes that he can find a instant that can make sense of his secrets he is keeping from his partner Norah. He needs for the choice he made years ago to be studied away, therefore he hides behind his camera searching for a higher importance in life. To conclude, both characters of the books present the view of jogging away from faults in life.

Thirdly, redemption is a main subject in both of these novels. Redemption is essentially getting back again at a wrong. In The Kite Runner, Amir betrayed his closest friend and eventually their romantic relationship was cracked. "There is a way to be good again" (Hosseni226) Rahim Khan was one of the few men that realized everything that took place in Amir's life. Rahim told Amir that Hassan began his own life as well when he remaining to America. He had a child called Sohrab; nevertheless, this child was wanted to be found because Hassan and his better half were killed through the war. In the end, Amir decided to stand up for himself and recognized that he had to find Hassan's boy. He was not going to be the same coward that he was back again as a child, those days were over. He finally believed like he previously done something right. This is also unmistakable in The Memory Keeper's Girl. When David sadly dies of any coronary attack Caroline takes it upon herself to inform Norah the trick they are keeping from her. " 'Phoebe didn't perish, ' Caroline said evenly, looking straight at her, and Norah sensed caught in as soon as as she have been all those years ago, holding on to that gaze as the known world shifter around her. "(Edwards368) The trick that David helps to keep affects the entire span of their lives. David has retained Phoebe a secret from Norah, which is the reason for the chance of his family. He previously wanted to tell Norah but he did not know how to approach it. Caroline had decided that Norah deserved to know about their secret. Norah and Caroline's life was completely improved in one adobe flash and finally experienced relieved. Therefore, redemption was a significant subject in both these novels.

In realization, secrets may end up in pain and regret. Truthfully honesty is the greatest strategy. In Khaled Hosseni's The Kite Runner, Amir; the primary character of the book made a decision that transformed his life. He was presented with the opportunity to save his best friend but didn't, which made him keep that secret. Eventually, ending his relationship along with his best friend. Also, In Kim Edwards The Memory space Keepers Little girl, David also the key persona of the book was confronted with a decision that ultimately changed his life and his better half Norah's as well. When Norah gave labor and birth to her little princess Phoebe who experienced down syndrome, David advised Norah that she passed on when she was created. David continued keeping that top secret from Norah always thinking about what if, imagine if he didn't give his child away and she was coping with them. A top secret can become more harmful than anything. Therefore, secrets are the mysteries of life they make or break us

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