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Can MEN AND WOMEN Just Be Friends?

When it comes to responding to the question of whether or not women and men can you need to be friends it will depend on whom you are requesting. In research this issue comes up as being a very confusing one, you can ask nearly every living human being on this globe that question and they'll either answer, yes they can or no that never works out. It comes as being a very interesting theme and always boosts a large issue on the issue. Between experts and personal activities I can say that in some cases the right man and women can have a long lasting romantic relationship that only revolves around there a friendly relationship towards each other. This research paper will give me an possibility to reveal many of the ideas on whether or not men and women could ever keep going as just being friends or if erotic tension gets in the manner each time.

In order for women and men to be friends, they have to become familiar with one another sufficiently to see if they could even go on in a companionship. If their companionship is real and true then we can try and answer the question of whether or not men and women can just be friends. In this article "Can Men and Women Be Friends?", the author Camille Chatterjee starts off by expressing "If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, it could clarify at least one of their shared beliefs: Women and men can not be real friends. " She later continues on to stating that sexual pressure is to blame for the reasoning behind why men and women can't be friends and if there is not tension then your friendship would never workout because the man would leave. In this article she earns a psychologist named Linda Spadin. Linda claims the fact about how precisely women use to remain at home while the men worked, the only way a man and a woman would ever have the ability to meet was if she was solitary looking for some type of an enchanting relationship. Also in this article she talks about how precisely the public may well not be equipped for cross-sex associations, some say that whenever it involves these type of friendship, simple things such as nudging, winking, and skepticism can all be mistaken for a romantic romantic relationship as it pertains to the public.

We all know that atlanta divorce attorneys type of companionship there's always a great deal of work involved and in cross-sex relationship even more work is necessary. Laura Guerrero, author of the article "Relational maintenance in cross-sex friendships characterized by different kinds of romantic objective: an exploratory analysis" declare that cross sex romantic relationships come with a great deal of responsibility. Both associates in the companionship have to get over the fact that romantic relations cannot be found in their friendships. In this article it states that a person partner could want the relationship to low fat towards romance, however the other could totally desire to be just friends. " Heterosexual individuals, preserving a cross-sex friendship involves the devotion, companionship, intimacy, and assistance within same-sex relationships, but it also entails downgrading sexuality", here this article is proclaiming something that Camille Chatterjee didn't. Heterosexual's face almost the same problems as it pertains to cross-sex relationships, they have to almost prove to the world that the only thing they want to do is commit to a lasting a friendly relationship with no strings fastened.

Sometimes these cross-sex connections can provide off the wrong signals to lovers of our opposite sex friend. Pamela Newton composed in her article, "Can Men and Women Be Friends?" she states that she acquired a hard time with her partner seeing his female friends. She claims that their relationship started, as an extended distance romance and she hated it when he'd call her up and inform her about how precisely he found a movie and went to evening meal with one of is own feminine friends. "Certainly he reassures me these women are "just friends" and this he's not doing anything wrong. But then I recall that our romantic relationship commenced while he was dating someone else, and that we, too, were once "just friends". " This is stated in her article. In this specific example a cross-sex romantic relationship could end an enchanting relationship between two people. Even though little or nothing romantic is going on between the "friends", but jealousy sets in on the loving partner of the friend and she ends the relationship on concern with getting hurt. Newton states in her article that her relationship with this man began when he was already in a relationship with someone else.

When it involves cross-sex human relationships in the media it becomes trickier, one movie that fits in with cross-sex associations is When Harry Met Sally. This movie appears to be a very good example of how a man and a women could never be just friends. When Harry and Sally meet and start their voyage towards New York, Harry admits he's attracted to Sally and He says, " Women and men can't be friends because the making love part always gets in the manner". Sally argues his assertion by saying she has a number of man friends and intimacy has never become in the form of her romantic relationships with them. As time progresses they bump into one another years later as they start chatting the cross-sex romantic relationship argument surfaces again. What's funny about this movie is that whenever they meet for the very first time she could hardly stand him and said they need to try to be friends, while he on the other side informed her they never could be friends. Throughout most of the movie they never hid their true emotions for each and every other, but towards the end sexual anxiety comes between your two and you simply could tell their a friendly relationship was definitely turning into something more. The part in this movie that presents a true exemplory case of cross-sex companionship was when Harry says, " You understand, you might be the first attractive girl I've not wished to sleep with in my own lifetime. " This demonstrated that women and men can be friends and it doesn't matter that they eventually became a couple. True relationships will only last if a bond of camaraderie is created in the first place and When Harry Met Sally is a superb movie to help express this lasting romance.

My experience with men and women being just friends is very stagnant. Personally i think that I trust what the majority of my newspaper has said. Men and women have to work on their relationship mutually to make it work. Every romantic relationship takes work; companionship in my point of view takes additional time and much more pressure on each person in order for it to check out out. The example that I am using is approximately a friend of mine that I have known since I was born and in my case cross-sex friendship does work. My mother has a good friend that has two kids, a boy my years and a little princess that is at 6th grade. Ever since we were little we use to play collectively and have everything as an organization. Over time we've counted on one another for things and know that we can trust each other if we needed something. Now that I am 19 and he's 20, I know that our a friendly relationship will be true. When you know someone like I've for this long you understand everything about them and I know that whatever happens he'll always be there to support me and help me out. I can seriously say that my best friend is almost just like a brother to me.

When you have been friends with someone so long as I have been a pal with my friend they almost become a brother like figure to me. I understand that if I were ever before in an awful situation my pal would be there in a heartbeat to help me out. We do everything for the other person and without my best friend I would probably be lost. If I were to compare my a friendly relationship with a man to what I've researched above, nothing would match up. I could never visualize being more than friends with this person. Personally i think that since we have known each other so long and also have become so close that we could never possible become more than just friends. Personally i think that sometimes my companionship with this man has lasted longer than any camaraderie with my female friends because he's easier for me to confide in and there is never any cattiness involved in anything as there would be if I were speaking with my female friends. I'll say that is my only cross-sex romantic relationship it definitely is a true platonic friendship without wish or want of other things.

Cross-sex interactions do exist for a large part of our population, but it can require a lot of extra work were as a regular same sex friendship probably wouldn't. Cross-sex relationships have a whole lot of speed bumps that you have to maneuver over, but in the end so long as it comes into being honest and everyone pulling their own weights the partnership should be able to succeed. Romantic romantic relationships usually know what they want from the romantic relationship and their credibility is exactly what helps them through their enduring relationship. This is actually the same to be said out of a cross-sex relationship, honesty is always an enormous factor in almost every relationship, regardless of what type of romantic relationship it is. As it pertains down to the best question of can women and men you need to be friends, it naturally will depend on whom you ask to discover what the true answer is.

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