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Can Infrasonic Waves Remove You?


Have you ever before experienced nausea, paranoia, and the sensation of being watched? If so, you may be under the effects of infrasound. Infrasound is any sound lower than 20 Hz (Hertz). Infrasound can be created by man-made things or nature. It could be created naturally from things like severe weather, surf, lee waves, avalanches, earthquakes, volcanoes, bolides, waterfalls, lightning, calving of icebergs, upper-atmospheric lightning, and auroras and it could be created by people made objects like sonic booms, explosions, equipment, wind generators, and subwoofers. Infrasound can be used as many things like a weapon, an early on caution of natural disasters, or it can be used to find things. Elephants, whales, giraffes, rhinoceros, alligators, and okapis also use infrasonic waves to converse. (Wikipedia, 2012), (Trueghost, n. d. )

An exemplory case of infrasound as a weapon is that in World Battle I it was used to find things such as artillery, which facilitated troops to know what to do because they realized the location of the enemy's weapons not allowing the opponent to execute a surprise assault. Another example is that it is used to find tornadoes minutes before they touch down. Another example in which infrasound can be used is the fact that migrating birds use infrasound when they migrate. They sense infrasound from turbulent airflows as a navigational aid or "GPS". (Wikipedia, 2012)

A very frequently asked question is "Can infrasonic waves wipe out you?" The answer to this question is yes but don't be concerned because not all frequencies of infrasound can really damage you. This lethal occurrence lies in 7 Hz. It is believed that 7 Hz is lethal because it complements the frequencies of the human brain and organs. This match of frequencies can cause serious harm to your body or even loss of life. Nausea, nervousness, frosty, paranoia, depression, and blurred moments in peripheral eye-sight are some typically common feeling that can be induced by infrasound. (Wikipedia, 2012), (Lowertheboom, n. d. )

In this experiment our research question is "Can humans sense infrasound?" Our hypothesis for this project is the fact that if we take at least four test topics (two male and two feminine) and put noises significantly less than 20 hertz then, we will be able to know if humans can sense infrasound because of our results. Through our research we discovered that when people face infrasound they end up feeling uncomfortable. That makes us think that even though humans do definitely not hear infrasound they can sense it. (Lowertheboom, n. d. )

Natural disasters such as earthquakes can produce infrasound. If we could sense or feel the infrasound waves we would be able to anticipate or protect ourselves from an all natural disaster without the need of modern tools. Also if this experiment goes just how we expect, humans would be able to make use of it in their favor. We will also help visitors to prevent infrasonic waves so that individuals won't damage themselves. (Serendip, 2012)

We predict that all of our human subject matter will sense infrasound. We think that all of our human themes will sense infrasound because with our research we've seen that whenever people are exposed to infrasound they have side effects. The most common side effect will probably be headaches and nausea. A number of the human results may differ because old or gender of the subject. We hypothesize that the younger test subjects will be able to sense infrasound better because of theirage.

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