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Campbell Soup Company

Campbell Soup Company ("Campbell" or the "company"), together with its consolidated subsidiaries, is a worldwide manufacturer and marketer of high-quality, top quality convenience food products. Campbell was included as a company company under the regulations of New Jersey on November 23, 1922; however, through predecessor organizations, it traces its history in the food business back to 1869. The company's principal executive office buildings are in Camden, New Jersey 08103-1799. Kimball is a brandname or something line of sauces that was founded in Malaysia in the year 1970s under Campbell's company, Kimball is a well-known brand in Malaysian homes. Unprecedented inflation and difficult economic climate worldwide have created the most challenging cost environment since Kimball established. All Kimball sauces are specially well prepared with a soft, thick richness that is effortlessly delicious - not too sweet, sour or vinegary. Kimball Sauces are available in Chili Sauce, Tomato Ketchup, Oyster Sauce and Thai Chili Sauce.

Current Marketing Situation:

In fiscal 2008, inflation, typically has been significantly greater than previous years. Therefore Kimball is facing a decline in conditions on production, this was due to the reducing demand for Kimball brand sauces, the key company will not stimulate understanding towards existing and new customers by doing advertising like advertisements and etc. Some changes in product prices, interest rates and forex exchange rates also have an effect on the decline of the demand for Kimball sauces. Therefore our main purpose is to make our products more broadly available in existing and new marketplaces by targeting to improve our sales up to 20% in three years time.

Situation Analysis:



To get in both current market and the place of work with integrity as the united states most incredible food company. To be able to win the marketplace, we should increase our Kimball revenue, here our company will stress on re-packaging the merchandise, that is Kimball chilli sauce.


Make our products more broadly available in existing market segments, and to boost our sales of Kimball sauce by 20% in 3 years time. We also determine to make knowing of customers about Kimball in Malaysia.


In the majority of the Kimball market segments, sales activities are conducted by the company's own sales team distributor arrangements. In Malaysia, the company's products are usually resold to consumers in retail food chains, discounters, merchandisers, supermarket, convenience stores, hypermarket and others similar retail stores. Households, Young adults also loves to consume food with dipping in Kimball sauce.


HARVEY GOLUB - Chairman of Campbell Soup Company, Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of American Express Company(Table OF DIRECTORS)

DOUGLAS R. CONANT - Leader and LEADER OfficerDOUGLAS R. CONANT - Leader and Chief Executive Officer of Campbell Soup Company 3

JERRY S. BUCKLEY - Mature Vice Chief executive - Open public Affairs

GEORGE DOWDIE Senior Vice President - Global Research & Development and Quality



Kimball brands experience various competence from others sauces brand such as Maggie, Life, Nyoya, Yeo's. These competitors account a higher market share compare to Kimball, Maggies own 41% market share, Life sauces held 24%, Nyoya owned 9% whereas Kimball owns 22% market show. These potential rivals would be a danger to Kimball, these are ahead of Kimball interms of promotional strategies and creating awareness because of their products.


Demand for the business's products is somewhat festive seasonal, with Chinese New Yr, Hari Raya, Gawai festive, X-mas' usually accounting for the highest sales volume due primarily to demand for the sauce products. The creation of the sauces is growing within this periods.


All products of Kimball must be Halal, hence the merchandise must be approved by the JAKIM. The labelling must include ingredient and nourishment information of the merchandise. So long as the business technique of Kimball products are put through the Malaysian government laws you won't effect the production of Kimball sauces.


Our research shown that more than 80% of Malaysians likes to eat their food with sauce, therefore sauces are favourable among Malaysians. Typically the consumers would experience great food tasting and satisfied by consuming food such as fried rooster, hotdogs and etc with chilli sauce.

SWOT Evaluation:


Kimball brands consistantly produces high quality, great tasting sauces, the ingridients use is choose predicated on quality, e. g they pick the best quality of chilli to create the Kimball chilli sauce. Kimball brands also uses stringent production suggestions to ensure fine quality for the sauces products. Kimball achieve International specifications(ISO 9000) which is approved worldwide n trusted to create standard sauce that comes after the strict rules of ISO. Kimball sauce is principally cheaper than other brands, tastier than other brands, This may be an edge for Kimball to boost their sales in the recent market as the price of Kimball sauce is affordable and cheap compare to the other brands such as "magggie", "nyonya", "life" etc.


Kimball looses credit compare to other sauce brands is because of lack of advertising to create awareness among customers in the recent market which other opponents are always creating new adverts to instill knowing of their product. Kimball also hasSlow growth and low market talk about compared to the competitors, this is concluded from the questionnaire data. Another factor that is too many product line produce by it's main company "Campbell's ", such as Chunky meatballs, supper bakes meal kits, tomato juice etc which makes the company of it's own emphasis less to Kimball sauce. Recently Kimball sauce is also facing a drop stage whereby the profit from sales is less than past years.


A growing interest among young adults to eat most of their food with sauce and trends that over 95% people likes to eat food with sauce. Continuing consumer curiosity about low price but at the same time has the quality tastes that satisfies the satisfaction of customers.


The prospect of the large financial resources competitors who can invest more in promotion and advertising will have a risk towards Kimball sauce. Economic depression or inflation that may impact sales, poor financial condition might impact the demand for Kimball sauce. Consistent increase of crude essential oil price, rising creation cost may have an impact on the production of sauces. Main competition like "Maggie", "Life", "Nyoya" offers great selection of sauce products with a competitive price and promotional strategies.

Marketing Objectives

  • To increase 20% of Kimball market share, from current 22% to 42% in 3 yr times.
  • To create understanding among people toward Kimball Sauce Product.

Current Market Share of Kimball Sauce

Marketing Strategies

Target Market and Placement the Product

Target Market:

Consumer Marketing: Kimball will continue to aim for its existing consumer market. The primary consumer marketplace for Kimball can described as follows:


  • Male and female in every ages
  • Especially housewife

Media Behavior:

The target market usually get their news from television, papers, billboards, and radio.

Organizational Market segments:

Before, Kimball has targeted the market in supermarket and pasar raya. To increase its distribution and sales of its products, Kimball will concentrate on the following in the foreseeable future:

  1. Hypermarket in Malaysia
  2. Supermarket in Malaysia
  3. Cold storage space in Malaysia
  4. Restaurant
  5. Fast-food outlet

The hypermarket within Malaysia such as Boulevard, Ta Kiong, and Tesco. These hypermarkets contribution too much to market talk about of Kimball sauce

The junk food wall socket in Malaysia such as KFC, Mc. Donald, Sugarbun, and Marrybrown use to be always a very important target market to increase our sales. These junk food shop sell burger, deep-fried chicken breast, and French fried, these food will flavor better when eat with sauce. The junk food outlet will have a tendency to use Kimball sauce as the sauce that provide to the consumers.

Positioning the merchandise:

Kimball offers the highest quality sauce with good flavour and variety of selections to fulfilling all type characteristics of consumer. Its make from fresh chili and no preservative added. Kimball has developed its product, packaging, pricing and campaign to communicate an outstanding and convenience ways to get delicious of chili sauce. This setting is thus reinforced by all its marketing strategies.

Product Strategies

Product Strategies for Kimball sauce existing product.

Currently, Kimball has 7 lines of existing products, emphasis on chili sauce. Those kind of presentation still quite complicated rather than so convenience for consumer to use. Kimball also acquired other kind of product beside chili sauce.

Product Strategy of Kimball New Product

To broaden its coverage in the market and to meet its sales targets, Kimball must introduce an additional new product packaging. A new presentation will be introduce:

Kimball Gorgeous/Dignity: This product will be different from existing products in term of packaging variances. This new sauce container packaging design to be look gorgeous and dignity which different challenging existing sauce bottle. Beside that, we also create another presentation: New Kimball Squeeze Convenience which allow consumer to make use of it easily. The New Kimball Press Convenience contains both top and bottom flat work surface.

The Kimball Gorgeous/Dignity use to attract consumer in modern lifestyle. Consumers today like something look beautiful and high class than something that look normal to them. The New Kimball Press Convenience easy to squash and both flat work surface allow consumer easy to put.

Pricing strategy

Costing is as soon as of truth-all of marketing comes to focus in the costs decision from Raymond corey.

Costs strategy is very important in all market. It is because pricing strategy can determine the future of the business and to attain the objective company, if the price we set in place will draw in customers or not. Beside that the purchase price we established should affordable and suitable to the customer therefore the customer can afford buy our brand product. For instance company sauce Maggie arranged the price around Rm2. 40 for their sauce in like manner encourage people buy the Kimball product the price we should establish must affordable and suitable to the customer for example Rm 2. 30 to our Kimball sauce. Before we established a cost for product, we have to know very well what customers' reaction to our product's price. Could it be worthwhile to pay this sum to purchase this product or not? Beside that, customer value notion such as business to customer which is point out that the merchandise value should good deal, high quality however, business to business talk about that value should increase income, decrease costs and lower risks.

Because of our research to Kimball sauce, so many people feel that Kimball sauce is a same taste with another sauce such as life, nyoya, Maggie and another brand so nowadays probably people favor choose the sauce without choosing the brand it is because in they brain all sauce is same so you don't need to think too much to decide beside that, some consumer also feel that Kimball sauce offer high price with their product. From the research have we done. The statistic of Kimball sauce and another brand sauce talk about that, the price of value packs of 1 container sauce almost the same price compare to some other brand sauce this is a kind of pricing strategy which will give customer impression problem when they choose the sauce.

Kimball sauce should come out with some value packs, That is the purchase price should reasonable and attractive for example the price we should set is just about Rm 2. 10 to Rm 2. 30 in every market so the people will feel much more likely to consume it, For the reason that the price are not too higher so that everyone can buy it so Kimball sauce can increase their sales and gain fair profit.

Promotion Strategies

Kimball use mainly advertising and sales advertising to market its products to the public. Billboards will be created and put at the roadside to make awareness among public towards Kimball sauces product. A tv set program "Cook With Top Chef " will be taken. In this program, Kimball sauce will be use to cook and since a seasoning. Therefore, to be able to help our new and existing product to success in the marketing goals, additional promotional activities are unveiled. These include the next:

  • Television and Radio

Television as a multimedia is also a main role in helping businesses to grow. Everyday we see hundreds of advertisements shown on television set. This is because advertising there is very helpful in getting the client to be aware of new or existing products on the market. Radio advertising is also shown to be effective where they use local stars to market their product via tone of voice. That's the reason we kept on hearing repetitive jingles and slogans on air. Plus, advertising on radio is a lot more cost saving alternatively than to market on television set. Kimball advertising will be shown on air in one yr time.

  • Sponsorship.

Kimball will try to sponsor in a number of activities which are being organised in locations. The benefit of sponsorships is the fact that they provide visibility for the product while at the same time showing that the company supports activities appealing to the prospective market. Product certificates and hampers receive to winners and individuals of the activities. Sponsorship can also create brand consciousness among the general public while getting free promotion in the papers.

  • Billboards

Billboards are also one of the common method used by marketers to advertise their product. Normally billboards are found at bridges or near the roadsides so that consumers may easily position it and aware of what exactly are the communication that is wanting to be sent from those billboards. Nowadays marketers use a lot of funny advertisements to add more commercial value to their advertisement. This is to make certain that audience can remember the product that has been advertised.

  • Bus advertisements

This method of advertising is one of the oldest method used to market products. Since buses go round and round the location every day, with a catchy slogan or pictures, audience can certainly be drawn to it and buy the publicized product.

  • Contest and voucher coupons

Contest and voucher coupons are usually utilized by marketers to get customers to participate and move on to the product better. Normally, questions asked in the contests are mainly about the publicized products. Voucher coupons is another powerful mean of advertising whereby the function of giving out discount coupons is actually encouraging customer to choose the product because it is likely to be cheaper than other rival products.

  • Sampling.

By giving examples of Kimball products at preferred venues, it will provide an opportunity for prospective customers to become aware of the merchandise and taste the product. Fried Nugget and eat with Kimball chili sauce or tomato sauce is given to consumer to taste onto it.

Example of venues:

  • Supermarket/ Hypermarket.
  • Activities presented in "pasar raya".
  • Activities held in education institutions.
  • Premium.

Free products such as pots. With every purchase of 2 bottle of Kimball Gorgeous/Dignity will free one container. With every purchase of 2 bottles Kimball Press will free one luxury container.

  • Promotion pack.

With every purchase of Kimball Gorgeous/Dignity will be free one small bottle 30gmemory of Kimball sauce.

Supply Chain Strategy

Beside, increasing market show through promotional strategies, distribution also play an important role in develop marketing strategies, which is supply chain strategies. Kimball would distribute their sauces through syndication channels. Distribution programs perform lots of functions that make possible the stream of Kimball sauces from the company to the customer. Kimball will still stay its distribution channel strategy. Distribution channels include distributor (who offers to suppliers), stores (who sells to get rid of consumer), ad used for utilization goods.

The circulation of Kimball sauces is of their producer or manufacturer to 4 or 5 vendors or wholesalers. These marketers then sell to many sellers such as hypermarket, supermarket, grocery store, and fast-food restaurant. The sellers subsequently each sell the sauces to up to a large number of customers.

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