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Buying Habit Of Junior Towards Beauty Products Marketing Essay


The proposal is focused on the behavior and behaviour on the understanding of the youngsters buying behaviour design towards beauty products product in UK, Consumers move through some steps when buying a product but mainly the consumer emphasis the product in a way that, it should deliver to them on low or more affordable price with good quality and value added features to meet there needs. However, to investigate the facet of buying behaviour of children, what factors impact them while purchasing the cosmetic makeup products and how the consumer addresses their buying decision when purchasing a specific product of cosmetic makeup products. The analysis will explores the buying behavior of youth and different kind of consumer behaviour models aiding with background ideas. The research is bottom part on the questionnaires and finally the conclusion is drawn on the bases of studies.


Consumer behaviour in buying structure is variations when comes to the product, price, features, quality, packaging, lifestyle, position. However, junior is the most complicated group to correspond with. The youth changing preference have an effect on the buying pattern because they generally follow the rhythm of fashion and tastes in line with the shifting time. Therefore, Marketers spend millions on market research every year to recognize and anticipate the changing youth behaviour. With the continuously flourish of kinds in beauty products the junior encourage with the flavour of elegance through affordable price and changing development on the market. All this makes it extremely difficult to understand and focus on their behaviours.


The consumer will act in response based on the product quality and dependability, the fundamental understanding of products is necessary to understand the product features, products stability and product benefits (Baker, 2004). The consumer is the finish user for the product; consumers buy the products in market; in order to execute successful sales functions on the market an effective syndication channel and sites are required for the organizations. Circulation channels and sites play an important role in the buyer goods industry. Consumer is the ultimate user of each product, with no consumer there is no market consequently (Baker, 2004). The buyer does not compare the products' advantages and disadvantages at each purchase occasion, but is lead by past experiences and serves out of practices. Only when the buyer really takes the time to value a fresh product does consider factors such as price, preference and quality


The goal of study is to recognize the key aspect which makes change the decision when they choose the plastic product. The youngsters has very exclusive choices or preference and tastes of cosmetic brands that make them self-esteem in the modern culture with changing their lifestyle. The main issue of focus of location is does the branding is important to them or product quality, price or it can be wearing aesthetic for self image. Youth is very difficult group to judge because they have got changing preferences with changing time.


The reason for this proposal is to contribute to a better understanding and understanding of consumer buying behavior towards purchasing of cosmetics. The aim of the task is to discover the factors influencing the youth in purchasing cosmetics.

This research work is also designed to achieve the next specific targets. To:

Examine the influence of advertising on consumer buying behaviours

How branding play a role to effect consumer buying behaviours

To develop the better knowing that Price can be the factor to control the decision

Consideration on lifestyle or Status characteristic to look for the changing key for buying behaviour

Does product quality have strong qualifications to impact purchase decision.


The consumers mind is different in one another in this as writer said in the definition that in line with the human mindset, demographical differences, time & sex and to understand people needs and assess the influences of every consumer approach differs, in theory described that consumer is treated as decider of the company, what ever the merchandise comes to the market, the buyer is the best purchaser for each product, some times the consumers are choosing, selecting and going for family decision making to choose differently, in one point of the time the consumers differentiated and discussed that they are choosing personal and some of the them are employing products for profit. (Kotler, 2004).

When consumers experienced no activities with a product, they have a tendency to trust a preferred as well known brand name. Consumers often think well known brands are better and are worthwhile buying for the implied confidence of quality stability, performance and services. . ( Schiffman, Kanuk, 2009)

During the 1940s, cosmetics company executives started out targeting specific sets of consumers by age and other demographic factors. Ads for makeup were put in magazines that teenagers read. Marketing experts helped the industry to tools certain products compared to that young market, packaging then in a way that would charm to teens, and offer them at prices teenagers could afford. Inexpensive lipsticks were among the first of the products. ( Sherrow, 2001)

The consumer behaviour influences in 3 aspects, they can be acquiring, using and disposing. The acquiring means that how the consumer spends money on the merchandise, such as leasing, trading and borrowing. Using means a few of the consumers use the high price products plus some of the consumer sees the product quality. Disposing is nothing but circulation, order or places a particular product (Hoyer, Deborah, 2001).

Price is so often considered an indicator of quality, some product advertising deliberately emphasis a higher price to underscore the marketers statements of quality. Marketers recognize that at time, product with cheap may be interpreted a reduced quality. At some time, when consumers examine more concrete feature of a product, such as performance & sturdiness they count less on price & brand name as indicates of quality than when they measure the product's prestige and symbolic prices. ( Merrie, Valarie, 2000)

Advertising informs consumers about the living and great things about products and services, and attempts to persuade consumers to get them (MacKenzie, 2004). The purpose of advertising is to persuade the buyer to take action, usually to buy something. If advertising is to attract and converse to audiences in a manner that produces this desire consequence, promoters must first understand the consumers. (Lee, Johnson, 2005) Advertiser's most important mission is to reach prospective customers and impact their awareness, behaviour and buying behavior. They spend a lot of money to keep individuals (markets) enthusiastic about their products. To succeed, they need to understand what makes prospects behave just how they certainly. The advertisers goals is to get enough relevant market data to build up accurate information of buyers-to-find the common group (and symbols) for communications this involves the analysis of consumers behavior: the mental and psychological operations and the activities of men and women who purchase and use goods and services to meet particular needs and needs (Arens, 1996).

Consumer often judges the quality of something or service based on a variety of information cues that they connect with the merchandise. A few of these hints are intrinsic to the product and service other is extrinsic. Either solo or along such are supply the basis for belief of product and service quality. ( Schiffman, Kanuk, 2009)

The consumer may expect price to mirror the quality standard of the merchandise. Quality notion may be to do with the materials or components found in the product. Price, quality can be likened objectively, the image of the product and the contribution of the chosen item towards needs satisfaction and lifestyle. (Cant et al, 2009). Consumers were much more likely to change brands after the price increased than if they were simple subjected to the bigger price to start with. As costs can influence your choice of consumer to use or drop the purchasing idea where they are really go for considerable product with low price and perceived quality. (Mullen, Johnson, 1990)

Personality characteristics tend to be revealed in a person principle, which is the way people see themselves and just how they believe that others see them( Kerin et al, 2003). People share their personalities not so much in world as inn symbols. Many people are increasingly worried about their social position. Different products vary in their status symbol worth (Kumar, Sharma, 1998) Additionally, all people are specific; hence have a unique personality of different characteristics, which is often portrayed with characteristics, such as self-confidence, dominance, sociability, autonomy, defensiveness, adaptability, and aggressiveness (Blackwell et al. 2001).

Brand image occurs when brand associations held in your brain of individuals are conveyed onto a consumer's belief about a brand. These organizations can either be developed from direct experience with the product, from the information communicated by the business, or from past associations placed about the business and origin, etc. (Martinez et al. 2003).

Lifestyle is a way of living that is determined by how people spend their time and resources, what they consider important in their environment and what they think of themselves and the world around them. (Kerin et al, 2003). The life styles concept provides explanation of behaviour and purchase style, especially the ways that people spends their money and time. Personality, motives and behaviour also affects lifestyle. (Cant et al, 2009). Lifestyle defines a style of intake that reflects a person's choices hoe spend money and time. ( Solomon, 2009)

According to Kotler, Armstrong there are Four major factors that influences consumer buyer behaviours

Consumer buying behaviour is influenced by four key set of buyer characteristics: cultural, sociable, personal, and mental. Although many of the factors can't be inspired by the marketers, they can be useful in determining interested buyers and in shaping product and attracts serve consumer needs better.

Culture: is the most basic determinant of someone's wants and behaviour. It includes the basic values, perceptions, personal preferences, and behaviours that a person learns from family. But where as Subculture is "culture within civilizations" which may have distinct values and lifestyle and can be predicated on anything from time of ethnicity.

Social factors: also affects a buyer's behaviours. A person's references teams has strongly effect product and brand alternatives.

Personal: characteristics affect the buying decision. The consumer lifestyle is the whole pattern of behaving and interacting on the planet are also an important affects on purchase decisions.

Psychological factors: consumer buying behavior is affects by desire, perceptions, learning and beliefs and attitudes. Each of these factors provides a different perspective for understanding the working of the customer. (Kotler, Armstrong, 2005)

The consumer buying behaviours steps in decision process model

Their mainly five periods of consumer buying behaviour

1. Problem/Need Recognition

Problem reputation occurs whenever there's a significant difference between our current expresses of affairs and some states. The necessity recognition depends on the situation and it occurs in the number of ways. First of all find the problem which it has to need alternation and then transition to the opportunity recognition, when subjected to different or better quality products and this is happen when there may be change in the circumstances.

2. Information search

Once a consumer recognizes a problem and then its needs to adequate information to solve it. Information search is the procedure by which survey the environment for appropriate data to make a fair decision.

3. Evaluation of alternatives

The next level of the buyer decision process is assessing alternative options determined through the search process, in this level consumer seek response to the questions, when they evaluate and choose from the many product. Consumer will compare what they find out about different products and brands with what they consider the most.

4. Purchase decision

After deciding if to purchase, a consumer might undertake the first your choice process as it plans and intend to acquire a specific product or brands.

5. Outcome

Finally the purchase is manufactured after critically inspecting each levels in your choice process. (Solomon, 2009)

According to Kotler (1994), the Consumers buying decision process is affected by three steps those are the following:

There are different types of shopping for behavior decisions.

a. Complex buying behavior: Consumers undertake complex buying behavior when they are highly involved in purchase and complex buying behaviour and perceive factor on the list of brands. Consumers may be highly involved when the product are expensive, high-risk, purchased in frequently and are highly expensive

b. Dissonance - Reducing buying behavior occurs when consumers are highly involved with an expensive, infrequent or risky purchase, but views little difference among various brands

c. Variety - Consumers embark on variety seeking buying behavior in situations seen as a low consumer engagement, but significant perceived brand difference. In such cases, consumers often execute a lot brand scrutiny (Kotler, 1994).


To identify the factors influencing the behavior of clients of youth.


Brand can be one of the factors that why young people buy product, they imagine on brand because their parents or friends use it. Or they build a graphic that this brand provides them the most satisfaction level to look them attractive.


Advertising is an element that is utilized to convince concept to in an exceedingly casual way to choose the product as it is most fulfill them when uses. Advertising can be a fantastic tool to capture the young ones attention; this may lead to change the brand and try the other make of product and look them more appealing then before.


As the dissertation emphasis of attention is youth especially with the working category, still some are conscious about the affordable price with good quality of product.

Product quality

The young era is matter about the grade of the product. They would like to use the merchandise without any side effect or harm on the skin.


The fine art of handling self-image can take on significant amounts of importance in makeup specially developed and invite them to remain attractive in the sight of other. Most youngsters of both genders wear makeup. Does this mean all of them are looking for attention? Do all junior who wear make-up have self-esteem?


The time youngsters dedicate to the lifestyle not only plays a component in building harmony between your body and the mind. It also participates building self-respect. The way we see ourselves affects the way others see us. This is why quality of life begins here, since essentially, men and women can be found in the sight of others. Youngsters wear cosmetic make-up because that would make sure they are feel different about their looks.



The research technique is an operation of collecting data to find out purpose. The info collection distinguished in supplementary and main data including information of the prospective population, study method, design of questionnaire and presenting and showed finally, used options for the research.

Types of research


The reason for descriptive research is the exploration and explanation of phenomena in true to life situations. This approach is used to generate new understanding of concept or theme about which limited or no research has been conducted. Through descriptive research, ideas are referred to and romantic relationships are identified that provides the basis for even more quantitative research and theory evaluation. (Burns, Grove, 2004)

Research Approach

When conducting a study, the researcher can select from two approaches; qualitative and quantitative method. The qualitative method will involve the gathering of an whole lot of information from few exam devices through interviews and observations, while the quantitative method entails that the researcher gathers little information from many investigation devices through, for occasion questionnaires (Neuman, 2003).

Quantitative Method:

Quantitative research used to be the primary method utilized by the large research companies since it uses amount, logic, reports and models and operates with large numbers of respondents. It makes an attempt to make use of descriptive approach in the collection and evaluation of data. (Wright, 2006, pp 512). The dissertation is on the consumer buying behaviour of the youth, the quantitative method can separate the logically through range of respondent that what particular generation use cosmetic product. Quantitative method of research provided insights into the situation and in growing approach by creating relevant questions. (Doole and Lowe, 2004).

Qualitative Method:

The data collection approaches for qualitative studies, are dept interview, focus group, discuss guide, task approach. These techniques are regularly uses in the early stage of frame of mind research to identify relevant product related beliefs or attitudes & to develop a short picture of consumer frame of mind. (Schiffman, Kanuk, 2009)


Conducting the quantitative research, the data collection tools that are required for the appropriate because of this research are:

Secondary Data

The secondary data are gathered from sources which have already been designed for the purpose of first-time use and future uses. The supplementary data can be acquired from internal sources and external resources and it depends on what sources most help to obtain the data. ( Panneerselvan, 2004). Within the dissertation, the sources of information for extra data will be journals, Books, magazine, magazine, internet, articles. The good thing about secondary data is save time & cost; it's also acts as a basis of assessment for other data and avoids data collection problems. Secondary data can be usually accumulate quickly compared to primary data. The data are source materials which may have been collect for the study.


For quantitative research, the primary data collection tool is the questionnaire, which may be dispatched through the email to chosen respondents for self- administration or can be given by field interviews in person or by mobile phone. In order to inspire respondents to take the time to respond to research, researchers have found that questionnaires must be interesting, objective, unambiguous, easy to complete. (Lazar, Schiffman, 2008)

Main sample

Main sample of the dissertation research will be descriptive and especially targeting youngsters and which is drawn between both the gender band of male and feminine. Test will be give attention to the those group that one uses the plastic product, the test mainly extracted from the High school, colleges, cosmetic outlets, shopping centres, beauty saloons and parlours.


Data evaluation is conducted to reduce, organize and give meaning to the data. The analysis of data from quantitative research involves the use of descriptive types of procedures to describe review parameters and samples. Regarding to Hulme & Grove "The choice of research techniques put in place is determine mainly by the study goals, questions or hypotheses. Data collection, the analysis varying are measured by using a number of techniques, such as observation, interview, questionnaires, scales and physiological way of measuring methods". Lewis- Beck (1995) state governments that the data evaluation helps answer the study question and better the execution of the analysis, the better the conclusions.


The time was very limited to conduct the research on the selected topic because studying the routine of the buyer buying behaviour needs time to look for more principles and theories which provide strong backdrop for the proposal.


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Research of the topic


Proposal statement


Statement of problem & objectives


Purpose of study


Research methodology


Literature review




Data analysis




Final draft



This proposal will be presented in written form followed the below survey structure.




Literature Review

Research Methodology

Sources & Acquisition of Data

Data Analysis

Time framework


In addition, some graphs, charts & furniture may be added to be able to illustrate the result or analysis the data in the dissertation.

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