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Business Approaches for Technical Progress

The modern world is getting steadily mobile. The penetration of mobile devices on the market has been extremely fast and frustrating. Mobile technology inspired and changed just how people live, work and amuse, and have completely revolutionized just how companies carry out business. Nowadays many activities are carried out on the move- socializing, business, learning etc. , because many business process can be prolonged to mobile ones, and almost every activity can be turned into mobile application. Due to the common of mobile technology, people are always online, they can discuss and hear regardless of the place where they are really. Mobile communications are based on wireless solutions, transparent and cheap, and eventually it has a real potential to replace traditional pcs (Deibert and Rothlauf, 2006).

Business strategies have progressed vastly together with the rapid technical progress of mobile technologies. The organizations are using mobile technology to operate better and smarter. The swift development of mobile devices and integration of technical tools in the business procedures have allowed new opportunities for increasing the performance of a company, by causing the processes simpler and far better.

Mobile devices have grown to be an internal part of your lives and made distance and location factors progressively irrelevant. The impact of mobile technology on workplaces and the business environment is visible. Business systems can take good thing about mobile technologies to improve their production and efficacy in lots of ways. It really is now feasible for people to execute business businesses from almost anywhere. The ability to gain access to Internet through their telephone allows the professionals to assemble real-time data that can help them with taking enlightened business decisions (Cellary and Iyengar, 2002). Furthermore, the recent advancements of mobile technology have created a countless benefits for businesses and led to tremendous improvements in many business areas. Below are presented several examples of how mobile technology make a genuine impact on business communication.

Improved customer support

Mobile technology are playing a vital role in improving customer-satisfaction and social impact running a business. The ability to communicate issues and feedback to employees about a product or a service at any time makes an important improvement to customer service. In addition, the increasing amount of users using Internet on their smartphones for various services has resulted in the boom of social advertising apps, and consequently many businesses started investing in making their social media platforms responsive to customers (Smith, 2016). In this way people can connect with the brands through online messaging options and get an instant response to their inquiries.

Better sales performance

One of the major tools for sales workers is to learn their customers. Through the use of mobile phones, sales associates can access the customer's record and get up-to-date information about his essential needs and personal preferences, sales and inquiries prior to the meeting, and so be prepared to offer him appropriate alternatives. Furthermore, sales professionals can keep tabs on the inventory, obtain sales reports and status of purchases in real-time, and notify the clients by email or telephone in order to speed up the process and hence bring customer satisfaction (Mincey, 2016).

Enhanced collaboration

Smart cellular devices permit all employees to become listed on regular meetings and acquaintances to collaborate with each other from anywhere in the world via Internet. Whether it's a web meeting, video call or online meeting, this cellular phone service allows the team members to donate to the talk and exchange viewpoints, which can prevent any delays in work and helps increasing the team drive and output.

Optimized operations

With the development of mobile technology, business procedures have been carried out simpler and quicker. For example, cloud processing allows employees to easily access important files from anywhere using mobile phones with Web connection. They are able to also retrieve sales information and other needed data from the databases, and thus provide correct and quick service to the customers.

The Sage Mobile Device Study, that was conducted in April-May 2014, analyzed 1, 090 U. S. small and mid-sized enterprises about just how mobile technologies impact both their business and population. Two organizations stood out with the way of using innovative technology tools for achieving monetary empowerment and generate value for population.

Good World Alternatives organization carried out a mobile-based program called Labor Hyperlink that is helping business to obtain reviews from employees about the working conditions and are also providing them with information on healthcare and education. "Marks & Spencer" company have used the program to help for the improvement of financial literacy among Indian factory workers. They have distributed a simple survey through their cell phones and a large number of workers required part in it. The results helped Markings & Spencer to create information that allowed them to modify its training in line with the specific needs of the staff, and possess contributed by educating them to save, as the number of workers having lender accounts is reported to acquire increased with 33% following the first part of the survey.

Grameen Foundation is providing for organizations working to prevent poverty by providing them with products and services that can increase their efficiency. TaroWorks is a product of theirs, a mobile enabled tool with a cloud-based returning end. It is often used by personnel on the field, who send real-time information through a cellular phone. VisionSpring is another company that uses TaroWorks for the purpose of improved business businesses and interpersonal assistance. The business is selling eye glasses to poor people, in order to alleviate poverty by motivating these to learn and work. Before VisionSpring was not in a position to obtain information about its customers because it was expensive and complicated, however now by using TaroWorks and cell phones the business is collecting essential information that will assist adapting its products. (Adesnik, 2013)

In spite of the positive impact that mobile technology have on the success running a business inside our world, there are extensive companies which don't realize the benefit they might gain from adapting such technology in their business. A report released by business and accounting software company Sage THE UNITED STATES in 2014 have found that 77% of the firms do not plan to invest in mobile technology. The analysis unveiled that only 5% of the firms have designed a budget designed for cellular devices, and also that the percentage in employers who provides their workers with a mobile phones have dropped with 14% because the this past year (Angeles, 2014).

Mobile technology is enriching our lives. It is supporting us to work on what's both best for business and good for the world. It really is making communication between people possible, all over the world, for everyone with access to Internet. Mobile technology have great ability and strong effect on businesses that are using mobile allowed tools and devices to gather information and utilize it to make enlightened decisions.

The fast progress of mobile technology does not seem to decelerate, and if a company is striving for success, it will apply the mobile developments in order to use them as an edge.

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