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Business Proposal For Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood Entertainment Firm is a distinctive music label company. It had been founded by Samson Hillary who's also the chairman of the business and is targeted at promoting rings located in Portland to help them improve and earn a living from their skill. The company's chairman has generated and produced over forty albums in his whole profession. He also helps in marketing of the albums. These albums have been a huge source of revenue for companies like Connor, Rexmark, Coastal Documents and Emblem. Most of these albums have sold more than platinum (1, 000, 000) and Silver (500, 000) sales levels making the company one of the most recognized available. The business has had the opportunity to win honors such as Soul Train Accolades, and even the most cherished Grammy Awards. Major companies and systems have used a variety of other tasks from the company.

Mt. Hood Entertainment Corp. comprises of an experienced management team. As professionals, producers and designers, projects that contain been produced by the team have received Grammy honours and sold over three million copies. The experienced team as well as both creative and business sides of record company functions will ensure that the business makes profitable revenues at the earliest opportunity. Mt. Hood Entertainment Corp. preserves strong interactions within the music industry. Industry legends like Wellman Jax (JAX) and Calvin Roberts (Roberts Music) has offered the company international syndication with the Johnson Group and Rexmark Ultimate. Matching to Hutchinson, Macy & Allen (2009), it is through such like relationships that a company would be able to generate revenue from various global marketplaces such as Germany, SOUTH USA and even Japan. They open up the marketplace for the business's products.


Mt. Hood Entertainment Organization is a recognized multi-media entertainment company that delivers positive, profitable music and visual types of entertainment to different international consumer groups. It is dedicated to a form of entertainment that is appealing to different groups mix the plank. Mt. Hood Ent. Corp. believes that individuals could still enjoy quality entertainment without diminishing on the commercial appeal. That is a comparison to the normal scenario where most record label companies spend huge amounts of money producing music while they are doing hardly any in marketing and advertising (Hutchinson, Macy & Allen (2009). The greatest factor that distinguishes the business from the others is its dedication to every musician. It awards identical respect to both the upcoming and founded performers. Some record labels normally give set up music artists great attention and forget about upcoming artists. Although it might be possible that established artists might have so much work to be achieved, upcoming painters also need as much time in order that they could be shaped into better musicians and artists in future. Moreover around the grade of the music is important, marketing and campaign is evenly important because no customer will buy music that he has never heard of. Companies should therefore commit much in marketing exactly like it does in development.

A powerfully calculated and relentless strategy will enable it to earn so much revenue through offering of singles as well as albums. Not everyone can afford to buy albums whenever they are released in the market. Some favor specific songs in the whole album. All these things to consider have been catered for by the online marketing strategy so the company does not loose from its faithful customers. The success of prior recorded music is also used in concert promotions. A lot of people love most of the songs produced by specific music artists within the company. It is these tracks that are being used in ad for music concerts or in the sale of music albums just like Hutchinson, Macy & Allen (2009) recommend.

The stable of resourceful and experienced companies also ensure that the company produces high quality music within an acceptable budget. There will do financial backup and expertise among the list of management team to level relentless and powerful marketing campaigns to set-up great products that make the company take up an enormous market share. The company has even proven four different labels to take care of different types of genres of music including Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, Pop, Gospel, and Substitute Rock. A diverse roster of saving music artists has been compiled to ensure that everyone is catered for. Since there are numerous artists being offered by the company, it was useful that a roster is developed so that the company could allocate specific times for each and every artist. Without a good plan, there may very well be more confusion and even issue considering that music artists are very strenuous when it comes to time spent in the Studio room (Hutchinson, Macy & Allen, 2009). All of them needs plenty of time and attention by manufacturers other than rushing them through to save time for other performers. The business even works later part of the in the night if need be to ensure that each artist is dished up. The long set of debuting musicians and artists and veterans has enabled Mt. Hood Ent Corp. to penetrate the music market share at a first rate and therefore make it more successful.

There are three major divisions that form the MHEC: Training video, Music and Ancillary departments. There are many lucrative profit centers created by the company to earn immediate earnings. Starting with the pre-recorded music, there are so many compact discs, VCD, cassette tapes and even vinyl albums to provide for each customers need. This ensures that those who prefer to pay attention to cassette tapes are not disadvantaged by the growing upsurge in CD choice. Some customers value their old music systems which can only just play the tapes. Such people are regular customers of the business stores. Some even obtain that the business changes music from the CDs to tapes for the current albums that are mostly registered on CDs.

Additional income is produced through the merchandising, video, circulation and music concerts which can be liked by so many customers (Hutchinson, Macy & Allen, 2009). Whenever the business keeps a music concert, the venues are normally filled to capacity. The long list of veteran musician under the record label is the main reason behind such huge crowds. There is also a very highly talented team of professionals in charge of distribution and offering of the company's Music and procedure of any associated labels. It has made the business achieve success in various areas of its operation. The management team has provided the best skills they have in the areas of marketing, project creation, artist promotion, artist and repertoire.

The company's trust therefore has always been in its music. MHEC's liable nurturing of expertise, its creation and marketing success has laid floor for more revenue centers. Any artist that joins the business is therefore guaranteed to prosper. The relationship between MHEC and Johnson Group and Remarks Ultimate has made it possible for it to make international circulation of its products thus creating an efficient marketing platform. Any era by the business is always retained in motion thanks to the creative marketing plan. There are also several self-employed record promoters that contain been appointed by the company to handle local marketing of its products and create radio special offers. Other forms of campaign include broadcast videos, web sites, in-store promotion, dance club advertising and the utilization of different forms of media like tv, newspaper and r / c (Hutchinson, Macy & Allen, 2009).

Running of the business enterprise however requires spending of money as displayed by the budget below.

Total development cost

$100, 000

Total Marketing and campaign cost

$500, 000

Office setup

$60, 000

Leasehold investment

$15, 000

Pre-production Equipment

$130, 000


$ 10, 000


3, 600/month for 10 months

Budget for New Saving project

Studio charge: $53, 000

Rent for rehearsal space: $1500

Video bills: $ 8000

Promotional expenditures: $15, 000

Information system composition discussion

Information systems are extremely vital in the look, support, control and improvement of various business operations. However, information systems can only be useful in a business if the employees understand how the operational business operations are handled. Considering that business processes and information systems are intertwined and there is no way they may be separated, it is merely necessary that companies obtain it experts. Corresponding to O'Brein & Marakas (2005) Information systems are incredibly vital within an organization in that manner that if it fails, the business's operational processes will all come to a halt. The employees are also a vital component of the info system. For instance, it is these workers who interpret different kind of communication or information exhibited by the hardware or software through communication sites to disseminate it throughout the company. Information system is therefore the entire structure of flow of information in the business.

Mt. Hood Entertainment Company has a team of personnel who organize to ensure that the company is operational. For instance its co-founders are Mr. Carl Bruce, Mr. Johnson Tailer and Mr. Samson Hillary who's also the chairman of the business. Even though these three are extremely important in the decisions the company makes, the management team is given the designed to run the company. Regarding to Stair, Reynolds & Reynolds (2009) a bottom-up showing of information works in such a way that any member of the team has the capacity to add or suggest better ways of doing business. This has created a good organizational composition in the company that has seen the company grow as time passes. There is certainly good relationship between your company employees and even the long group of artists signed under the label.

As O'Brien & Marakas (2005) input it, people rely upon information system to switch information with others using different varieties of physical devices. For example cell phones and the internet have become one of the very most frequently used devices of communication. MHEC has a proper networked internet connection on its Computers where companies and managers exchange information. This makes it very easy for users to web page link up any time they feel like. Moreover, person in the complete family has email accounts where they exchange ideas. Due to the fact every person has a mobile phone, this has made it possible for the professionals and companies to web page link up with musicians and artists from wherever they may be. The long set of artists is challenging to cope with at once. Producers there make demands clarification of ideas or change of plan in the event other issues come up. These devices have therefore managed to get very easy for the whole 'family' to converse.

Collaboration systems with other business lovers and among the business employees are also retained by information systems (O'Brein & Marakas, 2005). For instance by using the internet, the management team could talk and discuss about what they need to do to penetrate certain markets. Regional makers and distributers can also talk via the internet and produce better decisions. Through information system, the company has therefore kept watch and used the public take on their music. A straightforward telephone call to a distributer in Norway could make it easy for a marketing administrator in the business's headquarters to learn how the sales are fairing on.

Sometimes the business also uses very easy varieties of communication such as writing words or through word of mouth. These are incredibly accurate kinds of communication which may have been part of the company for a long period. For instance, music is normally written using various indicators and musical notes. Artists are occasionally given such notes to read and understand in order that they could know what to do when singing. Within the booth recording their music, performers are sometimes shown indicators and side gestures by providers to raise or lower their voices. 3rd party producers of the business also mail promotional copies of their new music to TV shops and r / c. The mails are down the road followed by telephone calls to notify the recipients on the need to gather their deliveries (Stair, Reynolds & Reynolds, 2009). The business therefore has retained telephone contacts of varied business associates in its journal to ensure that phone calls are created whenever necessary. These are some of the types of communication that contain always been used by the company.

Marketing and campaign of music requires the establishment of associations with various companies across the world. MHEC has authorized agreements with various international marketing companies and regional companies to assist in the syndication of its music. To keep carefully the relationship working, it's important that contacts are made every now and them with all the distributing companies. Similarly, it is important that the company has links with radio and Television channels where they can take their music for air place. All this has made the business to set up communication division that web links up with all its lovers in business. Korpela, Montealegre & Poulymenakou (2003) claim that the most typical means of communication is the utilization of telephones and internet. The growing level of popularity in the utilization of the internet has managed to get necessary for the business to develop a site where music artists and other lovers can sign in with their user labels and passwords and pass across information or ask questions. The website is also meant to advertise the company to the public and announce any new produces it could have. Company merchandise and products are also sold through the internet but most of all, the website provides a plat form for the general public to send e-mail to the business and give recommendations or views about conditions that they could want tackled or inquire about future concerts.

The music industry also requires that the public is kept in continuous touch with musician and their music. The business ensures this is done by using print advertisements and its own monthly mag that is supplied to all or any music distributers on the market. This has been an excellent way of keeping in touch with the public. Apart from hearing quality music from the business, additionally it is necessary that the public understands the lives of their favorite artists and almost all of what surrounds them. The newspaper normally publishes articles concerning the lives of different music artists in addition to reviews about past and upcoming music concerts. This has made the public learn more about the business and keep close contact with the label company.

O'Brien & Marakas (2005) clarify that information system depends on hardware, software, people, data and communication networks to gathers and cross over information. It really is however important that information is well interpreted for this to bring a meaningful contribution to the jogging of the business. It is however easier for the management team because almost all of the musicians made by the company understand English. You can find therefore minimal problems of words barrier. Additionally, music is focused on the vocal, combat, and areas of sound such as pitch, build and tempo. This makes it easy for the producers to create quality music even if it is sung in a different language other than English.

Online sales to customers have added to a lot revenue for the business. Information technology has made it easy to display sounds and albums via the internet on the company's online stores. Customers do not necessary have to bodily walk to the music stores to buy music because of internet. Online sales save the client so much time and are incredibly convenient. All a customer needs to do is key-in his financial details and access the music he needs. He can then download it directly to his computer. In the event a customer needs a hard backup of the album, the distribution company can easily email it to him regardless of where he might maintain the entire world. Suppliers are also sanctioned online which has made the business to spread so many copies of the products in various places of the world. For example considering that it could not be easy for the marketers to go to a continent like Africa each and every time it needs to place its services on the market, a supplier can certainly be sanctioned online. He'll therefore become the main company to the African market while the company only bank checks how the sales are fairing on. Corresponding to Stair, Reynolds & Reynolds (2009) this has therefore managed to get easy to conduct business all around the globe.

Information systems also have helped the company to fight piracy. It has been issues in the music industry for a long time. The highly professional team of information security officials ensure that all the music made by the company is copy written and its supply and circulation follows the right channel. For any person to download music from the business, he should be permitted to do so by logging in to the company's website and paying for any music he needs. There are however a number of promotion CDs which is often obtained freely for the general public to get a hint on the kind of music that is available. The advertising CDs also help in marketing of the company's products (Korpela, Montealegre & Poulymenakou, 2003).

Every distribution company is however responsible for the products under its stores. MHEC business policy requires that distributers keep an eye on any merchandise being transferred to a customer so that it reaches the vacation spot. GPRS technology has been very useful in doing this. By logging on to the internet, the company could keep monitor on any goods on transit to ensure that they are being taken to the right person. Upon delivery, your client is meant to sign a delivery word after identification. This has also created customer devotion because they are certain of getting any items they order for with time and without failing. The business has a Main Information Security Officer who means that the security of the business's information is not affected. Korpela, Montealegre & Poulymenakou (2003) are of the thoughts and opinions that a Chief Information Officer should be in charge of management of information security. He has a support team than it experts who help him in doing the work. The network system security is often updated on every month basis with the latest security firewalls to ensure that the information is not affected. This has also helped keep away hackers in to the company's system and for that reason keep carefully the company's data safe.

There is also a promotion section whose main job is bringing media focus on the painters. The section organizes for interviews and concert events in various forms of media where in fact the artists are employed in conversations about their music. It has been very helpful in increasing the careers of most artists since it makes their music known by the general public. As Hutchinson, Macy & Allen (2009) input it, this is why why you will usually find articles and pictures of the business's artists in magazines, and television set programs. The publicity department in addition has been very active on social sites like facebook and twitter to help in the advertising of musicians and artists. It has created a company fun web page where comments are given by the public and any concerts are also promoted in the communal sites. The team is also responsible for the performers being involved with charity programs that help various prone organizations in the population. This has helped make its designers known to the general public.

Generally speaking, Mt. Hood Entertainment Firm is an extremely lively label company that produces quality music to the funs. It is more of a family group where users and performers help one another to succeed in the music industry. It is a good platform for just about any musician willing to make it big in the music industry.

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