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Business Plan Of Castle Family Restaurant

This is the business enterprise plan of Castles Family Restaurant situated in the north California. It gets the eight branches in several location. Total 340 employees are working in the restaurant. There exists in your free time as well as full time employees employed in it so the dependence on recruitment and selecting on continual basis required by restaurant. The manager procedures and HR supervisor Jay Morgan need to face the condition related to HRM related to visit in every branches on each week basis, controlling the large numbers of employees of different branches, taking care of their payroll system, arranging and their concerns with out delay of your energy and in expense effective way. HR specialist is chosen to coop with each one of these HR issues of the restaurant. The business enterprise plan includes different HR reforms in order to problem image resolution. HRIS is definitely the key on the accomplishment of restaurant goals and also to meet the HR requirements. Various kinds of HRIS are determined and the top types of HRIS that fit on the circumstance and can help take care of the HR issues at is facing by Restaurant is examined and technique of its proper implementation is suggested. Comparison of different types shows that restaurant needs to use the payroll and staff home support management software in order to coop with daily basis HR issues. Ascentis software Supplier Company is recommended in order to install the successful execution of HRIS in the restaurant to be able to meet the HR needs of the company and provide the successful implementation of means to fix the HR administrator of restaurant.


The paper relates to the business plan of Castle family restaurant, which is the restaurant situated in the North California. It's the family managed restaurant and it includes multiple branches in different locations. The business plan stand for the doc summarize the Castle family restaurant current business functions related to HR efficiency of restaurant's administrator Jay Morgan who is the operation manager of his branch and carry out the Hr functions of other multiplication branches. I as the HR expert of Jay Morgan must present the business plan to recognized the HR issues that presently restaurant is facing, important HRM system have to be installed in order to meet the HR requirement of the company, comparability of different HR techniques to be able to identify the best technique for the restaurant and searched for the existing issues related to HR functions of Castle' family Restaurant. The most important thing here is the execution of information system to effectively carry out the HR activities of the restaurant.

Company Review

Castle's Family Restaurant is basically mid-sized company. It is a family possessed restaurant. Total Eight branches is there located in various location naming Dunsmuir Avenue, Eureka, Parkview Redding-Shasta County, and Yreka-Siskiyou County. Castle's Family Restaurant offers services to the bigger numbers of customers. The restaurant provides out their working in various areas and combines the machine of food chain and employees through its manager Jay Morgan who has performed dual duties, one is the duty of operation director and the other the first is HR manager. Morgan must closely deal with the HR businesses of varied branches of restaurant with close awareness and integration of employees working in various branches. Almost 340 employees will work in the restaurant with 40 % of employees are regular weather the remaining are part time employees. The need for the part time is increasing therefore the recruitment and hiring of in your free time employees is the problem on regular basis. In the reality the tasks to control the HR functions of various branches without the implementation of technical advance system is difficult also to some lengthen impossible to perform in effective manner.

HR Problems

The basic problem that restaurant have to handle is the management of Human resources in multiple location. The HR manager has to go to the various branches to handle the task schedules of employees in various branches and to manage with their work place issues, discuss if any problem they have. Tasks related to recruitment and hiring of employees, management of benefit programs for the kids and to examine their performance as well. The supervisor needs to take care of the payroll system and Information is stored in an Excel spreadsheet and investigations are printed out from his computer. Each one of these HR activities of different branches are difficult to control effectively with increasing vehicles charges of fuel on earth and the much time will also consumed due to timely goes to to different locations on regular or daily basis that will be stressful for the manager to manage and cover the routine jobs of the restaurant.

Industry Analysis

The Castle's Family Restaurant can be involved with the service industry. The tendency of service industry is growing daily. Service is one thing intangible. The restaurant industry gets the growing trend worldwide as the folks are now more considering the junk food and the food from outside. Increasing amount of population boost the demand for the restaurant and the the majority of the people relate to either gender now regarded as working category because of insufficient time they need to cook the meals. Men and women and kids are also a major marketplace for restaurant industry because they are the lover of different variety of food.

The body shows the increasing style of American restaurant industry with a major pitfall in 2009 2009. The increasing pattern can be seen in 2011 with the income of 604 million. The restaurant industry is adding 10% in American sales. (Styles in Fine Dinner, 2011a).

Industrial Style and Restaurant Performance

The industry vast transformation begins with the increasing craze of informational technology in the world wide industry. Technological improvement on the planet turns the world towards the global advancement and pushes the sectors to the globalization. Information technology provides support not and then the It industry but it become the backbone for every single and every industry world wide, including manufacturing industry as well for the service industry. Service institutes like, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, universities, universities, hotels and restaurants all these industries need to implement the technological progress system in order to perform their goals and to meet the development criteria. The growth and development of business in multiple locations is not possible to perform effectively with no successful execution of information system. To manage the HR tasks in the multi dimensional organization is super easy with the informational technology as the machine make the company able to provide the integrate system of communication and cooperation in the business trough which operations of multiple locations and departments can be strongly collaborate and information can be moved and show in effective way that provide the simplicity to link the actions of different team with in an group as well as the activities of different branches which are located outside the physical boundaries.

The Castle Family restaurant need a close concern towards managing the company with the change industry craze as the in competition is extremely fast and the tendency of food service industry is changing time to time so to meet the competition effective and modern HR system must need to put into practice with the advanced it help to flourish in the food industry.

Business Analysis

Castle' Family Restaurant has eight branches in multiple locations. The HR activities are still cooped with traditional HR methodologies. The saving and controlling data on Excel spreadsheet with sophisticated research employee's performance by visiting the location of these functions is the difficult to control. HRM system of the restaurant needs the improvement to be able to meet the HR needs of the company. From The essential business change that Restaurant HR administrator need to investigate is the updating of its system to be able to perform its employees management in better way. Restaurant manager currently had a need to gauge the employee's performance, their schedules and the issues after visiting the location. That is frantic, time taking and many communication lags can be arise because of insufficient immediate communication. Modern scientific improvement emphasize on the implementation of Human Source of information Information System (HRIS). This is the merger of individual reference management and information system that helps the company to manage their human resource with move forward technology and information system. Castle's Family Restaurant need to put into action HRIS in order to meet up with the current HR needs also to move with equal pace on the planet to remain competitive in industry and extend it business in fast pace. Human Source of information Information System (HRIS) is an automated system that provides the online way to the HR problems of the company. This system automate the data entry about the key staff established information, pay move management, accounting functions, traffic monitoring of data, performance way of measuring of employees through on line software that documents data relate to the worker activities in gain programs etc.

HR manager presently relied on the utmost manual tasks to track record and manage the info. Traditional methods of data saving and pay spin system are accompanied by the administrator. No mean of immediate communication is there to discuss and coop with the problems that employees will face and employees performance is also assessed on the bases of the personal observations by the HR manger that is frustrating because it is difficult for manager to visits the amount of different locations where the restaurants can be found at a time so hold off also bears cost. The HRIS provides the software's with the automatic system for the solution of maximum problems that is facing by the director.

The Human Resource Information System supplies the administrative control in different systems. Some receive below;

Payroll System


Absenteeism management

Time and performance records


Learning management

Employee home service module

Many types of HRIS is there to provide the benefits of information technology and improvement. Castle Family Restaurant need to implement HRIS to be able to track the employees through automated system devoid of the physical visit of the management and measure their performance through the web performance record, electronic recruitment and learning of able applicant, evaluate their absenteeism rate, answer the employees query etc.


HRIS provides the different benefits regarding HR tasks. The actual Castle's family restaurant needs is to find the program of its need. The basic HR types that Castle Family Restaurant is preferred to install to be able to get affordable way to coop with its Hr issues are pursuing.

1-Payroll Module

It is a highly effective part of HRIS that helps to generate the robotic payroll checks of employees with the saved time and attendance of the employees that will provides the relaxation to the manager of the restaurant to not follow the traditional pay roll system of keeping the files in excel spreadsheet and concern computerized checks.

2-Applicant tracking System

This is the tracking software which used to keep track of the candidate through online resumes and job applications received by the company and match it with the required certification and experience. Through proper matching the mandatory prospects will be determined. This can help the HR manager of restaurant to recognize the proper candidate for part time as well for full time employees and save time to physical work that are a lot more frustrating.

3-Employee Self Service Module

It is the system to create the answers of employee queries automatically. The employees can get solve their issues through the automated system. E. g. if employees want to confirm its attendance record or paid days and nights it can generate information using the system with out troubling the HR personals. It'll be generate the answers of inquiries through data registered in the system. Morgan can obtain large number of benefits from his HRIS type as it do not need to go to the work stations to be able to answer the questioning of employees on daily basis.

4-HRM module

This includes the large number of HR activities beginning with request of employees to the old age. It records the info related to demographic, selection, training and development, functions and skills management, data of compensations and benefits and other related activities. The primary HRM systems are providing the ability to read applications and then enter in the relevant data in the application form database fields, notify employers and offer management and control.


HRIS is the system to automate the HR activities. Large numbers of sub software are used in HRIS and the restaurant must install the machine according with their needs. As the system is costly to set up but once it offers installed and star it working it'll provides the advantages in large extend as compare to cost associated with it. The four HRIS types are have key importance for the Castle's restaurants for the effective improvement in its HR functional advancement.

For the existing HR issues the restaurant desire a close give attention to the payroll module and employees self service component due to its demand as HR director need not get tensed with the staff daily base questions in today's of employees self service component and to control the payroll system in the occurrence of payroll component as it keep the record and manage payroll bank checks automatically as compare to others. Applicant monitor system, HRM module and other are also important for the effective management in various times but can be affected for today's time

HRIS Supplier Recommendation

Large number of vendors is present on the market to provide the HRIS package with their customers to be able to meet their Hr demands. They are providing the either the software to handle the specific problems like payroll management module or applicant tracking system for the recruitment of employees etc, although some are providing the complete package deal of software with executing variety of functions. As an HR advisor of the Castle's Family Restaurant some important vendor's names are recommended. These are following.

1- Epicor Software

It is one of the leading Hr Management software provider and addresses three different sectors including manufacturing, engineering and service industry. It could be a better option for the Castle family restaurant due to its application including salary and reimbursement supervision and other large number of services can be considered a beneficial tool for the HR office of Castle family restaurant. (Epicor HCM)

2- Ascentis

The company is founded in 1994. It offers an easy-to-use collection of applications for small and mid-sized organizations that integrates and automates critical HR and payroll operations. The company offers the HRIS variety of payroll, HR management software and its own logo is "Simplifies your life" that also clear it objective and goal of providing the clear way to HR issues and simplify one life by using the software.

3- Apex business software

It is providing HR software, leave and time management software, absent management software and many user alerts. Like other suppliers it is also providing basic HR tools to provide easiness in Hr features in the business. ( Apex business software)


It is very difficult to justify with one best merchant when there are large number of vendors are there on the market and when there is less difference in the assistance and applications providing by these vendors. After sales services and customer satisfaction from them can be an important tool to attain at the conclusion. As the HR advisor it is strongly recommended to use system software service of Ascentis. The Ascentis would be the better option for the Castle's Family Restaurant because its first positive point is its experience in providing HRIS. Ascentis gives the thorough HR services supported by the latest Microsoft solutions. The restaurant can put into action the latest Hr system in order to meet the HR requirements of the company. The basic reason to recommend this one is that it is providing specialized services to the service industry and its major emphasis in on the tiny and medium size of companies as castle's family restaurant is the medium size of company with average employees working in it so the company match the necessity of restaurant perfectly n order to meet the HR requirements of the Restaurant.

Asentis provides the effective payroll management system that will show beneficial one for the restaurant. The payroll system includes duty filing, direct deposit and check printing. This would be the automated system and manager not need to handle any concern in it. The vendor offers the detailed payroll system to their customers. The Castle's restaurant can utilised with outsource service of Ascentis with simple to use customer interface and the real time payroll system as well.


HRIS is the fast growing phenomena and its successful implementation in the restaurant industry make it able to searched for the HR related issues in effective manner. The restaurant is increasing its procedure in vast territory so the implementation of proper HRIS enter the region where Hr functions need to be advanced is important to consider. The Hr manager issue of reducing the price tag on the restaurant by substituting the effective method in order to coop with the cost obstacles which restaurant is currently facing by means of transportation expenses and time which need to be save, the automatic payroll, and HRM software should be installed to meet the future cost. As the implementation of HRIS successful would be the one time investment that gets the potential to provide huge range of benefits in the future and the best merchant for HRIS is one which can provides the user friendly HR system in cost effective way.

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