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Business Plan For Online Shoe Shop Marketing Essay

Today, there a wide range of footwear companies that sell their product through website. The customer can have much kind of shoes and can make varieties of latest shoes fashion on the net.

In this, I'll find some test website to provide me ideas on the arrangement for the new Special Sneaker website. The sample website will be discussed in details.

The pursuing are three websites that I have found in the web.

http://www. mbt-shoescom. com/







Figure 1. (mbt-shoescom. com)

Above amount shown all the MBT shoes shown on this website are much cheaper with a guaranteed quality, there is absolutely no minimum order, and you may enjoy a wholesale price even when you order one product. If you would like to put a large order, addititionally there is more discount foundation on the inexpensive price. MBT Online Boot promises the good will 100% meet you. All of the products here can be returned within seven days after you acquiring them. However the products cannot be returned in used condition unless defectives which are the manufacturers-responsibility are located. The MBT Online Shoes will be sent within 3 days and nights after acquiring your payment. You could cancel your order within 24 hours after your order.


These are links that hook up customers to all or any main webpage of the web site.

Home Page

This is about the web website display in the fantastic design to appeal to online customer to see this site.

New Product

This is one of the merchandise that customer can see right now how new MBTshoe are design in latest version and trendy.

Shopping Cart

Customers are provided a grocery list when shopping through this website

My Account

This Website also provides a special form for customers to build accounts on MBT Sports Shoes, you'll be able to shop faster, get information on the position of your order and could review the requests you have recently made.

Contact Us

This Website also provides a special space for customers to contact the business by writing a few words on the form provided.


This site is where customer can easily see one of the latest models of the activity shoes advertised in this website


This plot is an advertisement for the use of shoes, this can be a motto utilized by these company to market their products. "Walking in MBTs", "Walking in typical shoes" and "Revolution starts in the sole. "


Customers can also find their favorite shoes in here, such like:-

2010 MBT new style

MBT Sandle shoes

Ospop shoes

MBT Casual shoes for Men's

MBT Sport shoes for Women's

MBT Casual shoes for Women's

Air max shoes for Men's

Air utmost shoes for Women's


This column marketed special offer for the latest model and design of the shoes.


This is the site where customer can easily see a lot of the latest models of the activity shoes marketed in this website with special price.

http://www. schuh. co. uk/








Figure 2. (Schuh. co. uk)

Above figure exhibiting another test of website, Schuh exists in North Bridge Arcade, Edinburgh since1981, its first Glasgow Store starts in Gordon Block in 1993, and it's really caused a experience getting "color" and "variety" to the boots fashion scene in the town as yet they've dolled up their Birmingham Bullring and Belfast stores and relocated their Newcastle Eldon Square branch to the swanky new middle extension. Schuh is the very best Multichannel Shop at the Draper's retail awards and Footwear Retailer of the entire year and Multiple Shoes or boots Retailer of the entire year at the Drapers Shoes accolades 2010.


This is the business's emblem, once it clicked its go to website.


This corner is for customer use together with company contact amount.


These are the primary links provided for customer going directly to the key pages of the website. The web provides 7 different links:


This hyperlink provides types and brands of the women shoes where the customers can choose it.


In this website link, the clients can search different types and brands of the men shoes.


This website link provides all men and women brands shoes from a to z brands shoes.


This link is for kids boot either guys or girls.


This hyperlink is provides the products such as shoes bags and shoes cares.


This website link is special for reselling men and women shoes at reduced prices. It also provides categories for customers to choose and select on what they want from type, size and color.


This link button offer an help services that customers may have ask such as customer services, track my order, check my surprise card balance, delivery info, comes back policy, size manuals, FAQs and care & maintenances.


This ad campaign is the latest shoes at a marked down rate of interest all the time.


This website won't drop out to preach the new products to its customers, especially the pattern that has not been in prior advertising.


This website also provides space for customers on the latest media items granted by the business.


This room is where customers can reveal relating to this company. Customers can also ask any questions about buying, shipping, and discerned the annals of the business.

http://www. shoes. co. uk/









Figure 3. (shoes. co. uk)

Above figure demonstrating another simple of website, this excellent website nicely design to make interest to all or any customers to choose the product on the net.

Main Links

These are links that connect customers to all or any main web page of the website.

Home Page

This is about the web home page display in the great design to draw in online customer to view this website.


This link provides types and brands of the women shoes where in fact the customers can pick it.


In this hyperlink, the clients can search different types and brands of the men shoes such like:


Comfort and Classic

Sport and Skate

Outdoor and Hiking

Men's Slippers

Men's Accessories

School and College


This link exhibits a lot of shoes to children with numerous kinds, fishion, styles and the latest styles and great for boys and girls.


This link displays a lot of variety in the world famous brand shoes. Customers just choose the brand which is popular and in demand. Among others, such as "Alegria", "* art", "Azor LA MODE", " BAMBOO", "Bose", "Ben Sherman", "Blink", and so many more.


At this link, customers can gain access to what is wanted by a fast and easy way, the department offers three such departments, Women, Men and Kids office.


This link displays and promotes various types of shoes with the cheapest prices and the biggest discounts guaranteed.


This column shows all of the famous brand shoes it is a collection provided by the business to its customers family members. Customers can also start to see the brand of shoes they like.


This column created in the website which can links to each section such as Women, Man and Kids department and exhibits a lot of latest styles and varieties of verities kind of shoes in area there.


In this column screen promotions advertisement for this month, a lot of discount for all items daily.

Shop by Brand

In this site customers also can find their favorites shoes in this column by hitting the brands displayed.

News blog

This is Boot Blog, It contain Reports from the UKs best online Sneaker Shop. With this side customer can also see modified latest version of shoe styles and styles.

Members Area

Customer can earn 100 in Shoes every month by signing up to the newsletter.


This column, the customer can easily see the shoes selections and their verities prizes and promotions.


I have completed my Activity 1 and also have found these three different views of sites that professional in online advertising shoes. It might be useful for me personally as helpful information in designing the website for Special Shoes for the current season.

Currently, the few exceptional new ideas and old merge into one unique design, simple and seasonal preferences of consumers.

Various styles and styles for older, youth, teenagers and children in particular create the desire for fulfilling their likes with competitive prices, allowing consumers take the time to surf the web and shop online anytime, because the shop starts 24 hours a day.

Through these websites, consumers may also be in a position to get great discounts, special gifts from the famous boot company and revel in fabulous deals.

TASK 2 - Task PLAN


Infrastructure limitations

Despite infrastructure restrictions in the Pacific, the prospective markets in developed countries are likely to be Internet surfers.

Start small

If doubtful, start small. An existing website helps develop capacity to interact with customers and measure web potential.

Lobby Federal for effective IT Strategy.

Lobby Federal for effective IT Strategy that develops infrastructure and creates local capacity.

Aware of channel conflict

Channel conflict will not go away by itself, it needs dynamic management.

There are numerous positive examples today such as multi˜channel strategies.

Thank You

Thank you and I hope this presentation can lead the business enterprise to success.


In this, I will prepare a brief marketing arrange for special shoes with some sample activities that can be done to market new e-commerce services. Marketing plan is to assist in the advertising of special shoes E-commerce Services and present them a short idea how to promote it to a wider market.

There are extensive activities that you can do to promote the web site. We are able to put a few adverts in different marketing to promote the website, for example, we can make advertising through newspapers, television set, radio, posters, banners, face reserve, twitter, e-mail, blogs and much more.

Despite the countless ways that can be utilized for advertising through the video, but I start to see the use Youtube. com as blatant advertising medium of the greatest video so far. It is because membership of the millions of YouTube highly good for your video advertising.

Implementation of the many ways to promote the website to reinforce the prevailing customers is to produce a variety of activities in it. We can tell the latest information and activities via e-mail by sending a brochure, publication or through social networks like Face Publication, Twitter, radio and Tv set advertisements.

To appeal to new potential customers we have a variety of activities and incidents appealing and gifts to be given to potential new customers solely to market e-commerce services. We are able to publish adverts in local papers to introduce the website address there. We can also issue a set of pamphlets on special footwear shop as improve the website addresses to be distributed to the shops or to the general public. We are able to also use banner advertising on other websites, but we should get prior agreement from the owner of the website. Similarly, the bulletin panel signs therefore, we can place our banner advertisements on all those billboards.

In addition, we can diversify the latest designs and images to be packed into the website, Blog and the public networking site in this way we are able to draw in customers to your website. There we will show our company name and address to assist in our customers to search and visit our footwear shop.

By participating in the social networks, it can improve the network's list so that people can intentionally promote new services in e-commerce. But do not forget to set the face reserve or Twitter as an enterprise site, so people can add to or they can simply just click the button 'like' and we can have tons of friends list. By doing this activity, we can promote new services.

Perhaps what is called a 'search engine unit optimization' is a way to get readers to your blog or website from se's to identify some specific way. Many articles discussed this and quite very happy to be applied into the web page. But also in pursuit of the best ranking position browsing engines, sometimes we over-optimize your site or website so we can show as extremely optimized. Possibly the following points will make your blog or website we are considered 'over Optimize'

Repeating many times the key keywords in this content of our internet site to boost the key word denseness.

Using keywords in daring or italic writing regularly in the articles are written.

Placing the research is not related to the other web pages in our blog or website.

Select a blog that has links "do follow" we put our remarks, so we'd the chance to enhance our position in the blog internet search engine. Besides, we have the possibility to add users at our website.

This technique may be effective in the short term to raise the highest rank, but you won't last long. Ultimately the internet search engine robot will be able to detect this and when this happens its likely to be significantly influenced. Thus the best destination to follow the basic means"search engine marketing "without extra.

Another kind of promotional activities is offline activities. Such as publishing advertisements using newspapers, to show banner advertisements on billboards, and send out brochures or flyers at the store or to the public, are the address of your store site could have many opportunities to obtain additional potential clients. Follow the situations gathering bloggers and make as many acquaintances. Merchandise Create and show your website, or to reveal things of interest-free. Write articles to the media and ask these to list your website Include your web address on your business credit card, if you will be the seminar presenter, say the name and address of your web site. When you have a chance to speak in more basic says the name and address of your web site!

Another no less efficiency way is to create addresses into the yellow pages website directory, draw a map that shows where the location of your store. In this way, users would flock rushed to your store.

Special shoes could use information collected from people to the website for even more marketing activities. With these details collected, companies can use the information to generate new value for subscribers. The new value for users is really as offering superior subscribers history online reservations, reserve under the prior purchase and screen the latest home elevators products where members may be interested.

In addition, if the boot stores to a special e-commerce provider succeed, they need to involve all methods as enabling prospective customers to find information easily and modify the depth and character of the info. With this process may encourage clients to buy. Special Shoe Stores must identify and check the action of readers or visitors they can use the info to provide personalized, value-added digital products and services in their websites. Special Shoe Stores need to work with technology-enabled romantic relationship management tools to allow them to increase their connection with subscribers to succeed.

Online chiropody services to assist in promoting the new site. That is anticipated to online services can help subscriber on how they can select the right shoe for them to buy. Particularly when the boot stores are publicized, either through online or offline promotional activities, customer may be enthusiastic about by the advertising that display on foot good care services. It can make subscriber want to know about the shoes they must wear. This service may appeal to potential new subscriber, it can promote the services of Special Footwear Store e-commerce.


Based on the strategic marketing plan to promote new e-commerce is not difficult. So long as we understand the business consequences of the at length, at least we ought to know our budget.

Although there are so many types of advertisements, if we do not have enough understanding of the right marketing plan and finance is limited, so we can not do any advertisements. With extensive knowledge of planning and marketing plan and financial durability, I believe, with the ingenuity of this plan it may help us to promote our website. So we may easily select specific advertising campaign with creativeness and advertising information. Therefore, an excellent plan really gives satisfaction to customers and shop owners themselves. (1, 173 words)Listen

Read phonetically



As we've discussed in the previous task, a great way to ensure that the new e-commerce site can be efficiently found by possible customers is by making certain the internet search engine will be able to find it and stick it as the most notable of the search consequence. In this, I will explain more on this topic.

"Basically, search engines is a software program that looks for sites predicated on the words that you designate as keyphrases. Search engines look over their own databases of information in order to find what it is that you are looking for. " [Wendy Boswell, (2011) http://websearch. about. com/od/enginesanddirectories/a/searchengine. htm]

The internet search engine positioning concept

Before we look into the value of the internet search engine positioning, let me discuss about this is of the internet search engine positioning first.

The first step is performed by an internet browser to find any information on the internet is to type "keyword" or keyword into the Google search pub. If indeed they press "enter", all the articles in the web of the index in search engines, that have the keyword in the kind of internet web browsers today, will appear in the result. Keyword articles and is an important spouse in the internet marketing.

The need for internet search engine positioning

The internet search engine positioning for your website in the internet search engine result is very important because internet browsers are really starving for information, or information contained in the various domains. Therefore, to provide information or information in this article is one of the very most effective ways to draw in people to our business web.

Among why the article became an integral marketing methods used by experts and specialists is the first internet marketer. Our website will maintain the index very quickly in the search engines. Whenever we send the articles on our products or services to the article sites, spider, crawler, motorboat from search engines will immediately visit our article and check each item, pictures, links, words, paragraphs and what heroes are there in our article identify the subject, category, category, keyword, etc. . Then your information will be brought back to the search engine directories for the index to help looking through the internet browser key word search.

3 ideas on sensible domain name names

Domain name is the foundation of this excellent website access to the Internet. When the internet search engine locates the web site, it will seek out the domain first. A good website name for the site can help this process. Choose a website name with the host specifically, should concentrate on the image and quality. SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING laid a solid groundwork for the implementation. If people see the domain name, they might know the business because the name is representing the business. If the site is easy and clear, it'll be easier to keep in mind.

In this task I love to propose some domain names, which are good, simple and easy to remember such as:

www. Specialshoe. com

By using this name consumer would answer quickly about our company. The name also offers a reference to the company's brand. The name of the business may be strong enough to get customers. I believe other company may well not use the same name.

www. Shoeassorted. com

These names have the potential to be helped bring forward. What are very simple and easily kept in mind by the people who are surfing the web. This name also appears to reflect the variety of products that individuals are very thrilled to find out. But probably this name has been used by other companies from other countries makes the chance to gain new customers is very thin.

www. Shoeexecutive. com

This is also the best name we could use. The name is suitable for companies and communities can be captivated. As both domain names that are very simple and easy to find.

The best suited domain name

We recommend using the www. Specialshoe. com the most appropriate name for the web page Special Online Shoes Store, because:-

Since the domain is the same as the name of the store, please can just speculate the name of the web site.

Character is not too long, relatively simple to remember.

Domain name can assist in locating site for potential customer

Just like whenever we choose name for a shop, website also has to be chosen carefully because it's important to be clear and concise about the assistance that you offer to avoid dilemma. The reasons are twofold. First of all, if potential customers really know what they are receiving they will be much more likely to buy something from you and ideally become one of your dedicated customers. Secondly, the search method of the internet search engine will prioritized the domain. Hence, with the nice name, the website will be better to be found.


With an understanding of search engine rankings and the value of the right website name and is also important to supply the best possible service to you and you'll minimize the amount of complaints. Be sure you build your business that the company's warehouses are here to help you on the path to success. The non-geographic users training to help your organization to provide "National" and feels professional, even when you are just starting. We can offer you with your domain names and web sites designed with both contact page. This site contains the contact page to permit customers to send e-mail automatically with ease and speed. Make sure you answer quickly to meet up with the needs of your visitors and develop a loyal customer foundation. Founded well with it, letterhead and other items of identity will help your company offers a professional atmosphere and appeal to customers. All these elements are part of customer support. (932 words)



In this task, we will make clear the different supply string management system that can effectively help ensure that customers' e-commerce internet site is provided with a high degree of service.

The product circulation includes the activity of goods from a distributor to a customer, as well as any customer dividends or service needs. The information flow involves transmitting requests and updating the position of delivery.

Services designed to meet up with the needs of every supply chain interactions. From purchasing to issue directions to the entranceway delivery of goods to customers, source chain management services also permits lower costs and provide a genuine service to customers and can be expected.

Tracking deliveries

Settings for your goods carry and logistics, so it sent the correct way, play an important role in selling our products to customers.

Customers receive a verification after purchasing the product. They receive directly to their code number to trail the journey with their products before product arrives to the client.

With this, customers will not feel cheated and aren't afraid to deal with the business but will continue steadily to sign up to our company as a normal customer. Not merely because of the satisfaction felt by customers, but will recommend our company to new prospects.

Stock levels

Ensure and screen stock levels are satisfactory but not too much because the products are feared to be outdated and we need to make new reservations when the stock started out to decline directly after we make an inventory of the forecast calculation of that appropriate.

By doing these activities the client will feel well informed and have confidence in the effectiveness of our company and be faithful customers as their requirements meet.

Demand fluctuation

Total supply and demand impact prices, because if demand is increasing while source remains more or less, there will be a lack of goods, if other factors are considered set, the scarcity of goods would lead to raised prices, or elsewhere the price will be cheaper.

Fluctuations in prices will be inspired by source and demand, while demand and supply is affected by purchasing electric power, alternative products, customer tastes, etc. Price fluctuations will have a balance point for the discussion between resource and demand.

Quality of the Products

Product quality must be very satisfying to follow customers' preferences of what they have purchased. Products must maintain good condition during the course of transmission. Products must comply with what the client purchase, especially in color, size and style they need. When customers have the products purchased, it must be in perfect quality no damage at all. Make sure customers are content with what is in receipt.

Product Detail

Detail about the merchandise on the site must be clear and easy for customers to obtain a description of the products they want to buy. Product information on the website should not has blunders in it to avoid from customers not satisfy with the product they purchase. This site should identify key information such as prices of products, materials that the boot are produced from, some sizes have also been pervasive, special colors and, if necessary, weight can even be included in the product information.


The conclusion of the task is the business enterprise owner must understand the five ways of supply string management to ensure that e-commerce new site is provided with a great degree of service for customer. With all these explanations the business will get a concept of how to control the business better and more organized. Lastly e-commerce has brought a new dimensions in the shoes industry so when these concepts can help to facilitate all celebrations engaged, including suppliers, consultants yet others in which any purchase between them can be done online. I hope all this explanation has found with the purpose of job 6.


Introduction and the objective of Task 7

In this I would like to describe about return insurance policy that you might return almost everything purchased on our website. Shoes must be returned in their original containers, but the footwear boxes cannot be marked by transport labels. Pending inspection, a refund will be released to you using the following policy:

Return Policy

Circumstances in which purchased shoes are allowed to be returned

The size is not fit

The product is not in a good condition such as, no shoelace hole on one of the boot.

Received the wrong item.

Exchange Policy

Items only can be returning within seven days from receipt of goods.

Customer required to complete the form

Filled form must send to service office and they will answer within 3 days.

RMA will be emailed to the client, customer have to print out it.

The RMA must be placed outside the go back package

Goods must be received within 7 business days and nights following the response with RMA

If the price of the new match differs, we will refund or recharged the extra to the customer

Goods dispatched for exchange should be covered with insurance.

All goods received must achieved the come back condition

Refund Policy

The process is the same as exchange policy

Refund process will take around 2 weeks time.

Condition the sneaker must be returned

Item must be unworn but still in original condition

Return in original package. Make sure don't tape and don't write on the container.

Received within seven days from invoice date

Require a genuine sales invoice to be able to process any return

Responsible for paying the postal charge

For refund of goods, customer must organise and pay the go back shipping charge

For exchange of goods, customer must organise and pay the return and new product shipment charge

Unauthorized goods will be sent back at customer's price.


In this task showing the guidelines and regulation of come back and refund insurance policy where the customer must follow. This return policy will be included in the e-commerce site to allow customer understand the conditions and conditions.

(378 words)

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