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Business Objectives And Strategy Of Fuji Xerox Business Essay

- Fuji Xerox wants to become company with a good balance of all three characteristics: + A "strong" company may offer great products and services to satisfy customers and can also prize their shareholders on a continuing basis.

+ A "type" company that contribute to the local community and global environmental safeguard, ethics and corporate citizenship.

+ A "interesting" company, where people find their life and work interesting

- Help customers build a host for creative use and efficiency of knowledge expresses the its domains business:

+ Office products: Fuji Xerox advances the digital color / monochrome multi-function devices for offices. It also offers other types of software support multi-function devices to help deal with file easily on PC. In such a way, it offers a variety of solutions and services for document management systems as well as quest critical systems.

+ Office printing systems: In 2007, Fuji Xerox consolidated its Printing Systems Co. , Ltd to market integrated creation systems and increase the competitiveness of the business office stamping systems on a worldwide scale. Predicated on Xerography technology, Fuji Xerox is expanding its color / monochrome laser beam printer business. Predominant color laser printer combines a concise, high performance and high image quality.

+ Creation services: Fuji Xerox is growing production services internationally, concentrating on on-demand printing systems and support services the market of digital printing, as well as established continuous-feed and cut-sheet printers to result data from the quest - critical system.

+ Global service: Fuji Xerox provides complete services in file management activities, beginning with consultation, thus making sure customers always get genuine benefits including reduced operating costs and higher productivity

2. Business strategy

To succeed, a firm need to adopt the business technique to protect itself in up against the competitive forces, including the bargaining electric power of supply, the risk of new entrants, the threat of alternative products, bargaining electricity of purchasers and industry rivals.

Fuji Xerox has focused on the most important markets, such as China, Asia Pacific, European countries and THE UNITED STATES. The company invested closely in research and development / produce, the sales and services systems to attain the cost benefits or differentiation to suit each market segment.

2. 1. Research and development / manufacture

Currently, the Fuji Xerox has 6 research and development centers / companies in Japan, and 2 research and development companies in US, each team has separate functions to ensure the highly particular:

+ Shortening product development lead time, streamline costs, timely products to the market needs swiftly.

+ Strengthening connections with customers and services with higher added value.

+ Croping and editing products for specific customers and markets, manual creating and product testing / evaluation.

+ Growing image material and equipment functions are being used of devices in photocopiers, multifunction devices, printers, etc.

+ Software development support of Fuji Xerox service documents associated with customer's business.

+ Technology developing centre of copiers, multifunctional devices and other related products.

Fuji Xerox has 5 procurement and creation companies in Japan, with different functions:

+ Development of completed products: office products, office printing systems, related products and consumer goods.

+ Production printer ink, supplying ingredients to support an important image quality and trustworthiness of Fuji Xerox products.

+ Production of major components for copiers and multifunction devices, including electric components and optical.

+ Recycling effective resources.

- Fuji Xerox proven branch companies in Shanghai, Shenzhen in China to develop and produce mid to low copiers / multifunction devices, laser printers, printer ink and consumables. These businesses support the Fuji Xerox's business by providing high quality products, low development costs, not only in China to meet the needs of a worldwide supply string.

- In addition, Fuji Xerox also located included recycling sites in Suzhou, China and Thailand. Where used products such as copiers, multifunction devices and printers as well as cartridges from China, 9 Asian-Pacific countries and regions were collected, separated, sorted and re- processing.

2. 2. System sales and service

- Fuji Xerox has 34 companies that are telemarketer in Japan, 33 of these companies were received ISO 14001 official certification, in 2002. In addition, it has 3 business affiliates in Japan, they recommend on human resource development, provide educational assistance, and conduct workshops, make inexpensive of office laser beam printers, office machines room, business furniture, stationery, dedication and service doc management based on outsourcing.

- Fuji Xerox has 14 sales companies in 14 locations in 12 Pacific - Parts of asia and regions, all of them also received ISO 14001 qualification in 2003.

- Furthermore, Fuji Xerox has three companies in America, we provide OEM (provision through oe manufacturing) sales and support of laser printers and consumables, contribution in supply chain management of Fuji Xerox products in European countries and THE UNITED STATES.

2. 3. Power is created

The internal strength to be able to reduce costs:

- Access to capital, raw materials and labor costs necessary to make a substantial investment in effective assets.

- Capability to design products for reliable production.

- The amount of knowledge in the technological process of creation.

- Effective distribution channels.

The power to produce a differentation:

- Gain access to the world's leading clinical research.

- Skilled and creative team of product development.

- Creating a sales force having the ability to communicate effectively realize the effectiveness of the merchandise.

- The company's reputation for quality and innovation

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