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Burger Ruler: Business Communication Processes

The Burger Ruler is international JUNK FOOD string was founded in 1953 in Jacksonville Florida. At that time the name is insta-burger. The original founders and owners, Kieth J. Kramer and his wife's uncle Matthew Burns, opened up their first stores around a bit of equipment known as the Insta-Broiler. Following the original company commenced to falter in 1959, it was purchased by the Miami, Florida franchisees Wayne McLamore and David R. Edgerton who renamed the company Burger King. After independent for eight years, the business broadening around 250 locations in america, when they sold it to the Pillsbury Company in 1967.

According to my knowledge the Burger Ruler in New Zealand the prior owner was Dennis Jones and Mark Backhaus plus they sold out Burger King to Anchorage Capital Associates Australian Company. Anchorage spouse Symbol Bayliss become chairman of the New Zealand Burger King operation.

My goal in this article is talking about communication process in Sylvia playground Burger King. The reason behind this to choose this business because I got working in the corporation for nearly one year and I was watching daily communication process, how it works well and how it's important for business.

Business demographics:

Business Communication: business communication is the communication between your people in the organization for the purpose of carrying out business activities. It may be dental, verbal, written etc.

In Burger King there is different stages where the communication process takes place, in internally the communication is MEMO'S, BUSINESSLETTERS, E-MAILS, Guides, METTINGS, NEWSLETTERS and these communication are incredibly important in business to met main purpose.

The communication process in general management levels are.

That means how communication is occurs in different level of management levels that are pursuing.

Top level management CEO and other top level management.

Top level administrator (area administrator) and restaurant professionals.

Restaurant director and lower level administrator.

Restaurant manager

Assistant manager

Salary manager

Hourly manager

Team leader


The communication process in several station in Burger Ruler:

Front counter-top and order making: in this technique, leading counter person take the order of customer and from then on trough screen the order maker got message to make a customer order.

Drive thru person and customer: when a car comes to drive thru the order taker and customer communicate one another via headphone and loudspeaker and mice.

Order making (boat) to the fry place: the prepared product is delivering FRY Place to the sail boat PHU (PRODUCT Keeping UNIT) according to the order need by verbal communication. For example when there is order of five BK chicken breast then the vessel person told fry train station person please down five fowl if other person says yes then boat person says thanks that is put together communication process.

In our Burger Ruler (Sylvia Recreation area) there is monitors in each place for example front counter order, drive thru order, boat station, fry stop and boiler station. Which means how communication is passes from one stop to other station.

Drive thru and order making: in this process, drive thru person take the order of customer and from then on trough screen the order manufacturer got message to make a customer order.

Burger Ruler menu plank is good exemplory case of nonverbal communication process because if customer come to place order first see what he/she want after looking menu mother board he/she decide what is good meal deal.

I have one good example to clarify the complete communication process in steps

Step 1: Forward counter person taking order (verbal communication) between the customer and forward counter person.

Step 2: Enter order in the system. that is encoding electric machine that message to front counter-top to your kitchen screen (decode note in read able form), that is non verbal communication.

Step 3: Fishing boat person prepare order and send purchased burger on the level.

Step 4: After getting burger the packing person packages the order and gives to customer.

So for complete communication process there is various steps and exactly how these steps are important in business communication.

Burger Ruler goals:

Burger Ruler want to individualize each customer's order and offer the most effective service possible that the fast food restaurant aim and provide good customer support.

Burger King's coverage is to provide the customer many choices and to effectively and quickly provide whatever the client chooses for example our restaurant menu panel provide customers graphical communication.

Burger King's steps are also constant with the goals. In order to individualize each order they provide customers with many choices when purchasing. Some options include fries or onion wedding rings, cheese, bacon, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onion.

The customer can decide on any combination of the options that they desire, such as different dishes of beef burger, chicken breast burger and salad burgers.

One employee can take the customer's order, the customer then moves down the line where another employee is getting ready the order. Meanwhile, the original employee is taking another customer's order. Customers also get their own refreshments while they can be waiting for their meals. This makes service considerably faster in that employees do not have to prepare drinks or provide refills.

The climate at Burger King was very pleasant and customer can enjoy their meals by watching television set at dining room.

The restaurant was very clean and there have been no loud noises from the service area. In addition they provided calming music for customers to listen to while eating.

Burger King possessed more than adequate communication and command. Employees gave the customers feedback on their orders. Each customer received a receipt, which allowed those to double-check their order. The employees also browse the order back again to the client before handing them the order.

In terms of leadership, a manager will stop by at every stop and he is taking order and coaching staff in proper way. FOR EXAMPE he's do supervision every stop and converse every team member so everything goes into proper manner.

Burger King's culture and ethics:

Burger King culture means how bettering ethics in company that means moral privileges and wrong of any decisions in Burger Ruler.

How people respond in company for example in our Burger King company got made some guidelines and legislation so all the staff should follow those rules, and how all the staff behaves with each other and exactly how they behave with customers.

By providing staff proper training to maintain company worth so that member of the company should learn proper way of work.

For example in the Burger King the company setting standard of all food and safe practices like temperature, having time of most products, and the culture of Burger Ruler includes standards, language, way of behaving, way of communicating, way of dressing.

Standards: preparing standard of products temp, possessing time and the entire staff member follow these standards.

Language: we have different personnel form different culture and ethics prices but at the job place all the staffs speaks only English dialect.

Dressing: company having dress of all personnel so that dress communicates anybody is working in Burger King.

Way of behave: every staff behaves politely and friendly.

Management of knowledge resources:

According to that principle knowledge management how the knowledge put in practically and exactly how it is wonderful for any organisation. So for this first decide what company aim is.

For our Burger Ruler the main purpose is providing good quality of fast food and good customer service to do this objective there are some steps.

Manager should have good knowledge of food.

Good quality of food

Good cooking equipment.

Trained all staff in proper way

All staff should follow rules in fast food organisation

Provide latest technology equipment and showing that knowledge with staff and exactly how effective it is.

To trained staff how to sales more product by recommending customer, if customer want only whopper burger then suggest him buy meals it's cheaper.

To share knowledge of new equipment to all or any staff.

Group dynamics:

Is the analysis of groups, and also a general term for group techniques. Highly relevant to the fields of psychology, sociology, and communication studies, an organization is several those who are connected to the other person by social romantic relationships. Because they work together and influence each other, groups develop a number of vibrant processes that split them from a random assortment of individuals. These procedures include norms, assignments, relationships, development, need to belong, social influence, and effects on behaviour. You can find some barrier

Risking: when taking in group how much a person can take risk in communication.

Expectations: which means in group the particular other people expect from you and how to control your goals.

Avoidance: which means behaviour of any person to do use to avoid, may be that is habit or people can transform their behavior to make more relationship using their group.

Probing: which means how you make clear in group in line with the dependence on other person in group.

Control: when any one consuming group and other member control you in his way how you feel for the reason that communication.

Silence: sometimes it better way to keep silence in group according to the situation.

Meeting management:

In any business conference is very important part of communication, and make assembly run effectively are following points.

An effective reaching serves a useful purpose. Which means that in it, you achieve a desired results. For a meeting to meet this final result, or objective, you have to be clear in what it is the purpose of meeting. Mostly manager in virtually any organisation call a gathering to go over something important talk.

Use time correctly: time is a important resource, and no-one desires their time thrown away. With the quantity of time most of us spend in conferences, you owe it to yourself as well as your team to streamline the reaching as much as possible. So in meeting make agenda, the agenda is what you will refer to to keep the meeting running on goal and promptly. For making agenda some things should be consider.

Priorities-what main topic is discuss in appointment.

Results-what decisions will be studied.

Participants-who are participating in the meeting.

Sequence-order of discussed topic.

Timing-discussion time of issue.

Date and Time-when will the getting together with take place.

Place-where will the conference take place.

Satisfied participants a reasonable process has been adopted: Once you have an agenda prepared, you will need to circulate it to the members and get their responses and input. Once in the conference, to ensure maximum satisfaction for everybody, there are several things you have to keep in mind:

If certain people are doing conversation, make a spot of requesting others for his or her ideas.

At the end of each agenda item, quickly summarize that which was said, and ask people to concur that that's a fair summary. Then take notes regarding follow-up.

Note items which require further dialogue.

Watch body gestures and make alterations as necessary. Maybe you need a period of time, or you will need to stop someone from speaking too much.

Ensure the appointment stays on subject.

List all duties that are produced at the meeting. Take note of who is allocated to do what, and by when.

At the close of the conference, quickly summarize next steps and notify everyone you will be sending out a meeting summary.


The Burger Ruler manages to communicate with all stake holders with who are straight and indirectly associated with the organisation.

Management and employees: in addition they talk to Burger King their jobs, pay and working hours etc

Customers: customers are also connecting with company when they buy any product.

Supplier: different company can communicate with company such as bakery dealer, beef and rooster patty dealer, salad suppliers, equipment suppliers all are communicate according to their requirement.

Banks: company talk to banks, directly transfer money to company account by using eftpos (electronic device).

Financial company: provide fund to an organisation.

Government: the government tax policies especially Inland Earnings communicate with company to pay tax according to sales of organisation.

Trade unions: these unions are conversing with employee of company to provide regulations and rights of worker.

City council: communicate with organisation that business operates according to government requirements and providing good quality product.


In our Burger Ruler there various methods of marketing communications such as mobile phone, fax, internet, E- email, etc. You will find two types of networks

LOCAL AREA Systems (LANs): where all the electronic digital machines are connected with each other and close to each other.

WIDE AREA NETWORKS (WANs): where computer communicate with one another via cell phone lines or cordless transmission.

Some examples of networks in Burger Ruler are:

Minder: That's electronic device which connected with PHU (PRODUCT UNIT HOLDER) calculated which product is expires after having a certain limit so the display of minder communicate with staff which poultry patty is expired.

Drive thru system: that digital camera which can talk between Burger King staff and customers.

Internet: communicate managers with head office via e-mails.

Telephone: this is also good way to obtain communication in business.

Electronic device to help taking order on front side counter-top and drive thru and that system connecting with main computer in the office.


To conclude that the communication process occurs in different level in Burger Ruler, like as verbal, and non-verbal and different sources are used to complete this process detail by detail and exactly how it works well in the organisation. In our company how people talk to staff, director communicates with personnel, networks found in organisation.

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