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Burger Ruler Business Communication Circumstance Study

Burger King is an easy food Corporation. It's the second major fast-food chain in the United States, trailing only McDonalds. The company franchises more than 10, 400 restaurants and owns about 1, 000 for a string huge total exceeding 11, 455, with locations in every 50 expresses and 56 countries. The business acts 15. 7 million customers every day and over 2. 4 billion Burger King Hamburgers can be purchased each year throughout the world.

Miami entrepreneurs Wayne McLamore and David Edgerton founded Burger King Company in 1954.


The reason as to the reasons I have chosen to write a written report on Burger King is to demonstrate its communication strategies and its communication success.

Business Demographics

Demographics are characteristics used for marketing purposes. Burger King uses the method of networking, marketing and the internet to talk between different locations. The organisation uses its demographical strategies to fits it consumer pursuits and also for success to the company. Burger King's demographic strategy is well planned and well organized, so that it is easy to market the organisation to its customers who are from different age ranges and from different social backgrounds.

Organisational Goals

Burger King's main seeks and aims are to serve its customers with the bests meals and services an easy food company could possibly provide. To achieve this, the organisation has a zero bargain insurance plan for the communication of its seeks and goals. The goals and objectives are very important to the organisation, for this is the only way the organisation keeps its integrity amongst it competitors and its customers. Burger King's goals and aims are well established and structured, so that it is relatively easy to communicate them within the organisation and to its customers. The organisation's main source to connect its aims and objectives are through the marketing, banners, coupons, handouts and also through the internet.


Burger King is an organisation that provides customers from various backgrounds and cultures. This makes it extremely important to control communication in the most delicate manner as is feasible. The organisation must keep in head that not all customers consume all the selections the business offers. For instance: customers who are from an Indian record won't eat meat, customers who are from lady qualifications won't eat pork. Its essential information like these that the organisation has to keep track of to be able to meet up with the needs of people who are from differing backgrounds and ethnicities.

Management of Knowledge Resource

Management of knowledge resources is critical for any company. It can help in making certain essential knowledge is offered within the organisation so that the organisation can maintain steadily its ever long tendency of providing the grade of work or service as it's been providing in the past. Burger Ruler is one such Organisation that requires pleasure in its quality of service that it has been known of providing. Reaching this however needed a great deal of work and experience for the company. To make sure that knowledge and experience is offered within the company, the Burger Ruler Management team relies heavily on their old staffs who possess the skills and experience needed for the organisation to maintain its quality of work. The old staff members train and bridegroom the new recruits in order to cope with the organisations necessity standards and deliver quality services to its customers. The Management team of Burger Ruler also holds personnel meetings and orientations to ensure that essential knowledge and experience is evenly shared amongst every single person in the team. The also shuffle the groups together so that there is an equal balance of knowledge and experience within the clubs.

Group Dynamics

Effective communication performs an integral role in virtually any organisation. It helps in avoiding conflicts and contributes to the introduction of a team in a organisation. Burger King also offers certain types of procedures in place to ensure effective communication takes place within its teams. The communication procedures are well made. To ensure there's a practice of effective communication within the clubs; the associates are expected to communicate with the other person using the widespread terminology which is English, they are also likely to wear their uniforms all the time and address the other person with their titles, team members are also likely to actively participate in any company conferences or seminars and verbally communicate with their team supervisors or managers. These steps ensure that we now have no unnecessary issues within the clubs and that the teams have a wholesome team bordering to work in. It also ensures that there is maximum development in the team and that the clubs are always in a good attitude while working. Effective Communication also plays a part in the betterment of the organisation as a whole and also allows the team members within the company to improve on the communication skills.

Meeting Management

Meetings are an essential to any company. To ensure assembly works effectively the Burger King Management Team has meetings every week and it demands most of its workers to contribute for the meetings. The workers are expected to openly discuss any company matters or conditions that may be concerning the workers. Like wise the management must consider the matters and issues and deal with it in a manner ideal for the organisation or even to provide the staffs with alternatives to triumph over the issues. Start discussions in meetings are really important since it is a great way which can contribute towards an efficient and constructive appointment. Burger King also has hand outs that happen to be issued to each member participating in the meeting before the meeting commence. That is done to ensure that there are no disruptions in the reaching and that each and every person in the team is current with what the meeting is about and what is expected of the customers and what they are suppose to be talking about during the assembly.


Stakeholders are the most important assets for an company. Therefore Burger King is always touching all those who've an interest in the organisation. The organisation will this by keeping annual general meetings where the stakeholders take part in. These meetings are held to be able to discuss the organisations performance and status. Additionally it is to discuss the stakeholders interests in the company and also what would be a few of the actions that may be taken in order to improve the organisations performance. This is an effective means to communicate with the stakeholders since it creates opportunities for the stakeholders to put forward their personal views and thoughts which could help benefit the company. The company also delivers out e-mails, characters, and barouches on the weekly basis to its stakeholders to keep them prepared on how the company is coping.


Burger Ruler has various ways of interacting with people who may probably impact on the introduction of the organisation. To name many of these ways; is through networking, barouches, banners, internet and mass media. These are several of the techniques the Company uses to communicate with people who are enthusiastic about the organisation. These procedures of communication are simple yet an effective way for the organisation to work together and talk to others. It is vital for just about any organisation to talk to people regardless whether it's the staff members or the clients. This is to show that the company has an involvement in the people and that they welcome peoples decisions and views into the organisation.


Burger King has a proper structured method of promoting the organisations. However though, this has room for further improvements. This is said because, Burger King promotes its self applied by using mostly the universal language "English" This is a possible problem for the company because in many countries "English" is not the first dialect. Therefore the company should think about advertising using other languages rather than simply using "English" as their preferred language of advert.

To achieve its seeks and aims Burger Ruler should ensure that its seeks and aims are grasped not only by their staff users but also their customers as well. So to ensure that happens, Burger King should also do organisational deals whereby their mature staff members speak to his/her team in person and explain to them using sensible types of what is very required of these.

The company should use more variety of people from different backgrounds in its crew rather than just having one dominating race. This will be done so the sales team is better equipped with the knowledge from different races and they can use this knowledge for promoting sales.

Knowledge is a vital part of any organisation and therefore it should be supply the most goal. The Burger King organisation should be more centered on its Knowledge Resource Department and really should improve on its IT sector to manage all its vital information and knowledge. The company should hire more IT specialists to handle all its information and all its company knowledge areas.

To improve Group, the Burger King Organisation should concentrate more on increasing staff marketing communications by rendering it mandatory for any new recruitment to obtain "English" competency. This should be done so that there surely is less time consumption on training new recruits from differing backgrounds.

It is essential for any company to hold meetings and for those meetings to achieve success the meeting must organized in a well planned and proper manner. The organisation should introduce a system whereby not everyone speaks at once but where one person is allowed to speak first and complete what he/she must say in support of than if the other person get the chance to speak. Also there should be limitations as to what one has to say rather than simply having an available discussion where there is absolutely no order to what has been said or discussed.

Stakeholders are essential resources to the organisation. Therefore Burger King should not only have annual general conferences but they also needs to hold monthly conferences with the stake holders so that they can build more on their professional relations and come up with more ground breaking ideas of concerning how to add towards further development of the organisation.

Network is also an important part of any organisation. It can help in building more coverage for the company with others. Burger King should do a little more than just using the internet or the mass media to network. They need to send out groups on a weekly basis to go out and promote the organisation by chatting to the people in the general public about the company which would become more effective and could have a better result to its sites departments.


Upon completion of the report it can be conclude that Burger Ruler has done plenty of work to attain its Effective Communication Aspects. The organisation has a proper structured means of communication within the company and also with the public or its customers.

However, if the company needs heed of the suggestions and apply them to their communication strategy, the organisation should see an even better result in regards to what they may be experiencing now in regards to their Communication Aspects.

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