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Budgetary Control: Advantages and Disadvantages

Budget and budgetary control are the two most important aspects of any business. The budgetary control acts as a complimentary aspect to budget and works and at hand. Budget can e termed as an accounting principle, whereby, a business and its members, try to establish the style of activities of a business during a span of time, with respect to the past experience. Budgets, comes up various figures associated with sales, purchase etc. and sets forward a body of reference in front of its employees and other people. Thus, it helps an organization to keep a check on its present activities with regards to budget thus provided, which check in words can be termed as budgetary control.

Budgets, by explanation, have to be prepared beforehand; and for that reason, often referred to as the feed onward system. Feed forwards incorporates the most crucial facet of budgeting: looking at situations in advance, taking into consideration the impact and implications of things beforehand and wanting to manage situations beforehand. Budget and budgetary control seems to stream line the actions of organizations and provides a disciplinary view. Budgets tend to be termed as important part of any business and thus, play a essential role in a organizational success. In the following report, an attempt has been designed to put across a brief overview in regards to the same.

A budget serves as a a plan indicated in quantitative and money terms. Finances are usually prepared and approved beforehand and consider the period it requires to be used and the similar period on the prior years.

Budgets are ready to put across an image whereby, a business tries to put into action different activities and planning to attain the budgetary figures. Budgets are ready on a section wise and a overall. The budgetary figures put across helps an organization to gear up its activities and often act in improving up the worker desire. However, since budget and budgetary facts and results pertains to future, the forecasting and its own preparation should be studied treatment off.


As already mentioned, budget and budgetary control works hand in hand. A budget puts forward the financial data representation of certain facts and figures depending on the past, which needs to be fulfilled soon. However, budgetary control ensures the actual fact that the budget is properly adopted and a business attains the predetermined growth. In other words, the concept of budgetary control serves as a an action relating to the usage on the budget to attain pre-determined organizational success. The complete phenomenon can be described as a string of activities whereby, costs are prepared to attain an organizational goal and then, the successful implementation and pursuing those figures in several sphere of activities serves as a budgetary control.

In simple words, budgetary control relates to the establishment of costs relating the responsibilities of budget holders the needs of a policy. Budgetary control also pertains to the continuous assessment of real with budgeted results to ensure that the objectives of the same are properly achieved; or to give a basis for the change of those objectives.

In summary, a budget is a declaration setting out the monetary, numerical or non quantitative aspects of an organisation's ideas for the coming week or month or year. Budgetary control is the research of what occurred when those plans had become put into practice, and the actual organisation do or didn't do to improve for any variations from these plans.


Budgets provide benefits both for the business, and also for its managers and other staffs:

  1. The budget helps planning - A budget is well prepared for future years in order ensures proper allocation of resources among all the departments therefore that the business attains the predetermined success. A budget thus facilitates a business to plan its future plan of action.
  2. The budget communicates and co-ordinates - A budget once prepared and accepted by the expert is usually communicated to all the departments and other people so that all the work can be properly co-ordinated. The budget helps in controlling over-utilisation of resources or upsurge in cost/expenses and a reduction in earnings/sales.
  3. The budget assists with decision-making process - A budget was created considered the future plan of action and thus, assists with the decision-making activities into the future.
  4. The budget may be used to monitor and control - A budget helps in keeping a control on the entire activities of an business group.
  5. The budget may be used to inspire and control - A budget places forward certain regular and quarterly figures which different departments must attain throughout that specific. Often on attaining such information, the employees are rewarded with extra or increments.
  6. The budget sustains a discipline - A budget helps a business to keep a self-discipline over its expenditure trends and therefore, keeps a sustains an organizational willpower.


Though there are numerous benefits to the actual fact of budget and budgetary control, however, there are few limitations also and they are described below:

  1. Benefits of creating a budget should surpass its cost - Often small organizations cannot cope up with the cost of budgeting and keep maintaining its activities at par. For tem, finances are of mere use.
  2. Budgets are often not exact - This doc provides details predicated on the information of the past and therefore, it often happens that the costs are not realistic because of the changes in the market structure and demand routine.
  3. The budget might demotivate - Employees who may not be able to achiee the budgeted targets might be demotivated with the budget.
  4. Budgets might trigger dysfunctional management - Goals might create in a risk within various departments of a business. For example, a production office might achieve extra productivity than the sales division actually requires. Because of this, budgets need to be set at reasonable levels and connected and co-ordinated across all departments with proper informations.
  5. Budgets might be set at too low levels - Budgets being prepared by individuals can be manipulated and hence, should be properly inspected because low level finances might effect the task culture.

Applicability of Budgeting and Budgetary Control

Budgeting can be employed to practically every situation. Different organizations require different kinds of budgeting in order to achieve its organizational goal. As it can be described, there are extensive issues underlying the use of any budgeting system that require careful consideration. For example, the budgeting systems cannot you need to be imposed with an company nor do they run themselves. Professionals whatsoever levels often resent revised costs and budget goals afer meticulously inspecting the present scenario.

The budgeting process

The budgeting process is a very lengthy process: typically, for a big company, the pre budgeting phase can begin up to a year before the budget period starts. On this section, Jones and Pendlebury (1984), pp62-63, provides some insight in to the beginning of the budgeting circuit for the preparation"Timetable for planning of detailed income budget and capital programme" for a Local Authority.

The process starts in June in the entire year preceding the budget period with the draft budget manual being sent to Finance Officers, who discuss this draft with the departmental personnel (with a view to adoption or amendment). The budgetary planning period is completed in March (ready for an April start) when the printed budget e book is publicized and the approved estimations are put into the financial control system.

The budget period

The budget period is the period for which a couple of budgets is ready: typically the budget period is of one year's duration, and will be made to coincide with an organisation's financial, or fiscal, calendar year. There is no reason why a budget period needs to be twelve months, but typically it is. However, a fiscal year is usually divided into several smaller durations such as regular or quarterly to keep a detailed check on the departmental activities.

However, using situations, the budget period will be analysed matching some particular feature of the task in that situation: for example, stockbrokers have their 12 months split into "accounts" of two and three weeks' length. These divisions of the budget period are control intervals.

Budget centres

Different organizations are tend to be divided in a variety of organizational departments to ensure the maximum advantage of the budget and the budgetary control. A budget centre is one part of the organisation for which budgets are prepared. That's, a budget centre, like a cost or revenue centre, is a portion of an company (division, office, building, individual) that a separate budget is well prepared.

Interrelationships of budgets

As described, different budget centres get their specific budget and regarding to them they plan their activities. But, strikingly, each one of these departmental finances has interlinked and own inter-relationships and as a result, needs to be worked out properly, in order to apply it effectively.

On planning of sales budget, it could be easily known that the same offers strong links with the stock budget and the stock budget has strong links with the cash budget. Therefore, when any of the budgets are altered it has its direct effect on the other related finances. The more complex the organisation and the more technical the operations within that organisation, the greater the quantity and variety of interrelationships that any cover that organisation will contain.


In the above paragraphs, various areas of budgeting has been reviewed. After all of the discussions it could be further concluded that a budget plays a fundamental element of any business businesses and to be able to assure the proper utilisation of budget and to keep a close check on the several activities of a business, budgetary control is necessary. Both these process helps a business to attain its organizational goal. However, everything provided in this report are not definite and are subject to various limitations regarding limited knowledge, time and resources. But, we hope that the report will provide a short idea about the subject.

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