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Brand portfolio examination of clinique and radox

There used to be always a time when the sole purpose of going for a shower was to get clean. It was a host centric mode of cleaning that required much lesser drinking water and was an efficient, fast and simple alternative.

The wave to time, however, made a decision that this perspective was too simple and transformed showering into an 'experience'. It became the thing about luxury; a way to pamper oneself and a method to enhance our 'private time' with a brain spinning range of toiletries to help us along our way. The products like shower gels, creams, and specialty soaps offer a 'spa like' experience. The club of soap which used to clean your stinky areas now has been changed with a loofah and a container of aromatherapy shower gel.

It has turned into a standalone industry with an increase of competitors than the automobile manufacturers on the market!

The following record endeavours to analyse the product category of bathtub gels in the industry by doing a brand study of two of the dominant market players - Clinique and Radox. In addition, it suggests improvements in brand image of Radox to make it more successful.

Liquid Soap Market Overview

Liquid soaps, bath gels, and creams have created a special position for themselves by benefits they feature over the conventional soap bar. The benefits include capability of use; they tend to hold scents longer than bar soaps, lathering is way better with bathroom gels than with bar soaps. It is a general notion that liquid products are an improved option for providing rest, energy development. Also, these are considered to be cleaner than bar soaps. Club soaps tend to be used on your body parts directly. And, they save an individual from the not pleasurable site of head of hair on the soap bar. Add to that the fancy herbal & natural ingredients that keep making their way into these liquid products and you get a valuable competitor for the good old soap bar.

As an outcome, the Liquid soap market (consisting of body washes, bath tub gels & creams) has continuously shown an total annual increase style of over 4%; while the bar cleaning soap market reaches the getting rid of end of the share.

However, a very important factor to take into consideration is that an average club of soap costs 28 cents per ounce and an average ounce of body wash or shower gel might cost of up to 55 cents. In other words, it costs 16 cents per use for bathtub gel while only 5 cents for traditional bar soap. Therefore, the marketplace for soap pubs is still strong and will stay so and liquid soap marketers need to know with their specific target audience.

Analysis of Clinique Brand

In the year 1967, Vogue newspaper (American release) published articles titled 'Can Great Skin Be Created?' It challenged this old idea that your skin was a gift idea of the labor and birth. Estee Lauder's granddaughter brought this post to her attention and a 12 months later, the brand Clinique premiered which truly brought a trend to people's belief with regard to their skin.

Since its introduction, Clinique has been known world-wide for its customer centric approach and the brand new product launches it includes made time & again.

It is one of the few brands that contain made their name by deeds rather than talks. All its products are examined by experts before release on the market. It's almost a custom at Clinique. Thereafter, there is extensive allergy testing were each and every formula is subject to a very accurate and stringent test which involves whopping 7000+ person times. The products are accredited Appropriate for individuals of all ages and all skin types.

If the merchandise will be the best, so can be the customer services. The brand took its aesthetic image very seriously. Because of this, one will always find spotless service counters, professional beauticians in their white robes, sophisticated and yet simple presentation and advertising styles.

The product categories made available from Clinique include skincare; make up, fragrance, sunlight and men's. The merchandise basket is complete and shower gels are an important ingredient in it.

The brand holds ahead its image to its bathtub gel products as well. It regularly refreshes its catalogue with newer products while guaranteeing its traditional principals are honored.

A big change that the liquid cleaning soap industry has seen is bringing in the 'nature' element. Customer, nowadays, take a look at using natural products, without additives. With this thought, Clinique has increased their sales with the addition of natural oils within plants and flowers. The concept is called Aromatherapy which utilizes the sense of smell by using natural oils, usually within plants, flowers, origins, etc. It really is believed to create physiological changes in the body. The smell and fragrance associated with Clinique bath gels and body washes offers stress release, peacefulness, and head comforting benefits.

The brand has further strengthened its environment friendly image by things such as recyclable bottles, customer education campaigns etc.

All these factors make Clinique a market head in the bathtub gels market that includes a quite strong quality and responsible product provider's relationship using its customers.

Analysis of Radox Brand

Radox is generally a bathtub gels and bubble bathtub brand. It runs in United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Czech Republic, Malaysia and South Africa, with United Kingdom being its best market.

Radox debuted in the united kingdom market in early 20th hundred years as a salts feet bath that 'RADiated OXygen' (the basis behind its name). It had been brainchild of Harry Marland. By 1957, Radix made a name for itself as a soothing bath designed to be liked after activities like sport, gardening etc.

In 1960, the brand was bought over by Aspro-Nicholas in 1960 which lead to a period of product development where new fragrances, colours and herb ingredients were added.

A radical frothing agent was also unveiled to deliver a foaming bathtub. It had been first marketed with the slogan 'Relax in a Radox Bathtub'. The launch was an immediate success. It had been voted among the 10 most successful products to be launched in the grocery store trade in its first calendar year and created a totally new sector: the mainstream liquid bath market.

Drawing strength of this success, further areas of development were evaluated. In the 1970s, a transfer was made towards showers. The foundation for the success of the Radox brand was adding value.

The product selection of Radox is probably the most dynamic in the market. It keeps discovering innovative product ideas targeted at newer target markets. The recent good examples being: the 'Be Selfish' plan and the marketing drive to fully capture the evolving male grooming market.

The Be-Selfish campaign premiered In June 2009 to encourage women to devote some time out of their day for themselves. In Sep' 09 the brand & star writer Kathy Lette tied up for the novel 'All Steamed Up' that was offered free online. In 2010 2010, BBC Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox got associated Be-Selfish marketing campaign and is seen motivating new mums to take time out of the day to enjoy one hour to themselves.

Later this year 2010, Radox attacked the men grooming market with intentions of cracking the market using its brand's universal appeal; especially the 25-45 age ranges which it experienced was the neglected group by its opponents.

The brand that has done so much therefore often should be a market innovator but it isn't, rather its sacrificing its market hold with time. The reason, ironically, is exactly what has been the brands biggest strength. Radox is a vintage example of the saying - jack of all trades, expert of none. It can so much so often that the customer is not able to make a notion of the brand.

The brand needs to be credited for its creativity, but what the brand doesn't realize is the fact product tweaks should come & go however the brand has to be described by its center ideals. Today, one doesn't really know what Radox in nutshell is. These individuality crises of the brand, coupled with strong one point belief acquired by brands like Clinique has made Radox a brand that everyone sees on the racks, appreciate its uniqueness, but very few buy.

Recommendations for Radox brand

The brand happens to be unable to take leverage of its innovativeness, but with some adjustments the trend can be reversed. The brand doesn't need to go to the quality established route for two reasons; one, that isn't the brand's forte; second, there are already established players third, philosophy.

First and most important the company has to make a conscious effort to provide adequate time distance between its products / campaigns launches. This allows the consumers to process and appreciate the introduction. Also, there has to be a continuous thread binding all the activities of the brand. Although, the launches are unique nonetheless they have to be presented with a common idea of an organization that is striving to make consumers' lives better & better. That brand image has to reflect all the time.

A approach to binding all the innovations together is to help make the consumers an integral part of the procedure. The brand should make its introduction and welcome the people to make possible improvements in them. It will practically end up being the brand tagline. Also, it will help the brand create a very strong connection with the consumers. They will like to see a brand that functions by them.

Radox is one of the oldest brands and its market existence may all. To break the belief of customers the brand needs to redesign its brand and tagline to adopt advantage of all its experience but eliminate mindset obstacles of the consumers.


Bath gels market is slowly but surely but steadily innovating from the shadow its traditional avatar of cleaning soap pubs. Both products focus on different needs of the customers and can co-exist with restrictions getting stronger amongst them.

There is frequent innovation in the emerging market of shower gels with improvements like herbal materials etc. New needs are being created along with dealing with of existing ones.

Market has a huge no. of players and all of them are trying to make a special position for itself. However the stronger operators are the ones who have set up themselves as the quality product distributor with constant work.

Clinique is one of leading shower gel dealer with a rich heritage of a company focused on providing high quality products and, most of all, a firm whose prime concentrate is its customers. This image has been transported forward to its bath tub gels range as well.

Radox is a pioneer player in the bathroom gel industry with a continuing focus on product and marketing technology. The brand was relatively lost its identity with bringing way too many innovations without a principal image.

Brand Radox can be revived by restructuring its attempts towards emphasising itself as a company which works hard to bring in groundbreaking products for the consumers and then works harder, with customer inputs, to boost these products.

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