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Book Survey On Not Without My Little princess English Books Essay

The main personality of the book is Betty Mahmoody. She actually is a loving mom and is also remarried with Moody. If they are heading to Iran for any occasion, he refused so they can leave. She never thought Moody would take her there against her will, because he previously sworn by the Koran that they can return to the USA after fourteen days and she assumed him. Betty is a strong woman who helps to keep having trust that she and her daughter will escape Iran and can get back to the USA some day.

Moody Mahmoody: Moody is Betty's husband and he's given birth to in Iran. In the beginning of the book he is a good spouse and father, but when they can be in Iran, he changed into an extremely bad person when he started to beat his better half and girl. He won't let his better half and child go back to the united states and lied about any of it.

Betty Mahmoody, a Michigan divorcee with two young sons, found and fell deeply in love with a very nice, intellectual, Westernized doctor from Iran. He had studied and qualified in America. They were happy and finally hitched, though she didn't enjoy visits from his countrymen, who cured her as inferior. They had a little gal, Mahtob. After much persuasion, Betty agreed to visit Moody's family in Iran when Mahtob was four.

Once there, Moody changes, becoming more domineering, Islamic and Iranian, expecting Betty to adopt the customs of his homeland. She and Mahtob become online prisoners wherever they live. Betty has to wear chador, completely covering herself. Some relative always spies, informing Moody her every move.

She concerns Moody and his family, knowing that he intends all of them to stay in Iran. Little Mahtob must go to school, a dreadful place. But Betty will get help and kindness in one of the professors who allows her to stay and help out. During these breaks from Moody, she hazards all, seeking help from various strangers whom the educator implies. Betty grasps at anything. Even gossips that people-smugglers eliminate, rape and rob, then give up their charges, do not deter her. The Swiss Embassy folks have warned her; they cannot help either. Someone provides her a business lead, she connects with a woman, a man who may help. He will not take children. Again, she must hold out in dread, her hatred of Moody and what he is doing growing stronger.

Finally she attaches with Amahl. Betty trusts him implicitly, taking great comfort using their company secret conferences. Time passes, Mahtob dividends to institution. For over each year they are abroad and themselves. Betty is taken to pain and despair as her father is dying and she cannot go to him. Moody eventually agrees to let her go - however, not Mahtob. Betty refuses. He insists, his plan being that she sell everything and recreate the money. He pushes her to use for an Iranian passport and literature flights.

Betty attends Islamic classes and ceremonies, striving to comprehend the culture she actually is captive in, earning trust from Moody, though he continues the paperwork and passports locked in his briefcase. But the someone aiding is working hard on her behalf. Through links with tribal leaders, he desires to get Betty and Mahtob out via Pakistan. They must hurry, the airline flight to America looms. A significant snowfall in the mountains ceases them - a dreadful setback.

Moody is more abusive and violent, the two are prisoners. Her passport awaits at the air-port. Only two days and nights remain. An opportunity to get away happens - Moody is called to a healthcare facility. Amahl hides them in a Tehran level plus they move the following night. There's a long drive to Tabriz, then up in to the mountains, where Kurdish rebels and boundary patrols mean threat. They must mix into Turkey in a Red Cross Ambulance, to the town of Van in Eastern Turkey, passing in one smuggling team to some other.

Thus starts their quest, trusting many strangers, getting kindness as they drive, walk, ride horseback and stumble through the rocks and snow, seeking independence. It is a difficult trip, hampered by checkpoints, high mountains and viciously cold weather, but finally they reach Vehicle. After 32 hours over a bus, they get to Ankara - one full week since the journey began. Getting a hotel, they wait for morning and the final step - the American Embassy.

The passports aren't to be able, no visas or border stamps. The hotel clerk wishes to report these to the police. Betty begs him to get hold of the Embassy at three a. m. A Marine on duty won't help, urging them to see the police force. Betty persuades the clerk to call her mom, who contacts the STATE DEPT. in Washington. When they reach the Embassy, things are at hand, they are really safe at last, on a airplane home that same day!

Sadly, Betty's daddy dies half a year later. She has learned little or nothing about her Iranian friends; contact is too dangerous for these people. Borrowing money, she reimburses Amahl who helped her to liberty. He cannot break free.

Mahtob has settled and does indeed well at institution. Both dread that Moody will try to snatch his girl back. The STATE DEPT. agreed that Betty should tell her story as a warning to others. There are a lot of women and children captured in Iran, as these were. Her powerful friends in America and Iran give her some trust of protection. She and Mahtob live under assumed names, someplace in the U. S. A. [1]

Personal analysis.

I have read this booklet with great pleasure. From the sad storyline with a happy stopping. I can't suppose this report is true-happened. It's very exciting, because when you read the book you have no idea if they can evade or if indeed they will die in Iran. It's amazing how a daddy can put his better half and child in that position, what sort of father can defeat his better half and how a family can have such a great effect over a grown-up man. The women in Iran are inferior compared to their hubby: they need to cover their hands, legs and forehead, they must pay attention to their husbands and are cared for like slaves. So the culture in Iran is different from our culture, it makes you aware of the issues on the planet and the emancipation of women.

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