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Book Statement About Oliver Twist British Literature Essay

The subject of the e book is super easy to describe. It called Oliver Twist since it tells the life storyline of Oliver. Further uncovers the subject that the booklet goes about a certain person called Oliver Twist. However a link from the title to the theme is hard to find in first stand. After reading the booklet you can link the subject to the theme.


The booklet Oliver Twist was written in the Victorian period(1838). The storyplot took place at that time that their in which a lot of social problems in Great britain. (19th century) The public problems are relevant for understanding the story. And his development of the plot. I offer you underneath a few instances:

The characteristics found in the booklet:

- In the e book is a big difference between public classes. The abundant people tend to be more important and have more electric power than the indegent people. The high public class appears down on the reduced class.

For example: when Nancy makes Rose Maylies house, the people there are disgusted of Nancy and they don't trust her, because she's poor and filthy. Also, because Oliver Twist can be an orphan and has no money, his future is already determined. He has to are in poverty and work in a workhouse and he can't do things he likes. The modern culture actually can determine everything.

- Men are more advanced than women. Men think women just have a couple of purposes. Women can't have an opinion. In the reserve, Nancy does everything the men say she's to do, she obeys them. The men look down after women. Therefore the poor women will be the most discriminated. There's a patriarchal population.

- An intrusive writer. Charles Dickens sometimes 'speaks' to you in the booklet, tells a little of the story and commentary.

- The setting is realistic and reflects emotions. In the poor neighborhood, there's more often than not mud and rain and dirt however when Oliver Twist is with Rose Maylie, the sun shines and everything seems beautiful and right(because he's happy).


Oliver Twist is born in a workhouse. Oliver's mother passed on when she was having a baby to him so he became an orphan. Oliver spends the first nine many years of his life in the orphanage. Inside the orphanage, they provided him the name Oliver Twist. 1 day Oliver is dispatched by Mr. Bumble(an awful man) to a coffin manufacturer. There he also wasn't cared for well therefore he ran away to London. In London he satisfied Nancy, Fagin and Charge Sikes. Monthly bill and Fagin wanted to make a criminal out of Oliver. 1 day Oliver needed to break into a substantial house with Sikes. They got caught. Charge Sikes and his helper possessed the chance to ran away. But Oliver who was shot got back to the top house. Rose Maylie required care and attention of him. On the other hand, Nancy learned all about Oliver's former. She visited Mr. Brownlow (a good man who experienced taken care of Oliver before) and Rose to inform them about Oliver's history. It proved that Oliver's identity was found. He previously a half-brother with the name Monks. He was a legal. Monks didn't want one to know that Oliver and He where half-brothers, because often he needed to reveal the inherited money. Meanwhile, Fagin discovered that Nancy acquired helped Oliver and this she had advised everything to Rose and Mr. Brownlow. For your Nancy got killed by her own enthusiast Monthly bill Sikes. After eradicating Nancy Invoice Sikes ran away. The rest of the criminals and Fagin got captured. Eventually Oliver was used by Mr. Brownlow and they bought a house near Rose.

The Main Theme

I think the main theme is the difference between public classes. A whole lot of problems with the society occurred back then and everything depended on the fact that you were abundant or poor.

Aim of Charles Dickens

This publication was written as criticism on the world. Dickens was a social reformer. He shows this in his literature, also in Oliver Twist. I think he wanted to point out the issues in the contemporary society and that the variations between communal classes weren't right.


The history is advised by Charles Dickens. He is aware of everything about Oliverґs doing and thinking. Charles also reviews on certain situations because he was a sociable reformer. In Oliver Twist Charles uses the point of view of a kid to critics the Victorian period.

Important characters

The heroes don't develop a lot overall.

- Oliver Twist: he's the main persona of the e book. Oliver is definitely good and honest and even though a great deal of bad things eventually him, he continues to be like he always has been, he never steps to the 'bad area'. He just obeys the men he's working for, because he's fearful of these and he doesn't really know what to do, he's simply a child. He doesn't actually develop a lot in the booklet.

Nobody is convinced he's a good boy(aside from Mr. Brownlow and Rose) but he tries to establish so. ' He hoped he could do something to show his gratitude. '

- Nancy: at first she seems such as a strong independent female with her own view. It seems like she doesn't care about a thing but she actually has a great deal of feelings and does value Oliver. That is why she tries to save him from the bad guys by showing Rose the reality and she took her part for Oliver. Nancy says, for Oliver, to Rose: 'I am going to put my entire life and the lives of others in your side. '

She doesn't desire to be a thief but she can't leave Sikes and she thinks her life can't be changed any further.

- Rose Maylie: after Oliver got shot, she had taken health care of him. She's a good dude and she's nothing like many other rich persons (in the booklet). She always perceives something good in someone, that's why they free Oliver Twist. Rose said: 'can you really believe this delicate youngster could possibly be the voluntary associate of the most detrimental outcasts of modern culture?'

Because of her help, everyone discovers the reality about Oliver and that is how it all turned out just fine.

- Monks: he is the half-brother of Oliver. He's ready to do anything merely to get the amount of money, because money is everything. He is even ready to kill his own brother Oliver. This demonstrates in these times, money was vitality and power was everything.


There are incredibly exciting portions in the book. For example when Nancy got wiped out. Or when Oliver received kidnapped. The writer build up the suspense by constantly disclosing new reasons for having Oliver's past. By doing this you just want to read faster and faster to learn how the history of Oliver ends.


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