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Book Overview of Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom

Aaron Christiansen

  • Rienow, Rob. Limited Chapel: Unlimited Kingdom. Nashville: Randall House, 2013. 336 pp. $22. 99

Biographical Sketch of the Author

Dr. Rienow is a partner, dad and the pastor at Gospel Fellowship Cathedral. He keeps multiple diplomas in theology and Christian leadership that well prepared him to pastor a chapel. After spending time in the pastorate Dr. Rienow came to the realization that he was discipling the members of his congregation but not the customers of his family. This brought on Dr. Rienow to reevaluate how the church is named to do ministry in the Bible. His conclusions lead to changes in his own ministry as well as the writing of this book. Pursuing the fantastic Payment through Biblical family discipleship is currently a interest for Dr. Rienow.

Summary of Contents

Dr. Rob Rienow's goal in writing this booklet is to struggle your current idea of ministry. When planning each facet of the program is the first a reaction to reach for a curriculum, someone's advice or tradition? Rienow issues the claim that the Bible will do to guide leaders of the church in equipping the saints to carry out the Great Commission payment. Do not be ready to sit down and read this book in an afternoon; this book will cause the reader to read and reread portions then stop and rethink each assertion that is manufactured. It is highly recommended that this reserve is not read together, but instead with a ministry team. Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom should issue any team that reads it along in the way they do ministry and what their benchmarks are for the ministry.

Critical Evaluation

Dr. Rienow will an outstanding job of challenging the audience to rethink how he does indeed church. This goes much deeper than just the traditions that we have accepted thus far and into the place where the Phrase of God has in our heart and soul and lives. Web page by page Rienow builds an instance for the sufficiency of scripture in the chapel and our people even in his own ministry he accepted, "The Bible was enough for me personally when it came to my organized theology, but not enough when it arrived to how God's establishments of the family and the neighborhood cathedral should function" (13) That is a profound idea that may probably cause anyone reading the publication to check their process when coming up with ministry decisions.

The author totally grasps the idea that our first cathedral is us and we have to ensure their discipleship first and foremost. Rienow state governments, "God created two establishments to construct His Kingdom and move forward His Gospel, the local church and the family. " (39) Why would God allow us to look after His bride-to-be, the church, if we can not care for our very own family? This moves perfectly in to the argument regarding Biblical jurisdiction. Parents seem to own relegated the responsibility of discipleship to the chapel and instead of training the parents that this is not correct they have got just accepted the role. As Dr. Rienow shows, this presents a difficulty when the church's method change from the parents methods and for that reason creates conflict inside your body. "We start to see the Great Fee, and we accept it. Then we carelessly ignore the clear announcements God has given us about how the mission is usually to be carried out and who is in charge of its different faces. " (61) Parents want to count on the cathedral or the institution to teach their children about life when the Bible definitively places that responsibility on the parents. Rienow skillfully presents the picture of the "Limited Cathedral" operating only inside the direction distributed by God and departing the rest of the responsibilities to other jurisdictions.

The chapel is challenged to rethink its priorities when Rienow asks, "Can we truthfully say our jam-packed church calendar and our dynamic programs for each demographic group are making radical disciples for Jesus Christ?" (1) The number of quality of the disciples a chapel makes is not directly proportional to the number of events on its calendar but based on the author, "Nothing is more important in the neighborhood cathedral than the preaching of the Bible. " (103) The work of the cathedral is given in Ephesians 4:11-13 of training and equipping the saints for ministry. This is done through the preaching of the Bible so that each facet may learn how to do their specific job well.

A full third of the reserve is devoted to the idea of uniting the chapel and family in ministry. The ideas of looking after the poor, transforming specific ministries, building relationships, discipleship and evangelism are talked about completely. Although family ministry is the new buzz term in churches, Dr. Rienow highlights that it has been God's plan from the beginning. He works from the Old Testament to the New Testament explaining the perfect design God has for family members. That perfect design is family discipleship in the home, from the parents. Dr. Rienow exposes the fallacies in the current ministry model of age segregated organizations and exactly how it breeds an attitude of moral therapeutic deism that is operating rampant through our culture today. Children move from fun children's ministry to fun young ones ministry to fun school ministry into boring chapel service, nor know how to assimilate in to the cathedral body.

Dr. Rienow introduces the thought of incorporating children into the commercial body of worship and proposes that the church has been doing it wrong for about a hundred years. Viewers are then shown multiple scripture passages demonstrating children commanded to worship with the parents as part of the trust family. Those who would choose to rebuff this idea are met with the affirmation, "Before we think pragmatically, we need to think theologically. Practice does not drive theology. Theology drives practice. " Rienow once more brings back again each debate to the expert of scripture and scripture exclusively to drive our decisions. Employing this same reasoning the reader should be able to determine that youngsters should also maintain corporate worship along with adults.

Critical Evaluation

Rienow's objective to challenge the way churches solve ministry questions with scripture first in support of is completed throughout the entire book. Without directly stated the publication screams out 2 Timothy 3:16 that scripture is sufficient for those our needs and answers. The author challenges viewers that, "Now is the time to come back to the Bible only for every matter of trust and practice!" (45) Get multiple copies of this book, pass them out to the ministry teams in your chapel, go through them together and measure the way one does ministry against scripture. Where it lines up witch scripture, press on; where it falls short, take it good Word if the fruits of your labor do not increase from God's blessings.


Rienow, Rob. Small Cathedral: Unlimited Kingdom. Nashville: Randall House Publications, 2013.

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