Blue Ocean Strategy Strategy Simulation Analysis


The below chart shows the characteristics of Resheps blue sea product Blue field, highlighted in Yellow. The product was considerably different from the existing products on the market, but due to concerns with the team budget the changes were kept austere to save on the job costs. Only 1 journey (3) was targeted. The price of the merchandise was fixed much higher than the 'Red box' as the product blue container was very more advanced than it in several ways, some of the features that the blue package persisted from the red round products were very similar to Shiny place and Purple player levels and hence the price was believed justifiable.


Year 2012

The above charts obviously show that the strategy of your targeting was working given that the preference that we received in the 36+ generation was the best; this is the group that was mainly targeted by course 3 that we got chosen while launching the product on the market. The concern, based on the feedback received; however were the next:

The Product could have obtained support from a wider majority acquired we chosen to include some more features to the merchandise.

The price of the merchandise might be too much even for the features that had been provided.

Some of the features were below or above the targets of the market and hence needed modification in their levels.

Based upon this feedback we decided to change the merchandise specifications in the way shown below




The feature controller sophistication was reduced

Audio elegance was increased

Rechargeable batteries was reduced

Ability to control gaming habits was increased

And Exer-gaming was introduced

The features were reduced or removed to keep the overall cost of development in charge.

The greatest obstacle that the blue sea strategy simulation offered was that the simulation didn't provide any cleverness as to what exact level the consumer wanted for a specific feature; it had to be derived from the analysis of the aesthetic exploration short.

Result 2012

The research of our team in the second round was correct but we again found certain discrepancies, such as:

The rates was still found to be higher than expected for the blue box

the features that have been to be reduced weren't found to be reduced to the correct levels

Also the creation plan was found to be less than the demand

Year 2013

Keeping these at heart we considered our product to be largely successful, so for broadening the marketplace we tried a technique which was just a little different from the one suggested by the responses messages

Instead of just lessening prices we decided to increase some features and decrease the prices a little bit.

This was done to get the maximum possible margin from the marketplace by getting more consumers to buy.

The prices were not reduced much but anticipated to concerns about the EBIT

The development level was risen to 1000 units planning on a upsurge in sales anticipated to enhancement in product features

Result 2013

The product features were accepted by the marketplace but the sales slacked, this might have been due to the following:

The market didn't need the feature that we put into the product

New products were released by the competitors

Chart below shows the comparative evaluation of the competitors and our blue ocean strategy (Next web page). Through product features and consumer personal preferences.



Clearly from the product specifications we can conclude that the Blue field was the most superior product however the consumer showed an extremely high desire for the product 'blue pack', which credited to lower prices of the merchandise. This is also the major responses.

Based upon this on the next circular more features were added to catch the attention of more consumer and left over not the same as the competitor even though as blue pack further reduced prices (as our company was facing success problems ), we're able to not lower the costs as we wanted to keep the loss at a minimum.

Learning from Blue ocean strategy simulation

To entice Non-customers it is most important to provide them a price discount

The price discount will not be successful, unless the product is radically different from the category, as non-customers are those who have not been satisfied by the category as a whole

To reduce prices it is important to eliminate all the irrelevant features.

To reduce prices it's important to reduce all the unimportant features.

Implementation of blue sea strategy in Mobile advertising industry

The mobile advertising industry continues to be very nascent in India, but already there are difficulties regarding the bombardment of user with advertising text messages. The biggest obstacle that the advertisers face is an average mobile end user is acquiring so many communications every day that it's difficult to stick out.

Features presently Available

The services a mobile advertising agency in India provides will be the following:

SMS Blast to user databases accumulated on the bases of job and education

SMS blast to opt-in user data base

MMS blast

Banner advertising on mobile Wapsite

Click to call advertisements

Bluetooth centered advertising

The biggest show of the is taken only by the Text message blasts accumulated in the bases of education and profession databases.

A blue sea initiative in such a scenario would be:

Description of Introduced feature

Location based mostly kiosks

Bluetooth founded advertising has still not been followed in India as one brands are extremely cautious of the costs involved in the functions, but a feasible model can be for a mobile organization to set up kiosks on location such as malls with large footfalls.

The booth will have a physical occurrence to appeal to the visitors to it

Once the mobile consumer comes near the kiosk they could be requested to switch on the Bluetooth to get attractive discount rates and applications

This model may then be sold to the advertisers as a way to get started on a conversation with the customer

The process

The features of this model would be:

The Individual shop which currently does not use Mobile as a medium for marketing will start doing so, thus creating the blue sea.

The advertisements would be the newest discussion with the consumer

The cost would be low as the advertiser will only pay money for the amount of applications/special discounts disbursed

The clutter/competition will be irrelevant as the buyer will opt in to receive these information.

The kiosk can also be used as a Out of home media

Assignment 2

Blue ocean technique for Sports academy

The activities academies that exist today demand extraordinary commitment of their students. At an extremely young age the students must make a higher level of commitment towards sports. The idea i am proposing involves the establishing of your academy which has the all the facilities that any academy of international specifications provide to its students in addition to the aides the child in his education also.

This blue ocean will be somewhere within the operations of a typical athletics academy and a typical K-12 educational establishment. An identical example would be the Cirque du soleil quoted in the Blue sea strategy text publication. The Cirque du soleil created a blue ocean by incorporating the top features of a theatre performance in its circus performance.

The K-12 education sector has to seen tremendous expansion in the past decade with the maturity to arrive the established players in the market such as Educomp and access of traditional Educational establishment such as Manipal and DPS. The K-12 education model comprises of all establishments which have a standard model across multiple branches and necessarily conduct classes starting from kindergarten to 12th standard.

The establishments working currently in the K-12 education sector right now are providing the following characteristics in their offerings

Standardised tuitions, predicated on well identified curriculum

Digitised classrooms

Transport from and to homes

Science and mathematics labs

Canteen or other food service


Sports infrastructure

Facilities for hobby development

Regular feedback periods with the parents

Mentor mentee program

Personality development program

Communication skills development programs

Career counselling

Preparation for competitive exams

A activities academy provides the pursuing facilities to its students

Specialised infrastructure for various sports

Professional coaching for all your relevant sports

Mentor mentee program

Guidance on career in sports

Platform and recognition to start competing in events

Medical facilities

Residential campuses

Fitness training

This establishment can be called a talent development academy. This is based on the actual fact the gradually even in India the focus of parents; who will be the decision maker in case there is K-12 education is moving towards total development of the child rather than just getting the educational level, nevertheless they often wrap up not taking up sports as a career due to the immense risk engaged. The academy will reduce this risk by providing its students with educational facilities as well on the campus itself.

This may be performed by collaborating with a few of the operators in the education sector to provide the activities academy students with enough school room facilities on or near campus.

The activities of the academy and attached educational establishment will be coordinated to permit students to control the two adequately

The academy will coordinate with the institution in the next manner

The college student will be required to qualify the lowest criterion for class room education

The school will accommodate the requirements of the sports activities training schedule

Personal database on the performance of each college student will be preserved to monitor both academics and athletics performance of the student

Academics will be handled only throughout a stipulated time frame

The classes will be slated in line with the extra- curricular activity that the band of children has made a decision to pursue

The focus of the academy is to develop highly professional sports activities individuals from among its students

The result

Non-users: those students who had talent but cannot follow their interest due to the inability to handle both education and sports activities will become users.

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