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Blackberry Agriculture for Economic Development


Name of the project: Blackberry future

Name of applicant: Haris Tahric

Project partners: Municipality of Bihac

Priority section of the job: Municipality of Bihac

TARGET GROUP / NO DIRECT CUSTOMER: Entrepreneurs, Firms, Fruit processing factories. PLACE IN THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THIS Job: Rural regions of Bihac municipality Project duration (month): 12 months Budget: 70 312


Blackberry is a berry species in our country, and especially in Bosnia, for most manufacturers of new and insufficiently known civilizations, because the development began to be launched only thirty years ago. As fruit vegetation, blackberry has great economical importance. Blackberry fruits are ideal and in great demand for numerous kinds of local and industrial processing, cryopreservation and for consumption in the new state. However, the existing needs cannot be even close to settle, because the development of blackberries inside our small but still basically achieved from natural populations of outdoors blackberries. Hence there is a need to speed up the release and enlargement of production as successful and better noble types of blackberries. Quickly getting into bearing, regularly and generously having a baby, super fruit quality, easy realization of development achieved at affordable prices and other characteristics make noble blackberry very useful and profitable crop. Furthermore, in our country there are advantageous natural conditions for the development of blackberries on a wide area of lowland to mountain heavy areas. So that it is advantageous natural resources relatively little exploited. The high success of growing blackberries is damaged, that in recent years boosting amateur and commercial plantation takes shape and is also enthusiastic about its cultivation of a big range of manufacturers. I used to be very interested in the production of blackberries due to its natural properties, as well as fruit varieties, the best kinds to include in his plantation, the technique of cultivation, plantation and elevating seedlings, as well as the latest trends in the whole process of production and trade of fruits. I attempted to use as many of their own results and other experiences, in order to avoid making blunders, which would later indicate adversely on the success of the creation of blackberries.

INFORMATION ABOUT THE APPLICANT Mission: Our quest is to market the agriculture of blackberries to become one of the key driving forces for the promotion of the local economy, because it can be an agricultural product that has very low production costs but with the right selling strategy is could be very profitable.

Vision: Our eyesight is to establish one product that might be the fundament of the local current economic climate of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the key driving force which will bring our living criteria to an increased level.

The main objectives and strategies: Main purpose of this task is to find investors which will make investments into it. Such a goal is very difficult to determine because we are actually in a crisis period where people are afraid to get into projects which are not 100% profitable. This main target can be proven if we plan everything effectively and put a lot of effort in to the project. The first part of the project involves the information about the neighborhood financial position and what are the primary problems. The second part consists of strategies how to use best the blackberry areas to maximize the income. First stage of project will work alongside of the other.

Please provide short information of the organizational composition and decision-making structure

Number of employees would be ten to fifteen, with one executive manager, four graduates, one secretary, and nine field employees. Type of hierarchy would be vertical, where executive manager is the director and the key decision manufacturer, while four other employees would be subordinated to him in hierarchy. Decision making framework would be simplified, with executive manager on the top. The primary idea is to check out the ideas of one person such that it don't came into the position to deal with several strategies, which at the end wouldn't achieve success.

Figure 1: Decision making hierarchy

Workforce firm in the organization:

Name and last name




Experience in years


Executive Manager





Graduated Manager





Graduated Manager










Field workers

Physical workers




Own or leased

Owned ( A good Office space in the heart of the city)

Own or jointly with other NGOs



100 sqm (four working spaces and one conference hall)

Do you have a mobile / fax in the office:


Do you have Access to the internet at the office:


Do you have all the required equipment for the execution of the task?



As fruit vegetation, blackberry has great financial importance. It really is especially interesting for growing in warmer areas but near mountain, up to 700m above sea level.

Economic significance as blackberry berry culture, provide natural - production traits which it is characterized, which is shown in the following: quickly enter in the super fruit, because in the second yr after planting starts to keep, and in the 3rd year of a complete fruit;

  • born regularly and abundantly;
  • blackberry fruits have great healthy, scientific and dietetic value, and are suitable and much in demand for numerous kinds of control;
  • Production of blackberries is very safe, because fresh fruits and its products easily and quickly sold in domestic and foreign marketplaces;
  • easily and quickly multiplies, rooting peaks and using pieces;
  • adapts well to different growing conditions, it is not a large elector in terms of land properties, late blossom, also known springtime frosts her no harm;
  • growing blackberries is fairly simple and allows the career of more labor;
  • relatively repellent to pests and diseases;
  • its fruits are applied for medicinal purposes

These and other biological production and technological features make blackberry very helpful and profitable crop. Growing of blackberry is extremely fast and also returns on your initial investment.

In addition to the nice attributes of blackberries have negatives such as:

  • Late ends vegetation, especially blackberries without thorns;
  • What has lots of of very sensitive fruits are small and strength;
  • It is essential because of its growing enough manpower, especially for harvesting.

To avoid these drawbacks, I find the plantation earlier varieties of blackberries without thorns, which achieve high produces.

  1. Stakeholders of the project
  • Municipality of Bihac - Municipality of Bihac in rural areas will have the largest benefit from execution of this project because they'll introduce a fresh branch of berries. Furthermore, budget is likely to benefit anticipated to increased activities.
  • People - unemployed people in rural sector, which is the most affected inside our country will directly get an chance to kick off new small private corporations or to take part in existing producer groupings and thereby supply the jobs for themselves. Furthermore, people who live from agriculture will benefit. The areas around Bihac, as well as the majority of Una-Sana Canton are known for very fertile land for cultivation and creation of vegetables & fruits. This development would put special give attention to finding reliable spouse for redemption of surpluses of blackberry.
  • Firms - which already work on the region of municipality will take advantage of the new product, which will broaden the offer of companies that are employed in buying and reselling super fruit.
  • Members/Individuals - employees who participate in the work on the plantations of blackberry.
  • Foreign organizations - which makes a decision to invest in our country. They will be provided with a superior quality product at a very affordable price.
  1. Targeted groups

First of all, the mark will be the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina but considering a good geographical position the target will also be West Europe, countries such as German, Italy, Austria and Benelux countries. This market, Western market, has a sizable quantity of consumers of the product and major importers of blackberries because of insufficient domestic creation.

  1. Overall goal of the project

Overall goal of this project is to make a blackberry plantation by Western standards also to participate in the European Union market with high quality products. With this move, we'd have provided the municipality of Bihac and the Una-Sana Canton, to population of European Union in the best possible way and for that reason found them with other products produced around these areas. Bringing in FDI to Bosnia and Herzegovina, we can expect new projects and investment funds that will influence positively our overall economy and society.


Privately owned or operated 100%

Registered Capital: 65, 100 KM

Registration Number: ----

Date of establishment: 12. 09. 2000. god.

Date of last sign up: 06. 09. 2004. god.

Bank: UniCredit Standard bank 60%

Credit demand:

Credit for equipment and 45, 000 KM

Credit for working capital 15, 000 KM

TOTAL: 60, 000 KM

Repayment period 60 months, 6% interest.

1. What is the subject of investment?

The subject of this application for the loan is:

- Fixed possessions 110 000 KM

- Current investments 15, 100 KM

2. How much funding is required to accomplish that?

It takes a total of 173 100 Kilometres,

  • How will commit their own funds in the project
  • What must obtain / build and
  • What do you anticipate of these investment funds ?

3. Resources of funding:

  • Loan commitments 60, 000 KM
  • Own cash 65 100 KM
  • Annual income 48, 000 KM
  • Total: 173, 100 KM.

4. It is necessary that the storage space install a little refrigerator, a refrigerated vehicle, increase the surface area plantations, and obtain new varieties of blackberries.

5. Through the provided investment, it is practical to anticipate the modernization of creation and increase capacity.


The agriculture should maintain every country of the world the key area of the current economic climate, because through the agriculture industry the complete economy of the country could do and purchase whatever they want.

  1. Effects of expectations

To increase production, which means security maintenance and extension of associations with customers, boost the range of seasonal personnel, to fruits have a chance to repent and put on the local and foreign markets. During each procedure must be totally look at the quality and the customer is satisfied.

  1. Information about Ecology

Production of blackberries is healthy and will not pollute the surroundings. Dry out branches and leaves shed at the given location.


As we realize, to engage in any business must have a small business plan, which will be our street map guiding. The business plan provided blackberries are actions that take place in the creation process. Investing own and lent capital to be productive and to bring economic results (revenue).

The planning results can offer a variety of efficiency. E > 1, E = 1 or E < 1st. If efficiency is higher than one, the new endeavor has turn a profit efficiency, we have been well designed influx of funds and expenditures, new investments are possible and possible. In the event the efficiency is add up to one, we must modify something in the business plan that people achieve better efficiency, but also with the efficiency email address details are possible new assets.

If efficiency is significantly less than one, new ventures are not productive, and we have to realize a damage available plan of remedying the deficiencies that have an impact on the negative efficiency. That is one of the improved ways to verify the success of any venture. And a good, realistic planning for the success of the venture, it is very important and successful supervisor, and his activity is to produce blackberries presents the home and overseas market at practical prices. In order for products to compete in the international market, have to meet European standards.

Result 1

To conduct a company plan which will be completely in line with the rules that happen to be place by the ruling, we must first identify the facts what people need in accordance to make it through.

Result 2

Contribution to the development of the agricultural section, through offers in the ministry parliament. They don't know if indeed they even can fix them but people are making stressed protests merely to become what they have deserved.

Result 3

The most important result would be that the development of the blackberry agriculture industry will help the local overall economy to survive and earn enough funds to improve the GDP level, the common wage, the standard of living, to repay government loans and to fund projects in the future whose goal is to determine a working economy with many benefits.

  1. Risks and Safeguards

For the production of blackberry plantation farming risks are incredibly small because lately starts with vegetation, and there is absolutely no threat of frost through the growing season. It is very well tolerated by dry periods, and is well suited for irrigation, since the plantations lifted on gentle hills. Regarding lower genus, the number of seedlings is assessed in order to attain the planned income, which can successfully sell on the market.

  1. Monitoring, analysis and reporting

Monitoring - is the procedure that will give information to the stakeholders of this project, and in particular, to the financers. Administrator of the project is obligated to send studies about the position of project, planned activities and its own progress. From the monitoring the project manager is going to indicate what's being done good and what's being done bad. These modifications will be achieved through communication with the professionals in order to come up with the optimal solutions, which will satisfy all members mixed up in project. I other words accounts about the execution of their time schedule, activities and budget, manager will send routinely. To obtain successful business and raise this firm on an increased level, he will also have conferences, regular monthly or quarterly with relevant stakeholders. On those meetings, they are also allowed to give their opinion, reviews or any proposal which is discussed included in this.

Evaluation - of the project will be done by a supervisor, and he's obligated to work with step by step technique, anticipated to fact of few employees, and limited budget. That is done because this task does not want for director to try way too many activities at the same and therefore of that, those activities don't get proper execution. He will be permitted to proceed to next prepared activity during the implementation of this project only after the prior activity has been done, or they have moved into last phase.

Reporting - As a proper folks from the financial part of the job, director must send occasionally information to relevant stakeholders and executives.


Why I opted for plantation cultivation blackberry? Great love for the super fruit has contributed to decide for plantation cultivation of blackberries. Bearing in mind that the blackberry berries plants as very young inside our region, its good biological properties, every year he entered the fantastic fertility of high-quality fruits, which have been increasingly found in household, culinary and food industry. Products blackberries are restorative healing, both in fresh and in processed condition. There is a great demand for blackberries, success is guaranteed.

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