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Benefits Of Virtue Ethics And Morals Viewpoint Essay

When I believe of virtue ethics, I think about myself and what or how I believe of individual figure. Many people say that I am kind, caring and incredibly considerate person. That always think about other people and how I could help them. This would be because my moral belief is that I treat others as I love to be cared for. So if you would like esteem then you have to give admiration. But I also think about how I feel after i help someone. So you might ask yourself, what does that have regarding virtue ethics? Aristotle who is a virtue ethicist from Greece says that a virtuous person is not the one which does indeed the right work but person who consistently will the right function and then for the right reason (Waller, 2005, p. 98). I myself know which i am consistently kind to people and care very much for people in my own life also for the elderly, kids and household pets and I do this for the right reasons and that might be because it makes me feel great about myself.

Aristotle also says that we are everything we repeatedly do which excellence is no take action but a habit (Waller, 2005, p. 98). I can say that I agree with that since when go see my mother who lives in a mature building and some who know very well what I do for work and need help or if indeed they simply want to sit and speak or desire a trip to the store. I am always ready to help them and they want to pay me but I refuse because it is a behavior for me to be nice and kind to them. AS I am on trips and I visit a dog it is just a habit i stop and pat the dog and talk to them because I am an pet animal lover.

For me as I have stated I am a true animal lover so I do think that not only humans but pets and insects should have some moral concern. Tom Regan proposed that inherent worth need only be the subject of a life (Waller, 2005, p. 135) and I agree with him. What folks forget about is the fact that supposedly humans were apes way back when or should say humans improved from gorillas. But family pets of all species sizes and shapes have imagination and feelings exactly like humans. There is also moral codes as well for example: a lady gorilla has children and provides them love as well as teaches them how to survive and educates her young from wrong whether it is in eating a banana in comparison to pineapple or struggling with its siblings, just like a human mother does with her children. So it makes me wonder why anyone could be cruel to any animal.

For many people they may question whether morality does indeed exist. For me personally I'd have to say how you can think that it generally does not. Humans are a varieties that exist socially in case there have been no morals on earth we would have to think of all the craziness that might be on the globe and people would not live socially. Without having morals, humans could become extinct because no person could have a care in the world of who is able to do whatever to whomever like murder, rape, robbery and there would be no reason to avoid any of that. So by having morals in the world most people do not commit murder and rape or grab from another even though some individuals do those things that are not morally accurate by many expectations. Morals help bring peacefulness to the globe.

The Rainfall Forest is an environmental dilemma for quite some time now. Some people do not care about the Rainwater Forest so they want to take the trees down to create products and not care about what how that influences life itself for humans or for the pets of all kind that live there and have to have it for survival. The Rain Forest not only affects the survival of animals but for humans as well. You then have some individuals who believe that by firmly taking down the trees where will ruin the rainwater forest will affect humans as well as animals. They are the individuals who I agree with. It would be morally incorrect to demolish that forest. Minus the forest many of animals and insects that is necessary for most different reasons that make the surroundings work in an optimistic way would disappear in return it would affect the environment itself. There are certain bugs that eat other bugs to make certain their populations do not get crazy and then you possess the family pets that use the to endure and the most of all the trees that help to keep air clean and benefit the process of air. So morally it would be wrong to not only demolish the forest but to slowly and gradually be killing the animals. A method that they could prevent this would be to truly have a ban against anyone to cut trees for just about any reason in the torrential rain forest. As humans we've already taken so much from the pets as well as from ourselves.

Having virtue ethics and morals help this world for the many different reasons which keep order our population as well as the contemporary society of animals. Some people are taught from their parents to have some code of honors or morals plus some are trained but just do not trust them. We as humans only learn so much from our parents then learn the others as we grow and develop our very own virtue beliefs and morals.

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