Benefits Of Direct Marketing On Consumer Patterns Marketing Essay

Direct marketing is a method where the company sells right to customers through the internet or mobiles or even through personal advertising. The study has an analysis about the direct marketing techniques and their benefits. The exploration is aimed at knowing the impact of the benefits on consumer manners through knowing their respond about the advantages of immediate marketing and email. The effect shows that many people don't send reviews because they are annoyed from these types of calls or email messages.

Chapter I: Introduction

Nowadays technology is within continuous motion of development resulting in enhancing the market and campaign. The faster the network, the get spread around of digital photography or the spread of interactive programs are all good factors in making advertising and marketing more expanded and have plenty of facilities. Despite many of these new improvements, the marketing world is going through numerous changes.

Business nowadays are relating its dispersing combined with the pass on of technology and the ability of building up reputation, trust, commitment, returns, license and market position. As the requirements of consumers increase and be more socially aware, the worthiness of product shifts and begins to need new varieties of cooperation between the companies and consumers.

Direct marketing is a marketing that discounts directly with the buyer without like the (middle man) or the sellers in the advertising process. Thus, the company's communication is given directly to the consumer. Direct marketing process is utilized by the small companies or the companies that don't possess a brand. Those firms have small advertising finances and cannot afford to pay for television advertisements (Rouse, 2007).

According to Tim Berry (2011), who studies the strategies of immediate marketing, the direct marketing contains various methods that help the developer of goods, products to be in direct touch with the consumer. Immediate marketing can be predicated on face-to-face selling, immediate email, catalogs, telemarketing and many other forms of direct contact between the producer and consumer.

Customer data source is very important to the conditions of immediate marketing for it is the base that any company does its studies on. Not merely the reliable customer data source, however there are another factors that assist in distributing of the trustworthiness of the merchandise such as: supplying a increased customer value through more custom-made approach for the product and service offerings, circulation of the merchandise to meet all customers needs, and building up customer loyalty.

Direct marketing main requirements is to truly have a reliable customer profile that explains the dominant focus on markets. The client profile will need to have good and enough details to support the customer data source. Customer database permits capturing the main characteristics of predictions and consumers who are ready and willing to get the merchandise or service exhibited by the company. Customer database also offers demographic information about the consumers and gathers data about the age ranges, incomes, educations, genders, and earlier purchases.

purpose of the study

The purpose of this review is to examine the advantages of immediate marketing on the buyer behavior. The study examines the success use of the email in reaching the goal customers.


The methodology includes questionnaire which will be distributed over an example of 100 Lebanese consumers in order to examine the benefits of direct marketing. Aswell as it will include a books review about this is of immediate market and its own benefits and just how that Lebanese consumer take action towards it.

Chapter II: Literature Review

Every market consists of customers who vary in their needs, resources, locations, buying frame of mind, and buying procedures. The segmentation process helps companies in dividing large marketplaces into smaller sections that may be efficiently reached with products and services. Since segmentation divides the market into different groups where the members have similar need, the business enterprise has to identify that need in order to be able to gratify customers.

The market segmentation can be produced at many levels because companies can avoid segmentations as the mass marketing. However, some companies can practice portion marketing or topic marketing which allows them to reach the entire segmentation known micromarketing or local marketing (Bevers, Waller, Amosson & McCorkle, 1998).

Most firms usually specializes in the following steps while segmenting; identify the customer's needs, indicate the events, evaluate the services for every market segment, select target segments, select positioning portion, and develop the marketing mixture for the segment.

The companies collect and analyze the current segment sales, progress rates, and expected success. Targeting is selecting a certain section based on the firm's aims.

The marketplace is a couple of customers sharing common needs that the business decides to provide. The business can take up one of the three markets-convergence strategies (Lewis, 1992):

The Company usually designs something and a marketing program that demand most significant amount of customers because they ignore segment variations and manages the whole market with only one offer. However, on the differentiated part the company focuses on many market segments numerous different offers for every portion. But on the focused side the business concentrates on fulfilling the needs of only 1 segment simultaneously.

Incorporated marketing communications is used to provide a explanation about the approach to marketing communication. Marketing communication's aim is to make certain of the dependability of the message through the mass media. Designed marketing communication programs are used by the companies through using the elements of marketing mix like the products, price, campaign, and place. Marketing Blend is the primary foundation for the marketing process, it offers Promotion as you of its elements, and the promotional activities include advertising with different Medias, sales campaign and trade promotion, personal offering activities, internet marketing, sponsorship marketing, immediate marketing, databases marketing, and public relations (Nash, 1992).

Businesses may use direct marketing in order to save earnings and time because the firm can directly exhibit the product or service to the customer and this saves much time, as well as by direct exhibiting the firm is reducing the price of advertising in its complete means.

2. 1 Direct Marketing

2. 1. 1 Definition

Direct marketing is a type of advertising in which the physical products are provided to consumers directly in order to connect information about a product or service. It generally does not involve adverts on the internet, on tv or over the air. Immediate marketing is the practice of delivering promotional messages right to the consumers on individual basis which is other to marketing through mass medium (Dobkin, 2005).

Direct marketing allows businesses and nonprofits organizations to demonstrate directly to the client using the following advertising techniques as the e-mail, websites, mobile messaging, fliers, and syndication of catalogs, online advertising, promotional letters, web browser cookies, fax amounts, international postal addresses, and outdoor advertising. Direct marketing process concentrates its focus on the buyer himself, data, and liability of the product.

Direct marketing is an activity with the following characteristics: the marketing announcements are directly offered to the consumers; this marketing process depends on the capability to address the users of the mark market (Nash, 1992).

Direct marketing process demands what's known as (call to action) such as advertisement's requesting the permission to call telephone numbers free of charge or click on a website's links. Immediate marketing is utilized by all types of businesses from small ones to big ones.

The more the consumer replies to a (call-to-action), the well performed direct advertising processes the company performed, and this escalates the returns on purchases. Direct marketing is the immediately reaching for a market which is the customers on personal means like the phone or the e-mail; it could be on mass media basis such as the infomercials and magazines ads (Larkin, 1992).

Direct marketing is well known by the techniques that make an effort to reach new consumers using direct marketing communications, as well as it can reach customers curently have seen the merchandise. The key to produce a successful direct marketing is by utilizing a (call to action) which is by offering direct marketing promotions through inviting messages to get customers attention and respond.

Direct marketing will involve the business wanting to track down, contact, offer, and make incentive-based information available to consumers (Larkin, 1992).

2. 1. 2 Direct Marketing Types

There are three main types of direct marketing including the telemarketing, email direct marketing, and immediate mail marketing. Telemarketing is a primary marketing that includes phoning people and requesting about things as donations, judgment, or purchasing. However, email immediate marketing is a different type of direct marketing that focuses on the consumers through their email accounts, the companies can find the e-mail addresses from websites, discussion boards, or purchased. Some companies ask the consumers to get announcements to work with their websites. But immediate mail marketing is an advertising material that is dispatched right to addresses whether its home or business address (Expenses, Roth & Maestro-Scherer, 2000).

Direct marketing is an activity of addressable communication that uses one or more advertising advertising to influence a sale, retail purchase or charitable donation. Direct marketing is large and important area of the field of business marketing techniques. When done appropriately and correctly, immediate marketing can produce important results on investment (Bacon, 1992).

2. 1. 2. 1 Direct Mail

It is the most frequent direct marketing strategy. Whether in letters, postcards, or advertising circulars. Getting the message out by mail "directly" to your market is very effective. This plan refers to 'junk email. '

2. 1. 2. 2 Email Campaigns

Due to digital marketing, many companies use email the same way that they use mail. It reduces the costs of printing and mailing which became cheaper when compared to a print mail plan.

2. 1. 2. 3 Fliers and Door Hangers

It is a kind of immediate marketing that is determined by clinging the fliers and door hangers on the consumer's door. Labor get excited about delivering messages directly to homes, this type is usually used within local area businesses.

2. 1. 2. 4 Word Messages

Many companies started using texts in an effort to show their products and sales with their customers. This sort of direct marketing has many laws and it is extremely hard for the business to send text messages to a big mass figures. However, may businesses ask customers for his or her numbers and agreement to text them with promotional information.

2. 1. 2. 5 Social Media

Many companies use interpersonal media for mailing their emails for Customers can connect to the business and get information. Sending out emails through network helps providing information about incidents, sales, services, new services or changes in the business.

Direct marketing likewise incorporate other styles such as distributing fliers, fax broadcasting, tv marketing, voice mail marketing, door-to-door solicitations, and discount ads on the net media. Immediate marketing allows the people to know about the business, but sometime the direct marketing becomes aggravating, which leave bad impression in people's head about the business enterprise. Therefore, the company should follow a strict level of privacy and laws when it comes to direct marketing because it is important to all companies to conserve profit but the type of the direct marketing used is determined by the kind of industry, the business enterprise ethics and the budgets (Natural stone, Jacobs & Wientzen, 2001).

2. 1. 3 Historical overview

Many people don't know very well what immediate response marketing is, they associate direct marketing only to marketing or the term mail, like direct mail, junk mail, or the usual email marketing. However, immediate marketing is not only about physical materials exhibited to the consumers as a marketing part. But immediate marketing is a measurable, responsible, and monitor able way of marketing.

Direct mail became important bottom of marketing field since Montgomery Ward began its first catalog in 1872. Immediate mail was a trend at that time and the U. S. Postal Service began offering a large amount of goods through it. It first started out by shopping in a three-day trip wooden cart and equine for ordering coal, ice boxes, dresses, harnesses, sears, and a great many other offers (Grunert, 2009).

The U. S. Postal system enjoyed an important role in spreading of direct mail industry due to its ability to attain just about everywhere and anyone. Because of this it was the opportinity for the direct email flow. After the period civil warfare in the us and the fast growth and reconstruction, people began to be more financially satisfied and became more attracted to elegant things and products (Feinberg & Eastlick, 1997).

As early on as 2000 B. C. , the Code of Hammurabi, a tombstone of Babylonian commandment, covered social security of the Babylonian immediate seller, who was then known as the hawker. The Code mentioned that "the hawker shall swear the pledge of God" if any opponent brought on him trouble in the trips. It also said that the investor who sells the goods must make suitable payment for some lost (Grunert, 2009).

It is assumed that the word immediate marketing have been found in Lester Wunderman conversation in 1967.

In 1872, Aaron Montgomery Ward made the first email order catalog for his mail order business by buying products and reselling it right to consumers. Therefore, he was taking away the middle men from the complete process which is known that middle men lessen the ratio of achieving earnings, this benefit the consumer as well since it lessen his bills and reducing the purchase price (Kim, 2000).

Direct mail advertising organization is the bottom of the present-day direct marketing relationship and it was established in 1917. Nevertheless the third class bulk mail postage rates were established in 1928.

Aaron Montgomery Ward realized mail establishment by utilizing a strategy to sell products right to the customers with attractive prices. And this can be done if used in a powerful and effective way. The development of the marketplace industry is utilized as an original platform for marketing products and creating customer commitment. After that the word "direct marketing" was known after Montgomery Ward's time (Kim, 2000).

Later in 1967 immediate marketing was discovered and labels by Lester Wunderman who had been considered the father of contemporary direct marketing. He was the inventor of the toll-free 1800 number and loyalty marketing programs which include the Columbia Record Team, magazine subscription credit cards, and American Express Customer Rewards programs.

Many famous catalogs for the products allowed the direct mail to continue its rise to become famous. The direct printed advertisings became popular as well and captured the creativeness and people's attention for many years. After that direct mail letters made an appearance with classic boxes, and then the postscripts and the multiples inserts entered the market in 20th century.

The tv set in both forms the infomercials and products commercials allowing to add demonstration of products to the immediate marketing world. With the beginning of cables and satellite television, the direct marketing product became more known such as HSN (Home Shopping Network), and other products (Mcdonald, 2012).

Due to online marketing, spammers used to send consumers gems as the advertising fro medications, drugs, and erotic enhancements, but e-mail marketing became respected in the immediate respond world. Email marketing show advertising which remains a famous means of getting the clients attention specially when there is a convenient article recognized by pictures.

Keyword searches will be the latest tools put into direct marketing, whether it's natural or paid. It increases and motivates replies and online marketing. Keyword marketing characteristics from measurable, accountable and keep tabs on able is the latest interactive marketing approach that helps business acquiring and creating dedicated consumers (Mcdonald, 2012).

Other type of marketing is the cultural marketing and web systems in direct response marketing. These marketing are believed online marketing plus they can make effective result because they are not pure immediate response marketing. The amount of the reactions to investment funds on twitter, face booklet and other public marketing campaigns are difficult to quantify. Aswell as it is impossible to trail all the responses from each advertising campaign alone because this kind of immediate marketing is an effective one and also have infinity numbers of consumers. The sociable networking is about making cable connections and developing romantic relationships. It's much more likely to attain people and begin a relationship somewhat than marketing products with measurable outcomes.

The marketing combination is a mixture of different strategies to spread too many and talk with few. Direct marketing's types are a part of marketing mix. The business makes a decision how much part is predicted to how much one is needed to promote action and measurable dealings with consumers.

According to Jeanne Grunert (the chief executive of Seven Oaks Consulting) (2009), the marketing organization helps the business enterprise to target and explain the marketplace message and strategies to get new consumers and businesses. Jeanne Grunert's has insights and motivate and motivate many smaller businesses owners to achieve their goals.

2. 1. 4 Tools

Direct marketing carries a quantity of different marketing tools that require the company to apply and use. These marketing tools may be emails, sales characters, telesales, or other tools.

2. 1. 4. 1 Direct Marketing Emails

Emails may be considered a form of immediate marketing or they could be e-newsletters. The difference between immediate marketing email messages and other e-mails is that they might need an action now that can be monitored and measured. The e-mail may, for example, be considered a description of something and at the end give the person the decision to "buy it now" at your website. The business will be able to track how many people clicked on the link and bought your product using online monitoring software. When writing direct marketing email messages the sender have to be aware that he cannot write them in the same way he'd write other direct marketing materials as this will most likely get them caught in spam filtration systems so make an effort to disguise your immediate marketing concept while still providing a powerful proactive approach (Berry, 2011)

2. 1. 4. 2 Telesales

Companies try to contact their customer through calls since it enable them to reach wider target, his form of direct marketing is telesales and although many customers don't like it, it can still bring results. To be able to receive the best results from telesales the company should focus on the lists and try a two-call system whereby you first of all call to learn the customer's needs and then telephone back later for the immediate marketing call (Palmer & Gehlen, 2003).

2. 1. 4. 3 Sales Letters

Sales characters are a kind of immediate marketing; they appear on websites and in magazines. Sales letters use the technique of dialling people often and departing a convincing copy about the merchandise the do it again itself many times. However, the ultimate way to achieve success in this way is by writing a persuasive copy that encourage the consumers and understand their needs and explains the way the product can help and match their demands (Hennerberg & Alexander, 2012).

2. 1. 4. 4 Infomercials

Infomercials are a different type of direct marketing that is placed on television; this kind is very encouraging type since it promotes the consumer and promotes him to get the products. For this type of direct marketing to be successful, it uses the superstars, or scientists to create reliability. In addition to that this kind needs many bonus products and money warranties to be performed well (Hamstra, 1999).

Many tools can be used in direct marketing process nevertheless they all try to get the consumer to respond immediately and not wait for very long time to react towards the product. Getting this differs with the tool used and its important to know how to use each tool in immediate marketing (Hennerberg & Alexander, 2012).

2. 1. 5 Direct marketing success factors:

In many situations direct marketing is more good for be utilized than any kind of marketing. Immediate marketing must be able to identify the prospective consumers by posting characteristics and information. The greater characteristics of the mark consumers that can be recognized, the more a primary marketing campaign targeted to those individuals will continue to work. Since direct marketing relies on direct marketing communications and encouraging the consumer to act, it is important to reach the target customers through mailing lists or broadcast medium.

Other situations where direct marketing will works well are the situations that demands lots of conversing and explaining about the merchandise or service, and this is when the merchandise has a prospect of repeat sales so when there's no have to have great control over the sales communication.

Direct marketing programs become successful while providing the right offer at the appropriate time and the right person in a convenient way. This sort of marketing requires a complex discipline with competence in many areas to have success. Direct marketing identify the target market and choose the convenient multimedia where it grows to more consumers.

Direct markers use an effective execution in order to effect the consumers, plus they present the offer in an exceedingly effective way to soak up the customer attention. Direct marketing is a process of communication that regulates the human relationships between existing customers and the new ones.

2. 1. 6 Advantages of direct marketing:

There a wide range of kinds of direct marketing which are used nowadays, and they include the internet based initiatives such as the immediate E-mail. However, immediate marketing can also include many traditional types like the advertising immediate email and telemarketing (Lahiff, 2011).

There are numerous advantages for the consumption of immediate marketing in reaching the customer directly. A number of the advantages are the pursuing: Narrowing the mark audience: it is the most noticed benefit for the immediate mail due to its ability to focus on only the consumers who are most likely to choose the products or services. Companies can slim the potential market and find the potential customers and send flyers right to them with immediate marketing, but first they need to determine its customers by answering the questions about their generation, sex, ethnicity needed, hobbies, location, and ready to travel for his or her offers(Lahiff, 2011).

Since the company sends information right to the individuals, they can designate the mark on demographic which may have involvement in such product. This enhances the response rates as they receive the information directly, in addition thus giving the opportunity to personalize the relationship between your consumer and manufacturer such as the email addresses and labels of consumers.

Direct measurements: immediate marketing is an easier way to observe because it is weighed against sayings, advertising, and word-of-mouth. People can determine directly the ratio of responses because of the amount of replies to the campaign. The business can monitor the rates and discover the amount of responses anticipated to basic send-out programs such as the MailChimp or Plan Monitor.

Cheap and quick production: all the kinds of immediate marketing that the business might want to use are cheap and cost little finances and are quick to produce, including the email campaigns which have little cost and do not take much time to be created and extends to people's inboxes directly.

Potential to generate set of potential or existing customers: the company can create a database of contacts and consumers for future use by interesting repeatedly the actual or existing customers. This technique makes the targeting easier for future marketing campaigns.

Getting the largest bang for buck: direct mail will not limit the number of words that the marketers have to state, or the quantity of time they need to get t he warning across unlike some kinds of advertising. Therefore, the message can take as long as it needs to be clarified so that the advertisers can ensure that the potential clients get their all of their needs from the advertisements. Since direct marketing includes narrowed focus on consumers, which means that the cost to market is controlled and much more significantly less than that of normal marketing because the other marketing types ask for a huge rate whether the companies target is big pr small.

Refining the initiatives: direct marketing has a great edge which is having exact numbers of individuals come to. Thus rather than depending on approximations, the company promotions can determine the precise ratios, as the conversion rates.

If the business campaign didn't have the willing turn-around following the advertisements, they can treat the tactic used and duplicate the advertisement yet again. Which means advertising direct mail can be utilized for most purposes because the business has to package with easy management plus they can test new marketplaces, research the response of customers towards the services or services, take care of the prices, and use small runs to look at the marketing field before exhibiting the products on the market and before big launches.

Due to the get spread around of web usage, reselling process to the future clients and consumers became very simple and have allocated in huge way. Therefore direct marketing can be an interactive system of marketing in which it uses advertising Medias to affect consumer's response toward the merchandise and deal with them at any location. Direct marketing allows the postcard printing pieces to create awareness of the business on the list of targeted consumers. It allows the company to create a qualified and probable database for the business. In addition, it allows the company to develop an efficient and responsive reviews system (Cooper, 2009).

Many shoppers choose to cope with immediate marketing because they don't enjoy coping with salespeople and you don't have for face-to-face operation in using immediate marketing. Also it helps the buyer to gather true information which provides him with evidences of efficiency in marketing medium as the postcard stamping projects.

Through immediate marketing it became easy to gauge the results because it is correct and the company can know exactly how many folks have been contacted. When the business runs a direct marketing campaign and has learned the exchanges rates that happened in it and how many products got sold, it can work on refining and enhancing the success rates. Buying direct means the working directly with the manufacturer without involvement of the 3rd shop or distributor. And this saves money and time for the consumer (Dobkin, 2005).

2. 1. 7 Cons of direct marketing:

According to Lyve Alexi's pleshette (2010) (PowerHomebis. com Personnel Copy writer), the drawbacks of immediate marketing can be the pursuing: many people or consumers don't like to receive offers and rubbish mails in their email and they delete them without even beginning these to see what's in it. Many resources have to be allocated in the preservation of lists because the success of the direct marketing promotional promotions depends on the quality of the mailing lists. Immediate marketing can be costly but it depends upon the prospective market and the consumers who are willing to buy and what product has been exposed to selling, as well as on the quality of the list and size of the marketing campaign. The productions of direct mailing materials have involved the price for using different pros like the copywriter, the artist, the photography lovers, the printers, and many more (Cooper, 2009).

Chapter III: Methodology

The purpose of the analysis is to examine the impact of immediate marketing on the consumers.

There are different tools in collecting data: interviews, questionnaires, and online tools. Each tool has its characteristics in collecting data. Since the interview can't supply the study by information had a need to examine both the marketer and the client on mobile marketing, the questionnaire was preferred as a tool in order to acquire the needed data. The questionnaire can be collected by personal interaction, or face to face interaction. This research used the written questionnaire that let the person to answer after understanding the question by selecting one of your options.

The collection of data in the books review is extra data which help in the achievement of the project objective. This kind of data is gathered from articles, literature, and WebPages. The extra data have to be located, examined, and verifying.

The primary data collection found in this job was the questionnaire since the sample is 100 individual. The questionnaire involves 12 questions well aimed in order to examine the benefit of immediate marketing.

Chapter IV: Data Analysis

The answers of the questionnaire was examined in order showing the percentages of the respondents who agree that direct marketing has a lot of benefits on the buyer behavior.

The results are presented in the pie graphs below:

Gender :

Both genders get excited about business and marketing nowadays because of the development and improvement in technology. The finding present 58% men and 42% woman which are about close result. The effect demonstrates Lebanese market has a number of opinions predicated on both genders involvements.

Q1. Do you genuinely believe in the idea of direct marketing methods?

The result demonstrates 60% of the sample is aware about the idea of direct marketing methods including the email, network marketing, small information, mobile marketing, and everything the methods of direct marketing. 40% of the respondents are not familiar with direct marketing given that they don't give the permission to accept or read them.

Q2. The email is the effective tool of direct marketing

The result demonstrates 40% strongly concur that the email is a powerful marketing tool, and 20% also agree on the same statement. 10% are neither with nor against since they don't have email yet. 10% disagree and 20% strongly disagree because they don't learn how to work on direct marketing techniques especially the internet.

Q3. Direct Market narrows the target audience

The result demonstrates 30% strongly acknowledge and 20% concur that immediate marketing reach the target audience of the business only. 20% neglect this question due to the insufficient knowledge, 10% disagree and 20% strongly disagree.

Q4. The company sends the info directly to you

The result implies that 40% strongly agree with the fact and 14% agree that direct marketing reach the buyer directly with the information it want to inform him about. 20% neglect this question because of the insufficient knowledge, 10% disagree and 20% firmly disagree since they don't have email messages.

Q 5. Direct marketing increases the response rates as you send your reviews directly

The result implies that 20% highly agree and 40% concur that direct marketing improve the direct reviews. 10% neglect this question due to the insufficient knowledge, 10% disagree and 20% firmly disagree because they take no positive action on the e-mail however they erase it directly.

Q6. Direct Marketing provides chance to personalize the relationship between the consumer and maker.

The result implies that 20% strongly agree and 30% concur that direct marketing fortify the relationship between the company and the client which create immediate positive effect on the consumer habit. 20% skip this question due to the lack of knowledge, 10% disagree and 20% strongly disagree since there is a share who don't answer on direct marketing.

Q7. Direct marketing is the easier way to be measured.

The result shows that 30% strongly consent and 20% agree that direct marketing is simple to be assessed because of the direct reviews. 20% neglect this question due to the insufficient knowledge, 10% disagree and 20% firmly disagree because they think that not all consumers send their reviews.

Q8. Immediate marketing tools are cheap

The result implies that 30% strongly concur and 20% agree that immediate marketing are cheap. 20% miss this question because of the insufficient knowledge, 10% disagree and 20% strongly disagree because they think professional websites are expensive to be build. .

Q9. Immediate marketing facilitates quick production

The result shows that 30% strongly agree with the fact and 20% agree that immediate marketing facilitate quick creation because the company and the realtors are achieving the market who gets the desire to purchase. 20% neglect this question because of the lack of knowledge, 20% disagree and 10% firmly disagree because it market the produced products.

Q10. Direct marketing are being used to build list of potential or existing customers

The result demonstrates 20% strongly recognize and 50% agree that direct marketing are used to create a set of customer. 10% miss this question because of the lack of knowledge, 10% disagree and 10% highly disagree because not absolutely all customer targeted through immediate marketing respond favorably.

Q11. Direct email does not limit the amount of words that the marketers have to say

The result demonstrates 40% firmly agree and 40% agree that direct marketing let the company to create up to it includes information about its account or the product or services. 10% neglect this question because of the lack of knowledge, 8% disagree and 2% firmly disagree because they know that some methods such as mobile has limited range of words.

Q12. E-Mail reduces the expenses of printing and mailing.

The result shows that 60% of the respondents highly concur that e-mail reduces the costs of printing and mailing. However 30% firmly disagree because the received messages are being published again. 6 % didn't react, 2 % agree and 2% disagree.

Chapter V: Conclusion

The study provides an analysis about the immediate marketing in order to look at the impact of its benefits on the buyer behavior. The conclusion shows that a few of the consumers delete the email or reject any form of immediate marketing; however the majority prefers to receive information about their favorite brands through mail to become updated to their new products and services.

The finding demonstrates the majority firmly acknowledge about the reduction in cost through the immediate marketing as well as the effectiveness in reaching wide target audience.

The conclusions also demonstrates the majority think that immediate marketing can acquire direct responses from all consumers even the people who don't like the service or product. However some argue that not absolutely all consumers send their reviews because they delete all the immediate marketing methods.

The recommendation is directed to all companies who use direct marketing in order to train their worker on effective techniques build strong relationship with customers.

The suggestion is also aimed to customers to encourage them about reading all the emails about direct marketing in order to see if indeed they will benefit them.


Gender : Man ______ Female________

Please answer the following questions which are based on immediate marketing strategies and methods. Ensure that you answer all the questions.

Q1. Do you believe in the idea of direct marketing methods?

a) Yes

b) No

Q2. The e-mail is the effective tool of direct marketing

Strongly acknowledge ___ Agree ___ Neutral ____ Disagree ____ Firmly Disagree ____

Q3. Direct Market narrow the prospective audience

Strongly agree ___ Agree ___ Neutral ____ Disagree ____ Firmly Disagree ____

Q4. The company sends the info right to the you

Strongly concur ___ Agree ___ Neutral ____ Disagree ____ Strongly Disagree ____

Q 5. Direct marketing increases the response rates as you send your opinions directly

Strongly concur ___ Agree ___ Natural ____ Disagree ____ Strongly Disagree ____

Q6. Direct Marketing provides chance to individualize the relationship between the consumer and developer.

Strongly recognize ___ Agree ___ Neutral ____ Disagree ____ Highly Disagree ____

Q7. Direct marketing is the simpler way to be measured.

Strongly acknowledge ___ Agree ___ Natural ____ Disagree ____ Firmly Disagree ____

Q8. Immediate marketing are cheap

Strongly acknowledge ___ Agree ___ Natural ____ Disagree ____ Firmly Disagree ____

Q9. Direct marketing facilitates quick production

Strongly concur ___ Agree ___ Natural ____ Disagree ____ Highly Disagree ____

Q10. Direct marketing are being used to build set of potential or existing customers

Strongly consent ___ Agree ___ Neutral ____ Disagree ____ Highly Disagree ____

Q11. Direct mail does not limit the amount of words that the marketers have to say

Strongly agree with the fact ___ Agree ___ Natural ____ Disagree ____ Highly Disagree ____

Q12. E-Mail reduces the costs of printing and mailing.

Strongly consent ___ Agree ___ Neutral ____ Disagree ____ Firmly Disagree ____

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