Behaviours in British as a Second Language Learner

Hamayan et al. (2013) stress the value of explaining in details the real behaviors exhibited by ELL students before diagnosing and attracting conclusions about the sources of the ELLs' difficulties and educational weaknesses. The authors contend that the first step of the ECOS variety framework that needs to be taken, "is to describe students' observable habit as specifically as possible without attributing the behavior to a specific cause" (p. 36). This requires collecting work samples and sufficient correct data, instead of drawing generalized statements predicated on the teacher's perceptions or assumptions in regards to a child. The creators explain that the terminology difficulties that ELLs experience are embedded along the way of learning English, and they are similar to the difficulties confirmed by students with diagnosed learning disabilities, for example, forgetting words, terms disfluencies, difficulty following oral directions, or distraction within an academic English setting. When garnering the data, educators should obtain this information across differing times, adjustments, and by different methods such that it can be examined, compared and contrasted.

Another step of the procedure of the ECOS variety framework is to describe the observed behaviours through the lenses of any of the seven integral factors defined on webpage 44. Hamayan et al. (2013) explain that "finding explanations for ELLs' significantly less than optimized performance in school starts by taking into consideration the seven extrinsic factors through the explanatory period of the process before presuming the existence of intrinsic causes credited to a impairment" (p. 44). Talking about possible explanations will be good for not only participants of the ECOS team, but first and foremost to the ELL college student. During exploring diverse explanations educators learn from one another about different perspectives, social experiences, and regions of expertise. There is also an opportunity to clarify what they indicate when using certain words or expressions. Finally, the explanation process may cause findings that may not have an effect on future ELL's location negatively. It is important to know that even though the disability exists, an ELL should still be reinforced with ELL services which will meet his/her vocabulary needs and increase the academic success.

Determining if an ELL student's challenges with academics learning are anticipated to language acquisition or a learning impairment may be without doubt a challenging process requiring the experience, knowledge about the planet, cultural consciousness, and professional competence. Most assessments of ELLs are done mainly in British, therefore the results may be interpreted incorrectly. Moreover, limiting students to only using one dialect will hinder a more exact picture of ELL skills and skills. Educators seem to truly have a tendency to rather choose a impairment than identify their own bias, insufficient knowledge, or procedural errors. There are also many misconceptions about bilingualism, which affect the decisions made about the ELLs. Therefore, it is important that teachers understand the process of the next terms acquisition, as well as are able to recognize possible characteristics associated with students with learning disabilities. They also needs to ask themselves if an ELL's culture will be the possible description for the specific difficulties. Actually, there could be multiple possible reasons for students to demonstrate a specific tendencies. It truly takes a great amount of knowledge, understanding, humility and awareness to cease to protect against this propensity for intrinsic explanations, and extend one's thinking in order to better help English words learners.

I truly like Hamayan et al. (2013) text message since it provides concrete examples of probing questions, potential challenges that ELLs may illustrate as well as possible explanations from different perspectives for typical dialect and academic difficulties experienced by ELLs. The article can be an eye-opener, and it lays the foundations to how profound and extensive the process of diagnosing should be. I know, I will reach for this text message, or even will buy a reserve to be able to help me turn into a more reflective, better practitioner. The more educated I'll become, the more successful my students will be.


Hamayan, Marler, Sanchez-Lopez, & Damico (2013), "Describing Before Diagnosing:

Observation of Specific Behaviors That ELLs May Display", Chapter 3 of Special Education Considerations for English language Learners. Philadelphia, PA: Carlson Publishing.

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