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Behavior And Determination Factors That Impact Asian Tourism Essay

Human action are an important research for marketing to research, analyze and use in order to enhance a better service in the future or use the review of customer's need to satisfy the right needs to the right aim for. If we insufficient knowledge of our customer's tendencies we may miss the opportunity to approach and sell the product to the client.

A rationale for this subject research is to review both behavior and drive, which drive an Asian vacationer to go to Thailand. Essentially the most influence advertising nowadays are online resources where it is fast to gain access to therefore, this should be compound of attractive wording or information to persuade consumer and make sure they are believe, rely upon the places and getting excited about visit.

According to John Crompton research in the area of consumer tendencies and marketing which can apply in the field of tourism development and non-profit leisure organizations. The subject of research is "Motivation for Pleasure Holidays" that identifies all the probability motives of pleasure vacationers, which influence selecting a destination. Empirically nine motives were pointed out; seven are categorised as socio-psychological, another two come by means of cultural category.

The perception studies before and after venturing are quite interesting. Since the itinerary has been booked, the traveler cannot predict what will they face with. Therefore, a personal expectation may be meet their expectation, overestimated or probably underestimated.


"A report of tendencies and desire factors that effect and encourage Asian vacationer for choosing Thailand as their travel destination, accordance with pre and post notion. "


To promote the vacation spot "marketing strategy" should be involve therefore the image of the places should be maintain and adapt to become the top destination that individuals will consider on the first ranking in their head. Nowadays, the advertising is not right to the target; how to grab our strength and make it excellent to fully capture customer's interest is a great challenge and become the main problem that need to be fix soon. Moreover, to be able to enhance the trust and a good notion before travelling the organization should understand the type of Asian tourist's patterns and increase up with the right strategy. The constructions of organization in Thailand related to travel and leisure are not well planning as much overlapping position and complicated. This lead to ambiguous in general management and restricted the idea idea of personnel within corporation.


The goals for carrying this out research are:

To study and survey human behaviors especially Asian traveler in order to comprehend the majority target of visiting Thailand.

To analysis about the desire that drive Asian tourists choose Thailand as their destination.

To identify and classify the band of tourist according with their interest for using the right market technique to the right goal.

To start to see the defect of the destination to make improvement and keep maintaining the reputation of the country.

To compare and measure the understanding of Thailand before and after visit.



The review will be using the concept of John L. Crompton, 1979 who research about the motivations for pleasure vacation trips, where nine motives were indentified. Seven were break down as "socio-psychological", that are get away from the perceived mundane environment, exploration and analysis of self, relaxation, prestige, regression, enhancement of kinship connections and facilitation of communal connections. Another two were in "cultural category", which can be novelty and education. I will use his theory to be a prototype and find the final outcome of what motivate Asian people opt to come to travel in Thailand. Including compare the conception of Thailand before and after visit. Moreover, many more reason and motivation for travel to Thailand such as value of money, stopover airfare, food, culture, natural resources, person to person, Thai service mind and the press are all the things to be matter in this research.

Consumer behavior may also be mentioned as we learn that the nice understanding of the traveler is vital for their decision-making and once they visit us are they satisfied as they expected will be included. Consumer action, which relevant in the tourism field is one of the difficult studies since it related to the emotional value and their decision to buy is base on the delectation (Swarbrooke & Horner 1999). On top of that, online marketing strategy is using to analyze the info and making decisions about the type of advertising to get up traveler for travelling to Thailand.


Most of Asian people to Thailand expect all of the the quality of goods and services. Thai people are the country branding of service head and kind personality that make an impression the Asian site visitors and feel safe throughout their visit. The assumption for this research is the particular Asian traveler expect is more than their expectation from other first supposition.


The limitations to the research are terms and literacy issues as some countries are nationalism and hardly ever communicate in English for example Japan, Korea etc. Furthermore, before questionnaire study may have uncertain situations that hardly collect information such as the economic problems or political concern which affect the amount of travelers. Time constraint is also one of the restrictions for the research as the dash of time can lead to unreliable result. Co-operation from the vacationers is very essential to complete the sample survey with time.


Some of the response may be dishonorable as the tourist may have a short time visit and don't want to throwing away their period to answer the questionnaire. They may not be interested in the survey topic or make an instant judgment without placing the real sense. The survey won't force or oblige to take action if they feel uncomfortable. All this should be consider as the individual ethics, which is the most impact in the overall result. Moreover, the study question and process should not contain the reason behind any physical or psychological harm. In the event the delicate questions are asked, it is a good idea to exclude name and addresses (IDRC n. d. ).


This research will be valuable for the Tourism Expert of Thailand (TAT), Ministry of Tourism and Sports activities (MoTS), Provincial Supervision or any stakeholders in travel and tourism industries: hospitality, head to operator, restaurant and bar, transportation and advertising. For continue developing the merchandise and service the internet entrepreneur use this research for the data resources of the drive for Asian visitor to Thailand and encourage the visitor to travel more by introduction the new marketing campaign or advert that persuade vacationer to flow into the country which can help encourage the country's economical.

The future of Thailand travel structure can be define according to the research because the data of why people preferred the destination can be analyses and functional significance for the overall tourism industry.


Kingdom of Thailand is the land of teeth located in the center of Southeast Asia, covering a location of 513, 115 sq. km. The capital city is Bangkok where it is the centre of social and business. The united states neighborhood friends are Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Malaysia (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2007).

Thailand is one of the united states in Southeast Asia that remain the "celebrity" of Asian tourism but nonetheless in a high competition with Malaysia, Indo-China, South Korea, China, Philippines and Indonesia where they begin to increase their brand electric power and brand popularity (Asian Market Research, 2003). Thailand can be visited year-round, high season will start from November to January while low season (rainy season) will be begin from June to Oct. During low season, the hotels and travel operators usually provide a discount to get more bookings.

The Asian travellers are in the same continent as Thailand, therefore similar in cultural, climate, food and people is not challenging to modify themselves to travel to a different country within the same continent. Thailand must have a good travel and leisure planning in order to develop and pull out the potential propensity that can be promote Thailand as top tourism country in South East Asia. However, to keep the faith of the vacationer to travel to Thailand is another effort however, not that hard if we've co-operation from other get-togethers and heading to the same mission.


A case study on the topic of "Does nationality, gender, and age affect travel motivation?" that was survey by Jonsson and Devonish (2008) conduces to the knowledge of what motivates holidaymakers from different nationalities for travelling to a specific destination. However, a better understand the vacation spot choice operations are vacationer motivations, behaviour and their perceptions, which can be an important socio-cognitive factors. To be able to understand tourist patterns, the study should identify the types of holiday and segment travelers with systematically analyze. Furthermore, the study of tourist desire will be ideal for governments and travel and leisure marketers for the purpose of product and image development including the promotional activities improve up. (Jonsson & Devonish 2008)

Kozak (2002) discussed that in talking about travel motivations there have to be more give attention to traveler demographics such as nationality, gender and age group that effect the travel motivations of travellers. As the fundamental factor of the tourism system is the destination with its plentiful of resources, therefore an important of visitor motivation is to recognize the marketplaces and match traveler motivation with the vacation spot. Furthermore, Kozak (2002) examine on the variations in vacationer motivations between nationalities and locations. His examine discovered that the composition to assess travel motivations consist of four proportions of motives: 1) Cultural motives, 2) Pleasure-seeking / fantasy-based motives, 3) Relaxation-based motives and 4) Physical motives.

Crompton (1979) emphasized the study of "push" and "pull" factors. "Push" factors are intangible that drive or drive vacationer away from home, while "Pull" factors are tangible that can pulling tourist towards destination that capture their attention.

Krippendorf (1987) conceived that the two most important mental health that drive people making the decision of taking abroad holiday are relaxation and get away from the perceived mundane environment. Some of the tourist travel in another country to be able to satisfied their sociable needs, exploring something new, meeting residents or spending time with family and friends.

Another study by Ritter (1987) shown that holiday behavior is affected by their nationality. Different in culture can lead to different belief and motivation for example British tourists are loved and enjoying other blended group, while German vacationers acquired more nature and cultural-oriented motivations.


The data required for this research is the statistic of Asian visitors flow in Thailand every year and compare at least 3 years. The internal theory of what inspire people for traveling is the essential of data required for understanding their reason of vacation spot selecting. The data of pre and post notion about Thailand may require in the questionnaire if the result is positive, natural or negative.


The information resources need by this research are Asian travelers; Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Kuwait, Lao, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Vietnam. The nationality are not specify as long as they are simply from Asia the info will be collected. Not absolutely all the nationality mentioned previously may include but it is up to the chance of the holiday that I am going to meet and have their favor.

The data sources will be contain two parts; Major data is the new data that collect directly from the visitors in the form of questionnaire, Supplementary data is the existing options that help support the assumption of the study including the books review, the tourism organization, the article related to travel and leisure etc.


The approach of data collection use the questionnaire-based surveys where the end result will be based upon respondents' own attitudes, intentions and behavior, this method require analysts to be very specific about data need (Veal 2005). The nature of questionnaire research is gathering of information from individual that contain the reviews of only random of test to be representative all together group.

Questionnaire study method usually will involve quantification where in fact the results within numerical form (Veal 2005). The systematically is very important for data collection. If the info are collected haphazardly the result will be distort and enough time will be throwing away (IDRC n. d. ).

This survey will use the form of "respondent-completed" that your respondents read and complete by themselves (Veal 2005). The review will take place at the retail center, tourist appeal or along BTS brand where a whole lot of tourist using the travel in town. The questionnaire will have 3 sections;

Personal Data: in order to identify the range of gender, era, nationality, education, employment status, occupation and gross annual income.

Questionnaire: including the survey question about the desire to visit and their satisfaction.

Suggestion / Comment: this will add the respondent's idea exclude from the list questions.


After collecting all data, the info will be sorting, coding and statistic calculation, all of this is usually involved with a survey-based management research study (Veal 2005). This research will be use the program called "Statistical Offer for the Public Sciences" (SPSS)


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